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Mat and Lexi sat stunned, how were they supposed to respond to this?

“That means…” Lexi started not able to finish.

“Matt is your brother,” Joyce said.

“Half-brother,” Bill corrected. “That’s why we’ve been trying so hard to keep you apart. You can’t be with each other.” Both Lexi and Matt changed colors; Lexi flushed pure red, while Matt’s face turned pale.

“Nothing happened right?” Joyce asked glaring.

“Well, yeah actually it did,” Matt’s voice squeaked out. Joyce buried her face in her palms.

“I was afraid of that,” Joyce said, voice muffled by her hands.

“It’s okay, they didn’t know,” Bill assured. “It was our fault this time, but it can never happen again…understand?”

“Does anyone else know about us being brother and sister?” Matt asked.

“No, Craig (Joyce’s ex husband) name is on the birth certificate,” Joyce answered, she seemed to know where this was going.

“If no one knows we can’t hurt anybody,” Matt reasoned. “We can still be together and no one will know.”

“Right,” Lexi agreed taking Matt’s hand.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT,” Joyce shouted.

“Calm down,” Bill said softly.

“You calm down Bill they are trying to get us to agree to them having an incest relationship,” Joyce spoke, voice raw with anger.

“They didn’t know,” Bill said. “We should’ve told them sooner, this is our fault. But it can’t go on, even if no one else knows, Joyce and I will and we can’t allow it.”

Lexi and Matt turned to each other, eyes filled with longing. Matt felt anger building up and turned back to his father it was the first time he was going to fight with anyone, but Lexi was worth it.

“You can’t stop us,” Matt argued. “We’re both 18, we’re adults now.”

“What you are talking about is illegal,” Joyce reasoned.

“I don’t care,” Matt shouted. “I love her.”

Joyce stood and grabbed Lexi by the arm. “OUCH!” Lexi shouted in pain.

“Lexi we’re leaving and you are never allowed to come back here,” Joyce shouted as she pulled Lexi out of the door. Matt shot forward to help, but Bill stood getting in the way.

“NO, Lexi!” Matt shouted.

“MATTTT!” Lexi shouted as the door slammed closed. Matt stopped fighting for a moment, and looked at Bill; tears forming in the corner of his eyes. Out of disgust he pushed his father who fell back in the chair.

“That went well,” Matt heard Bill say as Matt closed the door to his bedroom. There was no lock; Matt never wished so much for a lock in his life.

Matt didn’t want to stay in the room or house for that matter, another second and opened his window. He was determined to see Lexi; fuck his or rather their dad, if he didn’t agree. The reality of this was starting to settle in as he finished his journey to Lexi’s window.

Lexi was on the bed crying. Her mom has been lying to her for eighteen years. Bill was her dad; she didn’t want to believe it. After all she and Matt looked nothing alike. Joyce threw Lexi in her room and told her she didn’t want to see her for the rest of the night. That was fine, Lexi didn’t want to see her much either right now.

Matt tapped on Lexi’s window making her turn with a start. She glimpsed back and forth between the window and her bedroom door. She desperately wanted to see Matt, but they were in so much hot water already, letting Matt in may not be the best thing right now. Lexi opened the window but stood there not allowing Matt to enter.

“Are you going to let me in?” Matt asked.

“No,” Lexi replied.

“You’re not siding with them are you?”

“Matt you’re my brother, even though I hate to admit it my mom is right it is illegal,” Lexi reasoned.

“Legal or not it doesn’t change how I feel about you,” Matt assured. “Don’t you love me?”

“I don’t know how to feel right now,” Lexi admitted, tears flowing freely. “The only thing I know is my mom will never let me see you again and Bill…” she choked; it was hard to grasp Bill being her dad.

“Dad was never there for you, he knew all this time and never tried to be there for you like a dad should be,” Matt reasoned.

“What are we supposed to do, what about school?” Lexi asked. They were going to be elected cutest couple of the year for the third year in a row and get their picture taken by yearbook soon.

“Fuck them; fuck them all, lets run away,” Matt suggested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Lexi mumbled. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to go; she was just trying to be smart about this.

“Sure it is. We can go somewhere where no one knows us. Someplace that no one can tell us we can’t be together,” Matt argued.

“How? We don’t have any money or a car,” Lexi argued back. “We wouldn’t make it ten miles.”

“I just want to be with you, I love you…don’t you still love me?” Matt asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about any of this. Maybe mom and dad are right, maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore,” Lexi spoke, voice full of pain.

“Fine,” Matt shouted, kicking the wall and rushing off in disgust.

