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We lay on the bed, bodies entwined, still fully dressed. Ours lips crashing into each other, tongues hungry, searching each other passionately. His hands roam to the edge of my T shirt, crawling upwards he reaches up under the hem and his hand disappears. Up it rises, his body pressing down on top of me, his leg over mine and my arm pinned under him. Fingers pinching through the fabric of my bra, probing twisting each nipple in turn as his tongue darts in and out of my mouth. My own hand, free of him reaches for his jeans, rubbing at the hard fabric as he thrusts against my leg.

Loosening his grip on me he pulls me up so I am sitting facing him, he kneels next to me and pulls my shirt free of my body, and in one swift movement removes my bra and sinks his face onto the awaiting nipples. First one, the pressure of his lips on my push me back onto my back. That tongue, lapping and licking. The lips sucking at the soft tissue of my breast, his hand up at the other, he gently copies his mouth and rolls the nipple between finger and thumb, I arch my back and throw my hands above my head, he knows exactly what he is doing.

He kisses down my belly and starts to undo the shorts I am wearing, loosing patients he gets up and stands at the edge of the bed, pulling them off swiftly Eskort and removing his own clothes before climbing back on top of me. We are now both naked, in the pool of afternoon sunshine that seeps into the house and onto the bed. He lays on top of me, hands on the bed either side of my head kissing me as our bodies touch all the way down. The kisses are now slow and steady, deep passionate kisses, I am so wet, I just want him to touch me, but his hands remain firm holding him up, safe from the weight of his body.

I writhe below him, bringing my breasts and pelvis up alternately; reaching for any friction I can get from him. Relenting he rolls off me, laying now beside me, breaking the kiss a moment to look deep into my eyes, it feels as if he is reading my mind, probing my soul with his beautiful deep brown eyes. I feel his fingers brush my leg as he moves back in to resume the kiss. Pushing up against his hand finally he touches me. A single finger dips into my sex, then out, moving the moisture onto my swollen lips.

I gasp deep into his mouth as he inserts a second finger and presses his thumb against my clit, he matches my thrusts and kisses down my neck and across my chest, clamping his mouth on the other nipple. This time he sucks hard, his teeth grazing the sensitive flesh and his hand moves faster. I buck below his hand as he knows he is taking me close to the edge. One hand in his hair, the other clutches wantonly at the bed clothes next to me as I scream out and squeeze his pounding fingers. His hand slows but the pressure never eases, I squirm against him, both hands now relaxed at my sides, head back and eyes closed, I bask in the sunshine and my own glow.

Lying now between my legs he inserts his huge dick in my wet hole, smiling as I open my eyes and look dreamily at him. He then flips me up to a sitting position astride him, a shock to say the least, but had the desired effect, no risk of me nodding off like this! I rock my pelvis backward and forward, not allowing him any chance of escape. His hands move up behind his head and he looks up at me, surveying the scene about him as if it were a painting. The smile crossing his lips soon fades as I run my fingernails down his chest, nipples to hairline. His back arches and he hisses at me, I know he loves it and I love the feeling of him thrusting just that little bit deeper, the feeling of power I have from up here. I carry on the rocking motion having moved my hands from his chest to my own. I cup both breasts in my hands and finger them gently. This extra stimulation causes me to Cum again. The power, the G spot stimulation of his cock buried deep inside me and the stimulation of my breasts took me by surprise, as I contract around him a gush escapes my pussy soaking both of us.

This is too much for him and he pushes me over, back onto my back, a single thrust into me then he withdraws and rolls me over so I am face down on the bed. He parts my legs with his knees bringing one of them up at a right angle to leave me open for him. Holding my hips he entered me, pulling me back and upward to meet his thrusting cock. I could feel another orgasm building and he reached under my leg and began touching my clit. I bucked against him as his rubbing continued; I pushed back, his thrusting and rubbing taking me over once more.

I buried my face in the blankets and screamed, the sound muted by the fabric below me, I felt him cum deep inside me. His fingers dug deep into my thighs holding me against him as he let out a loan groan.

He collapsed on top of me before rolling to the side and embracing me tightly. He placed small light kisses up and down my neck and shoulders as I opened my eyes and turned my head to face him sleepily. Gently he kissed me on the lips once more then told me it was time to go. Moments later he was gone, time passed so quickly. Till next time I thought, as I drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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