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My hands start shaking as I leave the plane. I feel so sick. What is going on in my tummy cant be described as butterflies anymore. Something inside is telling me to go back, to turn around whilst I still can, but my heart is stronger. The usual paperwork seems to take hours and I feel worse by the minute. Finally I am ready to enter the airport hallway. Hundreds of people are running around. It is noisy and way to hot for what I am wearing. My eyes search the whole place for you. You are nowhere to be seen. I sigh and grab a seat somewhere along the windows. Doubts start creeping up in me. Was it right to come??? Will you come to pick me up??? Was this all a game???

I know that my thoughts are unreasoned, but I can’t help them. I am sat in a foreign country in a full airport and am totally insecure. I start pacing up and down along the window side. An older couple smiles up at me and the women starts talking with me. She tells me that they are flying to see their son in Canada and that he is such a lovely boy. I keep smiling and try to concentrate on what she is telling me. All of a sudden I see her eyes widen abit and then I feel a breath in my neck. I can smell you even before I turn around. I savor the well-known smell. Your arm comes around my front as you hug me from behind.

“I am sorry,“ you whisper in my ear, “I got held up”. The old woman smiles at me and nods at her husband, as she gets up to leave us alone. I want to turn around and hug you. I want to kiss you and feel your lips on mine, but your arm wont let me go and I am locked in front of you. Your lips lightly kiss my ear, my neck. Shivers go down my spine and I moan lightly.

“Please“ I manage to say quietly. You know what I mean and release me. I turn around and stop in my tracks. I now know why the old woman’s eyes widened. You are in some sort of a uniform. Your face is dirty and pendik escort you have blood on the hand that wasn’t around me. I can’t help staring. You grin at me and tell me that you had been called out to an emergency and that you didn’t want me to wait longer whilst you showered, so you came straight from the crime scene.

I smile at you and tell you that I will get you cleaned up soon enough. You growl under your breath, knowing what I mean. You grab my suitcases and take me to your waiting car. The drive to your house is a torture for both of us. Both of us want to touch the other. Want to be close to each other. Want nothing between us. Your house can’t come into view soon enough. I know that I have to be patient. I want us both to enjoy this first touch. The first touch on naked skin.

You stop in front of a house and I step out of the car. You grab my suitcases again and lead me inside. I have just entered the house as your pup comes running up to me. I kneel down and start playing with her. She licks across my face and I kiss her wet nose. I hear you mumble „Lucky sod“ behind me and have to grin again. I tell you to get under the shower and get cleaned up. You leave me alone to explore the house.

I wander through the rooms, the pup following me. My hand always there to pet her. I leave your bedroom till last. I enter the room and find a few clothes of yours spread on the bed. I grab a shirt and hold it to my face. I take in your smell and try to keep it forever. Something brushes along the back of me and I expect it to be the pup. Then I feel your strong body pressed against my back. My tummy starts doing flips as your bare arm goes around my waist again. I can feel that your still half wet. The water goes from your chest through my shirt to touch my back. I lean my head back against you and you start kissing along my neck. pendik escort I start shaking and drop your shirt.

I am lost already. Lost in your arms. If you were to let me go I would probably fall. You turn me around. Never letting your arm go away from my waist. My hand comes to rest on your bare chest and it feels like I am burning into your skin. Our breath starts getting heavier, and we haven’t even kissed yet. I try to say something, but my voice fails. Your head comes lower. I start breathing even heavier. My mind is racing. I close my eyes and fall. I let go of everything that is on my mind. All the doubts. All the thoughts of wrong and right. This is what I want. This is the right.

I feel your lips on mine and slightly part my lips. Your tongue uses that chance to enter my mouth. I moan out and loose myself in you. All is gone. Only you matter. I don’t know who I am or where I am. You have taken me up completely. You pull me closer to your chest. My breasts crushed up against you. One hand strokes along my back, playing along my spine, coming to a rest on my ass. My hand resting on your chest I can feel your heartbeat. It is going much to fast. You pick me up and lay me down on your bed.

The sheets are still crumpled from last night. Your smell comes to my nose again. I take it deep into me. You lay down with me. Your lips meet mine again. This time harder. More wanting. My hands keep wandering over your chest. I need to touch you. Need to feel you. Your knee goes between my legs, forcing them apart. Your hands shake as you try to undo my shirt buttons. You look into my eyes and I nod, knowing what you want.

You rip the shirt open. Revealing my full breasts and hard nipples. You lower your head and suck them in through the soft fabric of my bra. I arch up and moan out. My hand in your neck. Holding you where you are. pendik escort You push your body up and come to rest between my legs. Your towel long gone. I spread my legs to fit you in-between and you hear the slit on the side of my skirt ripping. You push the skirt aside to give you access to my warm center.

“I can’t.“ I hear you moan. “I am sorry love…I…“ .I hush you, knowing what it is and push my body up to show you that my need is the same. You push my panties aside and can feel the wetness on them. You guide your tip into me and push deep into me. I scream lightly and a tear slides out of the corner of my eye. You stop and look at me worried. I smile up and tell you that you didn’t hurt me. It is the fact that I have wanted this for so long, that it feels so right. You start moving again. I can see that you are trying to go slow. Trying to be gentle.

I wrap a leg around your hip and your hand goes along it. Resting on my side. Your moves get faster. You slam deeper into me. I know your control is gone. Mine left me the moment you touched me first. You kiss me harder. My hands on your neck and shoulders. Yours on my hips…my breasts. Our breathing heavy. Sweat on our skin. Our moans mingling. My wetness enclosing your hard shaft. I am so tight on you, that you can feel the intenseness as you move in and out of me.

I can feel my peak closing in on me. I know that I have no way of controlling it. No way of stopping it. I can see the sweat forming on your face as you slam into me again and again. I arch up. Feeling my orgasm coming. I can only moan. My voice has left me. You kiss my neck and whisper into my ear.

“Me too love…let it happen.“ I buck up and feel the orgasm roll over me. My body tenses and I can feel you shoot deep into me. Feel the heat of it spreading in me. Hear your moan. I cling to you, to keep me from drowning. Minutes pass till the orgasm is over and I start relaxing again. You hold me close to you and roll to my side. Still hard in me. Our breaths slowly calming down. My leg on your hip. Your hand on my ass. You nuzzle into my neckline.

“More???“ you ask gently. I nod….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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