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(A Dylan James Adventure)

This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Those of you familiar with Dylan and his exploits will know that after he finished his stuntman apprenticeship in Los Angeles, he went to Europe for a few months to celebrate and just chill out before returning to the rigors of his new profession in Los Angeles. This story is about the beginning of that celebration trip.

If you are not familiar with Dylan and his adventures in Hollywood, please check out all his other adventures. However, this is a stand-alone series. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

Day 3 – Later

The loud buzzing of his cell phone woke a very groggy Dylan. He sat up trying to locate the offending item. It was sitting on a table across the room and he staggered out of bed to reach for it. Just as he picked it up, it stopped ringing. Pissed, he looked at the number and saw that it was Jeff. He put the phone down deciding to call his friend in a little while. He turned back towards the bed expecting to see the sleeping form of Tiffany, the little bombshell who had been after his ass since he got to campus. They had fucked like to rutting rabbits earlier in the day. They had played a game called around the world where he fucked her in every orifice in her body. They had accomplished that feat to spectacular results. He had taken her pussy doggy style first, than plowed into her incredibly luscious ass, then her hot pussy again in missionary before he finally dumped his load down her clutching throat as he 69ed with her.

To his astonishment, she was not lying on the bed. He checked the bathroom and she was not in there. He checked back in the room. Her clothes, what little there had been of them, were gone plus her sex toys that she had brought for them to play with. He shook his head confused. What day was it? Had he overslept again? He grabbed his cell phone to look at the time. It was almost 7PM. He could not have slept for an entire day?

“Wondering where she went to, stud boy?”

He turned to find Kasey standing the bathroom doorway. Megan and she (See Day 1) shared a dorm suite with him, and they connected by the bathroom.

“You look terrible,” she said as she looked at the naked cum and pussy juice covered stuntman with his messed up hair and confused look. “But you will be glad to know that you look better than her. Man, she was walking kinda funny when she pulled out of her. I think you fucked her spine out of alignment. I could hear you two in here earlier. She is one loud bitch. If she had screamed one more time, ‘Fuck me, Dylan. Fuck me,’ I was going to come over here and gag her. Or let her eat my pussy. You guys made me horny.”

“Sorry to bother you. I will try to keep it down next time. The noise that is.”

“No worries. Hey, you wouldn’t be interested in a little playtime right now, would you? I am so horny, and Megan is out on a date till late or all night depending how it goes.”

“Kasey, I never turn down a beautiful girl, but I have not eaten food since lunch. I am famished.”

“It’s okay,” she said, but you could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“Hey I need to take a shower before I go. Would you like to join me?”

“Sure,” she squealed. She was already taking off her clothes and throwing them into her room, before he even moved. Her body was beautiful. She had a slim frame with long brown hair and green eyes. Her tits were not overly large, but seemed very big on her small frame. She was shaved with a star design over the top of her pussy. A pussy that he had the pleasure of already tapping twice. She was an excellent fuck. As a matter of fact, he had not met a girl at Texas Tech who was not an excellent fuck. They all seemed to excel at it.

He’d had Megan and Kasey the first night in town. He had fucked Gwen in the Research Lab at the library, and a second round with his two neighbors on Day 2. And he had just completed the planned event of fucking the shit out of Tiffany. She had come to his room, and had she cum and cum and cum some more.

Kasey had already turned on the shower as he limped into the bathroom. She pulled the exhausted Dylan to her and pressed her eager young body against him. She kissed him on the cheek and pulled him into the hot shower. With his head under the running water, she gently but thoroughly washed his tired body, paying particular attention to that 9 inch organ that she and her roommate had fallen in lust with. They liked Dylan, he seemed to be a very attractive, intelligent nice guy, but his cock was amazing. They had nicknamed him “Supercock” because of how well he used it on both of them. He would fuck them for what seemed like hours, bring them to multiple gut-wrenching orgasms and still give them more cock. He was like a horse, or a machine, or something out of this world. But Megan and she had never seen, shared or fucked anything ataköy escort like their, “Supercock.”

