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The discovery of the 2 girls totally unconscious on the bed set off a flurry of activity at the hotel. All the maids that ran into the room at first thought the 2 girls had been the victims of foul play. One of them finally noticed that each girl was breathing as another maid called for the manager.

The manager burst into the room a few minutes later and took in the sight. Two amazingly beautiful girls, both nude, were passed out on the bed. A large wad of money had been tossed between them, some of which was stuck on each girl’s sweaty body. He put his hand on the neck of each girl and did feel a pulse. He wasn’t sure what to think, but being in Miami his gut feeling was that the girls were on drugs. He had the front desk call 911 to send an ambulance.

Within minutes, an emergency crew arrived and began to check over the girls. The senior crewman noted the amount of sweat on the bed around each girl and ordered IV’s to be started to avoid dehydration. The hotel staff assisted the EMS crew to load each naked girl onto a gurney. The IV’s were started and they began to roll the gurneys down the hall to the waiting ambulance.

The senior crewman, a veteran of 10 years, climbed into the back and fastened the doors shut. She put her headset on and told her younger partner to head to Miami Mercy, the nearest hospital. She had placed herself on a bench against the front wall of the ambulance, a seat that prevented her partner from seeing around her and into the cabin where the girls were laying on the gurneys.

She looked at the 2 young beauties lying before her, both nude except for the thin sheets that covered them. She checked the IV’s and the lines to each girl’s arm. Lifting the sheets, she was amazed by the perfect body of each girl. The one girl, with the thick honey blonde hair was especially beautiful. She pushed the sheet totally back so that she could see Angel’s entire upper body.

The EMS veteran had seen many people over the course of her career, but never anyone like this girl. Her hand held Angel’s arm gently as she checked the IV needle. As she worked, the back of her hand brushed against the side of the girl’s ribs. The woman rolled her hand over and let it lie on the flawless skin of the girl’s smooth belly. She paused for a second before she let her hand move upwards until it passed over one and then the other of Angel’s breasts.

The girl moaned a little as her breasts were touched, but her eyes stayed closed. The woman made sure her driver was not looking as she continued fondling the girl.

“So what were you 2 lovelies doing in that hotel room tonight?” she thought to herself. “Maybe a little to much sex, drugs, and rock and roll?”

“Well, I don’t know about the rock and roll and the doctors will have to check you out for drugs, but as for the sex, I think I can figure that one out.”

Her hand moved down from Angel’s swollen breasts to toss the lower part of the sheet away from the girl’s hips. She was taken aback momentarily at the site of the shaven pussy before her. She wondered to herself how she hadn’t noticed that before and wrote it off to her being a trained professional who was concentrating on her work.

She let a finger brush over the smooth skin until it came to rest on the girl’s slit.

“Hmmm,” she thought, “sweet thing’s pussy seems a little raw. Must have had an interesting night.”

She made sure Angel was still unconscious and then let her finger penetrate the girl. She guided her finger into the girl very, very slowly. Angel moaned softly again and her hips moved as the finger worked its way into her wet pussy. The woman smiled to herself as she enjoyed this “perk” of her job. She knew that sooner or later, she would get caught feeling up the young girls that they occasionally transported. But when there was a girl like this blonde lying naked on the gurney, she knew that no one in the service could pass up taking a feel of her.

Angel moaned again, a little louder this time.

“Everything okay back there?” the driver called out.

“Uh…just fine, just fine. Nothing for you to be concerned about. Just get to the hospital okay?” the woman stammered.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep your shirt on,” the driver replied, trying to think how he could get re-assigned to a different partner.

“The dyke is probably feeling up the patients again. Jesus, she is so freaking obvious!” he thought.

Looking out the side window, the woman realized the ambulance was just a couple blocks from the ER. She slowly removed her finger from Angel’s swollen pussy and brought it to her lips. She took several small licks of Angel’s juices and then sucked her finger into her mouth, savoring Angel’s salty taste.

“Too bad the ride was so short,” she thought.

She quickly spread the sheet back over Angel’s body after taking a last long look. She tucked it in securely, making sure that no one could get the idea that anything had been going on.

