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I wake up and it’s a normal working day, I stretch my limbs in bed before getting up to bathe, 9 more minutes to snooze then I must leave my warm safe space. I snuggle into the feather pillow and expose my breasts to the cool morning air, watching as my nipples harden and the skin around them which is normally puckered stretches and they deepen in colour. Shame I’ve no time to play but I do have to get ready for the office.

As I run the bath water adding some fragrance I inspect myself in the mirror, I need to look my best today as I’m dressing up for charity, the better I look the more cash I’ll raise. Firstly I check my stubble and decide I have time to remove any unwanted hairs. Not normally shaved but the moment takes me. I reach for a razor and the shaving foam and lather my mound thoroughly, tightening the skin to get a closer line. I inspect my reflection; I would look childlike, except for the obvious signs of womanhood as my lips are totally exposed and hanging free of their hairy camouflage. I tend to my legs and underarms then languidly lounge in the bath, soaking away the nights dreams and odours.

As I lay my hair floating in the warm waters, I feel the water rush in to my ears and my heartbeat is amplified by the flood, I’m nervous about today dressing up in front of all my work colleagues. I scrub, soap and exfoliate every inch of my body paying particular attention to the tops of my thighs which will be exposed. Washing and combing my strawberry blonde hair, everything must be perfect!

I climb out of the bath, wrapping myself in a fluffy bathrobe, the heat between my legs is unreal and I feel a trickle of moisture leaks between my freshly washed folds. I can’t be aroused or excited by merely bathing? I take a look at my ironed outfit all nicely laid out ready for me to wear, a white lacy bra and full briefs, as I don’t want everyone kaynarca escort to know what lies beneath. It’s a pity I couldn’t get the white hold-up stockings I wanted,” I think to myself”, so the black ones will have to do.

Next I dry my hair, shall I wear it up or down? Tying it back while I apply a light covering of makeup to my face, I’ll apply the lip gloss just before I leave, that way it will still be shiny. I spray a hint of perfume to my neck, shoulders and cleavage kissing my own breast before running a hand over my hairless mound. “Stop it girl, no time to masturbate now!” I can’t resist dipping a finger between my lips and scooping up my own juices plunging my finger into my mouth as I smile wryly at myself in the mirror.

I arrive at the office, I walk head held high through the double doors, and I hear women gasp and the shout of “ding dong” from a male colleague. My legs turn to jelly and the blood rushes to my cheeks making my face tinged with a pink-redness. I tremble as I walk around the office selling assorted charity items, escorted by a male for safety and dignity; my dress is far too short to be bending over. My companion dares me to go to the adjoining offices without changing my outfit, knowing that I am creating the most attention and more than likely raising the most cash.

We climb a flight of stairs to out neighbouring office; I’ve never been up here before, and for security reasons we have to ring a bell to be let in. A young blonde spotty guy with messed up hair opens the door a massive smile on his face as he takes us to his boss for permission to sell wares in their department. I realise that not all the employees are in uniform as I was expecting, there must be more civilians than I thought and to my horror more females! Luckily my work mate is good at distracting the girls and he gains many orhanlı escort sales, it is when we approach the individual offices that my heart begins to pound. “Oh my good I hope he isn’t here today” I noticed a particularly nice guy in the car park the day before and I really didn’t want to see him dressed like this!

Too late the door is open and before I know it I’ve opened my mouth to ask if we may interrupt the two policemen’s conversation. He looks up at me and does a double take at my appearance from shoes to face and back again. He smiles and invites us to come closer. His mate offers me a £5 for a snog but I just blush, taking it as a joke, again I explain the nature of our call and he stands and walks closer to offer me his money. My partner steps in and persuades him to buy a wristband all the time the dishy dark haired copper is watching me from the back of the office, his eyes twinkle and he smiles showing a set of perfect teeth. My legs shake and I feel my pussy twitch with excitement as a well of juice builds between my lower lips, he’s gorgeous.

He buys a ticket to win the petrol miniature car, but never asks my name, disappointed we leave the office to return to ours. Just as we are descending the stairs I hear footsteps after us and a smooth voice calls out to me “excuse miss” I turn to see the dishy copper standing above me my head is at waist height and I notice the bulge in his trousers. My colleague laughs and just carries on walking leaving me to talk to him alone. He steps down to my level and whispers to me do you know what you have done to me, looking down his own body, I am speechless but nod to him that I understand.

He takes my hand and leads me to a door, unlocks it and pulls me into a dark store room locking it behind us. I hear myself swallow as he unzips his trousers to show me his cock. It is tepeören escort thick and long and the skin is pulled back over the helmet and I see a dribble of precum on his tip. I don’t know what to do, he’s a copper after all, I look for a wedding ring but there isn’t one. He comes closer to me kissing me gently; I feel his cock pushed up against my waist as he slips his hand up my dress. I sigh as he strokes my bud through my cotton knickers which are already damp.

He pulls the gusset to one side and fingers my wet hole; I feel his hand moving inside me as he adds another finger and another until I’m stretched. He thumbs my clit and fingers me faster and faster until my legs shake and I’m embarrassed that I may ejaculate on his hand. He talks to me telling me to cum, willing me to, then a warmth starts in my belly and my head begins to float I just can’t hold back any longer! I feel my cum building up to a crescendo and I let go, oh my god I gush into his palm, he grabs some paper to dry his hands before spinning me around, hoisting my skirt and rams his throbbing cock into me.

He rides me from behind like a dog on heat; we are glued together, never once losing each others rhythm. I push back on him hard as he bites my neck, two animals doing want comes naturally. He pushes me over getting a better angle and his cock slides in even further, I scream out but he covers my mouth to silence me, I grab hold of a shelf to steady myself. He fucks me faster and harder till I feel I can take no more but I don’t have to because I can feel him growing and thickening as he is about to off load inside me. “Yes” is all he says as I feel a thick warm stream of cum filling me up inside my hot pussy. He kisses my hair and thanks me for my time and donates some more money to my fund raising collection telling me next time we have a charity event “please come up and see me”.

I go to the ladies toilets before returning to my office to clean myself up and straighten my hair. When I return I get a huge round of applause for the extra money I raised, it’s a good job they don’t know how I did it, but that is between me and my beautiful copper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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