She took the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. Then she began soaping Dylan up slowly, starting with his neck, moving her way down his chest to his cock. She took her time, continuing to lather them long after it was necessary. He sighed contentedly as she repeated the process a few times until the fatigue began to leave his body and he started to relax. On her final pass, she soaped up his stomach, then pelvis, slowly creeping lower, until she wrapped her soapy fingers around his now very hard cock.

“Is that for me?”

“You know it is.”

They came together, kissing tenderly. Their wet bodies pressed tightly together as she continued to stroke him, and he ran his hands down her back to her ass. The kiss grew more heated as they began to grinding into each other. After the kiss broke, he reached down between her legs and began nibble her neck. She moaned even louder as his fingers began to work the lips of her pussy, then her clit. She began to stroke him harder and faster. They began to kiss with more urgency. He pushed her against the wall of the shower and dropped to his knees. He continued to run his fingers across her clit, her lips, into her warm pussy, teasing her. Kasey moaned as his teasing began to get to her, she started squirming, trying to get him to push his searching fingers up into her eager cunt. He put his face into her crotch and began to lick her outer lips gently, teasing her, feeling her body quiver from the sensations. Her hand found the back of his head and pulled him harder into her body. Dylan’s tongue finds her clit, and he flick at it lightly. She moaned as his tongue became more insistent, lashing at her, then pressing hard and biting and nibbling. Her hips were flipping at his tongue, bucking erratically, and her moans were becoming louder, echoing off the shower walls. He slid a finger insider her, then a second, as he kept working her clit over with his tongue. His fingers moved in and out of her gently, searching out her G spot. Her moans continued to grow as she slumped against the shower wall now, hips gyrating. He found the spot and her hips suddenly were bouncing and pressing into his face, as he massaged it with his fingers. She began to shudder and shake, her hand now pressing him into her harder than before. He flicked her clit gently but insistently while his fingers slid in and out of her leaking cunt. The tension in her body grew and the orgasm neared, her hips flipping and hands gripping the back of his head tightly, finally she let out a loud yell, and Dylan could taste the rush of her juices as they flowed out of her. Her muscles contracted around his thrusting fingers, as her climax crested. Her body pressed for a long moment against his flicking tongue, then with a shudder, she relaxed, and she slumped against the shower wall, water cascading down her fine young body.

“Oh, that is so nice,” she sighed. “Thank you! I really needed that after listening to you fuck that girl all afternoon.”

Dylan stood up and they kissed for a long moment and she gave his jutting cock a squeeze before she got out of the shower, “We will take care of that later.”

He washed his hair and got out. As he dried off she came into his room, “What time are you going to be back?”

“You can come with me. I am just going for a beer and a burger.”

“No, I have some studying to do, but I am going to be eating later. A very large meal,” she grinned wickedly as she stared at his thick cock dangling between his muscular thighs.

“Suit yourself. I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

“Sweet! See you then,” she called out as she marched thru the bathroom toward her room. She stopped in the doorway to her room and looked back at him with a lecherous grin. She winked and closed the door behind her. ‘Jesus, if he stayed on the campus longer than a week, these Texas girls were going to fuck him to death,’ he contemplated as he finished dressing.

Twenty minutes later, he was sitting in the student union with his burger and beer. He had just finished talking to Jeff, who was busy tonight grading exams. Jeff had invited him over so he could chill and watch TV, but the prospect for sending the evening between Kasey’s thighs won out, and he begged off. Just as he was about to dig into his food, his cell rang. He looked at the number. It was local, but he did not recognize it.


“I am still sore,” went a strange voice on the other end.

“Tiffany?” He asked confused.

“NO! I am not Tiffany! It’s Gwen. Remember? The Library?”

“Oh, hey, I am sorry. Of course, I remember. What’s up?” He said as he tried to cover for his mistake. Of course, he remembered Gwen. The super hot blond (See Day 2) that he had followed across campus to the Library entranced with her amazing body and little short skirt. He had tracked her to the Periodical Research Lab, seduced her and fucked her silly right out in avcılar escort the open. It was an extremely memorable event. One he would never forget.

“Well, I was wondering what you doing tonight? I am free in a little while and I wanted to see you again.”

