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The room was nearly completely dark save for the three candles at the head of the bathtub. Feeling ready to relax and completely oblivious to the presence of watchful eyes in her bathroom, she stripped off the trapping of her stressful day. She slowly tested the steaming water with her toe, then ever so slowly climbed in, emitting a moan as her skin turned pink and grew accustomed to the scalding water. For a moment, she tensed, holding perfectly still. She strained her ears, knowing she couldn’t have made the sound that echoed back to her ears. However, she soon convinced herself that it was her imagination, that her old Victorian house was playing tricks on her again. She settled down again, allowing her mind to travel to the far edges of consciousness.

She never made it to the bliss of oblivion, however. Strong hands pressed into her shoulders, rubbing the tenseness from them. She fancied that she was dreaming, and relaxed even more. Those mysterious hands gently rubbed her shoulders, then her neck, moving up to massage her temples.

She moaned into the darkness, still yet unaware that this was not a dream, and that there was a stranger lurking behind her. The hands left her head for a moment, lifting her hair away from her neck and to the side. She obliged this dream, tipping her head to the side. She awoke with a start when she felt hot lips burning into the side of her neck.

“Shhhh, please don’t yell” a disembodied voice said. Yell?? What would that do? Her nearest neighbors were nearly a mile away! And besides…. she realized that she was enjoying herself. She told herself that it was her boyfriend, come home early.

As she lay there, relaxing again into his embrace, his kisses gradually moved farther up and his hands, slowly down. He massaged her arms, then back up to her shoulders, the across the front of her neck. His hands tentatively moved lower, hesitating slightly; she hardly noticed. She arched her back, rising up slightly, and his hands slid lower across her chest. His hands were barely at the swell of her breast, but she wanted him, desperately, to hold them, to massage them as well. She never bragged, but they were big, 32D, and after working all day they sometimes hurt.

He obliged her, taking her left tit into his hand at the same time that he reached her ear. This lent more credence to her notion that it was her boyfriend. He knew how much she liked that. With the combination of the two, she was fast losing herself to the waves of passion. He gently pinched her nipple between forefinger and thumb, biting on her earlobe. He seemed to be weighing it in his hand, moving his hand all over it. His mouth moved lower at the same time that his hand began moving lower, more boldly than before, but still uncertain. She purred and sighed.

“God woman! How do you do that?” tuzla escort the Voice asked. At that moment, she knew. She knew that it wasn’t her boyfriend! HE never mentioned that specific noise. Here she was, all alone in this big house, with some stranger who was having his way with her! Another astonishing fact startled her even more: she didn’t care.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Anyone you want” he answered huskily. Then, to re-assert control, his hand moved lower, nearly to the small triangle of hair she left unshaved. She shivered with desire, and arched her back to try to force him to touch her there, but to no avail. He simply couldn’t reach that far without exposing himself to her. His mouth moved from her, as did his hand, now dripping with water. She moaned in disapproval. She heard a slight movement. One by one, the candles went out.

She knew that she should jump up and leave, to make it to the phone. She told herself that she would quickly turn around and lash out against this invader. Then, all hope of those thoughts left her as she felt him beside her, felt his hand resume its downward journey. She was further surprised when she felt a mouth pressing against hers. Her will screamed at her to make this stop, but her body had other plans. He reached over her and grabbed a handful of hair, crushing their lips together at the exact same time that he grazed her pussy for the first time.

She was fast losing control, and he knew it. He kissed down her neck, and then moved directly to her breast. At the same time he slipped a finger deep inside her, then began moving it around inside her. She grew heady with desire, moaning and moving against his ministrations. He inserted another finger and began using his thumb on her clit. She was now past the point of no return, she had to have him. She tried to get up, but he gently pushed her back, inserting yet another finger. She felt those similar feelings rising within her, and she settled back, letting the feelings take her over the edge.

“Oh god, Oh GOD!!! I’m cumming!!” she screamed at him, writhing against him. She felt like her body was exploding, she even momentarily lost consciousness after she was done. When she came back, his fingers were still in her, gently bring her down. He removed his fingers finally, grasping for her hand. She allowed him to help her up, and then dry her with a towel. She didn’t know what to expect, but she was enjoying herself. He pulled her towards her room, and then allowed him to lay her down. He stood back and began to get undressed. He left on his briefs and gave her a mischievous look. He then crawled between her legs and without wasting any time, dove his tongue into her moist folds. He guided his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, just missing her clit, then back down. He grabbed tuzla escort bayan her lips with his mouth and sucked, growling his approval. She was going crazy, she still hadn’t truly recovered from her last orgasm, and her flesh was still hyper sensitive. He dipped his tongue into her tight channel, swirling and driving it deeper. He then swept his tongue back up and captured her clit in his mouth. He secured the flesh with his teeth and began flicking his tongue across her clit. She felt it coming again, but this time he recognized the signs and stopped. He climbed up her body, sucking on her nipples again, and then kissed her fiercely on the mouth again. He ground his pelvis against hers, allowing her to feel his size against her naked pussy. He angled it just so that his head right against her clit, pushing almost painfully against it, then back down to her hole. She needed him badly, but he kept avoiding her hands, then finally grabbed her hands and kissed back down to her pussy.

