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As Eliza fought her way awake from a fitful dream, she reminded herself, not for the last time, that she HAD to get a social life that did NOT depend on a bottle of Black Jack and bar food. “Damn, my mouth tastes like I hosted a track meet inside,” she muttered to herself as she slowly made her way to the bathroom. “Maybe a hot shower will help.”

“YEEOWCH! DAMMIT!” she screamed at the shower when the water temp went from a comfortable 101 degrees to what felt like sub-freezing after only a minute of her shower. “I’m gonna kill that stupid bastard of a super today, I swear it!” she raged as she dried her dripping body off. She was still fuming when she wiped the fogged mirror off so she could see to dry her hair. She thought to herself, “If he could see how mad I am right now…” Suddenly, the thought of the super seeing her at this moment sent her into a paroxysm of laughter; “He’d have a heart attack! I’d bet he hasn’t seen a woman naked in forever” she thought to herself as she toweled the last of the water clinging to her still attractive body. “Not bad for an old girl pushing the double-nickel,” she thought, admiring the way her butt and breasts were, if not as perky as when she was younger, still not bad at all. “Maybe I should call him now, while I’m still mad, and see what he can do about my problem…or problems,” she mused, with the beginnings of a wicked smile curving her lips up in a way that they had not for a very long time. “Perhaps…”

Five minutes later, after calling the super and raging at him about the water temp, Eliza giggled as she anticipated the look on Kit’s face when she opened the door in her towel when he arrived to repair the antiquated plumbing. As if in response to her amusement, at that moment came a knock on the door. “Super! Ms. T., are you there?” came the familiar voice of the building’s 58 year old superintendent, a retired military man who was a jack of all trades, and unfailingly polite whenever he met with any of the building’s tenants.

“Just a minute!” Eliza answered, trying her best to keep the giggle out of her voice as she wiggled to the door in her bath towel. She figured that she would get better service if she was still dripping, so she had not bothered to dry her hair, after all, but had run it under the faucet just a moment before to keep it wet. “Come in, please; this shower’s a pain today, and I have to meet someone downtown this morning” she said, trying to replace her amusement with a stern-sounding voice, and barely succeeding, ” and today WOULD be the day the shower takes to screw up!”

“Sorry, Ms. T., really I am,” said Kit, Ankara travesti as he followed her back to the bathroom to look at the old shower. “I hope that it’s just the water control valve, ’cause I can fix that right quick. If it’s anything else, I’ll have to get parts from the hardware store.”

“Aw, man,” Eliza groused, “how long would that take? I don’t have all day, and I still haven’t finished my shower.”

“Well, depends on what’s wrong,” answered the slightly heavy, but still not-unattractive super. “Let me take a look at it.” With that he opened up his toolbox and extracted a screwdriver and a small, goose-necked flashlight. Expertly, he removed the cover from the water valve and peered inside the opening in the wall with the flashlight. “Hmmm,” he muttered.

“What do you mean, ‘Hmmm’?” said Eliza as she looked over his shoulder, letting the towel loosen slightly.

“Well,” said Kit, “it looks like the valve has split just below the plenum.”

“What the he—I mean, what does that mean?” asked Eliza, moving closer to Kit’s strong back and shoulders. “Is it bad?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” answered Kit, as he surveyed the damage. “I will have to replace the whole thing, which means that you will be without a shower for at least four hours.” As he sat back up straighter, he bumped into Eliza, who was virtually on top of him as he knelt beside the shower stall. When he did this, Eliza took the opportunity to allow the towel to “slip” further, noticing that Kit had gotten a good look at her rear end when he turned after bumping into her. “Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. T. Are you OK? I didn’t mean to…”

At this, he slowly ran down as Eliza allowed the towel to slip completely off and stood there in all her glory in front of Kit. “Are you sure it won’t take a little longer?” she inquired, with a raised eyebrow. “After all, you wouldn’t want to hurry the job, would you?”

“N—no, ma’am!” Kit stuttered, as he tried, in vain, to take his eyes off of what was probably the finest example of female pulchritude he had seen since he left the service. “I surely would not want to do that!”

“Well, then, what shall we do first?” inquired Eliza, pulling the bewildered man up from kneeling on the floor. “You look as if you need some help,” she said, noticing a distinct bulging in the hapless man’s trousers. “Do you think I could assist you in any way?”