“What about your boyfriend?” Dylan asked casually, but inside he was excited as hell. She was amazing looking and could fuck like no one’s business. The chance to ride that tight hot pussy again sent a surge of blood to his resting penis.

“He has to study for a big test, and what he doesn’t know will not hurt him in the least. But me on the other hand, … well … I’ve … thinking about … you … and the library … and your cock …all day. I really want, hell I need to see you again. Can I?”

Jesus, he must have fucked her into next week to have this gorgeous blond beg to have his cock. “Sure, no problem. Do you want to meet me for a drink?”

“I would like too, but I am supposed to spend the night at his place tonight. So all I really have time for is to be with you. It that okay?”

Like he would say no to that invite, “Sure. You want to meet me at my room? I am staying here on campus.”

“Great!” So he gave her the address of his dorm room and agreed to meet in about an hour. A big grin came over his face. Gwen and he were going to make a repeat performance. He promised to himself that the encore would be as good as the first time, plus there would be the added spice of Kasey to add to the mix. God, he loved this campus.

He quickly finished his meal and rushed back to his room. He quickly started picking up his disorganized room trying to get ready for Gwen. After straightening up the room, he went to the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth. He was excited about seeing Gwen again. He had just fucked the shit out of Tiffany earlier, but the thought of sinking his cock into Gwen’s sweet tight pussy again was making his prick start to throb. He knocked on Kasey’s door to arrange with her to come over during his time with Gwen, and see if they could get her in a three-way. He heard a muffled cry that he thought was “Come In” so he turned the door handle and entered. He found the very naked form of Kasey stretched out on her bed rubbing her clit with one hand and pushing a dildo up her dripping cunt with the other. Her sweaty lean body, scrumptious heaving tits, pumping hips, and wide spread thighs greeted him as he stared at her plunging her dildo in and out of her hot hole. Instead of studying as planned, she was fucking herself with a thick dildo. Instead of saying “Come in”, she had been screaming “I’m cumming!” Kasey’s hips were driving off the bed as she pumped the dildo deep inside her creaming cunt trying to get as much into her overheated pussy as she could. Her hips and hands worked in perfect rhythm as she achieved her climax, and she strove to maintain the intense pleasure as long as possible. Finally, her hips quit pumping and her lovely ass fell to the bed. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She opened her eyes and saw Dylan standing in the door way. She winked at him with a lecherous grin as she pulled the glistening, dripping dildo from her cunt lips and brought it to her mouth. She licked her sweet juices off the large latex tube with slow deliberate tongue movements, her eyes on Dylan each moment as she savored her own fresh hot cunt juice.

“I thought you were studying for a test?” He smiled as he watched her take one last lick of the thick dildo, then she popped the head into her mouth and suck on it like an all day sucker.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm! Oh that tastes good,” Kasey moaned with exaggerated pleasure as she took the thick dildo out of her mouth. “I was going too, but the thought of you fucking me later – just got me going. Want to climb on and get started?”

“Well, there is a little change in plans. The girl I told you about from the library is coming by. So I was hoping you would join us for some three-way fun.”

A look of disappointment crossed Kasey’s face. She had been hoping to get him all to herself, but as she leaned back on her elbows looking at this stud, she realized that she would take him anyway that she could just as long as she could ride his amazing cock. “You really did do that girl in the library? I thought that was bullshit. Sure, I will play with you and her. Is she up for it?”

“That might be a problem. I have not asked her. I was thinking we get started and then you join us on the sly. Ease her into it. How does that sound?”

“Look, I am totally game. But if she freaks then you still have to fuck me. You promise?”

“Kasey, nothing is going to stop me from fucking you tonight. I promise,” Dylan swore as he looked at this amazing looking girl laying on her bed begging for his cock. That was two girls in less than an hour literarily demanding to get his cock. He was dumbfounded by the amount of pussy that kept throwing itself at him on this college campus. He was only halfway through his third beylikdüzü escort day here and he’d already had sex with four different women. He kind of wondered if he would make to the weekend alive, but he was sure having fun in Texas and could not think of a better way to die.

