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Last Time: the Campbell family took some pills and things went really wrong. Or really right, depending on how you look at it. There was piss play, incest, and insemination. But the medicine is gone and they’re all better now.

Eh, not so much.

Everyone is over 18.

It was the kind of night that was meant to be savored. The clear, starry sky. The cool, clean air. It all combined to be comfortable in an almost primal way. But the events of the day conspired against the Campbell clan.

James, Christine, and their three children — Lexi, Austin, and Molly — were all exhausted. The family felt shattered, body and mind. They’d planned this trip as one last outing before the kids went off to school, to their lives, and abandoned their parents to empty nest-hood. The family had bought a new car, reserved a campsite next to a lake in the middle of nowhere, and headed out to drink down the final dregs of summer.

But then Christine, as part of her ongoing health kick, suggested everyone take a special supplement. Something to ‘get them going.’ Well it definitely did that. First the family couldn’t stop peeing. Then, worse, they couldn’t stop fucking. Sister and brother. Father and daughter. Mother and son.

But as the sun sank down, it seemed like the family had finally overcome the chemicals in their systems. They all sat around the campfire, silent, simmering in everything they’d done to each other.

The Campbells worked their way through dinner mechanically. Everyone struggled to speak. They couldn’t even look each other in the eyes. The evening may have appeared like Eden, but it felt like Hell, and they all just wanted it to end.

So, tentatively — like their beds might be filled with poisonous spiders or worse — the family agreed to call it a night. James and Christine went to their tent. Lexi and Molly went to theirs. Austin climbed into his single.

The world went quiet.


Lexi woke up with a start. Her younger sister, Molly, was still slumbering peacefully next to her. The tall, lithe brunette reflexively reached down to her twisted ankle. It was throbbing dully. In fact, her whole body ached. Then Lexi felt it. She had to pee.

Oh no. Not again.

Lexi leapt out of her sleeping bag and raced to the front of the tent. She was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts that covered little more than her underwear, but she couldn’t risk the time to conceal herself further. It was hard for Lexi to feel embarrassed about the exposure, though — her family had already seen a lot more skin than she was showing in that moment.

The eldest Campbell girl unzipped the front of her tent and rushed outside. The evening air was cool, but pleasant. Frogs and crickets chorused in the distance. Lexi looked longingly off toward the toilets. It was a ten-minute hike, and that was on two good legs. Plus, if this really was another emergency, the pee would end up in her bottoms before she ever made it anywhere near the bathrooms.

Instead, Lexi limped to the far side of the campsite, back between the family SUV and the tree-line. She pushed her shorts down around her ankles, squatted, and let go. In the silence of the evening, her stream of pee seemed loud enough to echo. Lexi shifted a bit, angling herself to keep her piss away from her legs as much as possible. She noticed her ankle wasn’t hurting nearly as bad as before. Squatting was uncomfortable, but not excruciating.

Even better, her pee felt ‘normal.’ That is, it wasn’t shooting out of her cooch like a damned fire hose. It didn’t ache in her tummy at all. Instead it was just the usual, late-night-gotta-go stream of urine.

Lexi sighed in relief. Waking up with that urge again had been scary. If it was all starting again, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Being with her brother had been unexpected. Terrifying. Also, really really awesome. Which was scary in and of itself.

Then seeing the rest of the family caught in the same throes: Molly, Mom. Dad. Oh God with Dad. That had been the most frightening thing of all. Not because of the situation. Lexi had felt so safe in her Daddy’s arms. No what worried Lexi — what really haunted her — was something far more complicated.

With Austin it had been easy. Not the sex (although, also, yes), but because it had clearly been the chemicals coursing through their veins. Lexi could say with confidence that, in that moment, she simply had no other options. Her body had dragged her into it. They could have been doing it on the train tracks — locomotive racing towards them — and the siblings wouldn’t have even paused in plowing each other.

But with James. With her Dad… Had Lexi felt that same urge? The brunette girl couldn’t say for sure. In that moment, with her brother and mother humping in the grass nearby, Lexi had felt desire for her father. No doubt. But was it the same driving need? That was something far less definitive. In other words, there was a chance Lexi had actually chosen to fuck her father. And — Betturkey oh God — there was no word for how that made Lexi feel. Guilty-frightened-dirty-horrible-broken-thrilled. That.

