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In all my eighteen years of life, I’d managed to avoid ever attending a funeral.

Now here I was, at my second in six months.

I tried to feel something as I watched my father’s casket being lowered into the ground; where it will rest for eternity alongside our mother’s. In six months, I’d lost both of them. My mother to cancer and then my father to suicide. He simply couldn’t get over the loss of losing her. And while it was no exaggeration that I was going through the worst emotional turmoil of my life, my mind and my body felt nothing. I was numb to any and every emotion as the priest gave his final prayer.

I heard none of it.

Looking over to my brother, I see his eyes fixed on the burial site, face expressionless. His girlfriend, Sarah, clung to his arm, nose sniffling. As if he could feel my eyes on him, he looked to me, giving me a pained smile. He shifted as if he were about to move toward me, but Sarah wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her head in his chest. Giving me a look that was half apologetic — to me — and half annoyed — at her — Jamie placed an arm across her shoulder.

I looked away from them before I did something my parents would never forgive me for. It would probably be the worst thing I could do if I pushed Sarah’s skinny little body into the grave with my dad. In that moment, however, I hated her. Hated her. Jamie and I were burying the only family we had left, we were on our own now, all we had was each other. And yet the selfish cow could only think of her need for comfort. She didn’t care that she was stealing Jamie away from the person who might need him most right now.

Pushing the thoughts of yanking Sarah away from my brother by the hair out of my mind, I tried to focus on saying a final goodbye to my parents.


“Alex? You ready to go?”

I pulled my eyes away from the blank wall to look at my brother as he leaned against the door frame. He’d always been tall, but seeing him barely even fit in the doorway made me realise how much he’d grown. His dark, wavy hair had fallen slightly onto his forehead, wet from the extreme downpour outside.

I bit my lip as I looked at him. “I-I’m not sure,” I choked, bringing my knees to my chest and hugging the stuffed bunny closer to my chest.

Jamie let out a soft sigh and came to sit beside me on the bed. He angled his body toward me and pushed my hair back from my face.

“I know this is gonna be hard,” he said softly. “But we’re gonna get through it together, alright? I’m gonna be here for you.”

I nodded, fighting back the tightness in my throat. “It just makes it seem so final, you know?”

His blue eyes shone with sympathy. “I know,” he murmured. Pushing my knees away from my body, he took me in a tight hug.

I melted into his body, so large and safe. Breathing in his familiar scent, I tried to let myself believe that everything would be fine. That eventually, the aching hole inside me would slowly start to fill up.

Jamie pressed a kiss to my hair and pulled back slightly. “I can’t believe you still have this,” he smiled, pulling the well-loved bunny from my arms.

I frown at his teasing. “Leave Jamie Jr alone,” I mutter, taking it back from him.

He groaned, rolling his eyes. “And I can’t believe you named the thing after me.”

I giggled, my mood lifting. “It used to make you so annoyed, there was no way I wasn’t gonna take the opportunity to see your moody face each time I called it that.”

“Keep it up and JJ might have to head back in for some emergency surgery.”

I scowled at my brother. “You wouldn’t.” For years growing up, I’d come home after choir practice or from a friends house only to find Jamie Jr had been completely dismembered and left on my bed for me to find. Each time I’d scream and cry for my mom, I’d hear the cackling laughter come from my brother’s room. He and his friends loved to torture me. No matter how many times I’d sew it back together and hide it while I was out, they’d always manage to find it and torture the poor thing again. They’d once decapitated the bunny and Jamie wouldn’t tell me where the head was for a whole week, until dad made him ‘fess up.

“Come on,” Jamie said, still chuckling to himself. “I wanna get back to the city before this rain comes down any harder.” He rose off the bed and picked up the final box containing the last of my possessions.

Sighing, I forced myself up from what was now my old bed, and turned to take in what was now my old room. It seemed like all I did lately was say goodbye.

But I had Jamie at least, I told myself. Jamie was here to stay, he had to be.

I don’t think I’d survive it if he left too.


We made it to Jamie’s apartment a little after 10pm. I helped him unload all the boxes from his car and dump them in what was now my room. Once it was all inside, I realised just how much junk I had.

“I’m sorry,” I said to him as I looked around the now cluttered space. “I should probably have gotten rid of some things pendik escort before I came.”

“Don’t be stupid,” he scolded me. “I wouldn’t have expected you to. I want you to feel at home here, Alex.”

