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Dungeons style erotica created with AI.


You are in magical woods where erotic vampires try and seduce you and turn you into one of them with sex. You have to fight them off, but it’s not an easy task.

> You look around.

> You look around.

The forest is a beautiful place, but the trees are very tall and dark. The ground is covered with leaves and grasses that make your eyes hurt from looking at them for too long. You look around through the leaves and see a feasting scene that would make a sadist weep.

> You say “Is anyone there?”

You call out, but no one answers back.

Maybe this place is harder to spot than you thought, it’s almost as if the trees themselves are hiding something.

> You say “A half-naked women steps out of the trees”

Out of the dark trees steps a half-naked women. Her belly hangs over the string that holds her simple dress in place.

> You say “The woman is beautiful and sexy. She has long red hair and red eyes. She has sharp teeth. She is a vampire.”

The woman licks her lips with a forked tongue and stares into your eyes. You feel compelled to follow her, otherwise you would die of starvation.

> You follow her.

You follow the woman through the trees. Soon, you find yourself in front of several tents. The woman walks past each one without so much as a glance inside. She seems to know exactly where to go.

> You stare at her sexy ass.

She turns her head and looks over her shoulder at you. She stops walking and stands still. Her dress rides up, showing her thigh and red painted toenail.

> You say “Youre beautiful “

She smiles and says “Thank you”, turns around and continues walking.

The woman stops in front of a tent that is much fancier than the others.

> You go inside with her.

You go inside with her. There is a great table cloth on the floor, decorated with candles.

The tent proper is in the shape of a square.

> You say “May I kiss you?”

She wraps her arms around your neck and pulls your head down to hers. As soon as your lips connect, she ödemiş escort bites down on your lip, drawing a lot of blood. You scream and back away from her.

The bite feels good to you, in fact better than any drug. Your pain is gone and only pleasurable feelings remain.

She laughs and says “More”.

> You kiss her again.

She giggles and says “Maybe not again”. She giggles again.

She pulls you down to her. Your lips meld together and everything is better than it was before.

She bites me again, this time on my neck, drawing blood. It feels very good. I feel warm blood run down my neck, almost as good as the drip of my own.

Everything feels pleasurable to you now. You no longer feel hunger or pain, just pure, intense joy.

> You grip her thighs and ass.

Her lips taste as sweet as honey. You grab her thighs and pull her closer to you. Your hands rove all over her body, from her legs to her butt to her hair.

She drinks my blood and moans into my mouth. She breaks away from you and pants for breath. Her eyes flicker open and you feel a bolt of desire go straight from your lips to your groin.

> You climb on top of her. You peer into her eyes. Her mouth is covered in your blood. you kiss her, tasting your blood.

You feel a rush of adrenaline as you stare into her eyes. As you climb on top of her, she goes and grabs your hands. She forces them behind your back and holds the tape tightly in place.

She looks into your eyes and smiles as she brings her lips to your ear and whispers “I want you inside me”.

You feel her bite tingle. You’re turning into a vampire like her.

Your heart beats faster and you feel dizzy. She releases you and your hands go numb. Your mind focuses as she crawls on top of you and grips your head in her hands.

She unzips my pants and slides them down. Yours and her clothes are now off. You stare into her green eyes as she slides down on you, impaling herself on your manhood.

She screams in pleasure as you push deep inside her. Her hands grip your head tightly as seferihisar escort she arches her back. Her face contorts in ecstasy and you feel your own manhood pulsating, ready to release it’s blood.

She bites you again. Once again, the bite feels good. There is no pain. There is only pure, unadulterated euphoria. Everything feels good now. She sucks the blood that leaks out of your neck and gently bites your lip.

> You as you thrust into her. you stick your finger in her asshole.

She screams as you enter her and begins sucking your blood. Passion overtakes you and you thrust into her hard. Blood euphoria overtakes you and you thrust hard again and again.

She screams as she orgasms, blood spilling out of her mouth and down your chest.

She licks you and whispers “I want more” in your ear. You hold her tightly, thrusting into her.

> You bite her now.

You thrust inside her and bite into her shoulder. The blood tastes like honey and feels like happiness. She screams as she reaches another release and you feel your own end nearing as well, so you hold onto her extra tight.

She pulls back and sticks her tongue into you mouth. You bite at it, but feel your climax approaching, so you let it go.

Now you are a vampire like her. As you cum you finger her asshole, ready to release inside her.

Once you finish you collapse on the ground, out of breath.

She crawls on top of you and thrusts hard, your combined blood filling her womb.

You stare into her eyes as she bites you again, and the world ends in bliss.

The next morning you awake to her and her sister in bed with you.

You’re a vampire.

“I broight you some food.” Lauren says, “her name is Chelsea.”

“Bite me.” Chelsea says.

“I want to make sure you don’t go running off before I can give ya this.”

“What is it?

> You take out your cock.

She stares at your painfully hard manhood and crawls on top of you. She smiles as she grinds into you and your painful flacid member begins to rise.

“Are you gonna selçuk escort bite me or not?” Chelsea asks. Her blonde hair drapes over your chest as she stares into your eyes.

“Give me my fix.” She says, as she grabs your hand and puts it to her lips, blowing a stream of air in your face.

> You bite her neck.

> You she moans and holds you to her neck as you drink her blood.

She moans as your lips leave her neck and you begin to drink. Her blood is sweet and syrupy, like most humans but unlike that of a ghoul, which is foul and coppery.

> You kiss chelsea with your bloody lips as you grind her.

She moves your head to her neck and you begin to suck, first gently, then with more force as she begins moaning in ecstasy. She tastes the same as all the humans, but you can feel she is different.

Lauren masturbates as she watches, as you begin sucking, biting and drinking. She grabs your head and thrusts hard as she begins to finish.

You moan loudly as you drink her blood and as she begins to finish, so do she. She shudders as she releases in your mouth and you feel her pulse weaken.

You pull away from her and stand, as she lays completely still and pale. She looks dead.

Chelsea awakes with red eyes. Now, she is a vampire too.

> You start rubbing the two girl’s pussies.

Their vaginas are hairless and wet. As you touch them, they moan loudly, almost in ecstasy as blood begins to trickle down their necks.

You massage and thrust your hands into the two girls as they scream. Blood pours down their throats but you barely notice as you thrust hard, your eyes staring into the sky.

The world dissolves around you as you focus on the two beautiful bodies writhing before you.

The girls heal as they cum, although they seem to be in a state of bliss.

> You say “Chelsea, will you suck on my cock?”

“You want me to blow you?”

“You’ll do it, won’t you?”


She smiles and crawls onto your bed. She grabs your flaccid member and puts it in her mouth, licking the head as she does so. She begins to gently suck on it as you thrust your hips up, your eyes closing blissfully in ecstasy.

She touches herself as she blows you and her eyes roll into the back of her head as she begins to finish. You moan loudly as you release hard into her mouth and she swallows quickly.

You both stare at each other as the euphoria fades.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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