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Gary eased himself into the very hot waters of his hot tub. The contrast of the hot water to the nearly zero degrees of the freezing night air always startled him. It was nearly midnight and other than the light of the moon, it was dark in his backyard. When the clouds passed between the moon and Earth it became pitch dark. Gary wore no bathing suit, as usual, because no one could see that he was naked, even in the clear daylight. His wooded backyard assured that he could be naked in his hot tub without fear of being observed by neighbors.

He turned on the pumps and immediately the jets propelled soothing waters to massage his aching flesh. The hot tub was the best investment he ever made, he thought to himself. Somehow the hot swirling water made most problems disappear, at least while he was in the tub. Gary pulled his foreskin back and the hot water made an instant impression on his cockhead. He moved to align his sore hip muscles to a swirling jet and was rewarded as the sore muscles were instantly soothed by the fast moving hot water.

Gary closed his eyes, yielding to the comfort of the waters. He was in a state of complete relaxation, basking in the warmth of the water and seemingly freed his mind of any thoughts. Occasionally he would open one eye enough to glimpse the dimly lighted clock on the outer wall bricks of his house. He loved the hot tub, but its only drawback was that one should only stay in the tub no more than an hour at best. Thankfully, that was more than enough for Gary. The hot tub helped placate the ‘Arthritis pain Gods’, and allow some of the discomfort of arthritis abate for a short time.

Winter was the most enjoyable time for using the hot tub for Gary. There was something about being in the hot waters while the wind and snow churned in the outdoor temperature. His hair had crystals of ice forming randomly while his body was nearly being boiled. He heard a rustle and briefly opened his eyes and smiled when he saw a chipmunk scurrying off toward the stack of firewood. Closing his eyes again he reached out and turned on the air jets and the bubbles churned the tub into a seemingly boiling tub of water. Gary loved the feel of the air jets. It felt as if he was getting a total body massage as the bubbles seemed to rub his body aches away.

Gary heard the rustling again and another smile broke out across his face. He didn’t open his eyes as he imagined the little chipmunk hurrying about to build a warm nest for the night. Opening an eye to glance at the clock, he saw a wineglass, nearly full, in one of the drink holders built into the tub. Gary didn’t recall bringing the wine out to the tub. He had poured a glass of Blush to sip it later in front of the fireplace while drying from his hot tub. Perhaps he had brought it out when he came out to hot tub, but he was sure he had placed it in the fridge. Taking the glass he sipped the cool wine and closed his eyes to savor its taste.

Another rustling noise and the sound of something splashing in the hot tub caused Gary’s eyes to pop open immediately. His eyes gazed on Cherie, naked and sitting on the edge of the hot tub holding a glass of wine, smiling, with her feet splashing in the hot tub. “Oh my God, I’ve drowned, gone to heaven and there’s an Angel in my hot tub,” Gary remarked, grinning at Cherie. Effortlessly, Cherie slid into the tub and moved to Gary to kiss him passionately. She sucked his tongue and then drew back, dipped her breast in her wine glass and brought her nipple to Gary’s mouth.

Her nipple quickly disappeared into his mouth as Cherie moaned with pleasure while his tongue swirled about the hard erect nipple. Cherie’s shoulders and breasts were chilled in the freezing winter wind and Gary pulled her to sit next to him and warm up in the hot water of the tub. He kissed her briefly gain and said, “What a wonderful surprise, Cherie.” She grinned and told him that she was going to call, but decided to surprise him instead. When she found him in the hot tub, she decided to really surprise him. “You certainly accomplished that mission,” Gary told her as he hugged her to his body.

“Somehow, I knew you would be in the hot tub,” she told him, “You always said that you enjoyed hot tubing when it was really cold out, and this is the coldest night of the winter so far, so I figured you were in the tub.”

“But how did you get in?” he asked.

“That’s what really surprised me, Gary. Do you know that you forgot to lock your door?”

“Well, I heard that if you leave the door unlocked it will draw naked angels to come visit,” Gary replied, “So, I guess it’s true,” he told her with a big grin. Cherie laughed and playfully scolded him for not locking the door.

“Old curmudgeons, like you, are prime targets for bad guys looking to rob someone,” she chided him. “That’s why I decided to get naked and surprise you.” Cherie glowered mischievously and said in as gruff a voice as she could, “I’m going to rob you of all your ‘old man’ energy, then Ankara travesti force you to submit to me and make you fuck me all night, and you can’t do anything about it, old man!”

