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Big Tits

Glory holes remain a late discovered treat – in a way, this is good, otherwise I would likely have spent too much time when younger getting off this way – not to mention the time thinking about getting off. As it is, a couple of months between visits seems to be a reasonable rhythm. And as with most things, making a connection to get off is never going to work everytime – hot sex always has a random factor, and is always at best hit or miss. This is why the porn in the booth is part of the charm, a reason for visiting such porn shops for more than 20 years – jacking off and cumming watching porn is almost always reliable. Though even there, not always – nothing in sex is really certain.

The variety of porn, from gay to straight to groups to pregnant to teen (yeah, sometimes watching a teen get off playing with herself is one of those at the time not guilty pleasures, though she has to be unshaven as bald pussy does nothing for me, at any age) to watching completely new things as my stroked cock cums, is one of the attractions of a good porn shop. But finding and visiting a glory hole adds a new level that stirs my cock still. Watching another man stroke his cock makes me hard, and from there, the games are wonderful. And a glory hole seems such a decadent male kick, something which women don’t seem to really understand, but which men certainly do. After all, we are the ones playing with each other without any bothering to speak.

Part of what makes this so hot is that the other person is so obviously sharing your own pleasure. About the only thing I find sexy about a man is a hard cock, it seems, and it makes me hard in turn watching one being stroked. This was true as a teenager jacking off to porn mags with a friend or two, and it is still true now. A glory hole is about little else, already attraction enough, though the hotter pleasures became clear quickly from the first touch of another man, and his hand making my cock cum, unstoppably. Only then did I find out that getting men off is as hot as them getting me off. Though not everyone goes to a glory hole with the same interests, I have found a number of men who share my tastes, their unbelievable pleasure making talents hopefully matched by my beginner’s eagerness, though all of them were strangers. Faceless sex is hotter than I could have guessed, and is one of the things which has always turned me on to imagine. My imagination was poor compared to the rich reality of having an unknown man make me cum.

Today is cold and gray, a good day for doing shopping errands and stopping off at the porn shop to see how my luck was going. The last time I had visited, two or so weeks ago, I kept reaching and touching a hard cock through the opened slider, but each time, after a few seconds, he would move out of reach – not bothered, exactly, but definitely not interested – I could look but not really touch. Afterwards, myself frustrated, I thought maybe my reaching and touching his cock was a bother – but today, going back to the glory hole, it occurred to me, my cock already pleasantly half-erect against my jeans, that any man having his erect cock stroked 4 or 5 different times by a stranger is likely to wonder about the experience, and likely to at least see what happens on a return visit. If he is lucky, it will be a more satisfying way to cum, with another man stroking or sucking his cock.

My luck started running well from the beginning – one booth empty, the other door closed and maybe empty, but getting closer it was clear someone was playing porn inside. I stepped into the other booth, seeing a slit open from his side, and my slider completely open, and got the coins/bills ready – and the bill collector didn’t work. The coins did, and the partly opened door on his side was Escort Kız a very good reason to get ready to enjoy myself. As the first coin went in, I unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans, and sat down, legs spread, my dark cock hair curling under my fist, my left hand clicking through the porn. After a minute or so of stroking, the channel switching showed two men fucking a woman together, one under her and one on top, both with their ¾ hard cocks in her tightly filled pussy. Thinking of the cock next to me, this seemed a hot thing, and I turned the sound higher, as he had.

The woman who introduced me to coil vibrators, another decades long affair with a toy which makes people cum delightfully, loved getting off to listening and watching two men fuck a woman together – or more. She got off on porn where the woman was taking three or four men, often with three men fucking together, sandwiched, hard cocks rubbing and feeling each other as they fucked her cunt and ass. Some of the kinkiest and hottest porn I have watched with a woman, and neither of us, both turned on watching it (after relaxing with a plentiful pipeful of weed), considered it bi – but today, the idea of the two cocks fucking together on the screen turned me on more than the idea of feeling a wet pussy’s magic on my cock. And knowing that now, another cock was likely being stroked like mine, the gap beckoned irresistibly for more attention to what was going on.