Lexi finished peeing with a sigh. If only the consequences of her actions could leak away as easily as the uncontrollable pissing apparently had. Just wash right out of her system. Lexi slowly stood, regretted that she had nothing to wipe with, then shrugged and pulled up her shorts.

She was about to turn back to the tents when she heard the crunch of footsteps. Felt someone standing nearby.

“Hey.” It was Austin. He must have walked over while she was doing her business. Lexi’s little brother was wearing a pair of long pajama pants, but no shirt. He was quite muscular, Lexi thought, with sculpted pecs and a defined, six-pack stomach. Austin waved slightly and tucked his head into his chest. He stepped closer till they were standing right next to each other.

“Couldn’t even let me pee in peace, huh perv?” Lexi said, reflexively. Austin flinched, and Lexi regretted it immediately. God, why do I have to be such a bitch?

“No, it’s fine,” Austin said, “It’s my bad. I should have seen what you were doing. Anyway, I’m sorry. For a lot of stuff actually.”

Lexi reflected that her brother hadn’t seemed too upset about the ordeal before. In fact, he’d acted pleased as a peacock. Now, though, the way he seemed unable to even glance at his older sister — maybe he really did feel remorse. Not that he had done anything wrong, either. Fuck this was all one big, intractable tangle.

“I know right?” Austin continued, “I was feeling pretty good for a bit. About everything. I mean, it wasn’t our fault, right? But when I got into my tent, it was like all the guilt was already in there waiting for me. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even lie still, I was wracked with it. Everything running through my mind. And then I saw you were up, and I thought that maybe you were struggling to sleep, too. I don’t know. You’re right, I’m an ass.”

“No, you’re not. We’re all dealing with this. I couldn’t sleep either,” Lexi lied. She’d passed out like a dead woman. But admitting that to her brother felt like a kind of defeat. That his guilt earned him a kind of moral superiority. Or, worse, that he’d given her a level of physical satisfaction that she’d been unable to provide back to him in return. In either scenario, Lexi was clearly the lesser being. She wasn’t ready to concede that to her annoying, dopey (admittedly really sexy) little brother.

“Can we, I don’t know, talk?” Austin asked, his blue eyes shining. He grabbed his sister’s hand and she let him.

“Yes, I’d like that,” Lexi said, “But maybe we should go back to your tent. I don’t want to wake anyone else up.”

Austin bobbed his head like a happy puppy. He started heading back, then he stopped. “Can you walk OK?”

“Not great,” Lexi said. Very seriously, Austin went back to his big sister and slid under her arm, letting her rest her weight on him. The two of them made their way back to the tents.

“So. You and Dad, huh?” Austin said as they walked together. Lexi felt her face go hot.

“Youwerebetter,” she said. It had just spilled out. Lexi hadn’t even intended on saying anything but there it was. Worse, Lexi knew that it was totally true. Being with her father had been fun, but with Austin it was different. Special. So much for her precious superiority.

Austin stopped and looked at his sister, eyes wide. His mouth made word-like motions, but no sound came out.

“I just… I liked it better with you, OK?” Lexi said, “I don’t know why, but I did. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” Austin asked. The siblings started walking again.

“I don’t know. God, this is weird.”

“Everything about today was weird,” Austin said.

“No kidding,” Lexi said.

They got back to Austin’s tent and crawled inside. Lexi’s little brother opened his sleeping bag completely and laid it out, so they both had something to lie on. Lexi thought of a story she’d heard at State. About some wild party back east where they zipped naked people into sleeping bags and made them fuck while everyone watched. Lexi had heard that the grand finale had featured a brother and sister and thought it was bullshit. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Lexi lay down on her side and Austin stretched out across from her. He reached back and flicked on a flashlight. It was still dark, but now Lexi could see her little brother’s face in the yellowish glow. He really was cute, she thought. Nice jaw, jutting cheekbones, just the right bit of stubble. For a moment Lexi thought about leaning over and kissing him but she stopped herself. She needed a subject change and fast.

“So,” she said, “You and Mom, huh?”

Austin’s face went red and his eyes fled to the floor. “Yeah, um, you may have been right before about, you know. Me and my little crush.”

“That looked like more than a crush,” Lexi said.

“Yeah, well, Betturkey Giriş for someone who doesn’t have feelings for Dad, you seemed pretty involved, yourself.”

“I’m sorry Austin,” Lexi said, “I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I’m actually kind of, like, happy for you? Is that strange? Like I know you have feelings for Mom and you got to act on them. To have your fantasy. That’s kind of awesome.”

