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I woke up around noon with a splitting headache and no recollection of what I did before I fell asleep last night. I rubbed my eyes and stared up at the ceiling for a moment, almost wanting to fall back asleep but I knew with this headache I wouldn’t be able to relax much. I noticed I was naked from the waist down, and my cock was standing straight up towards the ceiling. I debated on either jerking off or going to have a shower while I felt around for my phone, which ended up being underneath me on the bed. Suddenly I remembered last night and how I was texting Lauren when I got home, but I must have fallen asleep because I don’t remember much else after that.

I picked up my phone and tried to focus on the screen. I noticed two text notifications, one from Lauren and one from aunt Laura. I asked myself why aunt Laura would have texted me so late last night, but I tapped on Lauren’s notification first. She had sent me a few more texts after our last exchange which concluded with her saying she missed me and hoped I had a good night. That made me smile and I quickly typed a reply.

“Hey babe, I’m really sorry about last night. I must have passed out as soon as I hit the bed. I miss you too, let’s do something today.” I hit send.

As I re-read the messages she sent last night, I started to recall that I was naked from the waist down because I was attempting to send her a dick pic. I didn’t see it in our text history, but I could have sworn I sent it.

“What the hell, did I dream that?” I thought to myself.

I switched to the photos app and lo and behold my dick pic was there. I sat there for a second, half admiring the picture I took and half wondering what the heck happened. I did recall having to wake myself up a few times before I tapped her name. But then it hit me like a punch to the gut. I had a text notification from aunt Laura from around the time I must have dozed off. Surely I couldn’t have sent it to her instead, right? Their names did start with the same four letters so they were right next to each other in my contacts, and in the state I was in last night its possible I could have accidentally sent it to the wrong person. I immediately felt like I was going to be sick, partly from my hangover and partly from all the information that just entered my head. I picked up my phone again and went to my texts. I saw that Lauren hadn’t replied yet, but what I did see was the reply preview that aunt Laura sent.

“… oh my god, Matt!” it read.

I just about threw my phone at the wall in an attempt to somehow destroy the evidence of what I did. Not like it would magically unsend and delete it from aunt Laura’s memory though. Plus I couldn’t exactly afford a new phone at the moment. I just stared at the text preview for what seemed like an hour before actually tapping on it to open it. The first thing I saw was exactly what I feared, the picture of my shiny wet cock in my hand that was meant for Lauren. I didn’t even know how to begin explaining myself. I almost wanted to lie and make up a story about how my friends pranked me by sending out random dick pics to people on my phone. I chose to just live up to it.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry aunt Laura I didn’t mean to send that to you. I was really drunk and half asleep last night and I accidentally sent it to you instead of someone else. Please don’t be upset.” I nervously typed with shaking fingers. I hit send.

I checked the time of her reply and it was about five minutes after the picture sent. All these thoughts started going through my head, like if she was alone when she saw it or did someone else see? Did she tell uncle Mike? Did she tell my parents? My stomach was doing flips. The entire time my cock was still rock hard, and what I thought of next might have been the reason.

“She replied a few minutes after I sent the picture and not right away.” I thought to myself. “Could she have been looking at it for a while before she replied? Did she like it?”

More thoughts went through my head, but instead of scary scenarios of me getting alienated by everyone I knew, these were now perverted thoughts. These were thoughts of aunt Laura admiring my picture and even getting turned on by it. Perhaps her reply of “oh my god” was because she was pleased with what she saw. I was sent back to my youth when I had a crush on aunt Laura and her amazing tits. My cock leaked a bit of precum and started to slowly ooze out toward the bedsheet. I caught it and rubbed it along my cock and thought about various scenarios with aunt Laura for a minute before I realized how insane I was being. Obviously she wouldn’t be interested, that would be extremely weird and awkward for both of us. I was probably just really in need of relief, so I started slowly stroking again and closed my eyes.

