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Beach Sex

At least this Challenges in Health Care workshop wasn’t boring. And, the meeting was at the very nice Adolphus Hotel, in Dallas.

After a few hours of lecture, everyone was divided into pairs for ‘practical’ exercises…and it was actually fun! There were about four dozen attendees from all over the country. One person played the ‘patient’ and the other was the ‘caregiver’. They had to pick a total of three cards from a fishbowl. Each card would have a disability, condition, injury or special circumstance on it. The ‘patient’ had to pick one card from the disability/condition bowl, and act it out. The ‘caregiver’ had to pick two cards from the injury/condition bowl, and ‘treat’ or ‘assist’ the patient with whatever the cards dictated.

It was 11:45. The workshop leader announced that whatever the next cards were drawn, the ‘patient’ had to act them out until we returned from lunch, and the ‘caregiver’ had to ‘assist’ the ‘patient’ during the whole lunch break.

It was David’s turn to be the patient. He went up to the fishbowl the instructor was holding, and swirled his hand through the cards, and selected one. ‘Blindness’ it read. O….K….he could do blindness, he told himself.

Next, his partner for the workshop, Karen, went up and dove her hand into the fishbowl that contained cards with conditions on them. ‘Second degree burn, left hand’ was the first one she drew. She reached again, digging through the cards with her fingers, and pulled out a second card. ‘Broken thumb, index, and 4th and 5th fingers, right hand’. O….K… She knew how to bandage a burned hand. And she knew how to splint broken fingers. She could do this fairly easily.

One by one, people went and took cards from the fishbowl.

Then, at the instructor’s cue, they began to treat the injuries and assume the conditions they had to act out. Tables held gauze, tape, scissors, splints, braces, and a variety of first-aid supplies.

As each team began the role-play, the instructor reminded the room that they had to play it out all the way through the lunch break. Some giggles and a few good-natured groans went through the group. “Treat your patients, and care for them during the break. Everyone be back here by 1:30. And, no matter what, stay in character. The point of this exercise is to experience these situations and challenges from the perspective of real patients and real care-givers,” the instructor said emphatically, then left the platform.

David found a chair, and closed his eyes to simulate blindness, while Karen went to the supplies table to get what she needed to treat his hands. Gauze pads, rolls of gauze, tape, and finger splints.

David and Karen had sort of known one another before the workshop, but never actually met, in person. They had first met over the phone, while discussing patients their clinics had in common. Over a period of months, they had gotten acquainted, and, in addition to the business of e-mailing or faxing patient records, they had also begun to talk about personal things. His wife had become an invalid because of bad health. Her husband had lost all interest in her, sexually – one of the double-income-no-sex marriages that have become common. Once in a while, David and Karen would forward a bawdy joke to one another via e-mail.

It was actually a coincidence that they were attending the same workshop. But when the found out, they had e-mailed a picture of themselves to each other. David had a distinctive gray beard; Karen had inviting eyes and a warm smile. She spotted him first. As she approached him, they read one another’s name badges, and were delighted to finally meet in person. They exchanged a friendly hug. Naturally, when the practical morning exercises began, David and Karen decided to be partners.

He sat in the darkness of his closed eyes. Listening. Soon he heard her voice as she returned with a handful of first-aid supplies. “Why are your eyes closed?” she asked. “I got the ‘blind’ card,” he answered. “Oh no,” she playfully shrieked. “What are my injuries supposed to be?” “They sound pretty painful. Left hand, second-degree burns; thumb and 2nd, 4th and 5th fingers broken on your right hand,” Karen replied.

“Oh, great” David said sarcastically. “What’s wrong? Karen asked. “Umm…Karen…this means that you’re going to have to feed during lunch. Remember, we have to play this scenario out through lunch.” Karen giggled as she remembered the instructions. “Yep, you’ll have to completely depend on me for everything during the break. I’ll get to lead you around, and feed you for the next 90 minutes. It’ll be fun, David. Now hold out your left hand so I can bandage it.”

