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Big Dick

Lisa’s Job

More of Joe and Lisa

Karen and Deb are from earlier Lisa and Joe adventures.

I was putting the finishing touches on the monthly report when the phone rang and put me back to the present day and time in the business day.

“Lisa, its Jen. Can you come up to my office right now?”

I stammered and she became more persistent so I told her I was on the way. I looked down and saw last weeks report peeking out from some misplaced papers and started to quiver knowing I fucked up and was going for an ass chewing.

I picked up the report anyway and figured it would be best if I owned up to this so maybe it would ease the pain. Upon entering the outer office I noticed Marge wasn’t at her desk and that Jen’s door was open so I stood at the entrance and announced that I was there.

“Lisa, please come in and close the door behind you.”

“Jen. Before you start I just want to say I’m sorry about last weeks report. I just found it under a pile of papers and I must have been thinking about something else. It won’t happen again.”

“Lisa thanks for your honesty but that’s not what I called you up here for.”

My mind was reeling trying to figure what the hell I was here for when she spun around in her chair to face me and I saw that she flushed and her eyes were glazed.

“Jen, you ok?”

“Deb called and said that we were not doing business at our usual pace and that if I didn’t get things going again I was going to be history.”

I looked down at last weeks report and opened to the sales figures and tried to recall the report I had just done as she broke out in tears.

“Jen. Calm down!”

“That’s easy for you to say; you didn’t have your career threatened!”

“Jen. I’ve got all the figures here. Someone is ripping us off.”

“What! Who the fuck…….. That fucking dyke in the comptroller’s office. She tried putting the moves on me a year ago and I was very frank with her. I’ll kill the fucking bitch!”

“Jen, she doesn’t know about my report so we’ll just call Deb and the cops and she can get all the pussy she wants when she goes to jail.”

I picked up a couple of tissues and went over to where she sat and blotted her cheek for her as I turned her chair to start a massage on her shoulders to help calm her back to reality.

“Oh Lisa that feels so good honey!”

“Just relax Jen and get in touch with your thoughts and think good things while I get rid of your tension.”

I could feel her almost drift away as I applied my hands and fingers on her shoulders and neck area before I moved to her temples and gently eased her head back and told her to close her eyes as I massaged her. She was in another world as I bent down and leaned over to kiss her cheek and then her neck as she cooed.

My hands slid off her shoulders and down the front of her blouse as I started to slowly undo one button at a time to expose her big beautiful tits that seemed to be busting out against her bra. I ran my hands down over the top of her cleavage as I heard her suck in her breathe as I softly massaged her tits one at a time.

“Would you like to take off your blouse and bra so I can work on your tits?”

“I feel so relieved Lisa. Thank you so much.”

I helped her with her blouse and she leaned forward so I could unhook her bra to free her boobs. I was looking down, watching my hands massage and kneed her tits as I started to roll her nipple in my finger and thumb as she moaned and I gave her other tit and nipple some much needed attention. I leaned over further so I could suck on her tits and tongue her nipples to add to her now excited state of arousal. She stroked my hair as I worked my tongue and mouth all over each tit kissing them softly enough to harden her nipples like little steel bullets.

“God damn Lisa you’re driving me crazy with desire!”

I spun her around to face me so I could see the want in her eyes as she grabbed my head and planted her lips on mine driving her tongue into my mouth to do battle with me. We were now locked in a passionate kiss.

My pussy had that want feeling as I continued to attack her huge tits in anticipation of her probably going down on me but my present business was to take care of her desires.

Jen broke off our kiss and asked me if I would go to the hotel across the street with her for a more private setting where we could relax better.

“How much do you want me Jen?”

“Lisa, you’ve made me pretty horny so that’s an unfair question. You have something in mind?”

“I feel sluty! Let’s go but let me arrange you a little differently.’

I had her put her bra back on but rolled her cups under her tits to push them up and left them bare. After her blouse was back on I unbuttoned the top three to expose a lot of cleavage and flesh with her nipples sticking straight out against the fabric. The semi light color didn’t allow the nipples to be seen but you knew they were there!

