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“Cole hurry up!”

I rolled my eyes as my mother hollered from the kitchen. I was going as fast as I could but there was one last thing that I needed to do. I was dressed in a black suit with a grey tie. I looked good and could imagine myself in a few years going to work like this on a regular basis. For now this was a dress up day for me and tomorrow I’d be back in my jeans and sweatshirts.

“Yep Mom. Just want to check on Tiffany.”

I grinned, as I knew my mom would be thinking sweet thoughts of what I was suggesting. I knew she’d be thinking that as the younger brother of the bride I’d want to say congrats and tell her how beautiful she was. Mom would not disturb us because she was so emotional today she could only imagine that we’d be chatting and reminiscing about our childhood. She could not be farther from the truth.

I entered Tiffany’s room and locked the door. She was sitting at her desk putting on mascara. Her white panties cupped her round ass perfectly and the thigh highs were so sexy they were naughty.

“Fuck you are sexy sis!’ I whistled as I undid my pants and walked towards her.

“Of course I am. Does mom know you’re up here?”

“Yeah. I think she thinks I want to tell you how happy I am and remember our childhood.”

We both burst out laughing.

I pulled out my cock and stroked it roughly. I barely had time to rub when she grabbed it and sucked it deep into her mouth. I threw my head back and moaned.

Her tongue stud rubbed the matadorbet tip gently as her lips wrapped tighter around the base. My cock was completely in her mouth and all I could do was grip her hair. I was messing up her perfectly styled wedding up-do but I didn’t care at all. I moved her mouth back and forth until I flooded her mouth with cum.

She swallowed twice then pulled back. I leaned down to kiss her then pulled away.

“You serious that this is our last time baby.” Tiffany stood up and purred in my ear. I closed my eyes as she guided me to her bed. I could never say no to her but this was one time I had to be firm.

“Tiffany sweetie. Look at me. You’re getting married today. We cannot do this anymore. Even though your pussy is so fucking tight and tasty it’s not going to happen. The last thing we need is for me to knock you up again.” “I know.” She said quietly. Lying back on the bed she opened her legs and I slide my head between them. Her pussy was soaking wet and her white panties were already wet. Pulling them to the side I started licking. Her lips were smooth and I knew she had waxed specifically for tonight. Jon was going to be in for a special treat but I was going to enjoy it first.

I licked up and down and then spread open her lips to flick my tongue against her hard clit. She moaned and whimpered and I just kept going. My face was covered in her juices.

“I love you bro. So fucking much.” Tiffany gripped my hair, making me move my face matadorbet giriş up and down her pussy. This was probably the roughest I had been with her and she was making me go harder.

I wrapped my arms tight around her hips and continued to lick and suck. Her juices flooded my mouth and I could feel the bed hitting the wall as she thrusted her hips up and down.

I clamped down on her clit and hummed. I knew this would push her over the edge and I heard her moan loudly. She bit down on her hand as her whole body shook.

I pulled away and sat up. My sister was lying back, trying to catch her breath. Her nipples were so hard and my face was covered in her sexy love juices. I licked my lips and smiled.

“Fuck me. Hard. Don’t be fucking romantic right now. This is too hard as it is.”

I looked at Tiffany and knew in that moment that even though we had never taken our love seriously she was upset about this. She would never make me do something I didn’t want to do and I was adamant that I was not going to fuck her once she got married. It was one thing to fuck her the last three years while she dated him, but he wasn’t going to be a home wrecker.

“Flip over sis.”

I stroked my already hard cock and it slid easily into her pussy from behind. I started off slow but soon she was rocking back and meeting my thrusts. I closed my eyes and tried to remember how naughty this was. I was twenty-two. I wasn’t supposed to be fucking my older sister on her wedding day. I was supposed to be out partying and enjoying life. Instead the last three years of my life had been spent worshiping the only girl that I would ever love.

I groaned as I felt her small fingers massaging my balls. She tugged them gently and pulled me deeper inside her pussy.

“Sis you do that again and I’ll be cumming in your pussy.”

“That’s the point,’ she said bluntly.

I stopped thrusting and looked into her eyes as she turned her head. I had only ever cum inside her once before and she had gotten pregnant that time. I knew I shouldn’t but I was torn. This was going to be my last time inside my beautiful sexy sister.

“Fuck it!” I hissed. I banged away at her for three more thrust and then exploded inside her. She wiggled her hips in circles as my cock swelled. I could feel every drop of cum land against the walls of her hot pussy. I had just cum minutes before but it felt like so much.

She lay flat on the bed, causing my cock to pull out of her pussy. I lay on top of her and kissed her neck.

“You will be a beautiful bride sis. I love you.”

I slid off her and after zipping myself up I left her room. I didn’t know that the moment I left she burst into tears and needed another twenty minutes to fix her make-up.

The wedding was beautiful and although my body was full of jealousy I was happy for her. I was thankful that the fall semester started two weeks after so I could immerse myself in my studies and not think about fucking my sister. It worked until Thanksgiving when she came home visibly pregnant. The moment we locked eyes she remembered how turned on I got last time she was pregnant. This was going to be a long weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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