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Meet Gillian Marianne Maximilian, a multi-millionaire socialite and international woman of mystery who has fallen on hard times and finds herself facing a trial for criminal misconduct and negligence. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Gillian Maximilian looked the other way when her lover and former colleague, media mogul and billionaire industrialist Geoffrey Eldritch abused a lot of young women working for his various businesses. For this reason, Gillian Maximilian is facing federal charges. If convicted, she could face decades in prison…

Out on bail pending her trial, Gillian Maximilian is staying at her plush townhouse in the City of Los Angeles, California. What’s a bored gal to do in the meantime? Gillian sat on her couch, watching television. The news were saturated with media coverage of her upcoming trial, as well as the shenanigans of the Kardashians and Kanye West, and the brouhaha happening in Washington D.C.

“Nothing to watch,” Gillian mumbled to herself, and she tried to recall the last time she felt happy. Sure, Gillian has done a lot of things in the name of obtaining power and wealth for herself, but must the entire world stand against her? Hollywood and the elitists in the worlds of business and politics often used fringe benefits provided by Gillian and the lovely ladies whom she introduced them to. Everyone got to play and almost everyone was happy. What was wrong with that?

In many ways, it seems that Gillian Maximilian was destined for both greatness and sorrow. Born in the town of Lyon, France, to a British expatriate, Leonard Maximilian and his French wife, Adeline Seine, Gillian grew up ensconced in power and wealth. The wealthy young British-Frenchwoman studied at the University of Paris and later transferred to Bristol University in England, where she earned an MBA. In her thirties, Gillian Maximilian moved to the United States, where she met her future lover Geoffrey Eldritch.

At the time, Gillian Maximilian and Geoffrey Eldritch became a power couple, for he was a billionaire with many friends in Hollywood, and she aspired to be an actress. Gillian appeared in a slew of television shows such as Law & Order, The X-Files, and a few B-movies. Gillian never became a household name in Hollywood, but she maintained friendships with key actors and directors, thus she always had access to the corridors of power.

Gillian Maximilian apparently played a key role in providing Geoffrey Eldritch and his wealthy and famous friends with naïve young women to use as playthings. When Geoffrey Eldritch was tried and convicted for his sex crimes, he named her as one of his accomplices. Geoffrey Eldritch was sentenced to twenty years in prison, but the doomed billionaire would not go down alone. Thus, Gillian found herself in her current predicament. What’s a gal to do?

Gillian Maximilian cursed the day that she met Geoffrey Eldritch, the tall, blue-eyed, dark-haired and ruggedly handsome American billionaire who was taken with her British accent and socialite charm. As a tall, curvy brunette with exotic appeal, Gillian Maximilian knew that she mystified many Americans upon meeting them. She was smart, pretty, charming and down-to-earth, Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort and she came from money while appearing unassuming and easygoing.

“I cherish you, Gillian, but you are a dark soul, I could never marry you,” Geoffrey Eldritch told her, one fine evening in New York City, on the third anniversary of their relationship. They were dining inside Chateau Lilac, a fancy restaurant frequented by NYC’s business and political elite. Like so many businesses in town, it was owned by a secretive financial group headed by none other than Eldritch himself.

“You have some nerve, Eldritch,” Gillian told her lover, as she resisted the urge to slap him in the face. Geoffrey Eldritch, blessed with good looks, charm, wealth, and zero conscience, is the kind of man who believes the whole world can be bought. While Gillian Maximilian is a MILF with the sexual prowess of a porn star, the British-Frenchwoman is not enough for the depraved billionaire.

“Gillian, you may be tough shit in England and in France but in the United States of America you are just another pretty face, I can have ten women like you, as you well know,” Geoffrey Eldritch said smugly. Gillian’s eyes flashed with anger and her beautiful face contorted into a mask of outrage and outright rage. Drawing back her sleek hand, Gillian slapped the shit out of a very stunned Geoffrey. The bastard absolutely had it coming, to say the very least…

“I don’t need you, Geoffrey, and you shouldn’t piss me off, I know all of your dirty secrets,” Gillian warned him, right before she stormed out of Chateau Lilac in a huff. Geoffrey Eldritch watched her go, and laughed. Gillian is a freaky gal who rocks in the bedroom but like so many British gals, she was entitled and full of herself. The British had yet to learn that in America, everyone is for sale, and everyone is replaceable. Those are the founding values of the country, come to think of it…

Without Geoffrey Eldritch as her patron, Gillian Maximilian had to forge her way in Hollywood and in America on her own. Fortunately, she had excellent people skills and business sense, and ingratiated herself with those in power. Gillian could always find a pretty young woman willing to spend quality time with a rich older man, usually a movie director, a rich politician or a rich businessman. Those men were most grateful for the discrete connections that Gillian provided, and they remembered her on their way to the top.

Gillian Maximilian earned herself a fortune in the low millions, and became the president of Mother Nature Incorporated, a think tank with environmental sensibilities and a rather ambitious name. celebrities flocked to donate millions to the organization, with purportedly did a lot of environmental conservation works around the world. Just like that, Gillian Maximilian stopped being a pimp to the wealthy and powerful, and became a legitimate icon of positive change. Unfortunately, no man or woman may escape their past…

Lying on the couch, Gillian thought about all the friends she lost, and the celebrities who turned against her. Actresses who once took pictures with her at Hollywood movie premieres Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort and industry events now shunned her. Movie directors and actors who considered her among their favorite people now avoided her like the plague. The only celebrities in America who are more hated than Gillian Maximilian are a certain rapper with marital and mental health issues, and a lesbian TV personality whose angelic public persona was recently revealed to be complete fiction.