“I surrender, Ma’am, please be gentle with me, because although it’s not my first time, it may well be my last time, from the glint in your eye,” Gary replied, “but what a way to go!” Cherie smiled at him and blew him a kiss. “They might have to build a special coffin for me ’cause they won’t be able to close the lid.”

“Yes they will…I’m going to cut it off and freeze it to keep it hard…that way I won’t have to buy any Popsicles,” she grinned. Gary laughed and drew her close to kiss her again deeply and tenderly. Cherie hungrily returned his kiss and held him tightly, “I missed you, Gary. I missed you a lot.” Gary put the wine glasses on a side tray and cuddled Cherie as the hot waters warmly embraced their naked bodies. “I thought you might be angry with me, Gary, for hurting your feelings,” she confessed. “I should have called you about David, and about…Tabby,” Gary interrupted her by placing his finger on her lips.

“You don’t owe me an explanation, Cherie,” he told her.

“Oh Gary, I do…I do owe you an explanation. Suddenly, I’m going around with some other guy without even telling you. And telling Tabby about us…that was inexcusable, and I’m sorry…so sorry.”

Gary kissed her pretty little nose and her eyelids and whispered that everything was fine and he was not angry with her. Cherie smiled but tears filled her eyes and Gary leaned to her to lick the salty tears from her cheeks. “Everything about you tastes good, Cherie, everything,” he whispered to her. She embraced him and cried like a baby. He held her close and kissed her cheek, ear and shoulder as she cried. Gary guessed, correctly, that Cherie needed a good cry after her experience with David. From what Gary had heard, she was far better off without him. As her tears ebbed away, Gary whispered, “I still love you, Cherie. I always will, no matter what. I just want you to be happy.”

That little declaration brought more tears from Cherie and Gary held her closer, trying to soothe her feelings. Gary knew that David had tried to con Cherie out of her life savings. When he first learned of David’s intentions he alerted some friends on the Police force. They had done a background check on David and found he was wanted on several outstanding warrants for conning women out of their life savings. The Police alerted Cherie and with her help they had arrested David and held him until he was extradited to face more serious charges in California. Gary had sworn the Police to silence about his involvement hence Cherie didn’t know he was involved in David’s apprehension.

“You’re too good to me, Gary, I don’t deserve it, but I’m glad you love me,” she said holding him close. “You knew about David too, didn’t you?” Gary nodded, bringing more tears to her eyes, “You were responsible for getting the Police involved, weren’t you?” Gary nodded again. “Thank you, Gary, thank you for saving my children’s life savings and college funds. If it weren’t for you he would have gotten all the money somehow. I know that now,” she admitted.

“Well,” Gary said, trying to lighten the conversation, “at least I got to know Tabby, so we all won.”

Cherie grinned and grabbed Gary’s cock under the water, feeling it swell as she held it. “Yeah, and that’s another thing I want to get straight!” she growled playfully.

“Are you talking about what you’re holding, or what Tabby did to me?” he asked mischievously. Cherie grinned at the pun and whispered ‘both’ in his ear as she fondled his hardening cock. She looked into Gary’s eyes and kissed him passionately, probing for his tongue as she stroked his cock.

“It’s so hard, Gary. Did you take Viagra?” He shook his head no. Gary told her that his cock gets hard from stimulation, but needs the Viagra to keep it hard. “Ummmmm, where do you keep the Viagra? I’ll go get it,” she said, grinning.

“Later, Cherie,” Gary said as he tenderly cupped her little tittie and rubbed her nipple. Cherie closed her eyes and moaned in delight as Gary’s other hand caressed her pussy and clit hood. He kissed her lips as her clit exited its hood. She trembled with sexual excitement, as Gary’s thumb flicked over her clit several times. He positioned her body next to his, to place her sweet pussy over an air jet. Cherie sighed and quivered as the bubbles played upon her pussy. Gary spread her pussylips wide to expose her engorged clit to the air bubbles. She gasped as the bubbles continued to massage her clit as they rose up to the hot tubs surface.

Gary’s other hand pleasured her nipples while the bubbles toyed with her clit. “Oh God, that feels so good,” she sighed as the bubbles ‘terrorized’ her little sensitive nub. “Mmmmmmm…don’t stop, Gary…don’t stop,” she said over and over, feeling her orgasm rising as the air bubbles relentlessly ‘tormented’ her clit. Gary Konya travesti licked her ear and kissed her lips as the persistent bubbles drove her rapidly towards orgasm. Cherie trembled with total arousal, as she could not stand the intensity with which the bubbles ‘battered’ her sensitive clitoris. He watched the total pleasure captivate her body as Cherie’s eyes rolled back and she erupted in a tremendous orgasm.

