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Big Tits

As a teacher, I find it repulsive to read stories about sex between teachers and their current students. We have a responsibility to care for these students while they are in our charge, and abusing that for sexual pleasure is a violation of the trust that their parents and society puts in us. Once they graduate, however…

It was a Saturday night in late May, and I had decided to go to McStiffies for some entertainment. Technically, the strip club was called McGregors, but there was also a restaurant named MacGregors about 30 miles in the other direction. The club was a 45 minute drive into the outskirts of the city, making it incredibly unlikely that I would run into anyone connected to the school, staff or parent. At least, that was my expectation. It had been several months since I had been there, as I only went three or four times a year and that was usually during summer break. I knew that the turnover of girls was high. Generally there was a core of a half dozen who were making a career out of it for as long as they could, and the other 12 to 15 girls stayed a few months making cash until something came up or they got fired.

On this particular evening, the club was about three-quarters full. Long stage in the middle surrounded by chairs, so that the stage was at eye level when you sat down. More chairs sat back against the wall where customers sat and had the girls hustle drinks from them. They were each expected to get customers to buy them four drinks during their shift, whether they drank them or not. Upstairs was a balcony with a smaller stage with a single pole, a smaller bar, and some dark corners where you could get a lap dance. When I went, I usually sat up here because it was higher than the speakers and I could hear myself think and, on occasion, actually have a conversation with the girl hustling drinks from me.

The girls usually liked talking to me because I looked safe and didn’t try to hit on them in the first two minutes. If I found a girl I liked, my first question to them was to ask how many drinks they had left to get. This seemed to put them at ease because they knew that I knew the drill. I got a beer from the bartender, sat down at the edge of the balcony and surveyed the room. I saw a few girls I recognized, then heard with interest as they introduced “Ginger” to the main stage. I always liked redheads, so I gave my attention that way and waited with anticipation. A 5′ 2″ beauty with straight, shoulder length red hair made her way up the steps, and for a moment I thought I recognized the young woman but brushed it off as wishful thinking. Still, she was gorgeous and moved like she had been a dancer as a kid. She looked young, but with the amount of makeup these girls sometimes use and my point of view, looking down from above, it was hard to be certain. I was definitely waiting for her to come upstairs.

At McStiffies, on crowded nights the girls did a set on the main stage, then a set on the upstairs stage, then hustled for drinks and lap dances before going off to change and clean up before their next turn in the rotation came up. After Ginger finished her set downstairs, she was escorted upstairs by the incredibly large gentleman who served as the upstairs bouncer. Gino had been a defensive lineman at one of the local universities 15 years ago or so, but he was more show than go. He got winded going up the stairs and if he recognized you, he didn’t feel any urge to get off his bar stool and hassle you. I watched him help the redhead up the steps, and then recognition hit me. “Ginger” was Veronica Adams, a senior at my high school. She was 19, old for a senior but she had been in foster care for a while and had lost a year when she had dropped out for a time. She had been in my class two years prior. We had a good relationship—nothing too close, but we talked about things other than schoolwork from time to time. She felt out of place being older than her classmates, and she felt more comfortable talking to me than to them.

I turned away so that she did not recognize me right away; I wanted that to happen while she was on stage so she couldn’t go anywhere. I knew it would scare her to be recognized, even so far away from school, so I wanted her to have time to process it all and then come sit with me. She began dancing, twisting and turning around the pole like a snake, so fluid and graceful, all the while looking downward with her eyes half closed. After a minute I went up to the stage with my dollar bill in hand. She didn’t instantly recognize me. It must have been the lighting. She pulled her garter away and gently slid the dollar bill up her thigh and under it. She snapped it close and looked at me to say thanks, then her hand shot to her mouth as she gasped in recognition. I quickly put my finger to my lips in a “shhh” motion, then said, “It’s ok, come sit and talk to me. No one else knows.”

