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Anthony climbs off the bed, and Molly rolls over onto her tummy, the sunshine yellow stain of sexy, sexy pee transferring from her soft belly and tits into the white sheets. “Right there, babe,” she says, “side pocket.”

With a quick yank, Anthony opens the smaller side pocket of Molly’s suitcase and finds it deeper than it looks from the outside. He finds a mesh baggy loaded with red satins ties, beside it, a small leather folder, and beneath that, a large tube labeled surgical lubricant. He looks over his shoulder at Molly. “I’m uh… not sure how this works. It seems uncomfortable.” He opens the leather folder and stares at the stainless steel rods and their ribbed lengths and bulbous ends. “Looks uncomfortable, too.”

“It is,” says Molly. “But it’s also very erotic. I didn’t know if you would be into it, but since you seem to be ever bit the freak I am, I brought them along. You’re going to fuck my peehole with those. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do.”

“I think you have me confused with someone who takes orders,” he says harshly. Then he flashes a quick grin.

With a musical little laugh, Molly flutters her feet back and forth. “Well then, I guess you’ll just have to show me how it’s done.”

Scratching his head, Anthony says, “Yeah, I was kidding. Instructions, please.”

Biting her lower lip, Molly pushes herself up to her knees, lifts her wrists above her head. Her pendulous breast rock as she twists, but Anthony’s eyes lock onto the meaty lips hanging puffy and glistening out of her piss-laden bush. “How about you get me wherever you want me, and I’ll ask you to do all the naughty things to me. Just don’t make the knots too tight.”

“Yup, that sounds about right,” says Anthony.

Molly’s arms drop, her face settling into a pout. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Climbing back onto the bed, Anthony shoves her slowly but firmly down into the pillows. “It means I’m in charge now, so shut the fuck up and spread your legs. I want to taste that pussy.”

Closing her eyes with a pleasant hum, Molly allows her knees to drop wide, and Anthony’s hands grip the inside of her thighs hard enough to leave white marks on her skin. His head drops into her lap, and his tongue sweeps directly into her open cunt. It’s still sour and musky, and his nostrils fill with the pee-scent wafting from her bush. Up into her opening, her silky insides are so delicious upon his tongue. He laps into her, forcing her lips apart, widening her box. Slowly, his tongue moving deeper and deeper, her body creates fresh cream to melt upon his taste buds. He swallows her delicious, milky arousal with a sigh of satisfaction. Shuttering, Molly places her hands on the back of Anthony’s head.

“My clit,” she says. “Suck on my clit.”

“Your clit?” he says, pressing two fingers to either side of her hard, hoodied lady. The fleshy, slick softness of Molly’s pussy puffs out as he pushes down. His fingers alternate depressions, rocking Molly’s hardening clit like a ship in a storm. “Hm, only if you’re a good girl.”

“Oh, you bad, bad boy. I didn’t know you were a tease.”

“You didn’t mentioned to like to be tied up,” says Anthony, pulling a strip of satin from the pouch. Grabbing one of Molly’s wrists, he flat wraps her to one of the bed posts. Passing her mouth to offer a deep kiss, he proceeds to do the same to the opposite wrist. Grabbing a pair of throw pillows from the chair in the corner, he tucks them beneath Molly’s knees, between her calves and thighs, and then he ties her ankles to the same bedposts, forcing her legs open wide.

“This is so fucking sexy,” whispers Molly.

Hopping from the bed, Anthony grabs two bottles of water. He opens the first as he stands over Molly’s restrained form. For a moment, he does nothing but admire the shape of her. Long, rather tones legs, thick hips and soft belly, and large breasts… and he can really get a good look at the slight gape of her reddening, used asshole and puffy pussy. The tiny, dark hole of her urethra seems to be looking up at him.

“Drink,” he says. And he places the bottle to her lips, tilting as the water bobs down her throat, until it’s all inside her. The last he tasted of her pee was hardly very pee-like anymore. They’re probably getting to the point where they’re mostly passing water, which is probably better now that Molly has decided to soak the hotel bed. He unscrews his bottle and downs it all in one go.

Molly just looks at him with smiling eyes, waiting.

Grabbing another satin ribbon, Anthony gets to work on Molly’s breasts. “Sit up,” he commands. He wraps them as he used to with Tess, starting in back, under each breast, to the back again, up and over. He tightens them to ensure Molly’s already sizeable tits bulge pleasantly, her nipples sticking out hard like erasers. These he suckles for a moment, until Molly asks again for him to touch her clit. Then he stops.

“I hate you,” she says sweetly.

“You won’t,” he says. Pressing her back into the bed. “Well, not by the end.”

