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“Good to see you again Miss Lucia.” Said the chauffeur with a smile. “Hopefully we can make tonight as good an experience for you as last time.”

“It would be tough to top last time,” I responded, “But its nice of you to try.” I said with a wink.

The chauffeur held the limo door open for me as a climbed in, an operation made more difficult by the six-inch stiletto heels I wore to compliment my tiny black cocktail dress. I was still not quite used to the heels, and considered myself lucky that I would not have to walk around this evening. There was not much less sexy than a woman toppling over in her high heels I thought to myself with a wry smile; I was determined to be as sexy as possible for tonight’s rendezvous.

I was actually more nervous for this meeting that had been for my first Fucked Tonight experience several months earlier. There was a major difference in this particular meeting that was the cause of my nerves. Rather than being set up with a man who met my preferences, I had been hand picked for a very prominent client of the Fucked Tonight company. This client was so important that I had actually been flown back down to Las Vegas at his expense. With the knowledge that men rich enough to do something like that expect to get what they pay for, I had gone all out in preparation for the evening.

My day had started early at 6:00 am, when I was awakened by the hotel staff for my wake up call. The morning went by as whirlwind, as I took advantage of the complimentary spa treatments offered by the hotel to clients who, like me, stayed in their luxury suites. The bookings had been made for me by the company, and I was very impressed that they had rolled out the red carpet for me. I certainly felt like a star as I enjoyed a nice hot stone massage, a manicure, a pedicure, and an exfoliating facial. After a quick lunch in the hotel restaurant, I headed out to a nearby salon, where I got my hair cut into a stylish new slightly-shortened do, and had my legs and bikini line waxed, leaving me with a small closely-trimmed triangle just above my pussy.

After all my pampering, I went out shopping, and picked out the brand new cocktail dress and shoes for the evening. I purposely bought the items that were out of my normal price range, figuring that with all the free aspects of this trip, I was more than getting my money’s worth by spending some on clothes. The dress I chose was just a little too small, and clung to my ample frame tightly across the chest, through the hips, and around my bum and thighs. When I walked it had a tenancy to ride up a little, making the already short skirt nearly a mini, and bringing the slits cut into the dress along the outside of my thighs up obscenely high on my legs. I was certain that when I sat in the limo, half my bare butt would be pressed against the leather seats. The dress was, in short: expensive, sexy, slutty, and a little bit trashy. Not a bad representation of me, I thought to myself.

After shopping, I headed home, and took a long hot shower. My legs wobbled as I stood under the hot water, and my nerves began to kick in. I rubbed my pussy as a stress reliever, and hoped that my gracious host would be happy with what he saw this evening. I climbed out of the shower and spent an over an hour working on my hair and makeup before slipping into my dress, making sure every aspect of my outfit was perfect. Finally content, and just on time, I headed downstairs to meet my ride outside the front lobby.

A little shakily at first, I began my saunter to the elevator in my new shoes. Passing a family in the hallway, I think I nearly gave the husband a heart attack, and his wife actually covered the eyes of her young son as he stared up at me, and I’m certain nearly saw up my dress. I heard a loud smack after I passed them, and glanced back to see the man rubbing the back of his head, and shaking it side to side ruefully. “She runs a tight ship,” I thought to myself. When I got into the elevator, I had looked back over my shoulder in the mirrored surface, and saw that about a third of my ample ass was hanging out the bottom on my dress. Hiking it back down just a little I laughed to myself, thinking I must look like a high class call girl, not that such a sight is rare in Las Vegas. I actually felt my pussy moisten at the thought, and realized I could probably make a pretty penny trawling the casinos if I so desired.

When the elevator doors slid open, I noticed a large group of paparazzi in the lobby, who seemed to be busy taking shots of a long legged blonde who was in the process of checking in. As I slunk by near the back of the group, one of the photographer turned around and starting snapping pics of me as I walked by. Blowing him a kiss and a wink, I continued on my way, not bothering to discover the identity of the tall blonde with the huge sunglasses. I was flattered that one of the men had taken my picture, but figured it was certainly for his own private collection rather than some publication. Even most gossip rags don’t make a habit of posting pictures of escorts, no matter how high class they look!