The ambulance rolled into the ER driveway and was met türkçe altyazılı porno by several nurses and a doctor. After Angel and Emi were unloaded, the doctor took a quick look, gave some directions to the nurses, and the girls were rolled inside. The woman from EMS followed them inside, bringing in the bag of personal effects collected at the hotel. She tossed it to one of the nurses, a good looking red-head who was the head nurse. Her name was Terry.

“Check that out,” she said to Terry. “If those aren’t the clothes of the highest paid hookers in town, then I must be the Queen of England.”

“By the way, take a look at the pussy on the blonde,” she added.

Terry looked inside of the bag and got an eyeful of the diamond crusted bra’s the girls had worn. Her look of astonishment was all it took to make the EMS woman laugh out loud. Terry took the bag and headed down the hall to see about the two new patients, her curiosity now quite piqued.

The two girls had been rolled into one large exam room that was set to one side of the ER. Because of several prior refurbishment projects the ER had undergone, there was a wall that did a good job of separating this room from the rest of the department. There was only one door in or out and no windows.

Terry walked in and quickly took charge of the several younger nurses already working. She walked to the end of the gurney where Emi was laying and looked at the girl.

“My, my, this is a sweet dear child. Just look at the flawless skin.” she thought.

One of the other nurses had rolled back the sheet and Emi’s pert breasts responded to the cool air blowing down from the air conditioner. Her dark nipples hardened and rose as small goose bumps dotted her chest. Terry put her stethoscope on and moved to the girl’s side. She placed the end on the girl’s chest, directly between her breasts, and began to listen.

Her eyes darted quickly around the room, trying to tell if the other nurses were paying much attention to what she was doing. Seeing none, she guided the stethoscope to the tender flesh of Emi’s breasts. She let her fingers spread out as she held the sounder so that she could feel the girl’s skin. She went around the top of each breast and then underneath, gently cupping each breast and holding them.

Terry felt a deep spark of lust as she finally stepped away from the auburn-haired teenager.

“Let’s see about this one now,” she said.

As she moved to Angel’s gurney, she realized that the other nurses had removed the sheet to reveal the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Her eyes traveled up and down the girl’s body, from her sweet round face, past her beautiful full breasts and slim waist, to her smooth tanned legs.

Remembering what the woman from EMS had said, her eyes darted back to the girl’s crotch. If anyone had been paying attention, they would have seen her mouth drop open as she took in the sight of the girl’s smooth, pink pussy. Looking closer, she thought she could even see a few droplets of the girl’s juice glistening on her lips.

She approached Angel with her stethoscope and began to check her over as she had done Emi. Her hand settled on Angel’s gorgeous chest, repeating the “examination” she had given to Emi.

“My god,” she thought, “this one is even more beautiful than the other. In my 16 years of nursing, I have never seen anyone like this girl.”

Satisfied that Emi and Angel seemed to be in good shape, she sent the other nurses out to handle other patients.

“I’ll stay here and keep an eye on these two. You all go see what other patients have come in.”

She watched as they all left the room and then went to the door to look up and down the hall. She came back in and shut the doors behind her. She also pulled a curtain across the doorway to keep anyone walking down the hall from taking a peek in through the windows of the doors. Then, she walked back and stood between her two patients.

“Well now, I wonder what the story on you two lovely ladies is?” she said to herself.

With the gurneys set so close together, she was able to stand between the two girls. She put a hand on each girl’s bare stomach and gently massaged. She felt a chill go up her back as she realized what the sight of these 2 incredible girls was doing to her. She had had two previous lesbian experiences before, but those were both one time things and never at work.

Her hands made small circles on each bare stomach. Gliding in circles, she would occasionaly pause to knead the soft skin, gently squeezing it between her fingers. As she did, she realized that the dark haired girl seemed to be waking up. She moved up to the end of the gurney and spoke to the girl.

“Hello. You’re in the hospital. You’re okay. You and your friend have been out for quite awhile,” she whispered to Emi.

“Angel is here too?” Emi said.

“Is this Angel over here?” Terry asked as she moved to let Emi see Angel.

“Yes, that’s her. xnxx How did we get here?”

“From what I understand, the maid at a hotel found you and apparently thought you were dead. The manager of the hotel called 911 and you were brought here,” Terry told her.

“Lie still now and let me finish checking you over,” she continued.