Maybe it was just nice to be proficient at something. He had often been accused gaziemir escort of being a tease, but since he reached the hotel room, Molly had been driving the encounter, no matter how much enthusiam Anthony had brought to the occasion. And if she was going to be giving him instructions on sliding a steal stick into her pee hole, at least he could try to get her good and ready for it on his own initiative.

It’s nice to feel self-worth.

With another line, Anthony begins wrapping Molly’s knee before running it back to her adjacent wrist. Molly runs her tongue along her top teeth, breathing just a bit harder as Anthony’s second line ensures her legs remain spread, her damp, hairy cunt and slightly gaped starfish on display.

“Where did you learn this?” Molly asks.

“Took a class through FetLife. And YouTube. Why, impressed?”

“More than you’d think,” she says coyly.

“Let me know if you get uncomfortable,” he says. “Safe phrase is ‘ow, ow, you’re hurting me.”

“Ha!” Molly laughs. “You really havent tried sounding before. But honestly, I’ve never let a practical stranger tie me up. I must really trust you.”

“We have taken a few risks, haven’t we? I must have a nice face.”

A bit more seriously, Molly says, “You do. A very nice face. In my humble opinion, one of the nicer faces, and I’ve seen quite a few. But it’s not your nice qualities that are making me drip.”

She isn’t exaggerating either. Where her anus kisses the bed sheets, a wet spot is growing, fed by a channel of milky pussy drool that Anthony just wants to guzzle. But he simply lets his rod thicken and stares at her.

“What?” says Molly.

“I was just wondering what it would be like to know you, you know, outside a cheating scenario.”

“Well, unless murder is on the table, I don’t see that happening.”

“I just mean, dinner or boating or some shit.”

“If we were on a boat,” says Molly. “We would one hundred percent be fucking.”

Anthony pauses, purses his lips. “It’s funny because it’s true.” He climbs back up on the bed and scoots between her open legs. Grabbing the empty water bottle from the foot of the bed, Anthony reaches down to scoop some of the mucus from Molly’s honey pot. He smears it over one side of the ribbed bottle, and then he begins to rub it up and down over her cunt. The ribbing smacks her clit every time it slips over her exposed knob, and Molly throws her head back, laughing.

“Oh my God!” she says. “That feels insane! More. Faster!”

Anthony spits on her pussy, phlegm landing directly on her clit, and he slips the bottle over her vulva. It crackles as Molly moans.

With so much of her fluid leaking down over her asshole, still loose from being thoroughly fucked, three of Anthony’s fingers slide easily into her out hole.

“Oo, oo, ooooooo,” Molly moans, her hips rocking now to fuck Anthony’s fingers, the pooch of her belly wiggling with her gyration. She doesn’t have much play, given her bound state, but enough to tell Anthony how much she’s getting off.

He shoves those fingers up into her shithole with some extra-firm pressure, and Molly squeals, her ass lifting as a spurt of her hot pee hits the underside of the bottle, splashing in all directions, soaking her thighs, her ankles, her bush, her tummy, and the bed.

She’s breathing hard when Anthony tosses the bottle aside and leans forward, sucking the soft golden juice from her navel, and then slurps the drops from her thighs, from her meaty lips, her winking anus.

“Sorry,” he says, “we’re you going to tell me what to do?”

“I think I’m in love with you,” says Molly with a languid grin across her face.

Hoping he can’t hear her heart pounding at Molly’s words, Anthony crawls up her body and presses his mouth to her thick, smiling lips. The kiss is deep, and he finds Molly sucking on his tongue as if it were his cock. Her head bobs, and she licks and sucks, and Anthony penetrates her mouth once more. When the kiss breaks, he sits back and stares hard at her pussy.

“You want it, don’t you,” she says, rocking her torso. “You want to fuck my pussy.”

“Of course I do. It just… it’s a line. It’s the only line.”

“You’ve already fucked my asshole… I’ll let you fuck my pussy bare, if that sweetens the deal. I mean, not that I could stop you.” She raises her bound wrists to the end of the lengths. Then she leans forward as much as she can, and in a low, soft voice, she says, “Anthony. I want you to fuck my cunt while I’m pissing. I want you to fuck my sodden honey trap until I cum and squirt all over your rod and that little dad belly, and then I want you to shoot your load inside my bare, slimey pussy while I’m helpless to do anything about it.” She leans back. “Or you can cum in my ass again. Your choice.”

He clears his throat. “So, am I supposed to put those rods in your pee hole?” he says.

Molly grins. “Grab the folder and open it up. Slip out the third smallest. I like to masturbate this way sometimes when I’m traveling, so I’m working my way up.”

“Just gümüldür escort when you’re traveling?” says Anthony.