She didn’t give Kit a chance to answer as she slowly reached her hand out and caressed his growing erection. She took his hand, and placed it on her right breast, with an encouraging smile. “Go ahead, I won’t bite,” Konya travesti she murmured, “unless that’s what you like, of course.” At his wide-eyed expression, she giggled like a schoolgirl, and took his head in her free hand, and kissed him hungrily on the lips. “Come on, big man; show me what you got,” she said huskily, as her passion began to rise as fast as his obviously was doing in answer to her skilled manual ministrations. “I believe you can fix another problem I’ve been having…”

She backed out of the bathroom, leading the entranced man down the short hallway into her bedroom, where she pushed him backwards onto the bed. At once she deftly unzipped his trousers, and yanked them down to his knees, while she engulfed his (surprisingly) large erection with her mouth, eliciting a long, heartfelt moan from her hapless victim, who was still a bit taken by surprise by all this.

“Good God, Ms. T.-” he started to say, only to be silenced by her hand placed gently on his mouth.

“Don’t talk; just enjoy,” said Eliza. “I think that ‘Ms. T.’ is a little bit formal for this occasion, don’t you?” and then didn’t give him time to answer when she took him in her mouth again. By the time he could speak, all he could say was, “Yes, ma’am!”

As she expertly sucked his manhood, he took the opportunity to remove his shirt, and then gently removed her from his most cherished part so that he could remove his shoes and pants. “Now,” he said, as he picked her up and laid her on the coverlet, still tousled from her dreams the previous night, “now, it’s your turn.” With this, he started to kiss her inner thighs, alternating from knee to knee, thigh to thigh, getting ever closer to her center, which had begun to burn with a passion that threatened to overwhelm her control, until finally, with great gentleness, he breathed softly on her wispy pubic hair, causing her to shudder with delight.

“Please, please,” she moaned, straining to raise up her hips to meet his mouth. But he moved away just far enough to prevent contact, as he continued to blow gently at her sex. He was teasing her, he knew, but figured that she deserved it after what she had just put him through. Besides, how much better would a little delayed gratification be?

“If you don’t touch me, I’ll scream!” she said, grabbing his head and trying to push it down. “I can’t stand anymore breathing!” At that moment, Kit dove down to her lips, and parted them with a swift lick of his tongue from the bottom of her labia all the way to the clitoris which was fully extended from its hood, there to circle the little İzmir travesti nub with the tip of his tongue before closing his lips upon it and sucking gently. “NNGGNNH!” she moaned, writhing in uncontrollable ecstasy as his tongue drove her to a quite forceful orgasm. She shook with the force of her passion, as Kit mercilessly lashed her clitoris with a tongue that was like silk in its smoothness, but like steel in its relentlessness and strength. He would not let her down from her peak for what seemed like hours, but was closer to minutes. As she came down from her peak, she felt as weak as a kitten, unable to move or protest as Kit stood and positioned himself at the center of her opened legs.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked in a voice that was all at once gentle, but ragged; not surprisingly because he had a raging erection, and had almost come himself when she did. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Please, take me!” begged Eliza, by now starting to grow inflamed again at the thought of Kit’s handsome erection. “Put that thing in me!” she almost screamed. With that, Kit smoothly placed the head of his member at the entrance to her glistening opening, and with a gentle shove, slid inside her all the way until their bodies met. “OH, MY, GOD!” she breathed as the full size of Kit registered in her brain. “MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD!” She was filled as she had never been before; this from an old ma—a most able man, she corrected herself as Kit began to stroke strongly but smoothly, in and out, filling her with every stroke, leaving her almost crying out with every withdrawal. “Fill me!”

Kit, as he expertly plowed the younger woman, thought fleetingly that this call would rate as one of his favorites; suddenly, as Eliza started to shake with her second (or was it her third? Lost count) orgasm, he felt himself start to go over. As he started to withdraw, Eliza grabbed him about his hips and said sternly, “Don’t you dare! This isn’t over yet!” She wouldn’t pay heed to his protests, answering only, “Neither one of us has to worry about anything at our age. I’m careful, and you don’t look unhealthy. Besides, you are not finished yet!”

At this, Kit came more violently than he could remember in many years. He continued to stroke Eliza until she finished her orgasm, squeezing the last of his strength with her spasms, and collapsing over her onto the bed.

When he could speak again, Kit asked Eliza if she was all right. She answered archly, “I am more than all right; I am EXCELLENT!” to which Kit had to agree. She was the most excellent he had ever experienced. Eliza then surprised Kit by saying, “Well, I guess that I will be late for my meeting. I’ll just tell her that something important came up…” With that, both dissolved in laughter, as she reached out to kiss Kit again; she added with a glint in her eye, “and hopefully again, and again, and again…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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