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This is one of the ongoing chapters of me growing up in the Midwest in the late spring and early summer of 1971 before moving to AZ to live with my grandmother and attend college.

All persons in this and any of my stories are of at least 18 years of age and the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

These chapters cover the times that I was just 20 thru 22 and being one HORNY, WELL HUNG guy that could and did keep many older ladies happy.

The ladies I will cover in these chapters were friends of my parents and all are rather large in the BOOB’s and love to enjoy the freedom of being nude.

This chapter covers the mother and her friends during a Thursday afternoon get together and one very special guest.

As a side note, none of these ladies like to shave any of their PRIVATES AREA hair, so they are all natural, just as I love them to be.

My Mother, sister and grandmother in this chapter,

My sister Cheryl and I drove into Chicago to pick up my grandmother, Dee, at ORD the next morning. We got the car in the short term lot and walked into the terminal and out to the gate (This is way before the way you have to do things now at any airport) to meet Dee.

The plane was about ten minutes early due to a tail wind coming from the west and it was lucky we got there way early.

Grandma looked like she had gotten younger and more sexy then the last time I had visited with her. (But that was six years ago and back then at that age everyone looked old to me.)

We all three hugged and kiss at the gate and then headed down to baggage claim to get her one large bag and a box that she said she had to check because they said the box was too large for carry on.

We asked her what was in the box, but she just told us we would have to wait till we got to our house to find out.

They waited by the curb as I went and got the car and drove around to pick them and the luggage up.

Granny sat up front next with me as sis sat in the back seat with her arms on the front seat back so we all three could talk.

I told Dee that she looked fantastic and that she did not look to be a grandmother. She leaned ove and kissed my cheek and thanked me. She said she had lost about thirty pounds and had been doing all kinds of exercises with her live in maid for the last five month and was feeling sexy and alive. (Granny is sixty two years old, five feet three inches tall and measures 42DD-26-24 for you that have not read the series “My Grandmother Teaches Me about Life”)

When we got home, mother came out to the car to greet her mother and help bring in the luggage.

Mother explained that dad was on a business trip to Japan and would be home later next week.

Grannie smiled and whispered something to mom which made her smile and whisper something back.

Granny told me to carry the box and to be careful of it.

As sis grabbed the suitcase she said to granny, “did you forget to pack any clothes as this is very light?”

Dee and mother got big smiles on their faces and walked into the house talking.

I carried the box into the house and set it in the den, standing it against the wall.

Sis took granny’s suitcase into the spare bedroom and put it on the bed. She was going to open it and put grannies stuff in the dresser, but it was still locked from the plane trip.

Mother has asked me to go out and light the grill so we could fix supper when it got ready.

As I was going out past the kitchen I heard granny ask mother, “do you think the kids will mind me going around the house nude as I do at home, as clothes make me fell out of place?”

Mother smiled and said that she thought it would be OK as WE three are very friendly with each other and she most certainly is welcome to join in on the “FUN as it CUMs up” and besides with father gone we go around the house naked and most of the time “HORNY.”

Granny then said that she could not wait to check out the “MY equipment she had been told about over the phone by mom.”

Mother said to be careful and not rush into anything as it is as large as she said it was, to which granny walked over to me and gave me a big hug and pressed her body into mine, pushing her hips tightly against my groin as she looked at mother and nodded her head as to say, YES IT IS.

Sis came back at that moment and saw what was going on and said, “if you wish granny, I am sure he will show you his equipment now as he has not cum all day and should be ready for a couple of good fucks before Ankara travesti supper and I know I could use one also.”

With that both mother spoke up to say, “Till you father comes home we four are to go nude around the house, as we three do, and please each other as we desire or request of each other.”

I looked at sis and she already had her blouse off and lowering her shorts and I knew she would not have any panties covering that hairy pussy.

Mother walked over to me and undid my belt and tugged at my pants and boxer to get them off of me. As she did my cock sprang forth and almost slapped her in the face.

Granny had remover her top and bra and was doing her skirt as she first saw my semi hard cock spring out of my boxers as mother reached up to keep my cock from flipping around and injuring itself.. Her mouth fell open and she screech, “MY GOD HE IS AS HUGE AS YOU SAD HE WAS!”

By this time sis had her hand around my cock and was holding it so mother could give it a kiss and a tonguing.

Mother stood up and stripped as granny took her place with her mouth around the head of my now ridged cock.

Now with all four of us naked and standing in the kitchen, I grabbed my Dee around the waist and picked her up and sat her on the counter. I spread her legs and was standing between them rubbed my cock up and down against her moist, clean shaven pussy lips, as she sighed and begged for me to enter her slowly and gently.

She leaned back onto her outstretched hands and spread her legs further so I could get a better angle to place my cock into her “tunnel of love.”

Mother and sis were standing off to one side watching and with their tongues licking their lips as they started to finger each other pussies.