My mind wandered but always went back to aunt Laura. I imagined her sitting by the pool with her low cut top and I was standing in front of her, cock out and glistening after just being in the water. She stared at it while I inched closer and closer. It pointed straight at her face as she looked up and smiled at tuzla escort me as she let it slowly enter her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down a few times before pulling it out of her mouth with a pop. She grabbed hold of it and aimed it lower, now aiming at her big tits. She started jacking me off and just before I unloaded on her chest, my dream was interrupted by a buzz on the bed beside me. I opened my eyes and looked at the screen. Two texts from aunt Laura.

“Oh god, here we go.” I thought. Either I would be getting in a ton of trouble or she would believe my story and be cool with it. I started getting anxious as I tapped her notification.

“LOL wow, well I hope so.” her first text said.

“Don’t worry I totally understand. You kids and your weird new ways of interacting! Just be careful where you aim that thing ;)” her second text said.

I was immediately overcome with relief and let out a sigh. If anything I could reply with a witty remark and it will just become a joke between us. But what stuck with me was the last sentence of her text. She was talking about my cock and even included a winky face. I started feeling warm and got butterflies in my stomach. The thought of her actually enjoying the picture returned to my head. Before I knew what I was doing I was typing a reply.

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises. Sometimes it has a mind if it’s own.” I hit send. I wanted to stay on the topic of my cock and hoped she would take the bait and keep it going. If not, I guess it would end it then and there. I saw that she was typing a response.

“Oh, is that so? Does it do any tricks?”

If my heart skipped one beat, then it probably skipped five. I couldn’t believe she was this invested in my perverted fantasy scenario. I laid back on the bed and began typing a response.

“Yeah tons!” I looked down and saw my cock sticking straight up towards the ceiling. “It can stand up all by itself and even wave to people.” I hit send. I then thought of something to add on.

“You can play ring toss on it, and it won’t get tired.” I hit send again, and then immediately thought that I should have worded that differently so it didn’t look like I was emplying that she could play ring toss on it, as much as I may have liked the idea.

“Oh wow, that is one talented tool you have.”

I was started to like that she was specifically addressing my cock, basically acknowledging it in every text.

“Wait how does it wave, does it have little hands LOL!”

I exhaled sharply out of my nose and chuckled. What I meant was if I flexed my cock I could make it bounce up and down, but I wasn’t sure how many details she wanted to hear which is why I stuck to the silly replies up until now.

“Well no… I meant I can wave to you with it.” This time I meant to say ‘you.’ Send.

Her reply took a while this time, almost long enough to make me worry that she was aware of how far we’ve gone with our conversation. I was about to send another text when hers came in.

“Oh so it seems friendly then.” she said. I had hoped for a more lengthy reply.

“Yes very friendly.” I sent.

I typed a follow up text. “Do you want to see how friendly?”

My heart was racing and I started to rethink about that last line but decided to send it anyway. I was in a whole other world with this new fascination with my aunt and I wanted to see how far she’d let this go.

“How are you going to show me?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if that was an invitation or if she had already forgotten that you could send picture messages and was literally asking how it would be possible for it to even happen.

I was shaking with a mixture of nervousness and horniness at this point. Was I about to take a picture specifically for my aunt? Would she still be cool with it or will she think I’ve been going too far this whole time?

“Well I can send you a-” I stopped typing. Instead of typing picture, I put ‘-video.’ I hit send. At this point I threw out all the stops. I wanted to cum so badly and if my aunt was unknowingly about to help me do it I was sure going to try. I preemptively opened up the camera app and switched to video. I began stroking my cock, wanting it to be at maximum hardness so as to impress aunt Laura to the fullest. I recorded a ten second video, the first few seconds was me stroking my cock slowly, and then I did my “wave” trick a few times which caused it to bounce up, slap flat on my stomach, and then back to standing straight up. Her text came in a moment later.

“Hmmmmm, well I’m about to take a shower so maybe later hun ;).”

I was immediately filled with sorrow. I wanted nothing more than to flash my aunt at least once more before I blew my load. But then I felt another opportunity arise.

“A shower? Did you get all hot and bothered from talking to me? Or was it from the picture?” I hit send. I wondered if she kept going back to look at it.

“LOL, how could you tell?” she replied, probably being sarcastic but I was going to go with it.