I nodded, still feeling a little bad. Jamie and Sarah lived in a fancy new apartment on the twelfth floor of a modern building. Given that I was only eighteen and could never afford to keep our childhood home, and that Jamie had been living in a new city since he left college, it made sense for me to stay with them for the time being. In fact, Jamie had insisted, or rather, demanded it. Maybe it was his way of feeling in control since the demise of our parents. Maybe he just wanted the last piece of family he had to be close by. As much as I wished we could have kept our family home, a part of me was glad I wouldn’t have to face this alone.

“This is just until I get on my feet,” I promised. “I won’t be a bother for too long.”

Jamie strode toward me, taking my face in his hands. The act surprised me. While we’d never had any major fights growing up, Jamie and I were hardly affectionate with each other. I suppose losing both of our parents in such close proximity had changed that.

“Stop saying dumb shit,” he admonished me. “You’re eighteen, I don’t expect you to be ready and out the door again next week. Stay here as long as you need. Or want to.”

“I know, it’s just-“

“Just nothing. Seriously. Sarah and I would never have been able to afford this place if mom and dad and her parents hadn’t of helped us a little. The least I can do is help out too. The money mom and dad left you can’t be accessed until you’re twenty-one, so until then, don’t even think that you’re some kind of burden to me. You’re my baby sister, and it’s my job to take care of you now.”

I felt my eyes prick at the passion in his words. Before I got too sappy, I pulled away and cleared away the lump in my throat with a cough. “Where is Sarah anyways?”

“She had plans with friends tonight.”

I snort. “Nice of her to stick around and help you.”

Jamie gave me a look. “Be nice.”

I looked down, feeling ridiculous. “Sorry, you’re right. She’s opening her home to me, I should be more grateful.”

Jamie let out a long breath. “I’m not asking you to be best friends or anything, but just… try to not let your every thought be written across your face.”

I smiled then. “Am I that obvious?”

Jamie cracked a grin, his eyes sparkling. “I’ve always been able to read you.”

Something in his look and his words made my cheeks heat a little. I had to resist the urge to look down at my feet once more. Thankfully, Jamie moved onto another subject.

“You get settled in and comfortable and I’ll order us a pizza. Sound good?”

I nodded and watched him walk out, shaking off my weird feelings.

Later, once I was showered and dressed in a tank top and some shorts, I went into the kitchen and found him already tucking into a slice of pizza.

Walking to the fridge, he pulled out two beers, uncapped them both and handed one to me. Jamie was five years older than me, but he was totally cool when it came to sneaking me alcohol at Christmas and family gatherings. That was one of the many reasons my friends had been jealous and wanted a big brother like mine. That and also because he was insanely hot apparently.

I studied him as he ate and drank his beer. I supposed he was attractive. His side profile was nice, the kind you’d see carved out of marble. A straight nose, full lips, strong jaw. Hair dark enough it looked black. He could’ve been on the cover of a magazine, or in a perfume ad, or strutting down a catwalk…

Yeah, okay, my brother was definitely hot.

The thought momentarily stunned me. Okay, I was absolutely not supposed to think of my brother that way. And yet, I knew that to deny his good looks would make me blind and stupid.

I spent the rest of the evening in a weird mood. I was hyper aware of how close we sat on the couch, when our arms would brush, when he’d run a hand through his dark hair. Forbidden thoughts kept plaguing me. Of what it might be like to kiss his lips, to feel his tongue against mine. And what was worse than that, was when I started thinking of other things. I thought of straddling this muscular thighs, of peeling away my thin shorts and letting him see me there. It was all so wrong and sordid, but I couldn’t keep the bad thoughts at bay.

Throughout the evening, I swore I caught him glancing quickly at my breasts. I was blessed in that department, although that often meant I couldn’t wear cute tops designed for smaller busted girls. Sarah, I noted resentfully, had a nice pair of small, perky breasts.

I kept telling myself my strange thoughts had to be some reaction to losing my parents suddenly. Forming a close attachment to somebody after experiencing a traumatic event together was totally normal, right?

But surely, imagining my older brother fucking me from behind was absolutely pendik escort not normal, no matter the circumstances.

My heart rate shot up each time he looked at me, each time he leaned a little closer to me. His hair kept falling onto his forehead, and I resisted the urge to push it back each time.