“Ok, now take off your panties and leave your stockings on while you let me look at this skirt.”

She Eskort Kız was standing there half dressed with a glaze in her eyes as I figured a way to shorten the skirt without it looking too conspicuous. When I finished she dressed again with the hem just about an inch below the top of her stockings as she admired my work in the mirror.

“Jen lets put some different make up on you and arrange your hair just a little to fill it out.”

“Lisa, you’ve transformed me to look almost like a whore but with a touch of class!”

We snuck out the back entrance across the street and made our way to the bar for a couple of drinks before getting a room to enjoy some sex. There wasn’t a lot going on at the bar so we sat at the far end and had the bartender’s full attention for our order. After a few minutes he went down the other end and we were alone. I slid my hand down off the bar and started to stroke Jen’s thigh running my hand up towards her bare pussy when I told her to cross her legs for me. I looked down as her legs were exposed up to where her ass was almost visible.

“Jen. Lean forward a little for me.”

I pulled the back of her skirt up and she was sitting bare ass on the barstool with her ass exposed to me.

“Lisa, if anyone comes in her they can see my ass!”

“Don’t worry honey. I’m shielding their view.”

We talked for a while as I softly stroked her thigh and looked down to see where the bartender was as I quickly unbuttoned one more button so that her tits were almost totally exposed for my view. She was squirming as all this getting her worked up so I stared into her in the eyes and told her to uncross her legs, open them up and masturbate for me!

She had a devilish look on her face as her hand disappeared down between her legs to explore her pussy and clit. Her breathing increased as her fingers began to explore the opening of her pussy as they entered and worked around to find her clit. She was smiling at me all the time as she slipped her two fingers out and into my mouth and told me to lick off the juice because there was a lot more to come. This continued for about five minutes when she shuddered violently to a beautiful orgasm with her pussy juice soaking the barstool and filling my nostrils with its feminine odor.

“Jen, finish your drink and we’ll get a room.”

I managed to get her off the stool without making a mess of her clothes as we found a suite to check into for our afternoon of pleasure. We were locked in a deep kiss as soon as the elevator door closed with my fingers buried in her pussy as I found her clit with my thumb.

“Damn it Lisa I can’t believe you’re this hot for me. What’s up?”

“I don’t know Jen but are you complaining?”

“Fuck no!”

We were at the suite level in no time and found our room which was fantastic! A king bed in its own room next to a huge long bathroom with a double wide glassed in shower and a whirlpool tub for at least three up on a pedestal. We smiled at each other, laughed and turned on the water to fill the tub.

The hotel had put a couple of bottles of champagne in the wet bar area refrigerator for us and the glasses were ready for use as we stood face to face and slowly did a strip until we were naked.

“Lisa, you have the most amazing body. Joe is one lucky guy!”

Jen stared at by bald pussy for a moment when I asked her if she would like to explore it with her tongue. A big wide grin appeared on her face as I laid on the bed opened my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart for her.

Jen admired my open pussy as she crawled up between my legs dragging her tongue on my thigh till she reached my aching pussy which she attacked as if she hadn’t eat in a week. Her tongue was lapping up and down the length of my pussy making me gyrate my hips and ass when she started to tongue fuck me and nibble on my clit.

“Oh God Jen I’m going to cum!”

Her tongue reacted as if it was on a wheel going ten miles an hour licking, lapping, fucking my pussy with great expertise! My juices were flowing like a faucet and she didn’t miss a drop as she ended the session by sucking my pussy dry!!!!!!

We made it into the bathroom just in time as the water was pretty high in the whirlpool and mighty hot so I let some out and ran in some cold to adjust it to the right temperature. I went for the champagne and glasses as Jen slid in and turned the jets on for a power massage. I joined her and suggested we toast to the moment and enjoy the pulsating water coming from the jets. We both floated off into our own little world for a few minutes when I pulled her to me to give her a kiss and hold her tight. She straddled my lap and mashed her tits into my chest, looked into my eyes and told me she loved me and that if I wasn’t married she would have asked me to move in with her. I thanked her for the compliment and kissed her deeply while playing with her ass and finally slipped a finger into her asshole while I slipped my other hand to her pussy to explore her clit.