When I walked out the main escort bayan door, the company limo was waiting for me, and I was quickly underway. Looking into a mirrored surface in the limo, I examined the results of my hard day’s work. Even to my own critiquing eye, I looked flawless, with not a single strand of hair out of place. It would be interesting, I thought to compare and contrast how my current perfection with how my face and makeup would look by the end of the night. I looked forward to the video evidence the company would provide me with, and made a mental note to screen capture this image later for the comparison.

I knew very little about the man I was meeting. All the company had told me was that I matched his preferences with 99% accuracy, which sounded pretty good to me! They told me only that he was an older gentleman, and one of their best clients. My initial reaction was to say no, as I wasn’t planning on traveling to Las Vegas any time soon, but they said that after reviewing my profile, this client had decided to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. A first class airfare ticket down and back, 4 nights stay in a luxurious 5 star hotel, a with meals and spa treatment included, was a pretty hefty offer, so I begged off work for two days to make an extended long weekend for myself. Visiting a sick family member, sucking a fat dick, its all the same right? I figured what my boss didn’t know couldn’t hurt him, and it also didn’t hurt my cause that I had ‘greased the wheels’ a bit by giving him a quick blow under his desk. It wasn’t the first time, and would certainly not be the last time I had taken advantage of his wife’s aversion to giving head to get what I wanted.

As we drove ever nearer to where we would pick up my ‘date’ for the evening, I felt my ass cheeks grow warm and damp on the leather seats. Just as I suspected, half my butt was hanging out the bottom of the dress, and I had to keep my legs crossed tightly to keep from revealing my wet pussy, which was assuredly the cause of the dampness under my behind. I had decided against panties for the evening, and the dress was so tight it would have been impossible to hide the lines. I did, however, wear a strapless bra, one that pushed my large breasts up and together, so that I had an extensive six inches of cleavage showing in the low cut front of the dress. “I’m probably showing more skin than I’m covering,” I thought to myself with a mischievous smile. “Hopefully,” I thought, “I’ll get to see his jaw hit the floor when he sees me, and then he can watch MY jaw drop to let his thick cock in.”

I felt the limo begin to slow outside a towering office building, and was immediately overcome with a warm flush of excitement that started between my legs and surged outwards to my fingertips and toes. I smiled warmly as the doors opened, and made one last attempt to straighten out my dress, and then sat up prim and proper, with my knees crossed, chest out, and head held high, as I waited for my tycoon to enter.

When he finally did, I marveled at how closely he resembled the picture I had formed in my mind’s eye before the meeting. Well dressed in a very nice pin stripe suit, I guessed his age to be about 60 as he navigated his way into the limo, and took a seat directly beside me in the rear. His thinning hair was nearly all grey, and matched the thick moustache on his upper lip. Though he had the expanding waistline of a maturing man, he still appeared to be in excellent health, and had very wide shoulders that denoted a powerful presence. He moved with utter confidence, and it wasn’t until the door of the limo closed behind him that he even seemed to be aware of my presence. I smiled at him genially, as his eyes gazed up and down my body, without saying a word. After taking me in from top to bottom several times, he finally spoke in a deep and resounding baritone.

“Well well well little lady, what have we here?” He said. “I’ve gotta say, you’re certainly not disappointing me so far.”

“I’m very glad.” I replied.

‘Why don’t you come sit on my lap little lady?” He asked in an almost grandfatherly tone.

“Sure thing.” I said, and stood up. Moving quickly so that I wouldn’t take a tumble in my high heels, I plopped myself into his lap with my legs across his, sitting turned to half face him. He braced my back with his one strong arm, and I leaned my body into him, getting a whiff of his very strong musk cologne. His attention seemed to be distracted momentarily, and I quickly realized with embarrassment that he was investigating the wet spot left on the seat by my bare pussy. Sliding one finger of his free hand over the puddle, he brought his hand back to his nose, and gave an audible sniff.

“Very nice aroma darlin’,” he said as I blushed and averted my eyes. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he assured me, “you’re perfect so far. Lets take a closer look shall we?”