She moved back to the middle of the gurney and put her hands on Emi’s slim waist. Working slowly, she moved her hands over the girls midsection as if she was checking her for injury. An experienced medical professional would see otherwise. Terry was feeling the girl up, nothing more.

Her hands moved higher, up under the girl’s arms, where she gently lifted to bring Emi to a sitting position. Her hands, moved around to the girl’s back, gently roaming over the tanned skin. As her hands worked, she would let them duck under the girl’s arms, letting them wrap around the girl’s sides to stroke the sides of the girls’ breasts.

She moved to stand alongside the girl, letting one arm support the girl around her shoulders while her other hand went back to the girl’s bare stomach. It gently pushed and prodded in several spots.

“Do you feel any pain at all?” she asked.

Emi shook her head no as she watched the woman’s hand move up her stomach. It stroked at the top of her stomach from side to side, gently pushing against the bottom of each breast. Then, very slowly, the hand turned upwards and cupped one of her breasts, holding it very gently. There was a slight pause and then the nurse gently began to fondle the girl, moving from one breast to the other.

Emi looked up at the nurse.

“What are you doing to me?” Emi whispered.

“Shhh, I have to make sure you are okay,” she replied. “Do you like it? Are you watching as I touch you? It feels good doesn’t it?”

Emi nodded as she watched the woman’s hand move over each breast. The woman could feel Emi’s skin tighten, a sign that the girl was becoming aroused. She pinched the girl’s nipples just to help things along. Emi’s head dropped back a bit as she felt the little sting from each dark bud.

Emi rolled her head towards the nurse and was about to speak, but the nurse covered Emi’s mouth with her own before she got out a word. Another pinch of a tender nipple caused Emi to moan softly right into the nurse’s mouth.

Terry was ravenous for the girl. She plunged her tongue into the girl’s mouth quickly. Emi arched her herself backward as she started to become overwhelmed. The fondling of her breasts and the aggressive kissing were building her up quickly.

Emi put her hands behind her to grab each side of the gurney. This let the woman lower the arm around Emi’s back and take her around her slim waist. She held the girl firmly, slightly twisting the girl towards her.

Emi felt the hand on her breasts move downward back across her stomach. Slowly it went downwards, massaging the girl’s flushed skin as it went. Emi’s hips wriggled from side to side as she got ready for what was coming. The fingers brushed through the girl’s small patch of hair until they found the girl’s swollen lips. Her hand froze in place as just the fingers moved, gently stroking the tender flesh.

Emi could feel the gentle caresses and tried to push up to press harder against the nurse’s fingers.

“My finger’s are stroking your pussy. You can see can’t you? You like it don’t you?”

Emi nodded.

“Do you want me to take you? Do you want my fingers inside you?”

Again Emi nodded.

The nurse smiled at her as she turned her face to Emi’s flushed chest. She lowered her mouth to a hard nipple, suckling it into her mouth just as she pushed two fingers into the girl’s pussy. Emi reared back in response.

The nurse held the girl tightly as she tried to take as much of the girl’s breast into her mouth as she could. With her mouth open as wide as she could get, she pulled and sucked, driving Emi wild with the sensation. Emi was having difficulty holding herself up on the gurney as the nurse devoured her.

“Omigod, omigod,” Emi breathed, rapidly being overwhelmed by this latest sexual encounter.

She was looking down and watching as the nurse’s mouth jumped from one breast to the other, suckling her and biting at her nipples. She could feel saliva running down her flat stomach as it dripped from her swollen breasts. The nurse must have noticed it to as she moved her hand up from Emi’s pussy to massage the saliva over the girl’s stomach.

Emi’s incredible body was almost bouncing on the table as she responded to the sucking of her breasts and the fingers in her pussy. It was good that they were in this closed off back room because if someone had entered, they would have seen the nurse totally in control of a young girl being sexually taken.

Emi finally could not hold herself anymore and fell back onto the gurney. The nurse adjusted herself so that she was almost laying over the girl’s tanned body. Her assault on Emi’s pert porno izle breasts and her tender pussy became more urgent. Emi writhed under the weight of the woman on top of her as her body began to stiffen.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHH,” she screamed as a huge orgasm slammed her.

Her hands shot up to the sides of her head as the orgasm went on and on. The nurse kept a tight hold on the girl as she eased off on the girl’s breasts. Her fingers slid slowly out of the girl’s wet pussy and she brought them to her mouth so that Emi could watch as she licked them clean.

