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It was mesmerizing watching Mom’s large tits oscillate back and forth. It didn’t matter how often I’d seen them this weekend. We were in our favorite position. Mom laid on her back, and I knelt between her legs. Her hips were slightly raised, with a pillow underneath her. Her legs hooked around my waist, pulling me closer. My cock buried deep inside of her cunt.

It wasn’t about fucking her as hard as I could. I’ve done that already. It was about being close. Slow, and rhythmic grinding. It was about feeling her hairy labia tickle my skin. It was about her little sighs of pleasure whenever I thrust particularly deep. It was about looking into her beautiful eyes, and seeing nothing but mutual love. It was about running my hand along her smooth stomach, caressing her.

We’ve been at it for close to half an hour. Thirty minutes of leisurely, calm lovemaking. I could maybe go for another thirty, if I wanted. Mom already came once. Her whole body shuddered with her climax, but I didn’t stop. Over the past two days, I learned more than I thought was possible. Gone was the old Derrick, who came within a minute of sticking his dick into his sister’s tight hole. I knew how to last now, thanks to that very same sister. An exercise of muscles, holding back the flood. Mental fortitude, resisting the temptation. And, of course, lots and lots of practice.

The jar stood open on the nightstand. Only about a quarter of the cream was left. Every ten minutes, I pulled my cock out, dipped my hand in the jar, and re-applied more of the stuff, before pushing back in. Not a lot, just a little. Enough to keep the fire burning. Enough to make her gasp with the renewed sensation. Enough to keep me in a near permanent state of just-about-to-fucking-explode bliss.

Mom looked to be completely out of it, in a world of her own. Sexual nirvana, she called it. A small rivulet of drool ran down her cheeks, and her eyes were glazed over. A thin sheen of sweat covered both our bodies.

I wondered how long it was possible to ride on just the edge of an orgasm. I could touch it, it was just over the hill. My entire body tingled with anticipation, but I held it at bay. Held it off just far enough to dip my feet in it, but not get swept away.

“Jesus fuck how long are you two going to take?”

The door to my room flew open, and Olivia waltzed in. She had a beige bath towel wrapped around herself, and a blue one wrapped around her head.

Mom looked up, and wiped the drool off of herself with the back of her hand.

“Good morning, honey.”

“Morning, Olive,” I added.

“Don’t call me that, prick,” my sister huffed.

Olivia hadn’t actually changed that much, despite my hopes. I was hoping that now that we’ve had sex over a dozen times together she’d be a nicer person, but that was apparently too much to ask. Not that I think she actually meant it, though. It was more like a friendly game, now. Unfortunately for her, I had the upper hand, considering I was the only one in the house who had what she desperately wanted. A penis.

“Why not, OLIVE?”

My sister walked over to the glass jar, and dipped her finger in it. Just a little bit, which she applied to her lips like lip balm. She dipped her finger in it again, and scooped out a little more.

“Looks like the two of you need some help.”

Mom gave a yelp as soon as Olivia placed the cream covered finger directly on top of her clit. The yelp turned into a moan halfway through, and Olivia started tracing circles. She wasn’t look at Mom, though. She was looking at me. Her head moved closed, and closer, and she pressed her lips on mine.

My lips tingled upon contact, like dozens of tiny needles prickling. A much bigger, softer needle in the form of her tongue needled its way into my mouth. It wasn’t fair how good she was at kissing. Even without the stuff.

Mom’s moaning grew louder, and her body writhed more and more. That, in turn, increased the stimulation on my cock. Exercise or not, I was only human, and I’ve been looking forward to cumming for a while now.

So I didn’t fight it. I let my sister send me off into the warm rush of ecstasy. I felt the power coursing my through my body, as I pumped my mother full of cum. Wave, after wave of hot semen.

Even through the haze of raw, sexual desire, it was fascinating to be able to fuck her. When I was growing up, she was always there for me. It didn’t matter what it was, I could always go to her for help. I never really thought of her as a woman, she was just my mom. Pure, and innocent.

And now I was fucking her. I’ve heard her say things so filthy I couldn’t believe they were coming out of her mouth. I watched her crawl across on the room on her hands and knees, begging me to shove my cock inside of her cunt.