I gently moved my hips forward till I felt granny’s moist pussy.

He asked me to stop for a moment and she ask mom if she had any KY gel near.

Mother open top draw and sis reached in and took out a tube and walked over and put some on her hand and stroked my cock. Dee told her to squeeze some into her pussy also.

With that I again leaned forward and slowly, but much easier, entered her waiting “Love Tunnel.”

She let out a sigh and said, “That is the feeling of pleasure she was waiting for.”

I reached up with both hands and cupped her massive breasts and flipped her long nipples with my finger as I continued to push slowly deeper into her.

She looked at me and said to keep playing with her nipples as she can “CUM” just by that sometimes.

I was about two thirds of the way into her, by my length, when I felt mother hands cup my balls and gently squeeze them.

I looked at her and she just smiled and told me to be gentle with her mother and enjoy it myself.

Dee started to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles as I bottomed out and just keep my cock buried deep in her.

I started to pull backwards and move forwards in long stroking motion as mother keep her hands tightly on my ball sack.

Granny just lay back on the counter and let me fuck her slow and steady for over five minutes before I felt my balls tighten and a load started flowing through my cock into her waiting womb.

She looked at me and told me to keep stroking as she was right there and was also ready to explode.

As my semen flowed out of my engorged purple head she moaned and squeezed tighter around my cock as she climaxed to my jets of cum filling her.

Our two juices started to ose out of her and onto the counter.

Sis and mother were just standing there and started to clap and cheer as we keep up our love making till my cock got soft enough to slide out of granny.

As my cock slid out of granny, sis took hold of it and started to lick the juices off of it as mother went over to Dee and held her tight and kissed and licked her cunt.

With Cheryl licking and seeing Sheryl licking and sucking granny cum soaked pussy, my cock started to grow again and mom stroked it to its fullest and as she moved backwards to get me sitting on a straight back kitchen chair.

She got me sitting down with my cock pointed almost straight towards the ceiling.

Granny and Sheryl just stood and watched as mom spread her legs on each side of mine and slid forward so her breasts were in my face and her cunt was directly over the head of my cock.

She lowered herself downward till I was spreading her pussy lips with my large purple cock head.

She continued downward till her pubs were against the belly

I reached between Konya travesti us and rubbed my fingers over her hairless mound.

She pushed tighter against me and kissed my forehead and leaned over and nibbled on my ear.

She worked her “love tunnel” muscles as if she was milking my cock.

I put my hands on each side of her hips and raised and lowered her gently stroking my cock.

She leaned backwards to get more friction between her virginal tunnel and my cock which made me feel the cum starting to build and all of a sudden started to fill her womb.

She cried out and climaxed almost at the same time.

We stayed like that for a long time as granny and mother sat watched us “young one” as they called us hug and kiss as we let my cock soften in my sister.

After we had all taken showers and cleaned up Granny and Sheryl went to pick up a pizza (I never got the grill going before all the love making started) while mom and I said we would get the table and drinks ready.

As they drove out of the driveway, I wasted no time in removing my mom’s PJ’s.

She waved goodbye to them through the kitchen window as I slid my hands around her and squeezed those objects of my desire while slightly pinching her nipples which were already hard.

I pressed against her harder with my cock moving between her ass cheeks. Mom let out a small gasp and pushed back a little harder. I wondered for a moment whether she had ever had a cock in her ass, but that was a discussion for another time.

“Oh, Larry… I want you so bad. Please give me that beautiful cock.” she begged.

“I want you so much too, Mom. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment.” I answered.(all of one day if my memory severs me correct)

Her “T” shirt dropped to the floor as I unhooked her bra and removed it revealing those massive boobs. I moved to a chair in the kitchen and sat down. Her breasts swung back and forth as she walked toward me. They were the biggest and best two things I had ever seen in the last five minutes, as grannies are larger and saggier.

While they sagged down a little from weight and time, they were so tanned with perfect nipples that were pointing straight at me.

I wasted little time as I reached for her right boob with both hands and gently squeezed it while feeding the nipple into my mouth. I sucked slowly at first almost wishing there was still milk in there to feed me.

“That’s it baby, suck on mommy’s big boobs. You are making mommy so wet. I can’t wait to have that big cock in me again.”

I moved from one to the other breast for a few minutes and enjoyed every second of it.

Mom gently pulled her nipple from my mouth and dropped down to her knees in front of me. She took my rock hard cock in her hand and stroked it while rubbing the head on her boobs and nipples. She wiped the precum from my cock onto her nipple then lifted it up to her mouth and licked the cum off her nipple.

I thought I was going to explode right then seeing that, but wanted it to last as long as possible.

She then placed my big cock between her breasts and moved them up and down letting my cock disappear in her cleavage and then reappear where her tongue was waiting to lick the head of my cock and suck in as much as she could.