“My husband doesn’t get it. Even when we were having sex. Missionary, doggy, and maybe a thumb in my asshole, if I was lucky. Oral yes, as long as I didn’t squirt, though I was of course expected to swallow HIS load every time. But I did get to sixty-nine on special occasions. Until I became nothing but his bi-monthly cum dumpster.”


“So I pretty much keep my toys in my travel bag and try to enjoy myself when I’m on the road.” She twists her torso just a bit, to shove her box suggestively upward. “And speaking of…”

“When else am I going to get the chance to grill you?” He nods at the bindings.

“Fine,” she says through gritted teeth. “What do you want to know?”

Anthony quickly but lightly slaps her across one tit, wacking her nipple smartly. Molly jerks. “You being sassy?” he says with a grin.

“Ung,” Molly’s head rolls back. “I like it.”

He slaps her other tit, a bit harder. “You sure?”

Molly yelps. “Fuck, I felt that in my pussy.”

“I thought that’s what this was for,” he says, lifting the ribbed steel rod from the folder. “So… lube on the rod or your pussy?”

“Just the rod,” says Molly. “It’s heavy lube, really deadens my clit.” She scoots down, driving her cheeks apart to give Anthony a direct view of her petalled slit and worked out rosebud. Anthony can feel his cock swelling as he lubricates the rod. “These are special,” says Molly. “See, they’re hollow and open on both ends, so if you push through to my bladder…” She makes a pee noise with her mouth.

“I see.” Anthony rubs a thick layer of globby surgical lube along the ribbed sound.

“Line it up, and go straight in,” she says. “And go slowly. I’m getting wider, but it still burns a little.”

Anthony’s finger touches the nub of Molly’s clit as the tip of the rod aligns with her tiny, glistening piss hole. Molly’s legs are quivering almost imperceptibly, and she’s biting her lip, her eyes intent on the dirty show.

“Does this excite you?”‘says Anthony.

She practically whispers, “Fuck yes. I can’t believe a man is doing this to me.”

Gently, slowly, the ribbed steel slides into her peehole. She closes her eyes and groans.

“Oh, it’s inside me,” she breathes.

“Slow enough?” says Anthony, continuing to slip the rod in deeper, the taper widening Molly’s littlest opening.

“Perfect,” she says. “Keep going.” Deeper, deeper. She whimpers, “There. Wait there unless you want me to lose all this precious gold I’ve been making for you.”

Anthony looks down at Molly’s luscious cunt, the end of the little ribbed rod sticking out of her piss canal. He realizes that it would never fit in his own dick, and he wonders if he would even want to try the smallest one.

Molly sighs. “Now very, VERY gently, like the rod is made of delicate crystal, begin to fuck me with it.” With a hand on her knee to steady himself, Anthony pulls the rod out slowly. Molly hisses. “Slower. And don’t go so far or fast until I’m closer to cumming. The pain won’t bother me, then.”

Delicately, Anthony moves the sound just a tiny, tiny bit. In and out, in and out.

Molly leans her head back on the pillows… “Nnnnnnggggg. It’s so fucking hot that you’re fucking my pee hole. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnngggggg.”

Watching her hips begin to rock, Anthony squints with concentration, trying to counter Molly’s movement, but it’s not working very well. Meanwhile, her pussy is salivating and drooling that viscous white sex nectar. It oozes from her opening below the inserted rod, soaking her winking pucker. The motion grows to more than Molly was initially comfortable with, but her rocking doesn’t slow. Anthony takes a chance, scooping a bit of the precum stringing between his dick and the bed sheet and rubs it onto Molly’s clit.

She making little gasps now, like nothing he’s seen her do over these last few hours. To be fair, he may not seen half of the erotic faces of Molly. Her skin is flushed above her tits, her mouth open, tongue lolling, her eyes half open and glazed as if she’s stoned out of her mind.

“I… I… I’m going to cum soon,” she says. “Get down there. Hold the sound in your mouth and rub my clit while I fuck it.” Molly pauses, but her little mewls continue as the sound shifts with Anthony’s movement.

Lying prone, Anthony gets into the awkward position, the sounding rod sticking out of Molly’s peehole hands free. He wants desperately to stroke himself off to this, but it’s just not possible lying on his stomach. He has a feeling he’s going to love what comes next. Once he has the sound between his teeth, his finger feeling around the point of penetration, spooning Molly’s girl juice from her yawning vagina up along the crease and onto her clit, he says awkwardly, “Ready.”

Molly begins to fuck the sound again. This time, her moans are louder than anything Anthony has heard from her so far. She’s practically yelling, and Anthony is nearly certain that güzelbahçe escort hotel security must be on the way. He can smell her pissy bush, the strong musk of her pussy and the musty scent of her anus. One finger rubs her clit, the other he slips into her asshole, and Molly bucks and wails.

