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It almost happened when Michael was seventeen, almost. Of course the four year gap in ages between him and Ellen was huge for them at that age. As a twenty one year old, she, of course, supplied the beer and pretty much ran the show. Michael had been careful with how much he drank, wanting to be sure he remembered everything.

Ellen appeared drunk to him, so when he mentioned taking a walk along the beach he figured he had it made. As they started their walk he had to divert her from the swimming pool and then had to trip her as she started to run out toward the water once they made it onto the beach. When he finally got her walking with him, he led her up into the dunes where the light foliage offered several places where they could spread out and do it.

It was spring break so while the weather was generally good, that evening there was a light breeze that made it a bit cool. Michael wore his jacket, which made an excellent blanket when they found a clearing circled by some scrubby trees and brush. He figured it was an excellent hiding place.

Up until they slipped into the dunes, what he and Ellen had done was all very innocent, holding hands, him putting his arm around her waist as they walked and a light kiss or two on the cheek. Yeah, he placed his jacket on the ground thinking he was about to have sex for the first time and up to that point the two had not even really kissed.

It almost happened, it would have happened had Michael not said, “Wow, I’ve lived seventeen years to come to this place with you.”

“Seventeen, I thought you were eighteen like your friends,” Ellen replied, suddenly acting a lot less drunk.

“Yeah, I meant eighteen,” he said, trying to laugh it off.

“No, I think you meant seventeen,” she said standing up.

“Okay, okay, but why do we have to stop? No one will know,” no sooner than the words left his mouth and he was shielding his eyes from the bright light of a flashlight.

“Evening folks,” a young man in uniform said, “I’m Hank with the Beach Patrol. Sorry to disturb you, but I need to ask you to leave. You’re not supposed to be up here in the dunes.”

“We just followed the path,” Ellen replied, pulling her coat tight around herself.

“Yeah, we have no trespassing signs out, but not all the paths have them yet. It’s an ecological thing, people get up here with fires and blankets and stuff and it damages the plants. Then when a hurricane comes, the damaged plants can’t withstand the storm and the dune loses its natural Bayan Escort protection.”

“How many times do you say that in a day, Hank?” Ellen asked, obviously flirting with the Beach Patrol guy.

“Quite a bit ma’am.”

“It’s Ellen.”

“Okay, quite a bit Ellen. It’s just part of the job.”

“And what time do you get off from your job, Hank?”

At that point Michael just walked away. Back at the party he was too embarrassed to tell his friends he hadn’t even gotten to first base, he just let them think he scored. He told them he dropped her off at her hotel room to sleep it off before he returned to the party.


Four years later Michael returned with his friends for Spring Break again, same beach, same hotel, and basically the same group of friends. Even though he had a girlfriend he was still, technically, a virgin. Yeah they messed around some, mostly masturbating each other, with an occasional jaunt into oral sex, but she was firm in the belief she wanted to save it until they were married. At the time Michael thought she was what he wanted, so he went along with it, besides, his girlfriend had gotten quite accomplished with her hands.

The second night they were there, Michael’s girlfriend, not much of one for wild parties, went back to her room early. Michael, not much of a partier himself, walked out past the pool and was about to head to the beach. Remembering his last trip out there, he headed over toward the dunes, but this time there was a no trespassing sign. He smiled, remembering what almost happened last time he was here.

He was just starting to walk back out toward the water when he heard a woman’s voice, “You don’t want to try the dunes.”

Turning, he saw a female Beach Patrol officer and replied, “Yeah, no trespassing. I don’t want to mess up the ecosystem, I guess. I thought I’d… wait a minute, Ellen? Is that you?”

“Are you kidding me? Michael? It can’t be, can it?”

Holding his arms out wide, he shrugged his shoulders, “Well it’s Spring Break and hey, my friends aren’t very imaginative. We’re checked into the same hotel as four years ago.”

“Four years? Has it been that long?”

“Yeah, so what have you been doing?”

“Well, you know that Beach Patrol guy who ran us off back then?”

“Yeah?” he asked.

She held up her hand and showed him her wedding band. “Yeah, we hooked up that night and a few after that. I turned up pregnant so we got married.”

“Damn, you mean if you and I had…”

“I don’t know. I thought I had it covered, but I wasn’t real good a keeping up with pills and all.”

