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George Lewis was an older gentleman. He was single and never married. People asked him from time-to-time why he never married. George traveled a lot and basically could not commit to one woman.

When he traveled, he would get massages that would finish off with a “happy ending.” Asian massage parlors would offer premium services. George found younger women would giggle and hold the penis so tight that it hurt and was not pleasurable. George liked the older women who took their jobs seriously. They smiled and knew if they did a good job, the customers would give a large tip.

George always got an erection when they massaged his body. The women always were in awe of his cock. They rubbed his cock up and down and held and massaged his warm balls. The women were impressed when he came. When George came, it was almost like you were watching fireworks. The cum that he released often would squirt high in the air. The women often were disgusted by the amount of cum he released. On certain occasions, some would want to please him orally for a larger tip.


When George was out of the country, he came across an unusual strip club. First off, they had a typical bar that served alcoholic drinks. In another room they had a “milk bar.” In this room, women already had their children and were in the breast-feeding stage. You know when you go to a horse track and the horses are lined up in a starting gate? It was kind of like that.

Women were on their knees and their breasts hung down and you could milk their breasts and drink their milk. There were several women who all were different ethnicities. The place where the women kneeled were comfortable and the women seemed to enjoy having men milk them like cows.

It seemed to be the highlight of this interesting club. George looked around to see what other interesting things this club had to offer. In the main part of the establishment was a dance floor with stripper the usual stripper poles.

All the women were beautiful and were pregnant. This place was very unusual and interesting. The woman started out in bras and panties but by the end they were just nude. The pole was mostly used just to twirl around. Since they were pregnant, they did not hang upside down or anything like that.

The clientele was interesting. Mostly men but a few women too. The clients mostly drank champagne while the women danced to music. They held their breasts a lot and rubbed at their expanding bellies. Most of the women were far along in their pregnancies.

George watched the women karabağlar escort strip and gave them money. George loved women but the bonus was they were pregnant. He found women who were pregnant were beautiful. He found his cock was getting stiff in his pants. He would arrange for a lap dance. He wanted to play with their breasts and would find out if they would like to screw for a bigger tip. He would do that first and finish the night off drinking milk from some of the ladies in the “milk bar.” George watched all the dancers dance and walked over to the bartender to find out about getting a lap dance.


George ordered a drink and asked the bartender about lap dances.

“How do we go about getting a lap dance?”

“After the show, the women have drinks with the customers. You can ask them then.”

“Great. This is a neat place.”

“It sure is. Make sure to go into the “Milk Bar.” The owner is a fetish guy. You can even buy breast milk for a souvenir.”

“I’ll definitely check that out. The women all look scrumptious.”

“Make sure to taste the chocolate milk. The “milk ladies” will also fuck, so make sure to pick a nice lady for that.”

“I plan to try them all. I never sucked on a women’s milk-filled breast.”

“Have a great time. Enjoy yourself!”

George took his drink and continued watching the girls dancing on the stage. He was horny as hell and was up for a hot dance. George wanted a “milk girl” to drink and to fuck. The women danced in sets and for the finale, they all came out and danced. There were eight dancers who were all pregnant and hot.

When the show was over, the girls went in the dressing room and put on their lap dance outfits. The also wore a silk robe and approached the customers. The women drank juice or water while flirting with the clients.

George had his eye on a pretty blonde. She was incredibly gorgeous. She was the one he wanted a dance and a fuck from. She eventually came over to George and sat down.

“Can I buy you a water?”


“I’m George who might you be?”

“Holly. It’s nice to meet you.”

“This is an interesting place? How did you get interested in it?”

“I am a stripper and I heard about it from a friend. When your pregnant your unemployed. Nobody hires pregnant dancers. After you have the kid, you sign up to be a “Milk Girl.” While your nursing you can work too. We just make sure to pump for our babies first and when we work, we give our milk to the customers.”

“You karşıyaka escort certainly are sexy. Do you do lap dances? I’d love to hire you.”

“Sure. Follow me to the lap dance room. You can have a lap dance there. You can pay there too.”

