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I entered my bedroom and saw my husband in his chair with my sister on top of him. His pants were down around his thighs, and my sister was stroking his cock with her nylon covered feet.

At my first sign of his cock exploding, I spoke.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” I asked. Phoebe jumped up, as planned, while the now panicked Paulie, looking terrified, struggled to sit up and contain his still spurting cock.

As Paul sat up, fully exposed, Phoebe, said, “Quick get your belt back on!”

A totally ridiculous suggestion, I had already obviously seen everything, but Paulie, now accustomed to taking orders, quickly squeezed himself back into it and locked it. Paul, staring at me, did not even notice as Phoebe casually picked up the key and tossed it to me.

“I’m sorry mistress,” he begged, “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry; I’m sorry; I’m sorry.”

I just watched him expressionless as he continued to plead. Tears were forming in his eyes.

“Enough,” I said sternly.

He froze and waited for my next words, but I was in no hurry to speak. I simply remained where I was, looking at him. I could tell that he was uncomfortable; his cock, still pretty hard, was crammed into his belt; his pants were still down, but he dared not move to try to correct them.

“I am in complete disbelief right now,” I said, “You pulled this stunt, and on a day on which we had incredible plans?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but I held my finger to my lips, indicating for him to stop.

I said, “You need to not say anything right now, Paulie; you can only make it worse for yourself. You just stay in your chair and watch me pack.”

He opened his mouth again but thought better of speaking.

“I’m so sorry, sis” Phoebe finally spoke.

Addressing her I said, “I’ll deal with you later as well. Why don’t you just sit on his lap, where you appeared to be so happy a moment ago, and stay out of my way.”

“But, Toni,” she interjected.

“In his lap, slut!” I directed her, my voice rising for the first time.

Phoebe gently took her position on Paul’s lap, wrapping one arm around his shoulders, seemingly to maintain her balance. This placed her perfect boobs, straining against her spandex, just barely against his chest, but she pretended not to notice. She nonchalantly allowed her legs to push Paul’s pants further down as she sat down, thus placing her feet & stockings against his bare legs.

Paulie looked at her feet and stockings, desperately trying to decide what to do. I knew that he was extremely aroused, but he dared not ask her to move, or say anything out loud for that matter. Phoebe had positioned herself so that her 19 year old body was as tempting to him as it could possibly be; plus, since I had interrupted his orgasm, he had not completed it and was still desperate for relief.

I dropped my dress from my body, revealing the lingerie that he had watched me put on that morning. I left my heels on, and walked back and forth across the room in just lingerie and heels as I gathered my luggage, as well as clothing and other items for me to pack. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Paul, knowing that the sight of me like this, as well as my packing, was driving him mad. On his face, I noticed a grimace from time to time and was sure that the combination of my ‘show’ and Phoebe in his lap was causing great pain as his cock futilely tried to free itself from the belt.

When I was done packing, I turned to them and spoke. “This is what you could have had today, Paulie.” I posed in my lingerie and slowly raised my foot, dangling one of my heels at him. I knew that I was causing him both physical arousal and emotional pain. “I just don’t know what to think of this situation right now, so, rather than saying or doing something that I may regret, I’m leaving.”

I let the sorrow register with him before continuing. “I’ll sleep on it, relax for a few days and decide what to do. I will return and inform you of my decision one week from today. What do you say, Paulie?”

“Yes, mistress, thank you,” he dutifully replied.

I knew that he was so joyful to hear that I wasn’t leaving permanently that he didn’t even şehitkamil escort realize that it would be at least another full week before he had another chance at sexual relief. (And, since he had been interrupted, he hadn’t even been fully satisfied this week)

I turned to my sister, “You be here in one week as well; you are certainly a part of this.”

Paul would never catch on that this was a complete set up. I had simply needed an excuse to go back to the hotel that night and meet that handsome young businessman, so I arranged for Paul to be ready to explode and instructed my sister on how to innocently make it happen. I always wondered why the hell Paul thought I wanted him to stay in that chair, if not to enjoy Phoebe’s show. Oh well.

With that I left, drove to the inn and immersed myself in an evening of dining, dancing, and drinking with the young man, whom, as I predicted, was waiting for me upon my arrival at the inn. Later that night, I greatly enjoyed his lovemaking as I hadn’t had sex that enjoyable ever. I even had multiple orgasms for the first time ever.

I spent the next few days to myself, really I was bored, but I needed to wait a week so that Paul was fully back in his “needy” condition. That Friday, I drove home where Paul and Phoebe were waiting for me. I entered, and before he started to speak, I instructed him to go to our bedroom and remove all of his clothes; he was to return to me naked, in only his robe, and of course his chastity belt. When he returned a couple of minutes later, I asked him to take a seat on the sofa and remain silent while I spoke. I asked Phoebe to sit in a chair across from him, and I began.