“To hell with these people,” Gillian said aloud as she sipped some wine, and she flipped through her ever shrinking list of contacts on her phone. Knowing that the FBI and probably a dozen other American law enforcement bodies were probably listening to her every word gave Gillian no small thrill. They could lock her up but they could not stop her from living her life to the fullest. Gillian Maximilian has always enjoyed all that life has to offer, morality be damned. Why would she stop now?

Gillian reached out to a certain escort agency which she dealt with many times before. They had male and female models of all hues and body types, catering to a very wealthy and discrete clientele. Gillian sampled a lot of their goodies before, and tonight, she was in the mood for something unique. When Gillian reached the manager on duty at the escort agency, she let him know what she felt like having at this time…

“I am Caleb, but you may call me the Nubian Prince,” said the tall, handsome and well-dressed young black man who showed up at Gillian’s door. Gillian greeted the handsome stranger in her frilly pink nightgown, which revealed most of what it was meant to conceal. Caleb looked at the tall, curvy, dark-haired MILF with the British accent and immediately recognized her as the lady from the news. Play it cool, Caleb reminded himself as he smiled at Gillian.

“Hey handsome, what is that accent you have?” Gillian asked Caleb as she looked him up and down and licked her lips in a most suggestive manner. Caleb, who hails from the City of Ottawa, Ontario, is a newcomer to Los Angeles, California. While pursuing his Masters degree in engineering at UCLA, Caleb was earning a few extra bucks as a male escort. Nothing wrong with that at all…

“I’m Canadian, and at your service, ma’am,” Caleb replied, and a smiling Gillian ushered him inside. She gave him a brief tour of the lovely townhouse, which she knew must have been bugged by the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice. Gillian felt a sick thrill inside, knowing that the feds could probably see and hear everything. Leading Caleb to the living room, Gillian sat him down, and took a good look at him.

“Caleb, I want you to fuck me silly and make me forget my problems,” Gillian said firmly, and the young black man smiled and nodded. She rose to her feet, and opened her arms. Caleb got up and went to her, and then he kissed her. A lot of escorts, male or female, don’t like to kiss clients, but Caleb felt attracted to Gillian. Truth be told, he’d been fascinated by Gillian Maximilian ever since the story broke out all over the news. The most infamous MILF of all time wanted his dick, a brother could get with that…

“Let Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort me show you,” Caleb told Gillian as he embraced her like a lover, and then carried her over to the nearby bedroom. Gillian giggled as Caleb gently dropped her on the bed, and she slipped out of her pink nightgown, revealing a curvy, sexy body that was quite appealing. Caleb loves women his age, but sexy older women are something else. What man hasn’t dreamed of banging the MILF next door?

“Hmmm, yes,” Gillian cooed softly as Caleb kissed her lips and her breasts, caressing her erect nipples before moving downstairs. When he slipped his hand between her thighs, the British MILF held her breath. Caleb slid his fingers into her pussy, causing Gillian to exhale sharply. When he kissed a path from her tits to her crotch, Gillian smiled, and opened her legs a little wider. Caleb looked into Gillian’s eyes, then buried his face between her legs. Just like that, the black Canadian stud began feasting on some very British MILF pussy, the rarest kind of all…

“Come taste this,” Caleb told Gillian, after he’d given her sweet pussy a tongue bath. Gillian, still a bit tingly from how voraciously Caleb ate her pussy, took a moment to recover. She grinned at Caleb, who stood there, all tall and muscular and gloriously nude, with his long and thick dark dick in his hands. Gillian licked her lips hungry and then went after Caleb, grabbing his dick hungrily before taking him into her mouth…

“Hmm, delicious,” Gillian paused to say, and then she began sucking Caleb’s dick in earnest. Caleb sighed happily as Gillian sucked him off, her lovely dark hair shaking this way and that while her head bobbed up and down. Gillian began to deep throat Caleb’s dick quite nicely, something a lot of the younger women whom he fucked from time to time lacked the skill to do. The British MILF was a real pro at sucking dick, and Caleb enjoyed her skills immensely…

“Come ride me, sexy lady,” Caleb told Gillian, after he rolled a condom on his big dick, and the British MILF grinned lustfully. He lay on the bed, flat on his back, and the sexy brunette climbed on top of him. Gillian grabbed Caleb’s dick and rubbed it against her pussy, then inserted it into herself. Caleb bucked his hips and buried his dick inside Gillian’s pussy, and just like that, they were finally one. Gillian began riding Caleb’s dick, her sexy body swaying this way and that as she savored every moment of his dick filling her up quite nicely.

“Harder, dammit,” Gillian demanded, as Caleb took her on all fours, face down and big pale ass up. Caleb gripped Gillian’s hips and slammed his dick into her pussy, her big ass giving him a great visual to work with as he fucked her roughly. Gillian screamed like a woman possessed as Caleb proceeded to fuck her silly. The black Canadian stud gave the British MILF the dick down special, and left her a drooling mess, sweaty and stunned into silence by a truly stupendous fuck.

“Pleasure was mine, ma’am, best of luck with everything,” Caleb told Gillian, when all was said and done. Gillian walked him to the door where she gave him a hug and waved him goodbye. Caleb walked away and got into the Uber he’d ordered. While exiting Gillian’s townhouse, Caleb saw a group of suited men in unmarked vehicles, and found their presence a bit unnerving. This broad has a lot of issues but she’s got good pussy, I hope she makes it, Caleb thought to himself as he headed home. Just another night on the job for a black male escort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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