He again assaulted her pussy with his tongue, driving deep inside her like a madman. He used his entire face on her this time, rubbing his nose against her clit while licking her fuck hole. She was writhing in his embrace, so close to cumming again. He pushed her as far as he dared without allowing her the luxury, then again crawled up her, this time paying attention to her breasts. He gripped one in one hand, squeezing it and bringing his mouth to capture her nipple yet again, while his other hand pinched her other nipple. He was driving his cock against her more urgently, and she could feel his precum through his briefs. She tried again to gain control of the situation, but again, to no avail. He sat back, then pulled the elastic band down far enough to allow his large hard-on to pop up, then rubbed it through her folds. She tried to impale herself on his cock, but he pulled back, just leaving the head inside her folds.

He knelt again between her legs, this time bringing his mouth directly to her clit. He gripped it and began lashing it with his tongue, and began sucking it into his mouth. He kinda squirted it in and out of his mouth, literally fucking her clit with his mouth! She began thrashing around uncontrollably, she was cumming again! She shrieked, screamed this time, she couldn’t contain herself. She brought her hands to her head, gripping him tightly, pulling his head deeper into her. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away and continued his ministrations, making her cum again and again.

Finally, drawing a ragged ounce of strength, she overpowered him, throwing him to the side. She impatiently ripped his briefs from him, and before he could stop her, she sat hard on his cock, taking his entire cock in one smooth motion. She just sat there for a moment, using her muscles on him, teasing him. escort tuzla It was by no means as much as he had her, but now SHE was in control. She rotated her hips, allowing her to feel his cock all around deep within her. She kneeled down and kissed him, pulling his head back to her breasts. As he began sucking on them, she began to ride his cock, pulling almost all the way out, and then slamming herself back down. She squeezed him hard with her pussy muscles, making him growl and bite her breasts. His hands found her ass and helped her move faster on his cock, harder. She was losing herself again, but this time he was going to have to wait. Just as she felt him growing tense, and with superhuman effort, she withdrew from him. She slipped down his body, kissing him hard on the lips, and then biting his neck hard. She grabbed his cock with her hands and sucked his nipple in her mouth. She felt rather than heard his growl, and she bit it. She ran her nails down his ribcage, scratching him hard.

As he pulled in his breath, she squeezed his cock with her other hand, then started jacking him off. Every time that he started getting close, she stopped. She teased him as he had her, but had yet to taste him. She had to taste him! Finally, she allowed him the privilege, and sucked hard on the head of his cock. He moaned and buried his hands in her hair. She was loving every bit of it. This was her turn! However, he would not leave well enough alone. He pulled her body around with power that surprised her. Before she knew it, she was straddling his face, pulling her pussy back to his now familiar mouth. It seemed as if they were in a race to see who could make whom cum first. She was using every trick she knew to her, sucking hard on just the head of his cock as she jacked him off; he was focusing on her clit, squirting it between his lips and lashing it with his tongue. They came together, screaming and grabbing for any body part available to them.

She was the first to recover, and again began jacking him off as she turned around to face him again. He was soon hard, sooner than she thought, and she quickly put him inside of her. She rode him fast and hard, panting in the effort. He was helping her, with his hands on her ass. Then he stopped her movements, pulling her up slightly. He then began to hammer into her, using the mattress to gain momentum and depth. The faster he went, the deeper that her went. She could not contain herself, she was screaming again, cumming over and over on his steel rod. Finally, amidst much groaning and screaming, biting and clawing, she felt him cumming inside her! She came harder than ever before, she came so hard she was weeping.

At last, they stopped moving. The room smelled strongly with the scent of sex. She could feel him shrink inside of her, completely spent. She rolled off him, exhausted. He caressed her face with his hands, kissing her gently. His lips were puffy, and she realized that hers were also. Finally, she reached over to the nightstand and turned on the light. She turned back slowly and gasped! It was ME.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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