Joyce stood outside pendik escort the door, she heard the whole conversation. She hated doing this to Lexi; after all Bill was right this wasn’t their fault. They were young and in love. The more Joyce thought about it, the more she wanted to talk to Bill again. She turned to the phone picking it up.

Matt made it through the window just as the phone range, at first he thought it may be Lexi changing her mind. But that wouldn’t make sense; she could have easily spoken to him from her window.

“Hello…” Bill answered, though Matt was mad he turned his head listening to the conversation. “What now Joyce?” Matt sucked in a large breath and held in anticipation. “Well of course this is hard on them…it was your idea to tell them. I know they are in love…what do you mean Matt was there?”

Matt felt his knees grow weak, how did Joyce know he was there? He was so caught up he didn’t listen to the rest of the conversation. He was out of it totally until he heard his dad’s footsteps approaching his room. A knocking sound was heard.

“What?” Matt asked angrily.

“Can I come in?” Bill asked but tone came out demanding.

“No,” Matt yelled. Bill still tried to open the door Matt jumped and put his body against the door, not allowing his dad access. After a few seconds, Bill stopped trying to open the door. Forcing himself on Matt was not going to be the smartest thing in the world.

“Matt I’m sorry,” Bill said softly and walked away.

The next day…

Lexi and Matt headed off to school, though Bill noticed they walked away from each other. This wasn’t what Bill wanted; he didn’t want them to hate each other. If anything they should hate him. He was the one who started the affair with Joyce. After Matt and Lexi were both out of sight, Bill decided he and Joyce needed to talk again. This time it wouldn’t be over the phone.

Joyce was cleaning on her day off when the doorbell rang. She opened the door where Bill stood, looking restless.

“What do you want?” Joyce asked, not rude just inquisitive.

“Can I come in?” Bill asked back. Joyce nodded and opened the door to give him access. “Do you think we made a mistake? I mean what’s the harm in them being together if no one knows the truth?”

“We’d know,” Joyce pointed out, though she felt the same.

“I just don’t want them to end up hating each other.”

“I don’t think they hate each other, they’re mad at us and I can’t blame them,” Joyce admitted.

“Still, is it really right for us to make them suffer over a mistake we made?” Bill asked.


“Maybe their right, if no one knows then no one can get hurt,” Bill suggested.

“I do not like that idea,” Joyce answered.

“What do you suggest?” Bill asked.

“I’m going to talk to Lexi tonight,” Joyce said.

School was just about to end; Matt had avoided Lexi all day. She felt hurt and alone, this was the only time she had gone a whole day without talking to him. Thankfully, there no rumors floating around school. Lexi would not be able to stand her girlfriends coming to her about school gossip.

She left school, grabbing her books on the way. Matt was not near her locker or anywhere in sight on her walk home. This just made the feeling of loneliness worse. Entering the house Lexi found Joyce waiting in the family room.

“Hi,” Joyce greeted softly.

It upset Lexi on how casual her mom was, how could she be this calm after ruining Lexi’s life? “Hi.” Lexi blurted though she felt like saying something like ‘fuck you’.

“I wanted to talk to you again,” Joyce replied.

“Why? What else in my life do you want fuck up?” Lexi asked voice full of venom.

“I’m sorry about Matt,” Joyce started.

“I just don’t understand why you didn’t just tell us,” Lexi said.

“I know, I’ve lied enough to you so I’m going to tell you what happened, the whole story,” Joyce said. Lexi took a seat watching her mom sitting down. “It started about two years before you and Matt were born. Bill was over drinking one night; Heather (Matt’s mom) was out of town with her family. Craig was working nights. I started to drink with him, and next thing I knew I was waking up naked next to Bill…I didn’t remember anything of what happened. Bill woke up shortly after; we didn’t have a chance to talk about it because Craig came home. Bill snuck out the back and ran home. A couple nights later, it happened again. I know it was because Craig wasn’t very good in bed, I hadn’t had an orgasm in years; until I slept with Bill that is.”

“So how do you know Bill is my dad and not Craig?” Lexi asked.

“After I became pregnant with you, Craig was confused because the estimated conception date wasn’t a night we were together. Instead of press the issue he trusted me, and continued to help me get ready for you. When I was in my eight month he got very sick. His whole manhood area was swollen,” Joyce continued. “He went to a doctor who did a whole bunch of tests on his prostate and that included a semen sample. He came pendik escort back sterile, and there was only one other man I had slept with. I told Craig everything, that’s when he left. I went and told Bill, I thought Heather was gone, but she heard the whole story. That’s when she left, disappearing completely from Bill and Matt’s life.”