He’s your brother, he’s your brother, he’s your brother.

When those kinds of thoughts only made me wetter in my shorts, I knew I had to go. I stood quickly, telling Jamie I was going to bed. I earned a strange look from my brother when I ignored his question asking if I were alright.

No. I was most definitely not alright.


Something startled me awake.

I knew it wasn’t Sarah. She’d stumbled in at around midnight and fell straight into bed beside me. She’d tried to sloppily suck my dick when she came in, but I’d refused. I was in no mood to deal with her after she’d blown me off when I’d asked her to help me move Alex in.

I rubbed my eyes and checked the time. It was just after 2am.

Throwing back the sheets and leaving my snoring girlfriend, I headed into the kitchen to see Alex bending over a cabinet.

The sight of her peachy ass risen in the air stilled me. She wore some barely there shorts that did little to cover anything or to quash the thoughts that came unbidden into my mind.

Why the fuck she had to wear those tight clothes that covered nothing from my view was beyond me. Multiple times tonight I’d had to hide my semi-hard cock from her. Multiple times I tried in vain to ignore her heavy looking tits and her hard nipples.

She was my sister, and the task of taking care of her had been thrust upon me suddenly, yet here I was getting a fucking hard on at the sight of her in what was basically underwear.

“Are you looking for something?” I asked, dragging my eyes away from my sisters behind.

“Shit!” Alex lifted her head suddenly, catching it on the top of the cabinet. She straightened, rubbing her head. “You scared me.”

“What are you doing up so late?” I asked, wandering over and pressing a kiss to her head.

“I couldn’t sleep and wanted to snack on something. Don’t you have any chocolate around here?”

I shook my head. “Sarah is vegan. And she doesn’t like the vegan chocolate.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “That has got to change.”

I laughed. “Come on, get to bed. You’ll be tired in the morning.”

I started to turn away, to get away from my sisters creamy legs I had no business staring at the way that I was, but her voice stopped me.

“Jamie, do you… do you think you could stay with me? Tonight?”

I looked at her. The overwhelming brotherly instinct to protect and care for her came over me.

“I’m not sure. It would look kinda weird if Sarah woke up and saw me in your bed.” Not to mention I didn’t trust myself at all.

Alex’s face fell. “Okay.”

Her disappointment cut me like a knife. “Hold on.”

I walked to the linen closet and pulled out a blanket that would cover us, and a pillow. Walking back to the living room, I placed the pillow and blanket down and gestured to it with my head. “Get in.”

Alex practically bounced over with glee. She crawled onto the couch, and I followed. It was a little squeeze, but Alex immediately made herself comfortable by throwing her leg over mine and resting her head on my chest.

I kissed the top of her head. “Better?”

She nodded, nuzzling into me. “You smell so good.”

Alex seemed to drift off in no time, whereas I had trouble. I felt every inch of my sisters body pressed next to me. I could make out that her breasts were a decent size, that she had grown womanly hips, I could feel the heat coming from her pussy thanks to the leg that was thrown over mine.

To my horror, blood began pumping to my dick. I tried to will it away somehow, but every shift and sigh that came from my sister seemed to go straight to my cock.

Without thinking, I trailed my fingers over my sisters thigh to her hip, where the shirt she was wearing had ridden slightly. Feeling the soft, smooth skin, I drew little circles over and over. Alex groaned in her sleep, which only furthered me on more.

I let my hand follow the line of her shorts, grazing the skin of her lower stomach. Back and forth I swept my fingers, dancing along the fabric and her skin. Alex’s hips began to move slightly. I knew she was sleeping, but whatever her subconscious thought was going on, she was clearly enjoying it.

I drifted my fingers lower, over her shorts and to the apex of her thighs.

I was only curious, I told myself. Only wanted to see if she was as affected in her sleep as I was while awake.

My fingers pressed against her cloth covered pussy. It was damp. I groaned, unable to stop myself rubbing my fingers back and forth.

Wrenching my hand back before I did something even more stupid than I’d already done, I palmed my dick through my sleep shorts. I was hard as a rock and fucking aching. I pendik escort had half a mind to pry myself away from my sister and rub one out in the bathroom.

“Why’d you stop?” A small voice asked in the darkness.


She sat up, letting the blanket fall from her shoulders. “Why’d you stop?” She asked again.