David sat patiently as Karen bandaged his left hand. She wrapped it with so much gauze that he felt like he was wearing a thick mitten. As he sat there, eyes closed, he noticed the sounds of her breathing, the rustling of the fabric of her blouse and skirt, and her scent. She was a very attractive full-figured woman, with short hair, a special sparkle in her eyes, and a melodic voice. He was thrilled by this opportunity to meet her in person. matadorbet They had developed a long-distance friendship. It was always nice to meet an acquaintance at an out-of-town workshop – even if, in this case, they had never really met in person before. Karen was an incredibly sensual woman, and David was looking forward to spending time with her during the break. David noticed that there were fewer and fewer voices still in the meeting room, as people left to go to lunch.

The course instructor walked by, asking how things were going. After reading the cards that had been randomly selected, the instructor walked away, then returned with a blindfold – one of those sleep masks. “Put a cotton ball over each eye, and put this on him, so he’ll be completely blind. It will remove his temptation to open his eyes” Karen obliged, and fitted the blindfold snugly. David was in complete darkness.

As Karen bent the soft metal splints to conform to David’s fingers, she noticed the strength in his hands and the slenderness of his fingers. His shoulders were broad, and his skin was tan from being outdoors. She noticed that there were no calluses on the hands of this doctor, because David didn’t do manual labor. As she taped the splints in place, making it impossible for him to use his thumb, index and last two fingers, she looked him over thoroughly. His eyes were totally covered, and she knew he couldn’t see her scrutinize his all of his features. She had rendered both his hands virtually useless, and his feigned blindness compounded the attention she would need to give him during the break. It would be fun, she thought, to have to lead him around the halls of the posh hotel, and feed him lunch.

“All finished,” Karen declared. “Ready to go for lunch?”

David stood up, visionless. His left hand was wrapped in a half-mile of gauze, and he had splints taped to the thumb and fingers of his right. The next 90 minutes would be quite an adventure, he thought.

As Karen took him by the elbow, she began to lead him from the meeting room into the hallway. At first, his steps were very cautious. Walking blind in a strange environment required him to completely trust Karen for his safety. She guided him with her arm and her voice, helping him avoid chairs and tables, leading in through the doorway and out into the hall. He felt incredibly awkward and helpless. Down the hallway, and into an elevator she led him, taking them two floors downward, to one of the hotel restaurants. As she steered him along, they enjoyed pleasant conversation and banter. They joked about his ‘blindness’ and ‘helplessness’, and discussed what he might want for lunch. As they walked along, he relaxed, trusting her to care for all his needs.

The hostess seated them in the restaurant. She sympathetically asked about David’s hands and the mask over his eyes. Karen explained that this was an assignment for a workshop they were attending. As they threaded their way toward a table, the many smells and sounds of the restaurant seemed more vivid to David, as he walked in darkness

It was awkward to sit down, but with Karen’s help, he managed. He pressed his wrists against the sides of the chair, to help scoot it forward to the table. By the time the waitress arrived at the table, the two of them had decided that neither of them were very hungry, so they ordered a turkey sandwich to split between them. After the waitress poured the water, and took their order, Karen announced that she needed to go to the restroom. David jokingly promised that he wouldn’t wander off while she was gone.

While he was alone waiting for the waitress and Karen to return, David remembered that he, too, needed to use the restroom. He had intended to go before the last exercise began, but postponed it, thinking he’d wait until the lunch break. Now his bladder was reminding him. Well, he’d just have to wait…but how much longer? He heard Karen return, shortly followed by the waitress.

Amid much giggling, Karen fed David his half of the sandwich. They were having so much fun, that he completely forgot about feeling helpless, and being self-conscious, knowing must be staring in their direction. She wiped his mouth between bites. French-fries were the easiest to feed him. A few times, she deliberately teased him, pulling the French-fry back before he could bite a piece of it off. She helped him sip water, which dribbled down his chin a couple of times. Being a nearly helpless invalid during the break was quite an enlightening experience, but both of them enjoyed the novelty of the role-play. They flirted with one another as they shared a little coffee after the meal.

Karen unwrapped a mint and popped it into David’s mouth. She let her finger linger a few seconds in his mouth, and he kissed it.

“Hey, Karen, let me pay for lunch. Since I can’t sign my name, you’ll have to get some cash out of my right-hand pocket.” She didn’t argue. He stood up, stepping away from the chair. Then she moved behind him, and slid her hand into his right pocket, feeling his muscular thigh under matadorbet giriş her fingers, until she found the folded cash. He tingled slightly at the feeling of her hand on his thigh, and the sensation of her standing close to him. She unfolded some bills, left a tip, and then the couple made their way to the register to pay. Karen slipped the change back into his pocket, once again enjoying the feel of his firm thigh muscles. As she stuffed the bills into the bottom of his pocket, she let her hand linger just a second or two, before she withdrew it.

