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Thomas sat back at his desk again and ran the events of last Monday through his head for the fourteenth time that day. He had been ready to quit when he had found Melissa in the basement crying. Lending a sympathetic ear, he had suddenly found himself underneath her large frame as it bounced up and down on his cock. Ever since then, Melissa had been kind and generous towards him whereas she wouldn’t have given him the time of day before. Obviously word had spread as the other girls in the office had begun looking at him furtively over the tops of their cubicles with big grins on their faces. At first Thomas thought they might have been having a joke but their attention seemed genuine enough and soon he found many of them hanging around by his desk, eager to talk to him. Nikki had even taken to sitting on his desk while he typed, her short skirt riding up her legs.

As for Melissa, she had taken to calling him sweetie and grabbing his arse when she thought no-one else was looking. While the attention was certainly flattering, Thomas was beginning to suspect some sort of wind up was in action. He wasn’t sure what would be involved but knowing the girls, he would end up the butt of the joke as usual. It wasn’t until two weeks after shagging Melissa did he find out what they had in mind.

“Do you have five minutes to spare Tom?”

Thomas turned around on his stool ready to face the next dumb piece of work to be thrust as him. Instead, what was thrust at him was far, far better.

Danielle was standing in front of him in an exceptionally tight black top and skirt combination and a cheeky grin. Danielle didn’t come to see Tom too often as she was in a different department and their paths hardly ever crossed. Even so, Tom knew who she was. She’d been pointed out to him by Ed, the guy that he had taken the job over from. While passing Customer Affairs, Ed had made sure to point out Danielle and her most outstanding assets. Danielle was a petite lady, small in stature and quiet in voice. However, this only served to make her most prominent features all the more apparent. She sported the biggest pair of breasts Thomas had ever seen on a woman her size. They jutted out from her chest like a pair of basketballs, seeming to swell over the top of whatever low cut top she was wearing. If Tom wasn’t an expert on judging the shape and anatomy of the female bust, he would have sworn they were fake. But they sagged a little under the weight and moved in a natural way when she moved her arms. Oh yeah, they were real all right and every guy in the office knew it.

“What can I do for you?” asked Thomas, trying very hard not to look down her top.

“I have a few boxes that need bringing up here and I wondered if you could give me a hand with them,” she replied.

“Sure, where are they?” he said.

Danielle smiled her cheeky smile and giggled slightly.

“The basement,” she said, “come on, I’ll show you where they are.”

Tom got up and followed her out of the office, unaware tuzla eve gelen escort of the frantic whispering going on behind him from all the other girls.


The basement was deserted of course. Once Tom stepped out of the elevator, he knew something other than manual labour was on the menu. The place was just as he had left it two weeks ago. He hadn’t been down here and as far as he could see, neither had anyone else.

“What was it you needed a hand with?” he asked as he heard the bolt slide into the lock behind him.

“Oh, just some lifting….”

Thomas turned around to see Danielle pulling her top over her head, her massive breasts left heaving in a sturdy but lacy bra. She advanced on him, her diminutive stature enhanced by her exposed bust.

“All I’ve heard all week is how you and Mel got it on down here while the rest of us were slaving away upstairs. Well, I’m all for equal opportunities and I think that if you’re going to pork one of us, then you’re going to have to give the same to us too!”

The grin on Thomas’ face was threatening to take off the top of his head as Danielle pressed one of her small hands into his crotch, rubbing his rapidly swelling member.

“Besides, Mel tells me that you’ve been hiding a lethal weapon in your trousers and I want to see if she’s telling the truth.”

Danielle fumbled with Tom’s belt buckle, her hands eager to get inside.

“Not that I don’t trust her, but Mel hasn’t seen that many and…Jesus Christ!”

Tom’s massive member flopped out into Danielle’s hands, it’s length becoming more and more turgid as she held it. Tom sighed in pleasure as Danielle caressed it like some precious artefact.

“My God Tom, you’re beautiful!” she said, running her hands along it. She kissed the end of it, licking the shiny knob and smiling as she teased it with her lips.

“Oh God that’s good,” moaned Tom as she gently sucked the end of his cock. He held her head in his hands as she started to bob up and down on it.

Danielle broke off and stood up again, keeping one hand on his cock. As she rubbed him, he reached towards her heaving bosom, determined to extract her tits from their lacy confinement.

“Naughty!” she giggled, slapping his errant hand away. “If you want to play with me, you have to behave. Lie down.”

Rather than blow his chances, Thomas lay back on the floor as the suddenly giant Danielle stood over him. Straddling his head with her feet, he could see up her skirt, getting a perfect view of her tiny little snatch. He saw her raise her skirt slightly, exposing her creamy white thighs as she squatted down on him, lowering her pussy to his face. He inhaled deeply of her odour, the curly hairs of her cunt tickling his lips.

“Now then,” she said, kneeling into position, “you’re going to eat me and if I like it, you can play with my big boobs afterwards. Meanwhile, I’m going to get to know your cock a little better.”