I didn’t answer. She knew full well why. But seeing her on her knees, her blonde hair in disarray, her blue eyes catching on what little light was left in the room, I found it hard to come up with a good excuse why I had to stop.

I placed a hand down my shorts and stroked my dick, figuring it was better than touching her, which was what I was dangerously close to doing again.

“Alex, we can’t want this.”

She watched my as I rubbed myself, eyes locked on the movement. Wordlessly, she placed a tentative hand over my cock. Her touch was light, barely there, but the fact that it was my sister who had a hand on my erection made me groan.

I removed my own hand to let her rub my gently through my shorts. It didn’t matter what I’d said before, we shouldn’t want to do this. But it was evident that we did.

“C-Can I?” Alex asked, eyes on me,

Before I could ask what she was seeking permission for, she leaned forward and licked the hard ridge through my shorts.

“Fuck,” I groaned, closing my eyes. Alex continued giving small licks along my shaft, all through the barrier of my clothing. When I couldn’t take any more, I pulled the shorts down, freeing my hard cock.

“Oh my god,” Alex whispered, her eyes widened.

I didn’t need to tell her what to do, she grasped my cock and put her mouth around the head. Up and down she bobbed on my dick, sometimes taking it back so far she’d gag.

I was lost to the lust within me. I roughly tugged on her shirt, causing her to release my cock to whip it over her head. Finally, after tormenting me all night, I had a good view of my sister’s tits.

“I’m not small and dainty like Sarah,” she whispered, her voice almost sad.

The reminder that my girlfriend was just beyond a door, with no knowledge of what was going on in the living room with my sister, only fuelled my desire.

I sat up, pulling Alex over until she straddled me. I wrapped one arm around her waist and captured her face with the other.

“You’re gorgeous,” I murmured. I ducked down and kissed my sister on the lips. “You’re perfect,” I coaxed her lips open to allow my tongue to dart inside. Alex writhed and moaned, kissing me back deeply.

“Oh god, Jamie,” she whimpered, her hips rocking against me. “I need to.. I need to…”

“I know,” I kiss her again, pushing my hand into her shorts. I felt the thatch of pubic hair beneath my fingers, before running my hands along her wet slit. She moaned louder, spurring me on as I pushed a finger inside of her. She was so tight as her muscles sucked my lone finger in.

I let my head fall back onto the pillow as I fingered her. She grew wetter, allowing me to slip another finger inside.

“Jamie,” she moaned, eyes closed.

Her hips began moving in rhythm with my fingers, riding them like she would my dick. When her breathing began to escalate, and her thighs tensed, I rubbed my thumb across my clit.

“Jamie!” She cried, probably louder than she should have given that we weren’t alone.

Her breathing was ragged, barely back to normal when I grasped the base of my dick and ran it along her pussy.

“Oh, please,” she begged.

“Take your shorts off,” I instructed. Alex eagerly did as she was told, which made me even more hungry for her.

I eyed her as she climbed atop me once more. “Do you wanna do this? Are you sure?”

“Please. Please, Jamie. I need this,” she rubbed her slit along the head of my cock, moaning. “I need it so bad.”

“What do you need?” I asked, pushing her.

In the darkness I saw her bite her lip in shyness. “I need your cock in me.”

“Who’s cock?” I pushed, teasing her opening. Her eyes widened when she realized what I wanted her to admit.

I pushed in the tiniest amount. She tried to push her hips down on me, but I held her in place.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“Your cock, Jamie! I need my brother’s cock. Please.”

I wasn’t going to torture her any longer. With a thrust, I pushed myself into her eager body. She cried out, attempting to muffle the sound with the palm of her hand. She felt like perfection, so wet I could feel her dripping onto my balls.

“This can’t be happening,” I moaned to myself. But it was. I was fucking my little sister and I’d wanted it badly.

I grasped her hips and began pushing myself up inside her. Each thrust had her beautiful heavy tits bouncing, begging to be licked.

I sat up and took both of my sister’s breasts in my hands. Bringing one to my mouth, I sucked her hard little nipple into my mouth. Alex’s hands threaded into my hair, tugging as I sucked and nipped at her tight peaks.

Alex was grinding on my dick, circling her hips and gasping loudly each time my cock hit the sensitive spot inside her pussy. She felt like heaven, wrapped around me like wet velvet. I’d never have known that my sister could feel this amazing wrapped around my hard cock, I wondered how I’d ever gone without it.

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