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The hookup that changed everything for me was also the first time I enjoyed bottoming. My wife left town for a week to visit her side of the family. With her a two-hour plane ride away, I binged on porn and Grindr every night after work. I chatted with a few married guys, struck out a couple times, and chickened out a couple times. But I finally connected with a guy one day before my wife came home.

It was a Saturday afternoon in July, and I was surfing porn and Grindr in the guest bedroom. By luck, I found a married guy about my age passing through town on the interstate on his way to Atlanta. In the app, I told him I liked wearing my wife’s lingerie, and he totally dug the idea. We chatted for about 10 minutes, quickly establishing that he wanted to top and that I was totally down for bottoming. I gave him my address. He wrote that he was 10 minutes away.

My heart thudded as I set aside my phone and laptop and headed for the bedroom I share with my wife. I went to her lingerie drawer and carefully picked my way through her panties, bras and bikinis until I found what I wanted. It was buried at the bottom, way back in the corner. The item was a neon pink strippers’ bikini I’d bought a couple years earlier to spice up our love life. It was obvious she hated it. She wore it once and never again.

I decided to put it to good use.

I stripped off my Nike T-shirt and jean shorts and boxers. Then I stepped into the boyshort bottoms and pulled them up. It felt so perfect how the elastic, Casibom nylon material snugly hugged my cock and balls. I reached down to pull up my dick so that the sensitive underside would rub against the nylon whenever I moved. It was trickier to put on the bikini top because it was the kind you tie in front. I kept having trouble figuring out which were the arm holes. But I finally got it done. Few sensations are quite as sexy as the feeling of a bikini top gripping my tits like two friendly hands.

The dude rang the doorbell. I skittered down the hallway in my slutty, little outfit. When I clicked open the door, I stepped back so that I could let the dude in without being seen from anyone on the street. He came in, and he was perfect. Just a regular white dude in cargo shorts and a T-shirt. I caught a glimpse of a Toyota Corolla parked in the driveway as I closed the door.

The dude looked me up and down. I knew I didn’t look like a female, but I didn’t care. I felt like one.

“This is my wife’s outfit,” I said. “You like it?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said.

“Follow me to the guest room,” I said.

We went down the hall and hung a right into the last door on the right. It was a simple set up with a bed and nightstand. My laptop sat open on the beach-themed mattress. I hit play, and a compilation video started lighting up the screen. It featured a very specific fetish of mine– bitches with cum on their faces looking into the camera while getting fucked doggy style. We both Casibom Giriş zoned out on the video for a minute. I played with my nipples through the slippery nylon fabric. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Let me fuck you,” the dude said breathlessly.

I slipped off my wife’s panties and went to the nightstand to grab the tube of KY Jelly. I spurted some on my fingertips and reached back to lube my asshole. Then I positioned myself in the doggy style position with my feet on the floor and my hands on the mattress. This is going to sound far out, but as I watched the porn compilation I totally communed with the bitches taking it doggy style. We made eye contact and somehow transcended the barrier between screen and reality. I could feel how much they wanted cock. It made me want it, too.

The dude guided his prick between my cheeks. He quickly found my bunghole and pushed himself up my ass. A jolt of pain shot through my body, but it was quickly replaced by pure pleasure. He started pumping me. My stiff cock was dripping pre-cum.

“This how you fuck your wife?” the dude asked. “This how you fuck her?”

“Fuck my wife,” I said. “I want you to fuck her.”

I was fully conscious of her pink bikini pressing against my tits. I felt so gay.

The dude kept asking, “This how you fuck your wife?:

“Yeah, oh yeah!” I yowled.

The dude came so hard, straight up my ass. It was my first time taking a load. I loved it. Not having the condom made it so much Casibom Güncel Giriş dirtier.

I quickly reached for my wife’s panties and jerked myself off until I came into them. My semen filled the crotch. Once I’d spilled every last seed, I bowed my head and licked my own salty cum off my wife’s panties. I offered them to the dude.

“Take these,” I said. “Wear them on your next hook up.”

“Won’t your wife notice they are gone?” the dude asked.

“That’s the point,” I said. “I want to see if she does.”

The dude shrugged and took them from my hand. Not another word was said as we got dressed and headed for the front door. The dude shoved the panties in his pocket and opened the door, hurrying away without looking back. I heard his Toyota start as he closed the door and locked it behind me.

I could immediately tell that something in me had changed. I’d crossed some sort of invisible line. It struck me when I went back into the guest room, saw the porn playing on the screen and realized I was still wearing my wife’s bikini top. Usually I would want to immediately strip off the bikini, clear my browser history and delete Grindr from my phone. Instead, I left on the bikini top and returned to my wife’s lingerie drawer. I picked out a pair of sexy, white panties and slid them on.

Back in the bedroom, I checked Grindr. Another guy had sent me a message.


I’ll tell you more in the next installment. In the meantime, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me emails, commented on my first story and shared their fantasies and experiences with me. It is SO hot to know that so many married guys are into cheating on their wives with men. Keep the responses coming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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