Without a word of warning, the tycoon used his free hand to pull back the straps on my dress, while at the same time using the hand behind my back to unclasp my bra. It was actually a rather impressive manoeuver that spoke tuzla genç escort of years of experience with such things, and in a flash I found my bra flying across the back of the car, discarded. With his free hand again, he began to grope my now unrestrained and bare breasts, squeezing them firmly in his large hand. He went from one to the other and back again, touching them in a way that was not designed to give me pleasure, but to gauge the quality of the tits, as if examining livestock. He squeezed and hefted them, and even smiled when he saw my nipples harden in response. Giving them one last firm squeeze, as one would test the ripeness of a melon, he said:

“Wow, these are quite the rack of tits you’ve got here honey. Not often I see a real pair this nice; everything I this town is silicone!”

“Well thank you. I grew them myself,” I said with a smirk.

“Get on all fours for me little lady,” he said suddenly, nearly barking the words as an order.

As I started to shift off of his lap in confusion, he grasped me firmly by the hips, and picked me up, plopping me unceremoniously down on all fours in front of him, facing the front of the car. I glanced back over my shoulder as he slid my dress up and over my hips, presenting my bare ass and pussy towards himself. A shudder passed through my whole body as I felt the flat of his hand press firmly against my pussy, feeling its heat and moisture. I heard him moan softly, and he placed one hand on my lower back, holding me in place as he began to spank my ass with the other. I let out an involuntary yelp when I felt his first blow land, and my pussy felt like it was on fire as I became more and more turned on. He slapped my ass five times, and watched after each, as my ass jiggled slightly. I bit my lower lip to contain my moans as I began to grind my ass in his direction, trying to encourage more sexual blows.

Rather than continue my spanking, he gripped each ass cheek firmly in one hand, and spread them wide, to see my pussy and puckered asshole. I moaned loudly then, and closed my eyes as I felt the makings of a small orgasm roll over my body. I shuddered and moaned again as I felt my pussy quiver and I began to push my ass against his hands, grinding it up and down towards his lap, as if drawn by a magnet to his cock. I was surprised, as I came back to reality, to feel a wet splatter on my back, and I turned my head around quickly, worried he may have already wasted his cum all over my back. In fact, I quickly realized that he had spit on my naked, writhing back, and the look in his eye was one of total and arrogant satisfaction.

“You are a good little fucking whore aren’t you?” He asked. “You are going to be a good little slut for daddy aren’t you?”

I could only whimper a yes in response as he reached down and grabbed a handful of my perfectly done hair, and pulled my whole body around to face him. I was shocked then, when he slapped my face, full on the cheek with his open palm, not hard enough to actually hurt, but the shock of it was enough to bring instant tears to my eyes.

“Open your mouth you slut.” He commanded. When I did, he immediately spat again, his aim perfect as is went straight into my mouth. “That’s a good little cum dumpster,” he continued, “I’m going to make good use of your face tonight.”

I was filled with mixed emotions about this sudden turn of events, and utterly beside myself with horniness. Unable to formulate a coherent response, all I could do was nod solemnly up at him as I cuffed the tears away from my eyes. My makeup was already beginning to run I realized as it smeared on my hand, I was going to be a mess in no time.

“Now you little cocksucker, why don’t you come here and show daddy how good you can suck cock.” My tycoon ordered me.

Without further ado, he unzipped his pants, and whipped out a fat, squat cock that fit both his body and his demeanour very well. It wasn’t a beautiful cock, long and graceful; it was rather a very utilitarian one, designed to batter its way into a vagina and unleash its contents. Still gripping me by the hair, he pulled me towards his cock, and shoved my face into his lap. Before I could even take it into my mouth, he mashed my face into his crotch, my nose buried in the hair of his testicles, his cock shaft resting against my nose and eyelid. I slobbered willingly on his balls, and tried desperately to get his cock in my mouth as he ground my face into him.

“You’re a hungry little slut aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically. “You’re going to eat daddy’s cock so good for him aren’t you?”

I attempted to nod my head in agreement, and he yanked back on my hair momentarily, allowing me to plunge it back down again willingly, this time with his fat cock in between my lips. I thrust my face forward, and felt his cock head just reach the entrance to my throat at its deepest, not quite long enough to force me to deep throat. I began to bob my head like a woman possessed, saliva drooling out wildly, and making sloppy wet suction noises on him as I moaned around his cock. His hand guided my head up and down on tuzla kendi evi olan escort his cock, and he muttered what a good slut I was, over and over again as my voracious mouth slid up and down his rock hard cock.