She finished her set on autopilot. She definitely had less energy than before, and I knew why. One of her teachers had just tuzla escort saw her wearing only her panties, and that had to be uncomfortable. She had awesome breasts, by the way. A B-cup, perhaps, with very small nipples and a few freckles that showed up against the pale skin. She wasn’t very tan, which I attributed to her being a redhead and this being May. Veronica came over to where I was sitting and sat at the seat next to mine. Of course I’d have preferred she sit on the bench seat with me, but I wasn’t surprised at her choice. As always, my first line to her was “Hi, Ginger. How many drinks do you still need?” She seemed stunned that I didn’t use her real name or start bombing her with questions.

“Just three, umm…”. I could tell she was searching for something to call me.

“Max,” I said simply.

“Just three, Max. Thanks.” I waved over the lone waitress serving the upstairs, ordered myself a beer and said to get Ginger whatever she wanted. Ginger nodded, the waitress nodded in response and went to the bar.

“Do they let you drink?” I asked.

She sighed and said, “No, unfortunately for both of us. I’m getting a diet Coke and they are charging you for a real drink. They can’t afford to get busted for me drinking underage, but they need you to think I’m old enough to drink.”

The waitress brought our drinks. I handed her a $20, got back a short stack of singles and gave her two. Always tip your servers, folks, even in a strip club. “How long have you been here?” I asked Veronica.

“Four months,” she responded. “I aged out of the system when I turned 19, and have been living on my own since February. I get SSI, but it just barely pays the bills. You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

I shook my head. I leaned in close so no one else could hear. “Seriously, Roni, who am I going to tell? If people find out you work here, you get embarrassed and get more business. It’s not like you have anything in common with those kids at school anyway. Me, on the other hand, it could get messy for me if little Susie’s mom finds out her teacher goes to strip clubs. I don’t think they can fire me over it, but they can definitely make my life uncomfortable. I’ll make you a deal, sweetie. For tonight, you’re Ginger and I’m Max. I’ve been coming to places like this for a long time, and I know how the system works. I’ll buy you all the drinks you need so you don’t need to hustle anyone else. Feel free to go work the room like any other night. Don’t feel like you owe me anything to keep me quiet. If you want to sit and talk, even if it’s just to get away from some shithead who doesn’t know how to behave, I’d be happy for your company. Just promise me that Monday you’ll come see me during advisory period so we can talk like real people, ok?”

She smiled and nodded her head in agreement. “Deal, Max. Would it be ok if I hustled you for a lap dance?” She killed me with a smirk and a shoulder shimmy. I think I blushed.

“That,” I said, “would be… inappropriate from a legal standpoint. Perhaps it is something we can talk about on Monday.”

She laughed and gave me a quick hug. “Keep my drink safe and don’t hit on any of the other girls. I’ll be back in a little while.”

For the next three hours I watched her work the room like an experienced pro. I don’t know if she was a natural or just a quick learner with a good eye for what the other girls were doing, but she cranked up the charm. She was popular with the customers, which did not surprise me. She smiled at me as she led three different guys to an upstairs corner for lap dances, which also did not surprise me. I watched a little bit, trying not to stare, and paid more attention to the girls on the stage in front of me. As she brought the third one up the steps, she looked at me and made a drinking motion, so I flagged down the server and got us each one more. After the lap dance was over, she came and sat on the bench next to me. She leaned in close and said in a sultry voice I had never heard from her, “That could have been you, you know. I wish it had been.” My cock jumped in my pants as I gave her a questioning look. “Monday,” she said. “We’ll talk about it then. Right now, just let me sit here and feel safe.” I put my arm around her shoulder, making sure to keep my hand on top of the seat so Gino didn’t think I was up to anything, and kept my other hand on my beer. She rested her hand on my thigh, leaned in closer and laughed. “Get a good look, old man. Monday I’m wearing sweats.”

So after an excruciating Sunday where I thought about Roni non-stop, I got my chance to talk to her Monday morning for about 15 minutes. She was not normally in my advisor section but had secured a pass from her advisor to see me. There were others in the room, but they were either napping or doing homework they didn’t do over the weekend. Still, we talked quietly and paid attention to what we were saying. I told her that I had no plans to tell anyone about our little encounter, and asked pendik escort her what she meant when she said she wished it was me getting the “thing”.

