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“Ok baby, my turn.” I said standing up from between your legs.

“Uhh nah.” You said and threw the pillow in my face. You quickly got off the bed.

“Gotta catch me first.” You giggled as you took off running out of the bedroom. It was like slow motion, your sexy hips and ass as you ran, you looking over your shoulder laughing, your hair swishing around you. I chased after you, my naked body, hard dick swinging between my legs.

I cornered you in the kitchen, facing off over the kitchen bench. You were laughing. Huge smile on your face. I ran to your side but just as quick you ran around the other side.

“Can’t get me.” You laughed.

I reached over the bench. You stood back smiling broadly. Then you turned the tap on and splashed me with water.

“You bi..” I stopped myself.

You looked at me face stern.

“Go on say it. You bitch. You hot sexy slutty bitch. Say it. Say you want to grab me and fuck me with your big hard cock.” You teased looking me in the eye.

“Oh god baby.” I mumbled “Yes I do.”

“Then come and take me.” You said “I won’t run.” Your eyes twinkling in desire.

I slowly walked around to you. You didn’t move. I reached down, arms going around your butt and lifted you up, holding you tight to my body.

“Oh.” you gasped.

Eyes locked, we kissed passionately as I tuzla escort carried you over to the table. Gently placing your bum on the edge and carefully lying you down. You looked at me, biting your lower lip in anticipation. I moved between your legs. My hard cock in my hand. Rubbing that hard head up and down your pussy. Wetting the head on your female juices. Slowly between your pussy lips then slowly pushing it in. You could feel the head sliding in, pushing apart your entrance. Stretching you open. I looked down, seeing my cock head now inside your pink pussy.

“Mmmm.” you purred

I slowly pushed, another inch of my cock entering you.

“Ohhh fuck.” You moaned.

Then another push, deeper into you. Slowly back and forth watching my hard veiny cock go in and out of your pussy. Each thrust a little deeper.

“Mmmm fuck me now.” You said, your hands playing with your large breasts, fingers rubbing your nipples.

My hips starting moving faster and my cock thrusting in your wet warm pussy harder and deeper. I could feel my cock pushing through your soft folds of your womanhood, each thrust met by your hips pushing into me. Your body arching. Our breathing faster and harder.

“Oh god, you feel amazing.” I moaned.

“Then fuck me hard.” you replied.

With that I started faster and harder pendik escort thrusts. Long and deep and hard. Slamming my body into yours. Making your breasts wobble, the table

shake and my balls slap your ass. My cock pounded your wet hungry pussy.

“Harder.” you moaned.

I increased the pace, fast and hard. My cock going in and out of your wet pussy. Sexy noises of wet pussy meeting hard cock, moans, and furniture creaking. My breathing hard, grunting with each fast thrust. Sweat starting to cover my chest.

“Oh, fuck that’s good.” I grunted.

My cock fast-fucking you. Hard fast pace as you closed your eyes and arched your back.

“God yes.” you moaned. “Fuck me hard, oh god that cock…fuck.” you moaned as I continued to thrust faster and harder into you. You leaned up and kissed me. Biting my lower lip. Then hand on my chest you pushed my off you.

You stood up, my cock sticking out, glistening with wet and sticky white cream on it. You grabbed me by the hips and pushed me to the couch.

“Sit.” you said.

I did, my hardness sticking up to the ceiling. You straddled me, leg either side of mine, then slowly lowered your body onto my cock. I could feel your tightness around me.

“Mmmm.” I moaned as you pushed down onto me. Your own mouth wide open as you felt the thick hard aydınlı escort cock deep in you.

Then you started fucking me. Bouncing on my cock. Your hands running through your hair, big boobs bouncing. My hands quickly found them, squeezing your tits as you rode me. Your hips and ass bouncing on my hardness.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned “Ride me hard baby.”

With that you put your hands on my chest and shoulders and started bouncing harder up and down. Each bounce forcing my cock deep in your

wet pussy. Your moans were loud, I grabbed your ass cheeks in my fingers squeezing the soft flesh. You ran your nails over my chest, scratching

me leaving red marks across me chest.

“Oh god.” I moaned as you did.

Thrusting up to meet your downwards bouncing. I could feel my balls tightening. My cock swelling, the pressure growing.

“I’m going to cum baby.” I moaned.

“Yes, cum baby, cum for me.” you replied your breathing heavy, almost breathless.

“Oh fuck.” I said feeling the point of no return. My cock was throbbing. “Oh god, Oh god baby.” I screamed.

Thrusting up as my cock exploding inside you. Twitching and pulsing as my hot thick cum shot out deep in your pussy. You squealed as

you felt the squirts inside you, the warmth. My cock throbbing and pulsing.

“Fuck.” you said. My cock pulsed as more cum shot out. I lay back, spent. You remained on top of me, kissing my lips, wet sweaty hair across your face.

“Don’t think we’re finished yet.” you said.

I laughed, “Oh its going to be a long night…don’t worry about that.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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