“Lisa, please eat me.”

“Jen, get up on the edge here and I’ll tongue your pussy and ass for you.”

Jen was up in a flash as I placed my hands under her ass with her legs over my shoulders with me having direct access to her pussy with my tongue and mouth as I started to kiss her thighs and work my tongue to her pussy flicking out a darting spear into her. I ran my tongue up and down before I pulled up my hands to expose her asshole as I worked my tongue into her rosebud which drove her crazy so I slipped a finger in to fuck her ass as I went back to her pussy finding her clit to suck on it. She was squealing like a little girl when the orgasm hit her and a flood of pussy juice wet my face which I lapped up greedily. I stood up to plant a wet faced kiss on Jen which she accepted and licked her pussy juices off my face. W e spent the rest of the afternoon either in the tub, shower or bed having sex with our tongues and fingers. By the time I got home my pussy was sore from Jen and my tongue hurt from kissing her and eating her pussy which didn’t stop me from sucking Joe off as soon as I got home!!

The next day at work Jen called and asked how we should approach Deb about Wendi and how she was ripping off the company. I told her that if we turned her in that chances are she was smart enough to have two sets of books and that the money was probably hidden somewhere .Jen called Deb and we explained the situation and asked if she was going to handle this alone or did she have something in mind. She said she would call back later but needed some information about Wendi to do some investigating on her own.

“Jen. I’m sorry about the other day. You’ve worked for us for quite a while and I should have known better. I’ll make it up to you sweetie; as only I know how to make it up.”

Jen was flushed at that statement and I asked if everything was ok.

“Lisa, everything is just great. You go back to work and I’ll talk to you in a while.”

Just before leaving work my phone rang and Jen told me that something was going down and when I came to work tomorrow to go along with whatever I saw.

The next day at work the office opened at regular time and just as I was getting settled I heard this awful commotion and Wendi screaming and yelling so I rushed to her office to find it totally trashed with papers every where. She looked at me and said someone must have broken in during the evening and thought she had money in there and trashed the place looking for it. I told her I would call Jen and the police and for her to calm down. She told me to wait on the police but Jen needed to see this so I phoned her and had her come to the office.

Jen arrived looked at the office and asked if anything was missing.

“I don’t know if anything was taken but I can tell you it will take a couple of days to rearrange this and I need to be doing my work so the bills and banking can be taken care of. We have no cash in here and never had any so calling the cops is up to you but I don’t think they can do anything.”

Jen looked at me with a smirk on her face and told me to find Marge and get a temp agency to find someone to help Wendi and that we probably don’t need the police. Wendi had a look of relief after that statement.

I walked out of the office to find Marge when Jen caught up to me and said stage one was in progress and that everything was set for her next move. I was working when Marge came in to introduce me to the temp that would be helping Wendi when I looked up to see Karen standing in the doorway. I tried to look calm and not like I recognized her as we acknowledged each other. I could see that Deb had something in mind as I got up to shake her hand and check out her body again. She was wearing a tight pair of slacks that showed off her beautifully tight ass and a blouse that had her tits straining against for release. Wendi would have a tough time functioning with Karen working so close to her so I put two and two together and figured she was there to tempt her. This should be interesting!!

I told Marge I would handle the rest as I took Karen’s hand and looked down the hall before I smiled at her and asked if Deb had told her everything. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss and said she was going to enjoy this very much and that tomorrow would be the big day with today the set up and tease.

I walked Karen over to Wendi’s office to introduce them and explain what the company expected and that the papers and files need to be reset and arranged properly and that Wendi could point out the rest. I could see Wendi giving Karen the once over and her lips starting to get a little wet as she kept staring at Karen’s tits…… the bait was set.

Karen started her task as Wendi tried to look like she was working but kept staring at Karen’s ass wondering she was wearing panties and how she would taste and if she liked to eat pussy. Poor Wendi wasn’t get much done and at one point was down on all fours helping Karen peeking down her blouse trying to check out her tits so Karen unbuttoned two to give her a better view which made Wendi wet. Lunch time arrived and Wendi invited Karen out, to which she smiled and said she need to go shopping around the corner and would meet her across the street after.