“Well, for starters, you’re a good looking guy,” she said. I blushed and tried to brush it off, but she continued. “No, really. Girls talk, and just because I don’t talk to them doesn’t mean I don’t hear them. Lots of girls in this school think you’re hot, and you’re not a letch so that makes you even hotter. Second, although I was initially scared out of my freaking mind seeing you there, after a while it got me worked up knowing you were watching, and yes I knew you were watching even when you tried to play it off.” I shrugged my shoulders. “And I like you. You have always treated me with respect, and that can be hard to get around this place. You never hit on me, you never looked down on me for being a foster kid, and you only looked me over when I wore stuff designed to get people to look me over. I’m an adult now, and I’m ready for adult relationships. I don’t expect us to date, but I’d like to be your friend after I’m out of here, if you want. And I want you to come back and see me at work in a few weeks.”

That last one shocked me. She was grinning wickedly when she said it, so I figured she was up to something and I told her so. “I bet you spent all day yesterday planning something, didn’t you.”

She shrugged and held up her hands. “Maybe…” she said.

“Tell you what,” I said. “Graduation is a week from Thursday. I’ll watch you walk across our stage that night, then I’ll watch you walk across your stage next Friday. I’ll even bring you a graduation present. Deal?”

“Deal!” she said happily. I gave her a high five in case anyone else in the room had taken an interest in our conversation, and she left to start her school day and I hid behind my desk until my hard-on went away.

I was proud of her when she graduated. I whistled when her name was called just in case no one else made any noise, but she had some friends who cheered her also. It was nice to know that she wasn’t as isolated as I had thought she might be. After the ceremony I gave her a big hug, picking her up and spinning her around once. When I whispered “see you tomorrow night” into her hear, she whispered back “I’m so looking forward to it. I’m on from 8 to 2.”

I timed it so I got to the club around 8:30, not wanting to appear desperate. I made my way upstairs to my balcony seat, ordered myself a drink, and waited. Apparently she was looking for me as she ran up the steps and hugged me. I held the hug for as long as she wanted, then smiled down at her and invited her to sit at my table. “Not yet, I’m up next, but could you get me a drink? Thanks.” She gave me an unexpected peck on the cheek and went downstairs. I know she was a dancer, so she’s got great balance and body control, but I’ll still never figure out how women can go down a flight of stairs in 5 inch heels and not fall over. Anyway, I got “Ginger” her drink, after almost using her real name, and sat back down to watch her set on the main stage. She was very energetic, swinging around the poles, practically bouncing her way from one end of the stage to the other, smiling at everybody and raking in the tips. I figured that she was happy she was stress free, not having to worry about the conflict between school and work and could relax and have fun with it. When she took her top off halfway through the second song, my erection sprang to life. She was incredibly fit and I just loved those tiny nipples. She bounced and danced her way through the last song and a half of her set, walked around the stage one last time to collect tips, then grabbed her top and bounded up the stairs. She surprised me by tossing her top at me, yelling “Here, hold this” before moving to the upstairs stage. She aimed everything she did at me, even though she only looked at me directly once.

After the set, she came over and dropped down in the chair next to me and took a long drink of her soda. “Thanks for this. Are you still ‘Max’?”

“Actually, I am. My middle name is Maximillian, an old family name, and I’ve been going by Max since I was in junior high. None of the students know, because my ID uses my first name. So, if we’re going to be friends, then I’m Max. So, you’re awfully energetic. Glad to be done with school, or just happy to see me?” I gave her an exaggerated eyebrow raise as I delivered that last line, and got the hoped-for laugh.

“Both, to be honest. With school done, I don’t have to worry about seeing anyone I don’t want to. I don’t have to lie about why I am so tired in first period. I can work more shifts here, and the money is good so I think I will have an easier time of things. I just feel like I’ve gotten past everything that was keeping me from being an adult, you know?”

“I cannot begin to imagine how you have had to live your life. Not just the past few months, but the past several years. For all the good that foster homes are supposed aydınlı escort to do, they don’t always. I’m glad you are out of the system. Now, serious question.” She looked at me a bit nervously, as I gave her an exaggerated sigh. “You have fantastic boobs, and I really enjoy staring at them while we talk, but aren’t you supposed to put your top back on?”