“Were you two together after?”

“A couple times,” Joyce answered. “We promised not to tell anyone, but secretly Bill has been sending me money to help raise you. That is part of the reason he works two jobs. We started to argue because we didn’t have the same view on whether we should tell you two or not. I wanted to but Bill didn’t think we needed to. And when we did decide to tell you; I knew we both needed to admit it or you wouldn’t believe it. You’d just think I was lying to keep you away from Matt. Bill he’s a nice guy, but very stupid at times.”

Lexi was stunned at the story; she couldn’t have Matt because her mom was a slut.

“Now I want an honest answer, when you were with Matt did you use any birth control?”

“No,” Lexi answered ashamed.

“Shit,” Joyce hissed. “Have you had your period?”

“Ummm,” Lexi thought she was trying to remember, it was earlier in the month. But was it before Matt and her had sex or after? “I don’t remember.”

“Why didn’t you use protection?” Joyce asked.

“I don’t know,” Lexi whined.

“Come on we’re going to the drug store,” Joyce ordered.

An hour later…Matt was sitting by his desk trying to concentrate on homework, it was hard. He missed Lexi so much, and was furious at his dad. The phone rang, but Matt paid no attention. He heard his dad groaning as he picked up the phone.

Bill was in the kitchen so Matt couldn’t make out what he was saying. He heard loud footsteps approaching his door, followed by a knock. Matt didn’t answer still Bill walked in.

“Matt, Joyce just called. Lexi is taking a pregnancy test, they want you there,” Bill spoke calmly.

“I don’t want to go,” Matt answered not looking up.

“Don’t do this to Lexi, she didn’t do anything wrong. If you want to act like a man, be one and go over there,” Bill ordered firmly. Matt grunted as he closed his book and exited the house, he noticed Bill behind him.

He had an interest on the results of the test too, if Lexi was pregnant that meant he was a grandfather. Joyce let them in and started for the bathroom to help Lexi. Lexi just finished going to the bathroom. She felt as though she was going to pass out as Joyce helped her get the test ready.

It was only supposed to take a minute for the results, never in her life has Lexi recalling a minute taking so long. After what seemed eternity the color changed, Joyce looked at the tester and the instructions on the back.

Matt sat biting his nails, what would he do if Lexi was pregnant? What would Bill and Joyce do? Bill’s words seem to finally hit home in those minutes waiting for Lexi, no matter how the test came out Matt knew he needed to grow up, and take responsibility for what happened.

Lexi came out, followed by Joyce who motioned to Bill to follow her. They left the room to give Matt and Lexi privacy. Matt stood walking over to Lexi. “Well?” He asked, not able to stand the anticipation.

“It’s negative,” Lexi answered. Matt felt a wave of relief rushing through him, he wasn’t ready to be a dad yet.

“That’s good right?” Matt asked.

“I guess,” Lexi answered.

“Lexi I’m so sorry,” Matt started. “I’ve been so childish the last couple of days. I know this is just as hard on you as it is on me. I still have feelings for you, brother or not…I love you.”

“I know,” Lexi replied. “I love you too.”

Matt noticed Joyce and Bill standing watching them, when had they come back in the room? He expected them to be upset but they looked happy.

“We have something we want to say,” Joyce said. “We changed our minds. Matt you were right we don’t have a right to run your lives. If you two want to be together that is your decision.”

Matt rushed lifting Lexi in an embrace, she giggled as Matt spun her around a couple times before leaning in and kissing her. Out of the corner of her eye, Lexi noticed Joyce rest her head on Bill’s shoulder. They looked so happy, that just made Lexi enjoy the moment more.

Back at the house Matt approached his dad, he had to know what made him and Joyce change their minds, he asked his father this.

“It wasn’t fair to make you two suffer because of our stupidity,” Bill answered seriously but then added in a joking tone. “Besides we couldn’t keep you two apart before, so we knew we wouldn’t be able to start now.”

Next door Lexi was asking the same question to Joyce, and got a similar answer, except the conversation went forward.

“Lexi just promise me one thing,” Joyce asked.

“What mom?” Lexi asked.

“That you two start using birth control, I don’t think you two are ready for a baby yet,” Joyce answered.

The word ‘yet’ stuck into Lexi’s brain. Her request wasn’t pendik escort unreasonable, but more importantly this single word told Lexi her mom giving her permission to spend the rest of her life with Matt, something she desperately wanted.

“Of course,” Lexi agreed.