“And you?” Austin asked, “Did you get to live out your, ummm, crush or whatever?”

“I didn’t know what it was until it happened,” Lexi said, “But yes. Up on the mountainside? I got what I wanted.”

Austin thought for a moment and then it dawned on him. He turned bright red all over again. Cute, yes, but maybe not too bright, Lexi reflected. God girl, you really can pick them.

“And you don’t feel bad about that?” Austin asked, “What happened up there? You and me?”

“What were we supposed to do, exactly?” Lexi said, “You were there. You felt it. I’d have stuffed a cactus up my cunt if that was my only option in that moment.”

“I shouldn’t have fucked you,” Austin said.

“You had to,” Lexi said

“I shouldn’t have… In Mom.”

“She made you,” Lexi said.

“God, I know that’s all true and yet I also feel like maybe…”

“Look, Austin, today was… I mean I’m struggling with it too. Because on the one hand it was kind of amazing and wonderful but at the same time it was also maybe the worst day of my life? I don’t know. What happened to us was inexplicable and weird and also totally out of our control. We’re probably all going to need therapy — God, so much therapy — and even then, it’s something that we’re going to have to figure out a way to live with for the rest of our lives. But we are going to find a way to live with it, OK? Together. I promise.”

Lexi reached out and, on instinct, pulled her brother close. Squeezed him tight. Pressed his head to her chest and stroked his hair.

“I know I haven’t been the best big sister lately,” Lexi said, “But I’m here for you. For anything. Promise.”

“Yes,” Austin said, oddly distant and distracted, “Uh huh.” Lexi leaned back and eyed her brother, warily. She noticed his breathing had started coming quickly. The tent was comfortable, even cool, but Austin was sweating bullets. His eyes wide.

“Lexi?” Austin asked. Little boy voice trembling. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close again. His urgency pressed hard into her thigh.

“You said you’d be here for me,” Austin said, “For anything?”

“Yes,” Lexi whispered in his ear. Lips almost touching him. “Anything.”

“But what if?”

“Even that.”

Austin looked up at his older sister and nodded, very seriously. Like that was all he needed to hear. He pulled at Lexi’s tank top and the tall brunette lifted her arms to help him get it off her. Lexi wasn’t wearing a bra, and her little breasts bounced out, happily, as her younger brother exposed them to the open air.

Austin dove into Lexi’s cleavage and immediately latched on to her left nipple. Lexi moaned — a combination of satisfaction and pain. Austin sucked so hard that Lexi feared her nipple would be purple instead of pink by the time he stopped.

Lexi couldn’t say exactly how she felt. On the one hand, to have her brother worshipping at her breasts, to feel his hardness press into her leg. Oh, there was an aching need there. For sure. But was it the same as before? Lexi didn’t know. Which, perhaps, was the ultimate sign that this wasn’t the pills. Not one hundred percent, anyway. And yet, Lexi couldn’t deny the want, the need, she felt as her brother suckled at her breast. The insistent ache for something more.


“You promised I could,” Austin whined, mouth still full of his sister’s teat. “You said that next time you’d let me suck your boobs.”

“Of course, baby,” Lexi said, “I just kind of need other things, as well.”

Austin popped his mouth off his sister’s tit and smirked. He grabbed Lexi’s shorts and whipped them right off of her — panties and all — leaving the thin brunette bare before her brother.

“Better?” Austin asked.

“It’s a start,” Lexi said.

Austin hands shot out and started kneading his sister’s chest again. It was like her breasts were a bright light and he was a moth. He just couldn’t seem to stay away.

“Are you sure I look OK for you?” Lexi asked, staring down at the canvas of the tent.

Austin responded by diving forward, almost tackling his sister to the ground, and sucking her tit so hard the whole thing slipped into his mouth. Lexi gasped, then giggled. The hunger in her brother’s eyes was intoxicating. He looked at her like she was the best thing in the universe and because her brother did it, she swore that it must be so.

Any doubt that Lexi might have had before, any reservations about right and wrong — control and craziness — got pushed to the back of her mind. Right out of the tent and way down the road. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Lexi was stripped down to a bundle of nerves and need. And her brother was the only one who could unravel her. Judging by the urgency of his movements, it was clear that Austin felt the same.

Still hooked on his sister’s tits, Lexi’s little brother began grinding his hard cock into her gash. Even through his pjs, Lexi could feel the pleasure of it pressing into her clit. She arched her back up, trying to settle him in the perfect spot. Right there! The siblings shuddered together and groaned. It felt good, but Lexi knew it wasn’t enough. There was still too much cloth between them. She needed her brother inside her.