He sat down on the edge of her bed. “So give me about 20 minutes to warm her up, then slip into the room. Okay?” Kasey sat up and threw her arms around his neck, and gave him a huge passionate kiss that made his head swim. She reached her hand down and began to stroke his thickening cock, teasing him till he was full-mast. He pushed her back on the bed and began to kiss her hard nips bringing a sigh of passion from her. As she worked his cock through his pants, he slipped first one then two fingers into her still very moist cunt. She spread her legs wide apart as he slowly started working his fingers in and out of her greedy snatch. He began rubbing her G spot with his two fingers while strumming her hard little clit with his thumb. Kasey’s hips began to tick in time with his fingers, slightly at first but as he rubbed faster, her hips began thrusting faster as well. Her hand was gripping his rock hard cock like a vise as he worked his fingers in and out rubbing against her spot. Her hips were flying now as she tried to get more of his fingers inside her famished cunt. “Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, …,” she groaned on each thrust as he skillfully worked her up to another climax. After several moments of his fingers working her pussy, Kasey’s hips froze in mid-air and she screamed her orgasm to the world.

“OOOOooohhhhhhhh FFFFuuuucccckkkk!” Her hips started churning up and down as he stroked her clit and G spot. Her cunt channel began rippling and gripping at his fingers. “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! OOOOOHHHHH!!” She screamed as her slick hole flew up and down his thrusting fingers seeking more and more pleasure from his touch. “YYYEEEEEEESSSSS!!!” As her climax crested, her ass plopped down on the bed and she sighed in release. “Oh Jesus, that was a good one.”

He leaned down and kissed her deeply. Then taking his wet fingers from her still-clutching cunt, he licked all her juice of his fingers, and kissed her again, letting her taste herself on his tongue. They dueled with each other for a few moments, until he broke the kiss, “See you in a few moments. Remember to give us a little time, but don’t wait too long. I want to get inside you tonight.” She smiled and nodded her head as she luxuriated in her post-orgasmic bliss as he left the room.

His cell was ringing as he entered his room. He hurried to pick it up and saw that it was Gwen calling. “Hello?”

“Oh, there you are. I thought you had stood me up. I have been calling for five minutes.”

“Sorry, I was just cleaning up. What’s up?”

“I am outside, but I forgot your room number.” Dylan quickly told her the room number and hung up. He checked the room once more to make sure that it was at least presentable. Then he opened the suite door and stepped into the hallway. He had been standing there for only a couple of moments before the stairway door opened at the end of the hall, and Gwen stepped in the hallway. She saw him standing waiting for her and she smiled a big grin that light up her entire face. She quickly moved toward him and Dylan had a chance to revel in her beauty. She was dressed in a short blue skirt and a pink tank top with flip-flops on. She was wearing her long blond hair down today as it framed her lovely face and hung down over her large round breasts. Her long legs were quickly covering the distance between them as she moved at a fast pace. Her short skirt was flipping up in the back and her large tits were bouncing and bobbing underneath her small tight tank top. Her skin absolutely glowed with her golden tan. He was struck again at how amazingly hot she was as she marched toward him. His thick cock was already at full mast from Kasey’s hot stroking, but it seemed to surge to even harder status as he stared at this young coed’s fantastic physique.

When she reached him, she stepped right in to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long ardent kiss. Her hands dropped to his muscular ass and pulled his groin tight against her body. When she felt his long hard bulge press against her stomach, she groaned deep in her throat with desire. She brought one of her hands around and grabbed the thick lump in his pants, giving it a squeeze. “I have dreamed of this all day,” she said as she broke the kiss.

Dylan pulled her into his room and closed the door behind them. They again locked in a fervent kiss as they explored and dueled with the other’s tongue. Gwen dropped to her knees and unzipped his shorts and pulled them all the way down his strong muscled thighs and calves to his ankles. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the huge tent that had formed in the front of Dylan’s boxers. She felt her pussy becoming soaking wet and her nipples becoming rock hard. She wanted to see his thick delicious cock and worship it. She pulled his boxers down over his sculptured ass and out sprang his massive piece of meat, which slapped against his quivering thigh. It was fully hard, pounding, making little jumps to the beat of his heart. It was truly the most magnificent cock she had ever seen, and hanging down beneath the great cock were two large bulging testicles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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