His faded blue jeans were unzipped, his cock in his hand, a nice bush of dark hair when I first looked through, no longer able to wait, my hardening cock in hand. His foreskin was still covering the head of his cock, a head clearly hard and wanting to be stroked, covered with pale skin. Watching, I then did something for the first time – I reached my finger through the gap on his side, and slowly but not exactly quietly slid his door open. And after a short time, stroking my ever harder cock and watching him, I beckoned with my fingers. We kept stroking, me getting harder and losing myself more in my stroking, thinking of how his cock would feel in my hand, and after a short time, I beckoned again, my cock turned-on in my hand, thumb and forefinger under its flared head, the hottest spot to stroke.

He started to rise, as did I, putting the rest of my coins in. He then slipped his cock through the glory hole, and as I touched it with my left hand, my right hand felt ever hotter on my now stiff-straight rod. After a minute or so of stroking him, his cock warm and heavy in my hand, I wet my fingers, and started playing with the now lubricated and sliding head of his cock. He pressed harder, lost in what I was doing, which made me start to moan as my stroked cock started becoming unstoppably turned on, balls tight and on that delgihtful edge of cumming which can last so wonderfully long – or end so mindlessly quickly.

I was losing all control by now, which is what I truly wanted here (and prepared for, in my accustomed way – getting stoned makes a glory hole much better, it seems a lot of bi men find, me included – though not only bi men, as my summer swimming partner also finds weed adds a certain zest to some of our games). He pulled back, and signaled with his own fingers to enter glory with him. But I was so turned on, cumming in only seconds of feeling his hand on me would be impossible to resist – and part of me wanted nothing else, imagining how good orgasming with his stroking would be just making me hornier still as my stroking kept getting ever more intense. Staying in place, stroking myself as with as much restraint as my ever weaker brain could provide, again mindlessly moaning quietly, this was all which I could do at this point.

Now, my stroking began to include the idea of showing him how clearly turned on I was after watching his cock in hand – my cock was close to the gap, and I kept stroking in the direction his eyes were likely to be, from the way he was sitting, stroking himself with legs spread wide, a very relaxed posture except for his obviously more aroused cock – quivering, without being touched. This was a sexy thought, making another man hard by showing off, and this just kept making me ever more obvious in my lust.

After a while, my cock had settled into a calmer mode, and after sitting down again, I beckoned him again, with fingers moving, quite confident he would not resist, my fingers clearly showing how good he would feel in my hand again. And as expected, he stood up smoothly, with little delay, putting his cock through again promptly. We were both turned on, but I was clearly very close to that delightful edge, while he still had a nice time to enjoy getting even hotter, as I wet my fingers again, and started moving up and down his red cock head, the foreskin now pulled back, my hand stroking his length.

I had thought, over the past weeks, of stroking another man’s cock with my own, but there was no way I could stop stroking myself, being so very turned on again quickly, while my left hand kept making him more rigid, pressing his cock through glory as deep as possible. A man’s hard cock is sexy, especially one you have made hard yourself, and at this point, it was obvious to both of us how much hot cock was something we both wanted to play with, which is the simplest point of a glory hole. As I kept sliding him between my fingers, gliding his foreskin over the head of his cock back and forth, obviously arousing him as now he too moaned, he pulled back a bit, his hand now on his cock, feeling my fingers on his erect length, and then he moved his cock back, while pressing himself against the divider.

At this point, his balls were filling the hole, and it occurred to me this would be a good chance to do my first teabagging. Hairy and pressed tight, his balls were something essentially new to my experience, as I kneeled with one leg bent on the broad seat, then lowered my face, seeing his sack get closer, and opened my almost panting mouth to have my tongue lick my first set of balls. The pubic hair wasn’t really noticeable, and the taut skin tasted more metallic than anything else. I started licking up and down, my right hand unstoppably pumping the entire length of my own shaft.