It was Friday it was Matt and Lexi’s first opportunity to be alone for a long time. They were making the most of it, starting by kissing. There was a small amount of discomfort at first because of them knowing they were brother and sister, but that faded quickly.

Lexi’s tongue was in Matt’s mouth he was sucking and gently rubbing his teeth against it. God, had she missed the taste of his mouth, the feeling of his tongue. Matt was rubbing his arms up and down her back.

Lexi removed her clothing, she needed to feel Matt on her skin; she missed his touch so much. As soon has Matt’s fingers touched her, chill bumps were all over her arms; a shiver sent down her spine. She was so turned on, wet and ready she didn’t want to waste time on foreplay, she wanted Matt to fuck her and she wanted it now.

Instead of saying anything Lexi pushed Matt gently onto the bed. He bounced a couple times from the resistance of the springs. Matt glanced as Lexi pulled his pants down. He was already semi-hard; his whole shaft was burning with anticipation.

Lexi wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked like no tomorrow getting it hard. Matt bent his head back enjoying every second. Lexi stopped briefly, but soon her mouth was on him again, but it felt different. He looked down, Lexi was putting a condom on him using her mouth; how did she learn to do that? Matt wondered his thoughts cut short as Lexi leapt on top of him.

“I want you to fuck me, hard and fast,” Lexi ordered her body was burning with excitement. Matt adjusted himself and pushed his member into Lexi. It felt different having a latex barrier, Matt wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. “Come on fuck me!”

Matt grunted as he started to thrust up as fast and hard as he could, Lexi was sitting meeting him stroke for stroke. She was starting to feel it the wave was building, she slowed her pace a bit wanting to enjoy every second of what was happening.

Matt, who never liking being on bottom, rolled in one sudden movement; causing Lexi to be on her back The movement was so fluid his cock never left her pussy. Once the force of Matt’s body slamming his hard cock forward Lexi started to shake in orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure flowed as she cried out in pleasure.

Matt pulled back a bit, watching every second of Lexi’s orgasm and greedy for his own. Just as she finished Matt pushed down and started to rapidly pound her. This made Lexi squeal, and start climbing the orgasm mountain again.

“That’s it don’t stop,” Lexi ordered. Matt was getting tired from the hard pushing. He felt Lexi’s body tense up again as her walls closed in around his throbbing cock.

Too exhausted to push anymore Matt tumbled back, kind of disappointed he never had an orgasm. Lexi looked down seeing the condom was still empty. “You didn’t come?”

“No,” Matt replied. Lexi lowered herself as a wicked smile appeared on her face.

“I think we should take care of that,” Lexi said as she removed the condom and started to suck Matt’s dick. After a few strokes up and down, she stopped and looked Matt in eyes. “I’m glad, because I wanted it all.” She growled and started to suck again.

It was so fucking hot to hear Lexi talk like that. Now he was having no trouble reaching an orgasm, as soon as he felt Lexi gently rubbing tickling his anus, there was no holding back. Matt growled loudly as he came, wave after wave of hot sticky cum flew into Lexi’s mouth. She swallowed it, even keeping her mouth in place a few moments more to make sure Matt was really done.

“Where did you learn to do that anyway?” Matt asked, as Lexi climbed into his arms, so they could lay next to one another.

“Do what?” Lexi asked.

“The condom trick putting it on with your mouth.”

“Mom showed me, she said guys like it when girls do that,” Lexi admitted. “Did you?”

“It was hot, but I liked your dirty talk more,” Matt answered. Lexi started to rub her fingers gently up and down from his stomach to hips, even though she never came close to touching him, he started to harden again.

“Oh you liked that huh?” Lexi asked getting the same devious grin on her face. “You like it when I get rough with you?”


Lexi turned and gently tugged on Matt’s nipples; he jumped in surprise “What are you doing?”

“You like tugging on mine so I wanted you to see how it feels,” Lexi answered and placed her head on Matt’s nipples tonguing, sucking and nibbling gently. Matt was hard again instantly. He wanted to fuck her so bad; he started to move to do this, when Lexi pushed him down.

Lexi started to suck on Matt’s cock; his head was still sensitive from the last time he came. He looked down and saw her saliva running down, he felt the warm substance on his balls. He moaned in pleasure as Lexi started to rub them gently.

Lexi stopped leaned closer to Matt’s ear; he felt her tongue go in and out of his ear. Her warm breath was on his neck, causing Matt’s whole body to shiver. “I want you to fuck my ass,” Lexi whispered in a low seductive tone. “Do you want to fuck my ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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