As they left the restaurant, Karen led him toward a small parlor down the hallway that she had noticed. When the had passed it, she noticed a stunning brocade sofa and matching wingback chairs. “There’s a cozy-looking parlor jus down the hall; let’s go sit and talk,” Karen recommended.

Feeling the pressure build in his bladder, David asked her what time it was. “Oh, we still have 45 minutes until we have to be back.”

“Umm…Karen…I…umm…I need to go to the men’s room. You’re going to have to unwrap my hands so I can go to the restroom.”

“Nope, can’t do it” she replied. “You know the rules.”

“Well, yeah, I know the rules…but…I really should have gone before you bandaged my hands. And I really need to find to the restroom. So undo my hands.”

“Nope, no way! If you need to use the restroom, I’ll take you,” Karen teased.

“Well…that does sound inviting,” David teased back, “but, come on, Karen. I’m going to pee my pants before 45 minutes is up. Undo my hands…please.”

Karen changed directions, and led David back toward the direction of restaurant. “Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to the men’s room.”

“Karen! You can’t take me to the restroom! I have to pee, and I need my hands for that.”

“No you don’t. I’m going to help you. I’m your caregiver, remember.”

David’s face flushed, and he felt his heartbeat accelerate. The thought of Karen’s suggestion aroused him, and he felt his cock swell just a little. He obediently walked along as she led him, as erotic images began to flood his mind.

“I noticed restrooms just down the hall, and there aren’t any meetings going on in that wing, so we’ll go down this way.” Karen continued to lead him, feeling her own skin flush, and noticing a little warmth and wetness between her legs as she imagined herself unzipping David’s fly, and exposing him. “We’re almost there,” she said, her voice sounding sultrier.

As she pushed open the door of the restroom, David noticed the faint smell of disinfectant. Stepping into the restroom, both their hearts were racing. This was a small men’s room in a seldom-used part of the hotel. Only one urinal, one sink, and one toilet.

“Karen,” David said with a hint of hoarseness in his voice, “are you sure you want to do this?” He hoped she did. “I’m completely sure,” Karen purred, as she led him toward the urinal.

“There’s ice in it! David, there’s crushed ice in it!”

Smiling broadly, David replied, “Yeah, it’s an old custom at the Adolphus…they put crushed ice in the urinals. I think it’s an old tradition from the days before air conditioning.”

He felt her fumbling for his zipper. His pulse pounded in his head. Between the urgency of needing to pee, and the feeling of her unzipping his trousers, he was semi-erect.

Karen continued to pull the zipper down its full length. With faintly trembling fingers, she reached into his slacks, and found the opening of his satin boxer shorts. Her fingertips brushed against his curly pubic hair, then felt lower, finding the warm place where his cock met his body. She searched lower, feeling the thickness of his thick member as she did. A faint moan of pleasure came from his throat as she pulled his cock free of the confines of his boxers and into the cool room air. Next, she reached back in and lifted his balls out, too. She admired him, noticing that his balls and cock were hairless.

“Don’t pee yet,” she said barely above a whisper. “I have to point you in the right direction.” David was helpless in the darkness, his bandaged hands uselessly hung to his sides.

“I never helped a man pee before.”

“I never had a woman help me pee before,” he replied. “It’s very…well…it’s a wonderful feeling, Karen.”

Releasing his penis, she put one hand on each of his hips, and guided him so he was squarely facing the urinal. He noticed the echo of his voice changed, as he faced the wall. He could feel the cool air rising off the ice. His mind reeled as he felt her hand lift his semi-rigid member, pointing it toward the urinal.

“Okay, go ahead and pee now,” she said. She could feel his pulse, and then, in a second, the faintest sensations of urine passing through his cock. Karen could feel wetness dripping from herself as she held David’s cock and watched him pee.

The combined sensation of the relief that comes when peeing after too long of a delay, and the pleasure of her hand supporting him made him sigh and moan. As he continued to empty himself, he felt her point him in different positions.

“What are you doing?”

“Melting little patterns in the ice.”