“So you have a kid,” Michael said.

“No, no, I had a miscarriage, kind of a bad scene. Hank and I kind of tailed off after that, just never got divorced.”

“So what are you doing now. I was just going for a walk, want to join me?” Michael asked.

“Okay, but hey, let’s go this way,” she said, nodding up toward the path into the dunes.

“But what about the no trespassing sign, the dunes…”

“Fuck the dunes, I am so tired of that ‘We got to protect the dunes.’ We won’t hurt anything, come on.”

Michael followed Ellen up into the dunes and after a short walk, she grabbed his hand and pulled him under the branches of a low tree into a small opening in the brush. They sat down in the sand facing each other. After a few minutes of silence she asked, “Do you recognize this place?”

“Is this where we almost?”

Ellen nodded. “Yeah, you thought I was drunk and I thought you were eighteen.”

“Well, you’re not drunk and I’m twenty one.”

“Speak for yourself,” she said, pulling a flask out of her pocket. “Want a taste?” she asked, unscrewing the cap and handing it toward him.

He shook his head back and forth.

Shrugging, she took a quick swig and then tucked it back into her jacket pocket. She then pulled off her jacket, spread it out on the sand and then leaned forward and kissed Michael firmly on the lips. Pulling away she leaned back onto her jacket and waited.

Looking into her eyes Michael knew what she wanted. Suddenly, what had happened four years ago flashed before him and he suddenly felt the same butterflies in his stomach he felt when he was younger. Glancing down, he saw her unfasten her jeans, pull them down and kick them off her ankles.

He moved forward, diving onto her jacket beside her. Leaning over to kiss her, he slid his hands into her panties. Moving his finger up and down, he worked it between her lips and then pushed his finger into her wet opening. He probed her with his finger then let it slid up between her lips to her clit, which he circled slowly. Feeling his finger dry out some, he slid it back down, dipped into her pussy and then slid back up to her clit, while she reached down and pulled off her panties.

Michael unfastened his belt with his free hand and then pulled his hand from between her legs and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He awkwardly moved over between her legs and leaned forward, feeling her grab his cock and guide it into her pussy. She was wet, and not as tight as he expected, but since it had been a while since his girlfriend jacked him off, he knew it would be quick.

He tried moving slowly, wanting to satisfy her, but with each push he felt the pleasure build until about the tenth thrust, when he simply let go. Plunging himself deep into her, he came, spurting his cum into her again and again. After he came he continued sliding his cock in and out of her, but as his erection subsided it finally just slid out.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Sorry, why?”

“I couldn’t hold out for you.”

“Don’t worry about it, I enjoyed it,” she replied, running her fingers through his hair.

“Give me a few minutes, I think we can try it again.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

Suddenly they were bathed in a bright light and they heard, “Evening folks, I’m…”

“Hank, you son of a bitch, you knew I was out here.”

“I knew you were patrolling, I didn’t realize you were entertaining,” Hank replied, shining the light in Michael’s face.

“We had an agreement.”

“Just because we have an agreement, doesn’t mean I have to like it. Wait a minute, haven’t I seen you before?” Hank asked Michael.

“I don’t think…”

“Hey, isn’t this that jailbait I caught you with a few years back?”

“You didn’t catch us doing anything back then and this time he’s twenty one.”

“You aren’t supposed to be here. We have no trespass…”

“Shove the no trespassing signs up your ass Hank.”

“Suit yourself. When the hurricane comes and takes out these dunes you’ll be to blame,” he replied.

“Yeah, me, myself and I, I’m sure Hank. Wait, Michael, where are you going?”

Michael, who had pulled up and fastened his pants replied, “Yeah, I better be getting back to the party.”

“Yeah, okay, I understand Michael. How much longer are you here for?”

“Couple of days.”

“Look, maybe we can get together for coffee or something later on.”

“Okay, I’m at the hotel, Room 312,” he said, backing out under the tree branches.

As he headed down the path he heard Ellen saying, “Hank, when are you going to understand…” He walked faster wondering if the Beach Patrol carried guns. He sure didn’t want to run into Hank again. Walking out of the dunes he looked down to the water. Instead of heading back to the party he walked out to where the waves lapped his ankles. He stood there watching the whitecaps in the moonlight, fascinated how they kept returning to splash on the same beach, again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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