“Well probably pendik escort because I feel that way too aunt Laura.” I’m not sure why I had to include her name, maybe to reinforce the sexual tension I was feeling. I hit send after a few moments just to build the suspense.

Her next reply didn’t come for another twenty minutes. After the first five minutes had passed I assumed I took too long with my reply and she got into the shower. I wanted to send the video I made as a surprise for her to see once she was finished, but then I had the thought of someone else like uncle Mike or one of my younger cousins seeing her phone before she got to it. I figured I’d take a shower too since that was going to be my original plan when I got out of bed anyways. Before I did, I double checked to see if I got any texts from Lauren but still no response. I’d come to find out later she didn’t bring her phone charger to the hotel and her phone died, so she had to use one of her friends’ chargers after it made its way around to all the other girls who also forgot to bring theirs.

I had to fight the urge of masturbating in the shower because I was still so invested in my chat with aunt Laura and I wanted to see how far I could get with her. Not to mention I didn’t really like doing it in the shower. I couldn’t concentrate while trying to keep my balance and much preferred to sit or lay on my back in bed.

I finished up in the bathroom and made my way back to my room. While I was in the hallway I noticed how quiet it was in the house for a Saturday. I looked over the banister which opened up into the foyer of the house and tried to listen for anything, but figured mom and dad probably went out shopping or something.

I found my phone with a few notifications waiting for me. One was from Chris, who wanted to make plans in the next few days. I had totally forgotten about the fact we spoke about that the night before at his place. I sent him a reply and opened the next message. It was from mom asking if I was up and if I needed anything while they were out. I couldn’t think of anything at the moment so I simply replied with a “no thanks”. The last one was from aunt Laura. My stomach started fluttering again.

“Is that so? I wonder why ;)”

She was killing me with the winky faces. I wanted to reply with something along the lines of how I imagined plunging my cock between her tits while she wore that revealing top that gave me full access of her cleavage. I decided to use a more subtle response.

“Oh I’m sure we will figure it out. So how was your shower? Anything interesting happen?” I hit send and put my phone down on my desk.

I was drying off for a fee moments when I heard the loud vibration my phone made on the glass top of my desk. I picked it up.

“Really nice. We installed a new shower that sprays you from three different angles and it is slowly becoming my favorite thing in the house!”

My perverted mind automatically went to thoughts of me spraying her face and tits with my cum while she was enjoying herself with one of the shower heads pointed at her pussy. I wonder if she meant for it to sound that sexual or she said it that way obliviously.

“Oh well it sounds like I wasn’t the only one who was feeling hot and bothered.” I said, hoping she would reply in the affirmative.

“LOL I just realized what I said and figured you’d reply with something like that. Give me a minute to dry my hair!”

At this point I was wondering if she was still naked or dressed by now. I wasn’t going to wait long to find out.

“Do you still have the picture I sent?” I quickly asked before she had time to put her phone down.

“Yeah it’s still there.” she answered.

“I was just thinking… what did you think of it?” Send. I kind of hoped she went back every so often to look at it again.

“LOL! I’m not sure how I’m supposed to answer that.” she replied.

“It’s pretty nice… looks like it needs two hands ;)” her second text said. I couldn’t tell if she was just entertaining me or if she actually liked it.

My heart felt like it was beating in my throat as I typed. “You would definitely need two hands.” I sent. I was hoping she got the message I was specifically saying she herself would need two hands. “But so far I haven’t gotten any complaints.” I sent right after.

I didn’t wait for her to reply before typing my next message.

“So you got to see me but I think it would only be fair I get to see something too, right?” I was getting hot again, almost to the point of having heartburn. I was hoping she saw the text before she put her phone down to get dressed.

“Jeez Matt, did something wake up inside you suddenly? I didn’t know you had this side of you!”

I wasn’t sure how to reply to that and before I had the chance to start a response she sent another one.

“What exactly are you hoping to see?” she asked.

All these ideas came flooding to mind. Should I ask her to get back in the shower and use her shower heads on herself? What about a picture of her tits? A video aydınlı escort of her rubbing herself? My mind was racing a mile a minute, creating a never ending list of things I wanted to see aunt Laura do. I almost didn’t notice another text come in.