He smiled, and rolled his covered and closed eyes at the humor in it. As his bladder drained, he began to feel some disappointment. This had been such a wonderfully erotic moment. Although he had felt timid to begin with, as he felt the stream of pee dwindle to nearly nothing, he now hated the realization that the adventure was nearly at an end.

”Awww. Looks like you’re almost done, David.”

“Yeah,” he said with a sigh.

“Let me shake it for you.”


“Well…I know guys shake it when they’re done peeing. Don’t they?”

“Well, yeah, we do…to get the last few drops of pee out.”

Karen wiggled his member a little, and several drops of urine spilled out onto the ice. She was fascinated, and moved her face closer for a better view. She moved her hands to the base of his cock, and slid it toward the tip, in an attempt to drain every last drop from him. She loved the feel of him in her hand, and repeated the action. Feeling her own arousal, she continued to stroke him – her eyes alternating between what was in her hands and the sublime expression on his face.

He began to swell as Karen continued to tug and slowly pump his manhood. They were both aroused as he became fully erect in response to her manipulations. There was an electric silence between them as she very slowly and deliberately fondled him, feeling his heat and stiffness in her grasp.

“Let’s go over here,” she said softly, tugging at his cock as a child would pull on the handle of a wagon. Blindly he followed. He felt the transition between tile and carpeting on the floor. He heard the location of her breathing change as she sat down in front of him, in a small chair in the corner of the small restroom. All the while, she continued holding him in her hand.

Then her hand released his cock, and he felt one of her hands on each of his hips, pulling him forward. He could feel her legs on the sides of his knees. He was now standing between her legs, with his shins lightly brushing against the front of an upholstered chair.

“This is so much better.” Her raspy voice came from the level of his hips, and he could feel hints of her warm breath on his stiff cock. His cock twitched as he burned with anticipation. This was definitely one of the most sensual moments of his life – certainly the most erotic in many years. He felt drops of pre-cum oozing from himself as he submitted to her directions.

Karen was hungry. She stared at the shiny swollen head what oozed that clear thick liquid. The bulging veins of his thick shaft. She admired the hairless wrinkled skin covering his balls, the lack of hair on his cock, and the tufts of dark pubic hair peeking out through the opening of his boxers. It was so long since she had had a man in her mouth. Too long! She missed the thrill of oral sex. Her lust was compounded by that he was in complete control of him. He was blindfolded, and his hands were totally helpless.

She leaned forward, extending her tongue, and captured a drop of pre-cum. God, he tasted good! David twitched at the feeling of the tip of her warm tongue touching him. “Mmmm…you taste delicious”, Karen softly purred, as she savored the tasty droplet on her tongue. She grasped his hips, opened her mouth, and engulfed him. David gasped with pleasure as he felt her steamy- warm mouth envelop his cock. Her lips made a seal around his stiff rod. Karen moved her head, sliding him slowly in and out of her mouth. She took him deeply into her, her nose being tickled by his pubic hairs. Feeling his pulse in her mouth thrilled her. She felt her own wetness dripping lazily down her inner thighs. She loved the taste of cock, and David tasted scrumptious to her. She was greedy for more of him.

Karen moved her head back slowly, until her upper teeth came to the sulcus at the base of where the head of his penis joins the shaft. As her lips wrapped around him, she tongued the tiny hole, tasting the pre-cum as she did. She looked up while she pulled at him with her mouth, to watch the sublime expression on his face. Keeping only the head of his cock in her mouth, she began to massage his balls, delighting herself in pleasing him.

While continuing to fondle his testicles, she withdrew her mouth. “David…I want you to do something for me, OK?”

“What’s that?” he answered, feeling weak in his knees.

She licked the sides of his shaft before answering. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Mmmmm…with pleasure,” he replied.

With that, she took him in her mouth again, and cupped his buns in her hands. She sucked as she slid her mouth up and down along his shaft. She savored it all. His taste. The smell of his sex. The sounds of his obvious pleasure. Up and down. She fucked him with her mouth. Taking all of him into her mouth, until he touched the back of her throat and her nose nestled in his pubic hairs…and then back out again, until only the tip remained in her mouth. She began with a slow rhythm, and gradually bobbed her head faster and faster. His breathing became shallower and her hands felt the muscles of his butt begin to tighten. He was thrusting his hips to meet her mouth as she went down on him.

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