“Let’s go.”

George followed Holly and she took him to another room. The place was gigantic and had all different floors and rooms. This was a large room where there were seats and other guests were there too.

“You can pay over there and take a seat. I’ll go get ready.”


George paid for a lap dance. They were a hundred dollars. He would give her a nice tip and then go to the “Milk” bar where he would drink and fuck a lady or two.

George sat down and after awhile Holly returned. She wore a bra and panties and sat in George’s lap. She danced in his lap and took off her bra. George enjoyed watching her play with her breasts and dance in his lap. He was getting stiffer by the minute. Holly pushed her tits in George’s face and rocked in his lap. She felt his hardness in his pants. Her body felt amazing in his lap. He wanted to fuck her but knew the pregnant ladies were not the girls who fucked.

He enjoyed her tits and ass and enjoyed how hard she made him. After a bit, the dance was over. George was ready to go to the milk room. He walked inside the milk bar and read the menu. The menu offered all the services that could be performed.

George decided on a sampler package. It was five hundred to taste all the milk. If he wanted to have sex that was extra. George wanted to have sex and paid for that service as well. That was an additional five hundred dollars. George paid on his credit card. He used that card for any sexual things he came across.

George walked around and went down the line to taste all the milk. He started off with Joanie she was a white girl. She had huge jugs and George got on his back on a couch. The women’s breasts hung down and you just started to suck them like udders on a cow. George pulled at her breast and drank the warm milk that trickled from her breast.

This made George extremely excited and he drank some from her left tit and then from her right tit. When he was done, he moved down to the black-haired girl who was Asian. He did the same thing and drank her milk from each of her tits. The women all moaned while they were getting milked. George found it incredibly erotic.

He wondered if their pussies creamed up while the people drank from their tits. kemalpaşa escort He loved the Asian woman. Her milk tasted spicy. When he was done, he moved down to the African American woman. She was beautiful and her milk did indeed taste sweeter than the rest. Her milk was smooth like chocolate. Her breasts were heaving, and her milk came down like a running faucet. George wanted to fuck her and handed her a ticket. She knew that he was a customer who wanted sex.

When he was done, he moved to the next stall and tasted their milk. There were two white women, two Asians and two black women. After the tastings were done, the black girl got out of her stall and walked near George.

“Come with me. Will go to the rooms now. “


George followed the black woman. She was young maybe in her early twenties. She was sexy as hell. George was ready to have a blow job and to fuck her brains out. He was full and wanted sex.

“My name is Ambrosia. Who might you be?”

“George is the name.”

“Nice to meet you George. You want a blow job and sex.”

“That would be great.”

Ambrosia undressed George and took off her clothes. She pushed George onto the bed and worked her hand up and down on his cock. His cock sprang right up, and she went to work. She opened her mouth and bobbed up and down sucking his cock. George moaned and groaned while Ambrosia gave him head.

She stuffed his warm balls into her mouth and continued to pleasure him with her mouth. When his cock was hot and throbbing, she climbed on top of him and rocked her pussy up and down on his cock.

“Oh God, you’re so hot and sexy.”

She moved and grooved on his cock. She played with her breasts which George loved. He sat up and drank again from her nipple. Her milk trickled out and came out again in full strength. George drank it all down while they fucked on the bed.

“I’d like to take you from behind.”


Ambrosia got on her hands and knees and George pulled her close to him. He pushed his cock up into the dark beauty and held her hips tight while he fucked her deep and hard. Her big jugs hung dripping her milk while he fucked her hard and fast. He felt great finally being able to push his dick hard inside her wet cunt.

“Don’t come inside, I’ll suck you off and can come down my throat.”

George pulled out of the dark beauty got on her knees and opened her mouth. He blasted his cum down her throat. She choked because she could not believe all the cum coming from his dick.

“Wow! That was a lot of cum!”

“I guess I’m blessed.”


After it was over, she got dressed and left. George felt great. He got dressed and went to the bar for a drink. He had a great time and left to go back to his hotel. He would go back when he visited again. This place was definitely a fantasy come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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