“Oh my God!” she cried out, ” yessssssssss… sweet Jesus, yessssssssss,” she shouted as her orgasm consumed her totally. Again and again she would spasm and cum. Cherie tried to move away from the bubble jet, but Gary held her fast, assuring that the bubbles continued to pummel her clit completely through her orgasm. Cherie bit her lip and gazed at Gary with her mouth agape as she came again while the relentless bubbles would not let up. Her eyes rolled back and she sat immobilized as the bubbles relentlessly brought her to orgasm again and again. “Ohhhh, Gary, I can’t stand it…” she paused to shudder in orgasm again. “Please…sweet Jesus, I can’t stand it anymore,” and she swooned, sliding away from the bubbles as Gary released her from her bubble ‘prison’.

Cherie gasped for breath as Gary held her to prevent her from sliding under the water. Slowly her senses returned and she embraced Gary, whispering that she loved him. “I love you too, sweet Cherie,” he whispered in her ear. He waited a few moments until he was sure Cherie had recovered from the intense orgasms then helped her to climb out of the hot tub. She was still a bit uneasy as he guided her wet body into his house. He led her to his living room to lay her down on the thick carpet in front of the fireplace. The warmth of the fire bathed their naked bodies and slowly began to dry them. Gary placed a pillow under Cherie’s head kissed her tenderly. He left her smiling at him as he rose to retrieve their wine glasses.

Cherie’s breathing was still a little labored as he kneeled to lift her head and lit her sip some wine. She looked up at her lover and gently took her wine glass from him. She dipped his now flaccid cock in the wine and laid back on the pillow as Gary positioned himself above her head to lower his wine coated cock to her open mouth. Eagerly, she took him in her mouth to swirl her tongue all about his cockhead covered with foreskin. He took the wine glass from her hand to set it on a coffee table. Cherie grasped his cock and gently drew back his foreskin to suck the swelling cockhead.

She looked up as she sucked his cock and watched as he popped two blue Viagra tablets into his mouth. He washed them down with wine, put his glass down and began to rub the tips of Cherie’s nipples with his fingertips. She moaned and writhed delightfully as she swirled her tongue around the satiny smooth cockhead. Gary moaned as her tongue pleasured him. God, how he loved her he thought, while she worked magic with her tongue. His cock was now as hard as a rock as Cherie sucked his cock and fondled his balls. He placed a rawhide cord around the base of his rock hard cock and tightly tied a cockring about his cock. “Ummmmmmmmm,” moaned Cherie looking up at Gary while she licked his cockshaft up to his cockhole to lick away thick clear pre-cum.

Cherie had read about cock rings, but had never experienced making love with anyone wearing one. She correctly surmised that they must work as advertised or Gary would not have put one on. Carefully, Gary lowered his upper body until he was on his knees and elbows over Cherie.

Her legs were spread wide and Gary pulled them back to place them under his arms, rotating her sweet pussy into view. Her pussylips were swollen and bright pink as he covered them with his mouth. Gary’s tongue swept the cleft of her sweet cunt from her clit to her sugary little rosebud. Cherie twitched when his tongue lightly swept across her tight little asshole.

He swirled his tongue over her asshole several times as she moaned with lust then returned to lick and suckle her sopping wet cunt. Her juices were like sweet syrup, thick and tasty, and he swallowed them eagerly. Her clit eased out of its hood begging for attention and Gary rewarded it with several flicks of his tongue. Cherie twitched each time his tongue rolled over her upright nub. She attacked his rock hard cock, slathering the sensitive glans with her tongue while concentrating on the sensitive spot in front of his cockhead. Cherie was amazed to see his balls draw up though he was going to cum, only to be thrilled when she realized that he truly could not cum wearing the cock ring!

Satisfied that his marvelous cock would not, no could not, cum she set about to enjoy sucking his massive cock to her hearts delight. Cherie tried to deep throat his cock, but at first succeeded in only causing herself to gag. Undeterred, she tried again, taking just a bit of his massive cockhead into her throat. She soon learned that if she took her time and only allowed a little more into her İzmir travesti throat than the time before, she would soon be able to deep throat him completely. Happy at her discovery she set about to slowly introduce her throat to ‘deep throating’ a cock. Soon she could feel her nose engulfed within Gary’s pubic hair and her chin rested on his balls.