And tuzla otele gelen escort with that, he felt her soft lips envelop his cock once more, the tiny tongue flicking over the end of it and she gently sucked him. Resisting the urge to just lay back in ecstasy, Tom kissed her pussy, his lips meeting hers in a moist kiss. He ran his tongue up her slit, pausing to dart in and out occasionally, gratified to hear her moan against his cock. Moving downwards, he took her clitoris into his mouth, running it around his lips with his tongue, gently applying a sucking motion to it.

Danielle wailed, her voice becoming distorted due to having half Tom’s cock down her throat. Tom gasped as he felt her mouth vibrate against his member, causing him to blow cool air over her cunt, further heightening her pleasure. As he searched her inner wall with his tongue, she sucked harder on him if only to prevent herself from screaming out loud. Feeling daring, he let one of his fingers explore her anus, feeling its puckered surface against his fingertip and gently exploring its resistance. With a slurp, Danielle removed his cock from her mouth and peered over her shoulder to look at him.

“Oooh, that’s naughty,” she said in a way that just seemed to be egging him on. Ignoring her faux warning, Tom wiggled his finger past her sphincter and into her back passage. He took her clit back into his mouth again and vibrated his tongue against it, an action which made her yelp in surprise and stuff his cock back in her mouth to suppress the noise. Keeping up his ministrations, he became aware that she had started riding back and forth on his tongue, always a good sign. Indeed, once he began simultaneously jabbing his finger in her arse and his tongue in her pussy, her thighs started to tremble and her pussy let forth a gush of fluid. A low growling sound came from her throat as she came, jamming as much of his cock into her mouth as possible.

Getting up off of him, Danielle stripped off the rest of her clothes as Tom got to his feet and did likewise. Once Danielle’s boobs were free from her bra, Tom gasped at their true size and shape. Women’s clothes can be so unflattering, he thought as he advanced on her again. She grabbed him by his cock and led him over to one of the packing crates.

“Fuck playing,” she said, “I want that inhuman cock inside of me right now!” She bent over the crate and thrust her arse at him. “Stick that thing up me Tom, stretch my pussy with it and make me cum!”

Needing no further encouragement, Tom grabbed her by the buttocks and positioned his member against her hot cunt. Her pussy appeared tiny in comparison and he wondered whether he was going to hurt her when she reached around and spread her pussy lips for him.

“Come on Tom, stop fucking about and jam it up me!” she wailed.

Taking the bull by the horns, Tom pushed his cock into her hole, the flesh surrounding it stretching to accommodate.

“Ooooh!” she wailed tuzla sınırsız escort as the first few inches of his massive length disappeared into her body. “More! More! Put it all in!”

Repositioning himself to get more leverage, Tom started to slide his dick into her. Her pussy was just like the rest of her, small but surprisingly flexible. He felt her slick walls sucking at him as he slipped inch after inch into her increasingly tight hole. Once he was all the way in, he grabbed her shoulders and began to mercilessly pound in and out of her. With nothing to stifle her moans, Danielle began to grunt like a wild animal, spouting obscenities as Tom shafted her.

“Oh fuck me Tom! Split my pussy open with your big cock! Does my cunt feel good Tom? Is it nice and tight!?” She started wriggling as he thrust, her pussy lips closing further around his cock, sucking at it. She raised herself up on her hands, groping at her chest. “Play with my big tits Tom. Make me cum!”

Thomas took a breast in each hand as he thrust into her, her large nipples filling his palms, their distended points rubbing against him as he pushed in and out of her. Her tits were so big he could barely hold onto them. With every thrust they jumped out of his hands, forcing him to squeeze them as he fucked her. Gripping onto her nipples, Danielle gave an agonised squeak then began working her butt back and forth, fucking in the rhythm that Tom had started. She began grunting again, but this time it gained in pitch as Tom shafted her. As he plunged his cock in and out of her tight hole, she whined higher and higher until she could hardly be heard. Shuddering in delight, Danielle squealed as her orgasm overtook her, her tits jiggling as she came.

Barely able to stand, Tom caught the weakened Danielle and turned her over on her back. Grabbing both her tits, he stuck his dick in between the two mountainous boobs and began thrusting back and forth again. Danielle was able to hold her tits together for him as he thrust away but her mind was still lost in ecstasy. Tom’s thrusts became more insistent as he approached his peak, the end of his cock peaking in and out between Danielle’s massive boobs as he hammered away.

“Oh God Tom, that was unbelievable…” sighed Danielle as she returned to normality. She looked down to see his dick sticking up between her boobs and bent her head over towards it. “Ooh, looks like someone wants a hand with his tit job,” she murmured as she played with her nipples.

Barely had she taken Tom’s thrusting dick into her mouth as it emerged from between her tits, then he began coming in bucketloads. He held her head against his dick as spurt after spurt shot out of his cock and into her welcoming mouth. Unable to contain it all, Danielle let Tom slip out of her mouth, his member showering her with cum, raining down on her tits like liquid snow and squirting into her face and hair.

As Tom came down from his orgasm, he stepped back to see Danielle drenched from his cum. Her hair was wet and her enormous boobs covered. But as she wiped the cum from her face, she looked up at him with the same mischievous grin.

“Well, from now on I know to take Mel at her word,” she said. “You free to give me a hand moving some things again next Friday?”

Tom’s smile attempted to reach his ears…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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