“Mmmmmm, you’re a sweet little thing,” the nurse whispered to her.

Emi didn’t say a word. Her poor body was so spent after being fucked all night in the hotel and now being pleasured again by this nurse. It was hard for her to even keep her eyes open as she watched the nurse.

Terry moved around the girl and wiped her off with a fresh towel. She moved it slowly and let the slightly rough texture tease over the girl’s nipples, making her breath jump for a second. She leaned down to Emi and kissed her cheek.

“Maybe I should examine your friend now,” she whispered.

She turned to Angel, who was beginning to wake up. She reached into a cabinet and took out a big bottle of lotion. Moving down alongside the honey blonde beauty, she squeezed some of it into her palm and rubbed it betwen her hands. Then she began to massage it over Angel’s gorgeous thighs. Angel’s eyes fluttered open as she felt the warm hands on her legs.

“That feels good. I feel like I ran a marathon last night,” she said.

“You might have been in a marathon last night, but it had nothing to do with running,” the nurse replied.

Angel let her legs spread slightly as she allowed the nurse to move her hands wherever she wanted. It wasn’t long before the warm hands moved up to the top of her legs and began work the crease at the top of each. The lotion covered fingers massaged across from Angel’s hips to the inside of each thigh, barely an inch from her shaven pussy.

“You look pretty tender down there. This lotion will help. Is it okay if I touch you?” the nurse asked her.

Angel nodded at her. The nurse wasted no time and lifted Angel’s legs up so that her knees were bent. Then she pushed them wide apart as she pulled the girl down the gurney to the end. She squeezed a large dollop of the lotion on Angel’s stomach, less than an inch above her pink lips. Her fingers dabbed into it and started to spread it in lazy circles. The circles grew larger and larger until the nurse’s fingers brushed over Angel’s very tender sex. She jumped slightly as she felt the warm touch.

“Mmmmm, you’re very sensitive. I’m going to have to be extra careful,” Terry whispered.

Angel closed her eyes as she felt the fingers gently massage the lotion into her swollen, tender pussy. The warmth of the woman’s hands and the cooling effect of the lotion seemed to make her extra sensitive. Without even thinking, her hips began to grind slightly in time with the massage. The nurse smiled to herself as she noticed Angel’s response.

“This beautiful thing has been fucking all night long, but she still has enough left to respond when I touch her. Guess I’ll have to take advantage of that,” the nurse thought to herself.

She moved alongside Angel as she moved one hand up the girl’s slender body, causing Angel to wiggle under her touch. Her hand slid over the girl’s tanned skin until it came to rest between her breasts. Then, it began to move in figure eights, circling one breast and then the other. The nurse smiled as she saw Angel flush and take a deep breath. She let her hand start to cross over each breast, stopping to gather each one as she did.

“Oohhh,” Angel moaned softly, the soft caressing of her pussy and the rough squeezing of her breasts now pushing her up.

“Yes, thats it my sweet. Let yourself go. My hands are all over you, taking you. I know you want it,” she whispered into Angel’s ear.

She watched as Angel’s breathing became more rapid and short. The blonde model’s back arched up and she twisted to one side as she felt it coming. The nurse planted her mouth over the girl’s just as she began to cry out, silencing her by shoving her own tongue into Angel’s mouth. Angel twisted and struggled in a vain attempt to scream, but the nurse was too strong and held her down.

Finally, after a half a minute or so, Angel began to relax as she came down from her orgasm. The nurse pulled her hand up from Angel’s pussy and let her fingers lightly stroke the girl’s bare belly as she watched the girl catch her breath.

“You’re incredible,” the nurse told her. “But, someone is going to come in here sooner or later. Let’s get you both cleaned up.”

She guided the 2 girls into a shower area and they quickly cleaned up. Since the girls had no other clothes to put on besides their diamond top outfits, she found them some surgical scrubs. Once they looked presentable again, she unlocked the door to the room and peeked outside.

“Coast is clear. The out door is down there to the right.”

“What if someone asks where we went?” Emi asked her.

“No prob. I’ll just say that I left the room for a minute and when I came back, you were gone. Happens all the time down here in the ER.”

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