She laughed out loud and took her top back from me, putting it on in just a few seconds. “Happy now?” she said.

“Not really,” I countered, “but let’s not get either one of us in trouble with Gino, ok?”

For the next three hours, she worked the room as easily as if she had been doing this for ten years. Whenever she wasn’t dancing or hustling lap dances, she came and sat with me. We made small talk; she told me about how she had gotten into the system and how her life had been in the past couple of years, and I told her about how teaching took a lot more time than people thought and since I didn’t really want to date another teacher at the school I didn’t have the grand social life she assumed I did. At midnight-ish, when she sat down again after another set, I told her it was time for her graduation present. She looked at me a little strangely.

“You don’t have anything obvious with you. I hope you didn’t go all psycho and buy me some small but expensive piece of jewelry. I’ll take it, of course, but it would be weird.”

“No,” I laughed. “Your present is that I’m going to buy that lapdance now.” She beamed and practically pulled me out of my chair and dragged me to the corner.

“Here,” she said, “where it’s nice and dark. Sit on your hands so Gino doesn’t think you’re up to anything and let me do all the work.”

Now I’ve had plenty of lapdances, so I know how they work. Or how they usually work, anyway. And this one was going about how I expected, for the first song. Then, she got a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous grin on her face as the second song started. She faced me, climbed up on my lap, and dry humped me for the next three minutes and twenty two seconds, changing speeds and motions like we were fucking for real. It was only thanks to three hours of alcohol that I didn’t cum in my pants. She was breathing a bit heavy when she was finished and just rested there for a few seconds to gather herself. Then, her eyes got wide and jumped off my lap. “Please go back to our table and wait for me. Don’t leave. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

I was rather confused at this point. I thoroughly enjoyed what just happened, although I was very surprised. I went back to the table as she asked, wondering what she was thinking and doing. Twelve minutes later, I was even more surprised as she bounded up the stairs in a t-shirt and jeans. She grabbed my hand, leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I know this is sudden, but I need you to take me home tonight. Now, in fact. Please? Can we go now?”

Now I’m not always the smoothest guy, but I’m not stupid. I let her lead me down the stairs, hand in hand, and over to the “employees only” door. She reached behind the door and pulled out her carryall, which she handed to me. As I dragged it behind me, she dragged me out the front door. It’s a wonder that the whole damn room didn’t stop and watch the scene unfolding. I was a bit bewildered myself as we made our way to my car.

“Roni, stop and tell me what is going on. Please. I’m confused. We were having a good time, right?”

“Oh, hell yes. I talked to Miss Penny and asked if I could leave early. The other dancers won’t mind because they will get a few more sets before they close. And after that lapdance, well, I just couldn’t stand it any more. Take me home and fuck me, please?”

I’m surprised I didn’t get a speeding ticket. We didn’t talk much on the way, both filled with nervous energy. The radio station was playing some bouncy dance music, and we would occasionally sing a long just to break the silence. It was a 30 minute drive to her apartment that I made in 25. I did at least find out that she had ridden to work with a friend, so she wasn’t leaving her car there. She and another dancer lived about 5 miles apart and they took turns driving when they worked the same shifts. Lucky me, this wasn’t her night to drive.

We got to her place and she was on fire. As soon as we got the front door closed she grabbed me and kissed me. Hard. I reached under her ass and picked her up while our lips were still locked. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we walked around the room, kissing each other and me squeezing her ass. After a few really enjoyable minutes of this, I set her down in front of the couch and said, “Let’s finish what you started at the club.” I sat in the middle of the couch and let my legs spread open.

She grinned broadly, muttered an “Ohmigod yes”, and attacked my pants to get them down around my ankles. She fished out my cock and devoured it, licking and sucking with gusto. I’m your basic average six inches so she was easily able to take me to the root, and my head rolled back as she fucked her face with my cock. I ran my fingers through her red hair, grabbed hold of a handful, and helped her along. She groaned when I clenched my hand tight and moved her head faster up and down.

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