With my balls completely drained, I relaxed. Olivia noticed it, and broke the kiss. I sat down on the bed, resting my back against the headboard. My cock was still hard. Big, and solid. I’ve never felt more powerful, or more masculine. Casibom White semen started leaking out of my mom’s hairy pussy. The one thing that seemed to be taboo above all else. I knew she was on the pill, but I still relished the act. The possibilities. It was intoxicating.

Olivia pulled me out of my momentary reverie by gripping my cock. She must have gotten more of the cream, because my cock started tingling in that by-now so familiar way. A promise of good things to come. She pumped it a couple of times, spreading the tingle everywhere.

She grabbed the hem of the towel wrapped around herself with two hands, and flung it open. Her perfectly toned body revealed itself. Cute, small B cup breasts. The hints of a six pack. Clean shaven, wet pussy. My cock twitched in anticipation.

Olivia turned around, and sat down on my stomach. Hard enough for me to wince.

“Fucking wimp,” she scoffed.

A small wet patch formed by my bellybutton. She swung her leg over mine, and scooted further down. Bracing herself on the bed, she raised her hip, and guided her wet pussy to the top of my aching cock.

What followed can only be described as abuse at the hands of a horny, unforgiving slut. She treated me like a human scratching post. Driven by some sort of animalistic need, she slammed herself down on my cock, over and over. It was interesting, to say the least. Interesting, and intense. Interesting, intense, and wonderful. I knew I definitely wasn’t going to last a long time, not with such a ferocious pounding.

A minute later, and her moans turned into grunts of effort. The towel on her head unravelled, and wet strands of hair tickled my chest. The aroma of strawberry shampoo filled my nostrils. The sound of my sister’s dripping wet cunt grinding against my hard cock filled my ears. Sweat dripped down her forehead.

Olivia actually came seconds before I did. Her body started trembling, and she hoisted herself off my cock. Suddenly, the entire weight of her body just dropped on top of me, nearly knocking out my breath. My cock twitched one last time, and I shot an enormous rope of cum. It flew through the air, and splattered all over my sister’s delicate skin.

I grabbed her tits, and squeezed her nipples. She sucked in her breath, just as another spurt of cum splashed on her toned stomach. And another, and another. Her head rolled back, and I bent over to embrace her in a kiss.

After both of us calmed down again, she snuggled up against me. Sometimes she could be really snuggly and soft, in a way that made me feel like she really did appreciate the fact that I was alive. Sometimes her words said otherwise.

“Damn it you little shit, now I need to shower again,” she muttered, but she just nestled herself closer into my embrace, and smiled.

“I think we could all use one,” remarked Mom.

Funny, but I almost forgot she had been there. It was hard to think about anything but sex when you’ve just been creamed up. She sat at the other end of the bed, one hand slowly moving between her legs.

“Dad’s going to be back in two hours,” said Olivia.

I closed my eyes, and tried to ignore the onset of panic that bubbled up whenever anyone brought up Dad. He was the reason this whole thing even started. All because of a dumb prank I wanted to play on him.

“What are we going to do?” I asked, after nobody said anything for a while. “We can’t just… tell him, right?”

“No, of course not,” Mom replied. “This has to stop.”


“No buts. You know we can’t. Everything about this is wrong, even if it feels good. It’s just that cream making us do things, it’s not us. We just have to stop using it, and everything will be back to normal.”


“Yes, just stop using it. You and Olivia will go back to classes tomorrow. I’ll go back to Frank. We can pretend nothing ever happened. Just a fun weekend with… strangers.”

“We still have so much left,” whined Olivia, pointing at the jar.

“We’ll just have to hide it. Or pour it out. You know we have to, right?”

She didn’t sound like she was convincing anyone, least of all herself.

“What if we do it just one last time? We can go shower together. That’s how the whole thing started, right? We’ll use up as much of it as we can, and drain the rest.”

“Yes, that sounds reasonable,” I added.

“Ok, we can do that. One last time. And let’s make it a good one. I want you to fuck me harder than you ever have before.”

“Yeah, me too, Derrick. Use me like a filthy cumdumpster. And maybe you can fuck me in the ass again afterwards. One time for each hole.”

“Oooh, yes, me too. Mommy could use a hard cock in her ass.”

“And my mouth!”

“Mine too!”


Frank yawned, and stretched his arms. After two and a half hours on the road, it felt good to be able to stretch his limbs. He stepped out of the car, and took a deep, wonderful breath of refreshing April air.

