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It was a new chapter in what had become a close friendship. Bizza and Chuck were finally going to meet Lilly and Lee. Countless hours had been spent in computer chats and e-mails. Pictures had been traded, but none of this foursome of friends had ever seen the other couple live and in person.

A business trip was going to bring Lee and Lilly to Akron, Ohio. There was beautiful falls to be seen and Native American sites to be explored for arrowheads. So, they were to meet for a splendid dinner and a night on the town.

When arriving at Clowery’s, a “five star” restaurant, one would never had guessed that these were not people that see each other every day. Recognition was immediate. Fond hugs and quick kisses were exchanged. The friends were finally together. It even had a surreal sense about it, as they never really knew if, or when they would get to know each other. They may have remained just data bytes across the telephone and computer lines; nothing more than a cyber existence.

The conversation never stopped. There always seemed to be so much to share as they enjoyed each other’s warmth and humor. Of course, a great deal of flirting also took place. The suggestive comments from Chuck and Lee elicited grins and giggles. The not-so-obvious bend over to pick something up, showing the contents of a low-cut top or slightly raised skirt from both of the ladies just prodded the guys even more. Once again, Lilly had to remind us that, “men are so visual”. This was a point that was entirely lost of the guys.

After a superb dinner and a number of bottles of wine, they all walked in the warm summer air along the Cuyuhoga Escort Bayan River. The smell of blossoms hung in the air like a sweet mist. The sound of the river over its cascading falls was soothing. From time to time, one couple or another would disappear behind a tree where the ever-present passions were being fanned. At the conclusion of the walk it was decided that they should return to the hotel.

The drive was quiet. There seemed to be a new-found tension among this frolicking foursome. But that was broken when Chuck asked the question that was on everybody’s mind. “So, are we going our separate ways until breakfast or are we going to keep the party going for a while,” he asked. It was as if there was a sigh of relief. The chatter started once again and it was decided that the three bottles of champagne that Lilly brought should not go to waste. Bizza chuckled asking, “can’t you drive a little faster?”

Once they were in the room, discussion turned to the many photos we had swapped and the interesting editing that Chuck and Lee seemed to do with such diligence. In fact, all of those photos were on Lee’s laptop and the show began. The seductive little moans and sighs from the ladies prompted Lee to remind Lilly of her comment that MEN were visual. The debate raged on until Chuck said that it was a shame that we did not have any sexy pictures of us as couples. “Nobody there to hold the camera”.

With a nervous smile, Lee pulled the new digital camera out of his suitcase. “How many times have we told you on ICQ… always bring the camera”! The room got very quiet again. The Bizza said, “Lilly dear, lets go freshen up”. They disappeared into the bathroom and the guys were left “being visual”, revisiting the many pictures that had been traded. Laughter and giggles came from behind the door. It was clear that the ladies were taking control of the moment.

They emerged wearing the robes that were provided by the hotel and clearly nothing else. Makeup was freshened. Perfume was light and sweet. The guys quickly lost interest in the computer. Lilly instructed the men to sit in the chairs at the table and “let the experts show how to take erotic pictures. Bizza, with all of her camera on-experience was quick to disrobe as Lilly circled, taking picture after picture. As she shot the session, Lilly’s robe loosened, opened and then finally came off as she finished her task. She and Bizza enjoyed a light kiss and fond, nude embrace to celebrate the photo shoot. Then the camera changed hands.

Bizza took shots from every angle with seductive sounds and suggestions as she aimed and snapped each exotic moment. “You boys will have a lot to edit now”.

It was clear that both guys were nearly in pain from the bulge in their trousers. Close examination would show some embarrassing stains beginning to show near the zippers of their pants. They were instructed to go clean up while the ladies lay on the bed chatting and laughing. Quick shaves and showers were taken and the guys came out without the benefit of robes.

Each of the guys embraced his lovely lady and the four settled into a serious talk about their appreciation for each other’s personalities and sexuality. Hands and lips explored each other as both couples petted through the conversation. Any body part or pose mentioned seemed to be highlighted by that person’s partner. Soon, the petting was getting more serious and breathing was becoming more heavy.

As Bizza fell back and Chuck administered to her silky flesh, Lee grabbed the camera and started the new photo session with Lilly’s skillful eye directing the shots. Through every position, the tender passions were recorded. Occasionally, an extra hand or set of lips was required, for the sake of the shot. The loving friends would willingly oblige with an occasional lick or touch. Soon, Bizza and Chuck were had exploded with passion and fell exhausted,just laying still. They gathered their strength for the session that they would shoot.

Lilly and Lee started in a standing position. Hands traveled slow and deliberately inch by inch, exploring, squeezing and probing. The camera became very busy. Before long, they reclined and began to masturbate together. Every detail of their mutual session was captured by Chuck at Bizza’s direction. When Lilly began to orgasm, Lee went down on her and the passions were so great that photography stopped. Bizza and Chuck sat on either side of the bed and watched as the last of the oral sensations was administered. Their hands explored the bodies of their friends and kisses were exchanged. Lee raised to enter his sweet Lilly. Then Chuck entered Bizza to make love again, side by side with their dear friends. Hands roamed from one couple to another while the four rocked the bed and their senses. The excitement of watching each other kept the love making going as if it would have no end. But it did end after many cries and shudders of passion.

Then, all four laid in a fond and relaxed embrace and slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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