“I’m gonna’ fucking cum! I’m gonna’ fucking cum! I’m gonna’ fucking cum! I’m gonna’…” She quiets as her motion stops dead. And then through the hollow sounding rod in Anthony’s mouth jets a violent stream of squirt and piss, shooting into the back of his throat. He nearly gags. Not because it’s gross, but because he can’t breathe. But he gathers himself enough to suck and swallow, suck and swallow. And Molly howls! Her body shaking in a violent orgasm, her voice shredding the air like the wail of a banshee. “CUUUUMMMMMIIINGGGGGG!!” She moans. Gasps. “I’m CUMMMMIINNNGGGGG!” She gasps again and slows, and Anthony continues to swallow her special treat.

When the liquid peters out, he takes a chance. He removes the fingers from her bung, and shoves them into her pussy, curling up to rub her g-spot. With his teeth gripping the sound, and his tongue holding it steady, he pushes the rod into Molly just a bit further. She gasps, and the pee begins to flow again. It’s a steady stream now, and instead of sucking, he just laps at the nearly clear liquid spouting from the rod’s opening.

Molly’s moaning is more like crying as he diddles her cunt. “I’mmmmm… gonna’ cum again.” And another little gush flows through the rod. And then another, and another and another. Anthony is shocked that his hot little Molly is still producing so much liquid… still cumming. He’s lost count of the orgasms she must be having by this point, and he’s started fucking the bed, the slick mess from his cock giving it something to slide over. It feels amazing as he’s drinking down his lover’s pissy squirt and fucking the sheets like a goddamn dog.

“No more…” she whispers, panting. “I can’t… I can’t…”

Rolling over onto his back, Anthony just leaves the sounding rod in Molly’s urethra. His stomach is sloshing with so much liquid he’s in danger of vomiting. When he curls and maneuver’s onto his side, Molly is still experiencing the odd, full-body quiver. She’s half catatonic for a few minutes, and Anthony spends that time gently kissing the inside of her thighs, slowly stroking his neglected cock.

His head lays on the bed, and he finds his tongue at the level of Molly’s asshole. He begins rimming her again, his tongue dipping into her dark brown tube, her twat oozing over her taint, between her cheeks and into his mouth. His stroking and licking grows more aggressive.

“That,” says Molly softly, “was the most insane orgasm I’ve ever had. It was so… fucking… hot. Oh, love it when you like my asshole like that. If we were married, this is how I’d want you to wake me up in the morning.”

“Mmmhm,” is all Anthony can do as he tongue fucks her shitter. And there’s nothing she can do about it, completely unable to close her legs. In fact, if he wanted to, he could do just about anything he wants.

So he stands up on the bed, Molly looking at him with stars in her eyes, and wordlessly he shoves his cock into her mouth. His ass rocks as he fucks her face, and Molly’s tongue laps at his shaft. He pushes into her throat, firmly. It would be so easy to cum. But he wants that asshole.

Out of her mouth goes his cock, Molly gasping for air, into her mouth goes his tongue. Their chins are coated with his precum and her thick deep-throat saliva. After she bobs and sucks his tongue like she did his cock. He says, “You ready?”

His dick, dripping with oral lube, finds Molly’s filthy asshole. He shoves himself inside her.

“Ooooo,” she moans. “Yessss, my ass. Fuck my ass.”

And he thrusts his meat in and out of her stink hole. “Yeah,” he says. “Take that dick.” He’s careful not to accidentally buck the sounding rod still deep in her pee slit, but he’s not gentle either.

“Fuck me… oh, fuck me!” she says.

“Can you feel it?” says Anthony. “Can you feel the rod moving in your bladder when I fuck your dirty, filthy shit tube?”

As if on command, pee flows out the end of the tube, splashing into his pubic hair, dripping down the base of his cock. He can feel Molly’s hot piss running down his balls, running over his taint and asshole. He nearly blows right there.

He pulls out while she’s still peeing, climbs again to his feet and fucks her mouth again. “How does that taste, slut?” he growls. “Do you like the flavor of your rectum?”

When he removes his cock, Molly cries, “Yes. I fucking love it.” Tears are streaming down her cheeks. He slaps her tits hard enough to make her yelp and fucks her face some more.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth,” he says, pulling out out to touch her lips and tongue with his fingers.

“Yes! Yes please, cum in my mouth. I want to drink that salty, spunky cum like you drank my piss.”

Her desire alone is enough to drag his balls back into his body. Her can feel the flood getting ready to erupt as he shoves his dick back into Molly’s mouth. He’s been nursing this one for a while, ever since he started tying her up.. Molly bobs her head harder, her mouth wrapping around his thunder stick. “Get ready…” he says. “Get ready… here I… cum!” And he jerks, spurting his load into her waiting mouth, jerking, spurting, jerking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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