Finally, he was Casibom Giriş home. As boring as his job normally was, at least he was able to come back home to see his wife and kids at the end of the day, but when they sent him to personally mollycoddle one of the out of state customers, on a weekend no less, just because that idiot Miller fucked up once again—Frank took another deep breath.

It was over, and there was no need to worry about it anymore. It would be great to be able to finally sit down on the comfy couch in front of the TV, and snuggle up under a blanket with Helen. Maybe a little bit more than snuggle, if Derrick and Olivia were up in their rooms.

Ashley slammed the passenger side door shut, and reminded Frank that it wouldn’t just be his kids he had to worry about. He sighed. Helen would be over the moon to see her sister again, though. Frank had made a small detour on the way home, and picked her up. It was going to be a spontaneous surprise.

“Should I get my luggage out now?” she asked him.

Ashley was five years younger than her sister, and different in more than looks. She was one of those free-roaming hippie types. Quirky, and always easy to laugh. He’d been there when his in-laws found out that Ashley smoked pot, and now she owned a little bookshop on the occult. They got along fine, though, as long as the topic didn’t come to politics, or religion. This week, her hair had been dyed a dark, rich purple. Like an aubergine.

“Nah. Leave it in the trunk, for now. I want to see the look on Helen’s face first.”

He could already imagine it. Wide eyes, and the tip of her tongue just sticking out between her teeth. Then she’d make sure that he knew how thankful she was. That wasn’t the reason he did it, but it was certainly a bonus. Three days without sex! His wife must be as eager to find some private time as he was.

Ashley bounced all the way from the car to the front door, and rang the bell. He could have unlocked it, but it would be a better surprise if someone opened the door. Except, nobody did. She rang the bell again.

“Maybe they’re out?” Ashley voiced.

“No, they know I’m coming.”

Frank rummaged around in his pocket for the keys. Finally, the sound of footsteps approached.The door swung open, and Helen stood there. She looked great, as usual. Not a hard edge on her body, even if it was hidden under jeans, and a red cashmere sweater.

Something was wrong, however. Helen didn’t seem to be looking at him. Her eyes were unfocused, and she seemed to be looking right through him. Like she had a fever. Was she sick? Helen’s head swivelled to the side, and her eyes drifted over to her sister. She visibly startled, and her hand shot up to her chest.

“Ash?” she squeaked.

Ashley took a step forward, and fiercely hugged her sister. That seemed to snap Helen out of whatever ailed her. Her eyes focused on Frank, and she gave him a weak smile.

“Sorry, I’m a little—nevermind. Welcome back, I’ve missed you!” she said, in her regular voice.

Frank gave his wife a quick peck on the lips. That was the best he could manage over Ashley’s shoulder.

“Oh god I’ve missed you, sis!”

“I can feel that!” protested Helen.


Ashley let go of her sister, and Frank took her place. It felt good to touch her again. One of his hands wandered down to her soft buttcheek, and gave it a small squeeze. Helen moaned into his ear. She must be really missing it for her to be that vocal.

“Where are the little ones?” asked Ashley, pressing past them into the house.

Ashley always called them that. A habit from the days she used to come over and babysit Derrick and Olivia. Derrick recently turned eighteen, so neither of them were children anymore, but that didn’t stop their aunt. She’d probably call them little ones on her deathbed.

“Living room.”

Frank kissed his wife on the neck. The scent of strawberries was almost overwhelming. She must have just gotten out of the shower. She pushed him away.

“We better go inside, too.”

Frank sighed, but did not protest. She turned around, and just walked off. Something was definitely off about her, but he couldn’t figure out what. If she had been sick, she definitely would have texted him over the weekend. At that moment he realized that she had, in fact, not texted him a single time the entire weekend. He’d been too busy with work to realize it.

Stranger still was Olivia and Derrick’s behavior. They sat on the loveseat together, but they weren’t doing anything. Normally, Olivia tried her very best to take up as much space as it was humanly possibly. Slouching over the armrest, and using her feet to make sure that her brother knew he wasn’t welcome.

Now they sat like two bookends.

Ashley stood in the middle of the living room, studying them with her head askew. Clearly, she hadn’t been expected this kind of behavior either. She must have decided that the best course of action was to completely ignore Casibom Güncel Giriş it, because she simply dropped herself right between them. Both of them bounced a little. Ashley slung her arms around each of their necks, and pulled them in for a group hug.

