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Big Tits

Ryann was the most adventurous of her friends, but for some reason, this did not translate into her relationships. In this aspect of her life, she was shy and cautious, always looking before she leaped. She supposed this was why she was the last of her girlfriends with her virginity in tact and she hated herself for it.

Ryann had been a late bloomer, only becoming pretty in her Junior years of high school. Sure she’d dated, and she’d fooled around with the guys she had, but it had never gotten as far as actual sex. At nineteen, she was horny as hell and tired of being a virgin. For the longest time, she’d been thinking about sleeping with her best friend, Charley. They’d grown up together, and had always had a mutual attraction for each other, but each were too shy, and yet too comfortable to do anything about it.

Charley had thought Ryann was pretty long before it had become obvious to anyone else. He has loved her at a close range as a friend and sexually from afar for years. After her curves had come in, it was all he could do not to touch her every chance he got. These days, the slightest hug or brushes of her hand made him want to take her hand and drag her off. To his bed, her bed, the back of his car, anywhere would have been fine really, all he could imagine was pulling her t-shirt off and feeling her skin against his while he ran his hands through her long, caramel-colored hair.

The conversation was so simple; no one else would have thought anything of it. Ryann’s house, movies, you bring the snacks. Six hours later, they Cebeci Escort sat in the darkness watching an old horror film. Though Ryann wasn’t the least bit afraid, as soon as the villain appeared on screen, she screamed and jumped into Charley’s lap.

“You’re not scared are you?” His tone was teasing, and he tickled her playfully. “Of course not,” she said, going to swat him, but he caught her in mid-air. When she didn’t pull away, he laced his fingers through hers, squeezing her hand, gently. Though he desperately wanted it to go further, he went to turn his attention back to the movie, figuring it was best not to push his luck.

Ryann took a deep breath; she should have known she would have to be the initiator. Before she could change her mind, she leaned in to kiss him. Though shocked, Charley’s response was instantaneous, having imagined this moment so many times before. He wrapped his tanned arms around her, pushing at the small of her back with his hand, trying to pull her as close as possible.

Ryann was giving herself over to him and he was in no position to protest. Carefully, he left a trail of kisses down her neck, stopping at her collar bone, silently asking her permission to take it further. She gave a little whimper, then softly whispered, “it’s ok.” It was all the permission Charley needed.

He gently gripped the edge of the hem of her t-shirt and slid it over her head. She had small breasts and wore baggy shirts, so Charley was shocked to find her braless. Çıtır Escort The thought thrilled them as he cupped them in his hands, running a thumb over each tender nipple, causing them to harden at his touch. Ryann gasped, never imagining her friend’s hands could feel so good. Suddenly, all she could think of was ripping his shirt off, though shyness prevented such a drastic act.

As an alternative, she pulled his shirt quickly over his head, feeling the strength in his chest as she did. She kissed his collarbone and started making her way down towards his pecks. She licked each nipple carefully, teasing him, and felt him twitch through his jeans. Though every fiber in her screamed for her to rip his clothes off, she asked, “are you sure?” He nodded. It was all the permission she needed.

She undid his belt with ease, and at the same time, felt her own jeans being slid away, though she hadn’t realized he had been removing them. Over the years, Ryann had had to listen to Charley brag on the size of his member, and as she peeled away his boxers, she found he hadn’t been exaggerating. She gave a tiny gasp of delight, taking him in her mouth. She licked and sucked as if it were an ice cream cone melting quickly on a summer day. He groaned with pleasure, “If you keep that up, it could be over here and now.” Ryann didn’t want that, and she moved slowly back up his body, kissing across his stomach and going back to his nipples, before finally coming up to his neck and begin kissing and biting Demetevler Escort lightly at it.

Charley began kissing her cheek, the only thing he could reach, and worked his neck away from her. As good as it felt, it was her turn. He kissed down to her breasts, sucking on them greedily. She moaned, so softly it was barely audible, but it was all it took to make him even harder than he had been before. He kissed down her soft stomach, enjoying the feel of her silky, tanned skin beneath his lips. She shuddered in anticipation.

After what seemed like a decade, she felt his lips on her clit, exceptionally light, asking her permission. She pushed her fingers through his hair, telling him to go for it. He licked, first in short little strokes, then in long, wet, slow ones, alternating between this and gently sucking her clit. It was pure bliss. She let out a groan, louder than she meant to. She gasped, then whispered, “I want you inside of me.”

Ryann reached for the condom that she had slipped into the back pocket of her jeans, now discarded on the floor, quickly tearing off the foil wrapper, and beginning to work it on to him with her mouth, hoping she was doing it correctly, though Charley’s gasp of pleasure told her she was doing just fine.

She slid up his body, kissing him hard on the mouth as she felt him slide inside her. She let out a noise of both pain and pleasure, digging her nails into his back. She began to move with the rhythm of his body, as he pulled her closer to him with each thrust. Suddenly she felt her muscles tighten, and was shocked to find Charley’s had done the same. They dug their fingers into one another as they came, leaving marks that would tomorrow remind them of their deed.

Exhausted, Ryann rested her head against his chest. “Hey,” Charley said, “if it was that good the first time, just imagine how it’ll be with a little practice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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