It seemed he was stroking himself too while I kept licking his balls, my tongue pressing harder as his skin became wetter and wetter, my tongue on one side, then sloppily sliding over to the other side. Teabagging could get to be a part of my gloryhole skills – he certainly seemed to enjoy it, and licking a man’s balls is certainly something something to consider very low risk – which was a comforting thought afterwards, not that I cared at all when the idea first crossed my mind.

He then moved back a bit, and my tongue could only touch him at the tip, so I moved my left hand, and put my fingers through the hole, cupping and gently rubbing him underneath his still tight sack, my fingers sliding easily, touching the somehow velvety hardness of the root of his cock, which I could feel was being stroked. He moved his body back a little more, and the stroking became freer, as did my own – one hand feeling a different man’s balls while my other hand felt my cock start swelling again, knowing how much my first teabagging had turned him on. After another moment or two, he drew back again, and his fingers again invited me to put my own cock into glory.

By now, excited beyond anything but desire, but not about to cum at a first touch as a few minutes ago – yes, watching and feeling a man is so erotic that simply doing it almost makes me cum, though till now, I have been able to last a while beyond that wonderful first temptation. At this point in my life, hard cock is as delightful as wet pussy – and it seems my skills are appreciated by both women and men, which provides an odd sort of pride. (I may ask my bisexual female friend is she has the same sort of feeling – it is something quite satisying in itself.) What keeps suprising me is how the glory hole keeps offering new ways to cum with pounding pleasure – men do know how to play with hard cocks, and by that point, when you are equally turned on and erect, you really don’t want to be doing anything else anyways.

Teabagging is something I had only previously read about, like a glory hole itself, and it seemed as if I had pretty much done a good job my first time, and both of us were talented at the games we were now indulging in, both of us knowing that orgasming would be so good at this point, and no idea to me how this turned-on man would get me off, because by this point, there was no way for me pull back at all.

As my cock went though, I could feel his hand, and started to sink further into the pleasure his touch gave. Moving myself against the divider, the feeling was so overwhelmingly good I just kept moaning, sometimes softer when remembering this was still a somewhat public space. After just a short while, my cock started to feel another level of pleasure, as it slid along something which felt so good, and which, after a mindless moment or two, seemed to be neither a mouth nor really a hand either.

Quite honestly, at that point it would have made no difference, but after a while, it seemed fairly clear that we were rubbing each other cock to cock, which is one of the reasons I had originally wanted to visit the glory hole again. Getting hot and then enjoying a personal fantasy was the final measure of how well my luck had run, as the other man and his cock getting me off was incredible, as if he knew what was in my mind. Cock against cock is hot, and at some point, the sliding became even more perfect, for reasons beyond any thought. I wasn’t really moving much, but my cock felt completely satisfied, building to a fine orgasm, almost as if our cocks were completely in control of our actions.

Pre-cum is such a fantastic lubricant, and it is just as irresistible to a hard cock as the slippery wetness of a pussy. The sensations just kept getting hotter and the gliding felt as good as a mouth or pussy, and I just began to pump into the throbbing pleasure, utterly lost in cum and cock. Even the sexiness of the thought of another man cumming with me was a tiny beacon on a river of pulsing orgasming and stiff sliding on another man’s hot cock.

My cum was hot and differently slippier than what I had felt before. We kept rubbing and moving, our cum mixing as my cock kept pulsing, gripped in his hand, and against his sexy tool. This was hotter even than getting sucked off by a man, since for the first time, I had cum with another man, and he was still stroking, both cocks still feeling so good, and now, we just enjoyed a long moment feeling the pleasure slowly fading until it had almost gone on too long, ending just when that tingly soreness was starting to be felt in my cock.

In some ways, this cock against cock orgasm was the hottest of all, since it seems to have been completely shared in a way none of my other glory hole orgasms were, except the first, where we both came so quickly because we were so turned on, it was essentially a shared orgasm, separated by a small slice of time. But this time, I had got off on with another hard cock directly against mine, and it was fantastic.

I am pretty sure that teabagging will become a regular part of my visits, but I still wonder what new surprises of joy are waiting to be discovered?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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