“First, the rules,” I said to Paul. “I am very close to saying to hell with this marriage and leaving, but I do feel that there is still something of value in this marriage.”

Paul nodded as I thought to myself that his money was what was left of value.

“So, I will outline the rules of how this marriage continues. Any argument, comment, or hesitation will result in my walking out that door. I will download your video for all to see, ruining your business and then file for divorce, publically outlining your infidelity with my own sister. You will be ruined and disgraced; I, however, will be fine. You see, I am only 21 and still quite the catch.” I paused and posed letting him see my body from all angles. He knew that I was stunning, and he nodded.

I continued, “Now, go to your safe, and bring me our prenuptial agreement.”

He began to pause but thought better of it and stood up and went to his office. He returned a couple of minutes later with some papers in his hand.

I looked at the papers that I had been forced to sign a year ago and asked, “Is this the only copy, Paulie? You may answer.”

“There are two copies, mistress, you have both copies in your hand,” he answered.

“Very well,” I replied, I turned to Phoebe, handed her the papers and instructed her to go to Paul’s office and shred them, which she quickly did.

“That’s better,” I said as I began to smile at Paul for the first time, “I like our marriage so much better without that nasty pre-nup hanging over my head.”

He was smiling since he had pleased me.

“Now, the tough one,” I said giving him a very serious look.

He sat back in the center of the sofa with a worried look upon his face.

I asked Phoebe to stand next to me, which she did. Then, in unison, we both dropped our dresses to the floor. As he gasped, we both stood before him in matching white stockings, panties, bras and garter belts. He was particularly fixated on the garter belts, as I’d never worn one for him before. Phoebe dropped her hair out of its ponytail so that it was down like mine, and we looked like twins.

We each took a seat, on either side of him, and we began rubbing our stocking covered feet on his bare legs. As we did this, we untied the sash around his robe, letting it fall open. This allowed our hands, feet, mouths, and tongues to have unlimited access to his bare skin for teasing purposes.

We rubbed, caressed, kissed and licked him all over for several minutes driving him into a state of total desire.

“I thought that I was enough woman for you, Paulie, but I see that I’m not,” I softly whispered as though I was saddened.

He opened his mouth to reply, no doubt to argue, but my look quickly reminded him not to speak.

“Don’t argue, baby, it’s okay, I have accepted it.” I said. As I spoke I pulled completely away from him, while watching Phoebe’s continued rubbing. “See, Paulie, I’m not even touching you, and you’re still awfully excited.”

He looked to Phoebe, then to his crotch, almost trying to will his erection down, which of course was not possible, as she had taken his hand and was gliding it up and down one of her nylon covered feet.

“So, here’s our solution, Paulie,” I continued talking while bringing my foot back to his legs, then returning my body to its previous position against him. “Phoebe will move in with us and help me keep you satisfied. Everyone in town knows that we’re better off than my mum, so they will just assume that you are helping her out. Do you agree, Paulie?”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing; he really only wanted Toni, but he surely would not turn down Phoebe. As this didn’t really seem like much punishment, he quickly agreed.

They took turns kissing him and thanking him for his gesture.

“Oh, one other thing, Paulie,” I added, as if it was an afterthought.

He looked up, still smiling.

“While Phoebe and I will pleasure you regularly, we’ll need some pleasure on the side.” I said, as he looked at me, becoming confused.

I explained, “Unfortunately, a 37 year old man cannot hope to sexually satisfy a 21 year old and a 19 year old; so I now have an open marriage, right, baby?”

Painfully, he looked at me, as I clarified, “Paulie, you just agreed that you need Phoebe to pleasure you sometimes,” I gave a sad nod to him and continued, “I may have needs to be fulfilled while you’re focused on her. You can’t expect my needs to go neglected; that wouldn’t be fair, baby.”

Knowing he had no choice, he answered yes.

“Ooh,” I said, “You are such a good boy, today, Paulie, why don’t we take that belt off for a while and celebrate, huh? You may answer.”

“I would like that, mistress,” he replied.

“Mistress Toni,” I corrected.

Yes, Mistress Toni,” he agreed.

“You now have two mistresses, Paulie, myself and Phoebe, so you must specify which of us you are addressing at all times; am I clear.”

“Yes, Mistress Toni,” he answered.

“Are you sure you want that, Paulie?” Phoebe asked while stroking his inner thigh.

“Yes, Mistress Phoebe,” he answered.

We both had him so worked up at this point that we knew he was simply our slave from now on.

“About my allowance,” I said, “What is that again?”

As I asked, Phoebe unlocked his belt and released his cock. She was now taking full advantage of rubbing it against her nylons.

“300 a week, Mistress Toni,” he answered.