After several minutes of this, I felt him starting to get close to cumming, and as a result, he stopped my work, and told me to get naked. In a flash, I obeyed, eager to get his cock back into my mouth, and I knelt, naked and willing, looking up into his eyes with my mouth held wide open, waiting. I waited impatiently as he got naked himself, stripping off the many layers of his expensive suit until he stood before me, hands on his hips and gut protruding proudly in front of him, along with his half hard cock.

“You must be so glad to be sucking a real man’s dick aren’t you little girl?” He stated as a matter of fact. “Now lay down flat on your back and get ready to be fucked.”

In confusion, but too horny and confused to disobey, I laid myself down on my back, my legs open wide to display my pussy to him. I rubbed my clit and felt how incredibly wet I was, and moaned like a whore, as I prepared myself for him.

“Heh heh, good attitude,” he said, “but that’s not what I had in mind little one.”

I looked up at him, confused again, as he walked over to me, and mounted my chest. Screwing up his face slightly in preparation, he suddenly unleashed a massive wad of spit onto his own dick and my chest, with some of it splattering onto my face. Grabbing my hands, he showed me where I was to hold my tits together for him, as he slid his well lubricated cock between them. I moaned with delight as be began to fuck my tits, rocking his hips back and forth. I felt his cock pulsing as it buried itself over and over between my enormous mounds of soft flesh. I moaned with pleasure at this intense feeling, looking up and watching his face as he stared down into my eyes and called me a whore.

“You filthy fucking slut, you love this don’t you?” He asked.

“Oh yes, I love when you fuck my tits,” I replied earnestly as I stretched my tongue down to flick at the head of his cock as it protruded from between my tits at the end of each stroke.

“I know you do whore, you’re such a good little slut, begging me for my cock. But its time now for your face to get fucked good and proper.”

Without a further word of warning, he slid his body up higher so that he now straddled my face rather than my chest. I managed to gasp in a deep breath of air as he shoved his fat dick into my open mouth, and began to thrust. Leaning forward, he lowered his body so that he was now leaning on the edge of a seat in front of him, which allowed him to rock his hips back and forth with some leverage. In short order, I was gagging for air, as he began to pound my mouth remorselessly.

“Yeah eat that dick you fucking whore. This is all you’re good for, taking a big fat cock down your filthy whore throat.” he said.

Truth be told, his squat dick didn’t actually reach my throat, not that it seemed to affect my gag reflex, as I involuntarily convulsed regularly around his dick. With my arms trapped under his knees, there was nothing I could do to relieve the pressure that built as he dredged the back of my mouth, other than to let the saliva flow freely from my lips to prevent myself from drowning. Rivulets of spit flowed down my cheeks onto the floor of the limo as he fucked me, all while constantly maintaining his verbal assault. Despite my discomfort, I very quickly reached another small orgasm as he fucked on, largely as a result of his humiliating words. Feelingly my body quivering beneath him in the throes of orgasm, the tycoon redoubled his assault, on both my face and my ears.

“I knew you loved this you dirty little cocksucker. You just can’t get enough of this and you know it’s the only thing in life you’re good at. Take my cock you slut!”

Without explanation, he pulled his cock out of my mouth for the first time since he stopped fucking my tits. As I gasped and coughed for air, he swung his upper body around so that he now faced my glistening pussy, with his hard cock dangling sloppily over my mouth. Releasing my arms now, he plunged his cock back downwards, and at this awkward angle he completely filled my airway, as his balls mashed to cover my nostrils on every downstroke. Rather than use my hands to push against his weight, I slide them down and began to rub my wet clit, desperate for the massive orgasm I knew was overdue.

“That’s right slut, rub that tight little pussy of yours, let me smell it,” He commanded as he pummelled my mouth.

Luckily for my lungs, which were rapidly running desperately short of air, I felt his balls begin to tighten as he approached his own orgasm. I slowed the pace of my fingers on my clit, wanting desperately to wait until I tasted his cum to have my own earth-shattering orgasm. As I heard more and more of his deprecatory words turn into grunts and groans, I knew he was rapidly approaching the point of no return, and steeled myself to take the remainder of his pounding for my thick and juicy reward. To my surprise and disappointment, he suddenly ceased his humping motions, and sat up straight, straddling my head. With a view of his ass, I quickly found my mouth filled with ball-sack as he jerked himself off. I sucked and licked at his balls hungrily, and began to finger myself harder again, ready for him to finish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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