Lexi reached down and pulled at the waistband of Austin’s pajamas. Slid it down past his fantastic, massive cock.

Then she heard a loud, feminine moan. “Ohhhhhh FUCK!”

Brother and sister both stopped in place and turned toward where the sound had come from: Lexi’s tent.

“Oh Daddy, YES!” It was Molly. For a moment, Lexi felt a little jealous. Why didn’t her Daddy go to her? Then Austin pushed his sister down and rubbed his bare cock against her aching furrow and Lexi realized there were a whole lot of rational reasons that she needed to stop thinking and start fucking.

“Oh! Baby girl, I need you so bad!” James said. The sound of their father fucking their sister seemed to spur the siblings on even more. Lexi wrapped her legs around her brother and rolled him onto his back. She reached down, grabbed his cock, and aimed it at her pussy.

“My Daddy’s fucking me so good!” Molly said.

“Jeez, I hope Mom’s OK,” Austin said.

“Really?” Lexi asked, “That’s your big concern?” She was hanging right over her brother’s dick, about to impale herself on it.

“Sorry, Sis,” Austin said. He put his strong hands on her hips and drove himself into his sibling. The both of them sighed in unison.

“Fuck I love fucking my big sister so much,” Austin said.

“You better,” Lexi said, “That massive fuckstick was built for your big sister’s pussy.”

“Fuck yeah,” Austin said.

“Oh Daddy, I think I’m gonna…OH! OH DADDY FUCK YES!”

“Molly’s…uhn…really…ooh…a screamer,” Lexi said, riding up and down on Austin. Her hips and ass slapping loudly with each thrust.

“You’re not exactly silent yourself,” Austin said.


“Little, huh?” Austin said. He grabbed Lexi’s taut tummy and flipped her over. The way the two of them rolled each other over, Lexi couldn’t miss the similarities to more innocent sibling wrestling. Even as they loved, they couldn’t help but return to their rivalry.

Austin started pounding into Lexi with abandon. Each thrust seemed to make the blood rush harder to Lexi’s head.

“How’s THAT for little?” Austin asked. Lexi could only groan in response. Her body strained. She dug her nails into her brother’s back. Her legs closed around him and her breath caught in her chest as her first orgasm of the session washed over her.

First. Wow. It wasn’t so long ago that one cum during intercourse was considered an accomplishment. An unexpected treat that required precise timing, a lot of manual stimulation, and a little bit of luck. Now Lexi anticipated, she expected, multiple orgasms from sex. Little ones and big ones and fucking gigantic, brain blowing massive ones. God, how could she go back to other boys after she’d had her brother?

“Oh fuck YES!” she cried.

Austin slowed and looked down at his big sister. Mouth twisted cocky. Eyes alight. “I love the way you cum,” he told her.

“Then don’t. Fucking. Stop,” Lexi said, slapping at his flank.

Austin took her direction and almost immediately Lexi felt another orgasm grab hold of her. Fuck. It still wasn’t enough. Those little cums. Lexi started to wonder if it would ever end. If she would ever even want it to.

Austin was pounding his sister’s pussy and all Lexi could do was hang on. Like riding the bucking bronco. Arms and legs locked around her brother as he drove his fleshy piston into her dripping engine again and again.

“Again!” Molly said, “Oh I love my Daddy’s cock. It’s making me CUM so good! OH! I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh FUCK your little girl can’t stop cumming.”

“Apparently Molly can’t stop cumming,” Austin said with a wink.

“I — oh FUCK Austin that’s so fucking good — I know the feeling,” Lexi said.

There was a loud ripping noise and the siblings looked over as their tent flap was torn open. Both siblings froze. A thousand possibilities raced through Lexi’s mind. Then she saw who it was and smiled.

“Holy fuck, Mom,” Austin said.

Christine was down on all fours, crawling into Austin’s tent. She was already completely naked, and her little breasts barely hung down from her chest. Once again, Lexi stared at her mother’s body with jealousy. Lexi had worked herself so hard for her own build, yet compared to Christine — hard muscle and tight abs — Lexi still felt like a big ball of flab.

“Hey kids,” Christine said, “Glad to see you’re both getting along in here. I woke up and well…” She gestured at herself with a sheepish grin. “Mind if I keep you company?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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