I was certainly in heaven now and thought it couldn’t get better, but then it did.

She stood up, and proceeding to climb on my lap with my cock now positioned right below her dripping wet pussy.

I saw you and you sister in this position earlier and I wanted to try it, as we have done it somewhat like this but me facing the other direction.

She went slowly at first as my cock slid into the same place I had come out of 18 years ago.

I was soon all the way in her and she stop there for a second so we could both revel in the feeling of having my big hard cock in her wet pussy.

Before starting to move up and down on my cock, she lifted up her left boob and had us both lick her hard nipple. Our tongues touched and we started to kiss as she began to ride up and down on my cock.

Slow at first, but then she moved faster up and down on my cock. It was unreal. My cock was fucking my mom’s wet pussy while her big boobs bounced and slapped me in the face with each stroke.

“Oh god, Mom… Oh god!!! I love you so much. Your pussy feels so good on my cock” I yelled.

“I love you too, honey. You make me feels so good.” she answered.

Her orgasm rocked her body. “Oh, god, İzmir travesti I’m cumming!! Oh yes!!! Oh yes!!!”

While she wanted nothing more than for me to shoot my load into her womb, I decided to save that for another time and gently lifted my spent mother from my lap and sat her back on my knees, where I proceeded to shoot my massive load on mom’s boobs.

She stood up and smeared my cum all over her massive breasts and nipples and told me it was the best skin lotion a woman could use.

I said, “We should bottle me and all three of you can use it every morning after your showers.”

She smiled and agreed, but then we heard Dee say, “NO WAY the cum has to be hot and fresh to do your skin any good.”

We both looked and there stood granny and sis hold the beer and pizza while watching us fuck.

Dee continued, “You have to rub in in and enjoy the warmth and fresh smell of a man’s cum so you get all the benefit from it.

Cheryl looked at granny and asked, “Will it make my tit’s grow as large as yours and mother if I rub fresh cum all over them?”

Granny smiled and said, “Anything will help, but being PG and then nursing makes them grow the best.”

Mother got off of my lap and started to walk over to help with the food, but her over filled pussy was dripping our cum all over the floor as she walked.

She grabbed a dish towel and put it between her legs and sat down at the table.

Granny and Cheryl put the food down and went into the den smiling at each other as they started to disrobe each other. Granny took sis’s bra and throws it at me as I stood in the door way watching.

They returned a minute later stripped naked (as they did have to wear clothes to go out for the food, RIGHT) and sat down with us to have dinner.

Mother looked at me and said, “LET eat, and I mean the pizza first.”

I agreed to her suggestion gladly as I would be able to fondle her massive breast further as I sat tight to her and eat.

Just the thought of this got my cock semi hard and granny mentions that her pussy was still soaked and wanting more cock BUT she had had a long day and was going to head for bed right after supper.

We all agreed that was a great idea and sat down to eat.

At supper I mentioned that I had three lawns, including ours, to mow in the morning (Saturday) and would be done by noon if all went well and Elna had gas for her mower.

Mother told me to pick up gas on the way as we needed some for our lawn also.

Sis mentioned that mother had shown her some of the “clothes” she had gotten during the week and sis thought she would like get some also.

Dee spoke up and asked to see what they were talking about.

Mother said she would show her after dinner.

I suggested that they go shopping while I was doing the lawns.

After eating and then cleaning up the kitchen we all retired to the bedroom to see a modeling show put on by mom.

She came out of her walk in closet wearing the “shelf” bra I had purchased her and the crotch less panties.

Sis almost died gasping when Granny said, “I have pretty much the same outfit at home BUT I have a much sexier one in my suitcase I will put on to show you.

I looked at her and then mom with a look of “what.”

Granny stood up and left the room to go to her bedroom. When she returned all of our eyes almost popped out as she was wearing a black bra with the ends cut out so her nipples were sticking thru and her black panties were a THONG style (which was rather new for this time period) and over that was a silky black see thru top that was what a you would call a “teddy.”

We all let out a whistle at the same time and said how sexy and seductive she looked.

Dee said, “This is nothing but “tame,” as you should see what I have at home.” (Other stories cover the findings at her house)

Granny told my sister that she would gladly assist her tomorrow in choosing some stuff and it would be on her treat as she wanted to make sure Cheryl looked sexy for all her many male admires.

I asked where she had gotten hers from and she answered “Frederick’s of Hollywood” had a place in Phoenix that she stopped in every time she went down there to run her errands to see what they had new for a gal of her large bust size and wants.

I just stood up and went over to hug granny and tell her good night as I had had a long day and need to rest before the work in the morning.

All three of the gals agreed and we went to our own bedrooms (a rare thing when father is gone) to get a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be very interesting to say the least for all four of us as we go our separate ways and then back together in the afternoon to see what granny calls the fashion show of the weekend and pleasuring of everyone involved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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