Cherie felt Gary twitch and tremble each time she swallowed when his cock went deep into her throat. She realized that her futile attempts to swallow his cock caused intense sensations in Gary’s cockhead. Cherie took him deep and ‘swallowed’ his cock several times as Gary moaned, writhed and groaned into her pussy as he trembled uncontrollably. She felt him throb and pulse as though he was cumming, but again he could not cum. Cherie, convinced that she could pleasure him without fear of him cumming, redoubled her efforts to suck, lick and swirl her tongue all over his cock and balls with impunity.

Gary was nearly mad with the desire to cum. Several times he though to untie the rawhide cord cock ring, but didn’t, to let Cherie pleasure her self, and him, to her hearts desire. Cherie, fully recovered from her orgasms in the hot tub, now felt the familiar urges of orgasm building within her once again. Gary was gently pulling at Cherie’s clit with his teeth, teasing and licking it as it throbbed. He plunged his tongue deep inside her sweet pussy to gather and swallow her nectar. Each time he sensed that she might climax, he would move to tongue her sweet asshole allowing her urge to cum to subside. After several such attempts Gary realized that Cherie would cum regardless and he concentrated on her pussy.

He felt her legs stiffen as her mouth released his cock. She was trembling and quaking when she suddenly screamed and erupted in a sweeping orgasm. Her nectar spewed from her pussy to coat his face and tongue as he continued to lick and suckle her pussy and clit! Cherie shouted incoherently as she shuddered through multiple orgasms, one upon the other. Pleased with himself, Gary relentlessly tongued her trembling clit until she begged him, between orgasms, to stop. When she stopped cumming, Gary kissed her pussy as though they were her lips and Cherie rewarded him with several mini after-cums. “Oh Gary,” she gasped between breaths, “that was incredible!” Gary turned to lie down next to her and kiss her. Cherie tasted her nectar on Gary’s lips and tongue. “I haven’t cum that hard since we last made love, Gary,” she said as she looked at his face glistening with her juices.

Cherie played with his cock, milking it with her fingers to extract a generous amount of pre-cum, which she licked into her mouth. Regaining her senses, Cherie realized that Gary’s cock was rock hard and straining. She reached for a pillow on the couch and raised her hips to pull the pillow under her. Gray moved between her legs and positioned his cock at her cuntlips. He raised her legs and placed them on his shoulders, pushing his cockhead against her sopping wet pussy. Cherie moaned as she felt the huge cockhead slowly enter her pussy. Gary pushed to enter her at an even pace as Cherie gasped as she felt her tight pussy expanding as the huge cock intruded inside her. “Ohhhhhhh, yesssss,” she sighed as it filled her totally.

Gary began to fuck her deep, his cock entering until his balls slapped at her ass then withdrawing only to leave the large cockhead inside. Again he drove his massive cock into her, in rhythm with her gasping. Cherie locked her feet together to hold Gary tight as she thrust her hips into him matching his thrusts with her own. She grinned with her eyes closed as Gary’s cock fucked her unceasingly. “Fuck me, Gary…oh sweet Jesus, fuck me,” she cried as she felt her loins rising once again toward orgasm. “Oh God, I love you, Gary…I love you,” she gasped as his huge member was being strangled by her clenching pussy.

He continued to pummel her pussy until Cherie screamed again in orgasm, drenching his balls with her juices. Unwillingly, she unlocked her feet and released him from her arms as her passion totally captured her in climax. Gary withdrew momentarily to gently roll Cherie over and help her to her hands and knees. Cherie, still in a blissful orgiastic haze, blindly followed her lovers’ urgings and she kneeled to let Gary’s cock enter her pussy from behind. Her pussy was still clenching and clasping from her orgasm, and the feeling was unbelievable as the cock made slow, but steady, progress into her sweet pussy. She kept moaning and uttering an ‘Uhh’ sound, each time Gary’s cock conquered another of her pussy clasps.

With a final and mighty thrust, accompanied by a loud gasp from Cherie, Gary’s cock fully entered her and his balls slapped against her clit. Cherie laid her head on the pillow with her arms palms up on the carpet to receive and enjoy every thrust and withdrawal of Gary’s ramrod hard cock. Her eyes were closed and she alternately gasped and sighed delightfully as Gary fucked her relentlessly. Her approach toward orgasm heightened each time Gary’s balls struck her clit while he fucked her. Gary’s hands gently kneaded her lovely asscheeks and he bent to kiss her shoulders, neck and earlobes as he continued his frenzied, but delicious fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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