It was a body photo of aunt Laura which started at the bottom of her face, with her lips curled in an evil sexy smirk. The photo went down just a couple inches past her bellybutton but not low enough to see her pussy. With the exception of her arm and hand covering the good parts of her massive tits, she was completely naked. I just about fainted. Her body was incredible, still in amazing shape just as I remembered and those tits were still like heaven. I think I fell in love with them all over again right then and there. My cock sprang to life and I probably could have blown my load without even touching myself. I couldn’t get enough of this picture and I was about to comment when her next text came in.

“Does that work? ;)” she asked with that wink again.

I wasn’t sure how to reply without sounding like a desperate creep. She was perfect and the picture was perfect, but there was one one thing I could think of that would make it even better. I had to see her bare tits in all their glory.

“Holy shit, you are absolutely stunning aunt Laura. Your boobs look just as amazing as I remember!” I hit send without even thinking what I just typed. They look just as amazing as I remember? She doesn’t exactly know that I used to check out her rack when I was younger. Great, did I just fuck up any more chances I had with aunt Laura?

“LOL I’m glad you like them. I’ve been trying to stay in shape, what with being a personal trainer and all.”

Phew, she didn’t say anything about my slip up. Or so I thought until her next message came in.

“So am I right in assuming you would check out my boobs when you used to stay over back in the day? I always suspected something but I wasn’t sure!”

Shit! Even without my slip up she knew I was oogling her tits back then.??”Guilty! Now I guess you know where my current mood stems from huh?” I smiled as I hit send.

“LOL, well I’m flattered Matt. It makes me feel young again to be looked at in that way by someone your age.”

“What! You are only ten years older than I am, and I’m only 26! Either way you will probably look amazing forever.”

Her next text took a few minutes longer than the previous ones did to come in.

“Well thank you. I really mean it! Your uncle hasn’t been showing me much attention lately because of work so it’s nice to get some appreciation from someone.” she replied. I assumed the she debated on sharing that information which is why it took her a moment longer to send.

“Well… I could give you more compliments if you wanted to show a bit more.” I said, heart racing again. I was basically asking my aunt for nudes at this point and wasn’t sure if I ruined the mood or not.

“I still have that video for you, too. Just sayin.” I followed up my previous text.

“Well I do love compliments.” she sent just as I hit send.

I could see she started typing and then stopped. She didn’t reply for a while and I was worried she thought maybe we had taken it too far and decided to stop. I opened up her picture again and imagined everything I wanted to do to her when her next text came in a few minutes later.

“Hmmmm, I don’t want you accidentally sending this to someone like last night, got it?”

Her next message came in before I had a chance to reply. There was a video attachment this time. I took a deep breath and played it.

The video started and at first it was just a closeup of her tummy before she took a step back. The framing was the same as the photo she sent earlier except instead of holding the phone, she had it propped up against something so she could use both of her hands. There was faint music playing in the background. She was still naked, but this time she held her tits with her hands covering her nipples. She kinda danced in place a bit, trying to be sexy I’m guessing, but she didn’t have to try very hard to begin with. She turned around and placed her hands up on the wall like she was being frisked, and then shook her bare ass at the camera a few times. I could see the sides of her tits peeking out from being squishing against the wall. She slowly turned to face the camera again but not before covering her massive tits with her hands, shaking them up and down and kneading them around a bit. She then slowly started raising her hands up and then let go, causing her tits to fall and bounce back to their natural position. Her nipples were rock hard so I could tell she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. God those tits were to die for, I thought. She leaned forward a bit and rocked back and forth, making her huge tits bounce and sway almost like she was getting fucked from behind. I could only see the lower part of her face and she had her mouth slightly open, almost like she wanted to let out a moan. She gave her nipples a few quick pinches before scooping up her whole left tit and bringing it up to her mouth, flicking her tongue over her nipple before sucking it into her mouth for a few seconds. She kept her right hand busy by squeezing her other nipple. She gave her tits a few more playful squeezes and then reached forward to stop the video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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