When Karen arrived for lunch Wendi started the small talk about the mess and how much Karen had accomplished already and started to get to the boyfriend issue and what she did in her spare time. Karen told her she didn’t have a man friend that most of her friends were women which delighted Wendi and gave her a bolder approach. She asked Karen if she was a Lesbian to which Karen said she was very, very bi! Wendi developed a wet spot on her panties when she heard that. Wendi told her she preferred women herself to which Karen smiled at her and dropped the subject. Karen announced she had to go to the ladies room and would be back at work in a few minutes so Wendi paid the bill and Karen went to the ladies room and removed her bra and panties and went back to work. Wendi kept checking out Karen and spied her naked tits down the front of her blouse and got big eyed as she was desperately trying to get a better view of flesh. As Karen was working at the other end of the room she purposely bent over with her legs spread slightly so that her slacks would ride up into her pussy to give Wendi a better view from behind as she heard her breathing pick up and she got restless.

The work day was almost done when I walked over to see how things were going. I was amazed that Karen had done so much in such a short time and asked Wendi if there was a need for Karen tomorrow. She nearly fainted at the thought that Karen wouldn’t be there as she sputtered out a bunch of crap on how she still needed this and that so I told her I would let Jen know that the temp would be required another day.

Karen asked Wendi if I was her boss and she explained that I was the office manager and almost everything had to go through me.

“You must make some pretty good money dealing with the finances.”

“I do ok.”

Wendi asked Karen if she needed a ride home hoping to get better acquainted with her but she told her she had her vehicle parked in the garage.

“Let’s take the elevator down together then.”

In the elevator Wendi kept staring down Karen’s blouse at her tits when she told her she was a very attractive young woman and that she wouldn’t mind getting to know her better. Karen looked over at Wendi and noticed her nipples were erect and pressing through her bra.

“Did I do that?”

Wendi flushed a little and started to answer as the door opened and they were at the garage level.

“I’ll see tomorrow Wendi.”

She watched Karen’s hips sway and that tight ass as she walked to her car while she stood motionless in a trance.

“Fuck! I have to get that pussy tomorrow!”

The next day Wendi was there an hour early to rush around and get as much done as she could so she would be able to pay more time to Karen. When Karen arrived she was wearing a short tight skirt with a business suit coat and a low cut top which Wendi complimented her on. She explained that she had to go for an interview after she finished and looked around and played dumb when she stated that she finished more than she thought she had.

Karen removed the suit coat and Wendi’s eye almost fell out of their sockets as Karen was braless and her tits were straining against the fabric which left little to the imagination. She sat in the chair that faced Wendi’s desk the skirt rode up and when she crossed her legs Wendi saw a bald pussy before her legs made contact.

“Well Wendi, what’s there to do for the rest of the morning?”

Wendi was shaking with desire as Karen had gotten her pretty excited.

“Karen. You are so hot I can’t concentrate on anything but your body.”

Karen smiled at Wendi as she used her feet to slide her shoes off, uncrossed her legs, put her heels up on the chair leg cross piece, opened her legs as wide as she could as she said,”Really.”

Wendi was staring at her bald pussy licking her lips as she got up and closed the office door and strolled over in front of Karen and told her she wanted her now.

“Should we be doing this here?”

“I don’t fucking care whether we are suppose to or not I want your body right now!”

She pulled Karen to her feet and started to kiss her and grope her body. Karen pretended to put up a little struggle but Wendi didn’t care as she planted kisses on her lips and neck and started to undress her. In a flash Karen was naked and Wendi was crazy with desire as she eyed the luscious body in front of her.

Karen whispered for Wendi to strip so she could see her body. In a flash her clothes were off and Karen was looking at a pair of well formed perfectly shaped no sag tits that had to have been worked on to look like that. Her eyes traveled down to a neatly trimmed strip of hair and two very swollen pussy lips.

Wendi pulled her close as she kissed her and ran her hands all over Karen’s body working around to the front and her tits and nipples. Karen reached down and started to play with her pussy while licking down to her nipples which were hard by now.

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