“It’s good to see my favorite niece and nephew! My god, you two surely have grown since the last time I saw you!”

“You were here on Thanksgiving, and we haven’t grown at all since then,” protested Derrick.

“Really? I could have sworn the last time I saw you, you were only about this tall.”

Ashley indicated about two inches between her thumb and forefinger. Olivia snorted. Derrick rolled his eyes.

Frank and Helen sat down on the big sofa piece. He put an arm around her back, and pulled her closer.

“Did you guys come down with something?” he asked quietly.

Helen swallowed, and avoided his eyes.

“No, nothing happened. Absolutely nothing,” she muttered.

Frank pursed his lips, frustrated with the whole situation. He had been looking forward to being able to relax, and now he had to deal with some sort of mystery illness instead. Did someone die? Helen’s mother had developed skin cancer last year, but the latest news they heard was that it was in remission. If something had happened to her, she definitely would have told him already. Something else then. Maybe a neighbor? One of Derrick’s or Olivia’s friends?

“Does anybody want something to drink, or a snack?” Helen asked loudly, and stood up.

“I could do with a coffee,” replied Ashley.


“I’m good, thanks,” replied Frank.

Helen had just turned the corner into the kitchen, when Derrick lifted Ashley’s arm off of him.

“I’m gonna go help Mom,” he offered.

Olivia’s eyes followed her brother out of the room. She looked at him almost wistfully, and her gaze lingered on the spot for several moments after he disappeared.

“So, what’s new in the world of Olive?” Ashley asked, unperturbed.

Was it just him who noticed something wrong? Maybe that was the explanation. Everyone else was fine, and it was he who’d caught something. He felt his own forehead, but it didn’t feel particularly warm.

“Not much.”

“Oh come on, you gotta give me more than that. You still working at that Italian place?”

“I… think so.”

“What about boys? Any cute guys in your life?”


Olivia’s voice faltered, and she looked around the room, as if she was looking for something. Or someone. Her eyes fixed on the hallway again.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me. Maybe later, once your Dad isn’t here,”—she shot Frank a meaningful look—”we can have some private girl talk.”

Olivia didn’t seem to be listening to her. Her eyes were still trained on the hallway. Frank watched his daughter’s hand slip under the hem of her sweater. Fingers slithered underneath her belt, and down her pants. At first he thought she was just scratching herself, but then Olivia’s legs parted slightly. A small bulge protruded right at her crotch, and flattened again. Rose, and fell. Rose, and fell. Faster, and faster.

“What…?” he asked, dumbfounded.

Frank’s breath caught in his throat. What the hell was going on? Was his own daughter seriously masturbating right there in the living room, with himself and her aunt present?

“Olive? Olivia?” asked Ashley.

Olivia didn’t seem to hear it. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing heavy. The front of her jeans dark with wetness. Ashley put a hand on her niece’s shoulder, and shook her. Olivia didn’t react.

“I’ll… I’ll go get Helen,” Ashley offered, and stood up.


Ashley knew something was up the moment she had set foot in the house. The entire house stank of sex, and more. An aura of decadence. No amount of strawberry shampoo could cover that.

Still, it had been a bit of a shock for Olivia to just start masturbating right there in front of her. She felt guilty for leaving her alone with her dad. The poor guy was frightened out of his mind. Not a good combination. It couldn’t be helped, there were more important things to consider. They’d both survive, at any rate.

Ashley heard them, before she saw them. The sound of skin slapping on skin. Muffled moans. She turned the corner into the kitchen, and took a deep breath. It was worse than she had expected.

Her sister leaned over the counter, one leg up on the faux marble surface. Derrick stood behind her, pants around his ankles, eagerly thrusting his cock inside of his own mother. Helen’s fist was inside her mouth, trying to keep quiet.

Ashley shook her head slightly, and resigned herself to the fact that her impromptu vacation had suddenly become a whole lot less relaxing. She watched the two of them for a few moments. It was mesmerizing in a way. She’d seen Helen naked plenty of times, but never quite like this. Her labia were red, and puffy, and looked like they had seen plenty of action over the last couple of days. Derrick’s cock was surprisingly big. Bigger than Frank’s. That could get awkward.

Both of them jumped nearly a foot into the air when Ashley cleared her throat. They whirled around, eyes wide, and scared shitless.

“I—we—” Helen started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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