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Nessa was sitting in the living room. Nessa was 18. She was 5’3 and had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was pretty slim but had a little meat on her here and there, but you know what they say, more cushion for the pushin’, right? She would soon find this out. Her breasts were a firm, 36C and had gorgeous legs and a nice, firm butt. There was a knock on the door. She arose from the chair and opened the door slightly and peeked out to see who was there. It was Kevin, her boyfriend of 4 months. Kevin was a handsome Puerto Rican with a good build and black hair. He also was 18 and had brown eyes that made Nessa melt every time she looked into them. She threw her arms around him and Kevin kissed her gently on the lips. Nessa smiled at him and kissed him back welcoming him in.

It had been quite some time since they had seen each other since Kevin had been away at camp. No parents were home so they decided to have some fun. Kevin kissed Nessa again and added some tongue. Nessa responded by giving him a little tongue to tease him. He kept kissing her and Nessa ran her fingers through his hair knowing that it turns him on. Kevin led Nessa over to the couch and sits down and Nessa smiled at him because she knew where this is heading. Kevin pulled her onto his lap and continued to kiss her. Nessa wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. She had dreamed about him every night while he was away. Nessa ran her fingers through his hair as Kevin slowly moved his hand over her breasts through her shirt, and began to massage them gently. Nessa started a path of kisses from Kevin’s cheek down to his neck and she lightly sucked on his ear for a moment and then moved back to his cheek and kissed him passionately once more.

Kevin was getting so hard from this he just couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He moved his hand up Nessa’s shirt and undid her bra but left the shirt on. Nessa got up and straddled Kevin on the couch while he was sitting and stood on her knees above him on the couch, watching his move from her face to her pert breasts. Nessa took Kevin’s hand into hers and moved it up her shirt. Nessa rose up more so that her breasts were in Kevin’s face and moved them closer to him. Kevin started to suck on her breasts while going around the nipple with his tongue and sometimes crossing over the nipple. Nessa moaned very softly and bent her head down to blow in his ear and lick the outline of it. This turned Kevin on more than anything so far and he loved it.

Kevin slowly slid his hand down her stomach and unbuttoned her short shorts. Nessa took his hands away and put them onto her breasts and told him to wait a bit. Kevin blushed Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort and rubbed her tits. Nessa kissed him with a lot of tongue and more passion as this man that she loved turned her on more and more.

Kevin then took his hands away from her breasts and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her closer to him so her hard nipples were pressed into his chest. Nessa moaned while kissing Kevin and felt a tinge through her whole body. Kevin started kissing her down her neck and onto her chest. This further turned Nessa on and she started to kiss him with more tongue then ever before. Kevin kissed Nessa and rubbed his hands up and down her spine and then wrapped his muscular arms around her body once more. As they continued to kiss Nessa started moving back and forth on Kevin’s hard cock.

As she did this Kevin was more and more turned on and his cock began to twitch and stretch the light material of his shorts. He then took her hips and rubbed her more on his erect member. Nessa took notice of his huge hard on and slid off her pants. He reached down and felt her pussy through them and his fingers were soaked when he brought them back. Nessa took that as a gesture to keep going and she rubbed down onto his penis even harder and felt the tip of his dick on her clit. He then closed his eyes and leaned back against the couch.

Very turned on by this Nessa unbuttoned Kevin’s pants and slid them off. Kevin removes his shirt as pre-cum drips through his boxer briefs and wets Nessa’s clit. As Kevin’s dick continued to rub against her pussy he reached out and rubbed her clit. Nessa reached down rubbing her fingers on his scrotum and moved her panties to the side so he could have better access. Kevin then rubbed his hand over Nessa’s hot pussy and slipped his boxers off and rubbed his dick on Nessa’s clit. Nessa then slipped her panties off and stood up with Kevin and kissed him. Lying back on the couch, Nessa pulled him on top of her. Kevin let his dick rest on her pussy hole, making sure not to insert it and continued to kiss her. Then she put both of her hands down towards her pussy and opened her pussy lips so Kevin’s tool could rest in between her lips.

He slowly slid his rock hard dick into her wet pussy and slowly moved in and out as Nessa closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around him. Kevin felt her pussy squeezing on his cock and he pulled it all the way out and put it all back in. Nessa was about to orgasm and started to push him faster inside of her and moaned his name loudly. Kevin started to go faster making his balls rub up against her and he felt he was about to cum, Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort holding it in as long as he could. Nessa stopped him and Kevin looked deeply into her eyes as Nessa kissed him long and passionately. She told him to go slow and steady, trying to make it last longer. Kevin grabbed his cock and let his body weight slide it in and pulled it back out slowly. Kevin then motioned for her to stand up as he sat back on the couch and signaled for her to sit on top of his erect member. She did what was asked of her and kissed him while she moved back and forth on his cock.