Phoebe bent down and took his cock all the way into his mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

“Paulie, baby, it was 300 before you cheated on me. Do you still think that’s adequate?” I asked while taking his fingers in my mouth and placing them, now wet, inside of my pussy.

As Phoebe briefly withdrew her mouth from his cock, he exclaimed, “500 a week, Mistress Toni.”

“Oh, thank you, baby,” I smiled and leaned back on the sofa allowing my feet to move up to his face where he could lick and suck them.

“And, what about Phoebe, Paulie, she needs an allowance too,” I asked.

“300 a week for her, Mistress Toni,” he answered, after a brief second.

“What was that, Paulie?” Phoebe asked.

She sat up and stepped one leg over his body, thus she straddled him. She pushed her panties to the side and eased down, sliding his cock into her. She began rocking up and down bringing him nearly to orgasm.

She then slowed a bit, so that he wouldn’t reach climax and spoke lovingly to him, “I’m only worth 60% of what your other mistress is worth, Paulie? Is that really what you said? Wasn’t your orgasm Friday the best one you’ve ever had? And that was mine, Paulie, all mine.”

“Yes, Mistress Phoebe, but to also give you 500 per week may require me to dip into my savings from time to time,” he managed to say, thinking that he had a valid excuse.

“Well, that’s okay, Paulie, I don’t mind if my money comes from your savings, baby.” Phoebe answered.

“Yes, that sounds okay to me too,” I interjected. I pulled my feet from his face briefly so that he could look into my eyes. “Do you have a problem with that, slave?”

“No, Mistress Toni,” he replied, “I’ll make it work. I may have to open more businesses in nearby towns and work longer hours, but I’ll make it work.”

“Perfect, Paulie, you make it work.” Phoebe and I said in unison.

I then placed my feet back to his face and allowed him to lick them while Phoebe sped up her rocking, this time continuing until he exploded.

“Oh, thank you, mistresses,” he exclaimed, “Thank you so much.”

We just smiled at him, cleaned him up and put him back into his belt. (I wrapped the belt around him as Phoebe tucked his cock inside of it, then I locked it.) We knew that he was physically and emotionally spent, so we sent him on to bed, and we stayed up with a bottle of wine.

“Well, that went well,” I laughingly said to my sister, after he had gone to bed.

“Do you think it will last, though?” Phoebe asked me.

“Of course it will,” I replied to her, “The thing that I have learned from my research is that these subs with their fetishes quickly fall into the slave role because it stimulates them so much. Didn’t you notice how easily he went back into his belt tonight? Or how he thanked us for practically taking over his life?”

“He basically was mine the minute I learned of his fetish.” I continued, “My feet and his desires were a deadly match, at least for him.”

“Thanks for bringing me in, Toni,” Phoebe said. “I can’t imagine my life living here and with all that money. I may even go to a university. What are you going to do?”

“Oh, just play around,” I answered and laughed. “I married too young; I haven’t lived. There are lots of guys out there that I want to experience.”

Looking at her seriously, I said, “We just need to remember to tease Paul mercilessly during the week, and give him some relief on the weekend. If we do that, he will serve us, and, more importantly, fund our lives forever.”

“Sure,” Phoebe agreed, “Besides, it will be fun wearing stockings around here all the time; it makes me feel powerful.”

“Me, too,” I agreed. “I have another idea that we’ll implement; He’ll get no relief following a week in which he doesn’t earn enough to give us our allowances. One week of that, and he will start working 80 hour weeks if he has to in order to give us the allowances.”

“Sure, but he said that he would just use his savings,” she corrected.

“No, Phoebe, don’t be silly,” I responded, “We’ll blow through his complete savings very soon. We’ll find a reason to give him no relief next week; then we’ll hit him the following week with needing all new wardrobes before we allow him to cum. A few weeks later, when he is especially needy, we’ll demand all new home furnishings, and in a few months, we’ll ask for something else. If we stretch his relief out a bit, he will happily agree to dip into his savings each time in order to provide us with anything we desire. Anything.”

“Perfect,” she said, “How do we explain all this new stuff and my living here to mum, though?”

“I’ve thought about that, too. I think in a few months or so, once we’re settled, we might just decide to bring her in on this,” I answered.

“What?” Phoebe asked, in shock.

“Think about it, Phoebe,” I said, “She’s divorced, still very attractive and closer to Paul’s age than we are. She is a master manipulator and loves sex. We’ll bring her in, and we’ll have more time for us to go out. We might even get to travel some if she’s here to provide Paul some relief.”

“That does sound nice,” Phoebe thought out loud, “And Paul will probably love her; she’s much more experienced than we are. Have you ever noticed the way that she gets normal men to bend over backwards to please her? Paul will have no chance due to his fetish, and his being somewhat submissive. She’ll have him eating out of her hand in no time.”

“Exactly,” I replied.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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