Kevin wrapped his arm around her lower back and stood up while he was kissing her. He carried her up the stairs to her room and laid her down on the bed and kissed her all over. He made sure to get all of her hot spots, her neck over to her ample breasts, along her stomach and then he licked her clit. Nessa watched him do this and found him looking up at her. Then he began to lick the opening of her vagina and moved his thumb up to rub her clit. Nessa moaned and felt herself orgasm in the most powerful way, making her legs shake. Kevin devoured her juices and Nessa pulled him on top of her and told him she was ready. He whispered a faint OK in her ear and slid it in. Nessa whispered I love you into his ear as he whispered it back and lightly sucked on her neck.

Nessa felt every movement his cock made inside of her. Nessa felt her orgasm about to come and told him. He started to move faster in and out and felt that his cum ready to shoot in her. She felt her juices run down his hard cock and kept moving with him, trying to make him cum inside her hard. Kevin couldn’t hold it anymore and shot his jism inside her hot box. Nessa felt his cock go soft but she flipped them over and continued to ride him as he grabbed her waist and moved his hands up and down her.

Kevin grabbed a hold of her soft tits and held on to them while she rode his cock. It was getting so hard Nessa felt it grow inside of her. Kevin rubbed her nipples in a circular motion as he felt himself get harder. Nessa asked him if he thought he could cum again and he could only nod yes. After hearing this, Nessa told Kevin to scoot down closer to the end of the bed. Kevin did so and Nessa got on top of him and straddled in front of his face and slowly lowered her pussy about an inch above where his nose ended. Kevin opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as far as it would go into her pussy. Nessa let him do this for a little bit and lowered her pussy more so he could get more inside her. Kevin took his thumb and rubbed her juicy clit.

Nessa Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort asked Kevin if he wanted her pussy and he said yes I want your pussy badly. She winked at him and told him that he’d have to come catch it and she rolled off the bed and ran. Kevin then thought for a moment and realized what happened, jumped off the bed and ran towards the direction in which Nessa went. Nessa had a plan; the bathtub was already running and had bubbles in it. She slipped into the tub and waited for Kevin to find her. She waited a minute or two and decided that Kevin wasn’t going to find her fast enough so she called out his name. Kevin heard her and came into the bathroom with a smile on his face and sat down on the side of the bathtub. Nessa giggled and pulled him in. She could tell he wasn’t going to take control so she took the soap and rubbed it all over his sweaty muscular body.

He let her do this and felt his cock begin to twitch, getting a slight hard on. She nibbled on his ear and kissed down his neck, going back up to his ear. This made him get a complete hard on and he turned to face her. He laid her back against the ledge and slid into her as she put her legs around him. They sat there for a few minutes just kissing and she slipped her tongue in, exploring his mouth. Kevin slightly moved his hard cock out and back in once. Nessa squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles and rubbed her hands all over his back. As she did this he began to slide his cock in and out almost ready to shoot his spunk into her. Nessa ran her fingers through his hair and put them behind his neck.

Kevin slid his hard member into her as deep as he could go while her tight pussy clenched down onto his cock. He began to cum inside her harder than he ever had before. Nessa felt his hot jism inside her and began to moan very loud. Kevin continued to cum insider her while she pushed in and out. This feeling was too much for her and she had to grip the side of the bathtub while he kept shooting inside her. As he told her how much he loved her, Kevin slid in and out faster and faster until he shot another load in her. Nessa told him she loved him too and screamed out as he came inside her for the third time that day.

Kevin stopped and pulled his cock out from her tight pussy and laid next to her. As he wrapped his arms around her, Nessa sighed and closed her eyes. Kevin slipped his hand down to her pussy again and felt it dripping his sperm into the soapy water and rubbed her clit. Nessa slowly opened her eyes and gave him a little smile but soon fell back asleep. Kevin saw her heavy breathing and stopped, pulling her close to him and fell asleep himself. About two and a half hours later, Kevin woke up and carried her into the bedroom once more and laid her on the bed. He slowly dried her off, trying not to wake her and climbed onto the bed and lay next to her. He kissed her forehead and held her close to him as he fell back asleep he realized this wasn’t going to be the last of their times together and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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