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Aria Skye

“Come on,” Gina snarled at me, “try to take me down, you pussy.” I blinked the sweat out of my eyes and looked across the mat at the woman before me, wondering for about the 14th time how the hell I got here. Here was a fires-of-hell-hot gym in Georgia in July grappling with a female level 2 combatives. Mind you, normally I wouldn’t be complaining about being sweaty, or in very close contact, with a pretty blond who has a tight body. However, when that particular blond is using that tight body to try and break mine into tiny little pieces, that’s a different story. I suppose that’s what I get for talking some major smack to her. You know, the normal stuff, girls are wimps, girls can’t beat guys. The next thing that I know, she’s challenged me and has been mopping the floor with my sorry carcass ever since.

With a muttered oath, I came in low and attempted to grab her waist. Before I could do anything further, I was lying on the ground with her legs locked around my waist from behind and her arm wrapped around my windpipe. I looked down and admired the legs around my waist. She was wearing shorts and the muscles under the tanned skin showed perfectly. I became aware of her breasts pressing into my back and, to my horror, felt a reaction from south of my waist. It didn’t have the chance to get much further, though, as she cranked down on my throat and those lovely legs crushed my waist. I quickly tapped out and she released me. I rolled away and got to my feet slowly. I glanced over at Gina and was now aware of he breasts poking from under her t-shirt, the sweat showing the outline of her sports bra. Pushing the thought out of my mind, I waded back in. We grappled for about 15 minutes more before I finally called it a day, tired and sore from getting my butt kicked.

“You know you lost the bet,” she reminded me as she grabbed one of the towels lying beside the mat, “and I’m collecting now, I’m starving.” I groaned, wishing I didn’t have such a big mouth. I had bet her that whoever scored the most tapouts on the other would get dinner courtesy of the loser. I couldn’t argue though, I hadn’t gotten close to making her even once.

“Can I at least grab a shower first?” I asked, playfully sniffing at one armpit, “I doubt you want to go out with someone who stinks, do you?” She laughed, told me to hit the showers, and she would meet me out front in a little bit. I dragged myself into the locker room and stripped off my sweaty clothes. Stepping into the shower, I felt the hot water sluicing down my skin and began to feel a bit better, the soreness in my body abating slightly. After I cleaned myself off, I dried and dressed in a polo shirt and dockers. I hurried to the front door to meet Gina. She wasn’t there yet, so I waited patiently, watching the people come in and out. A few moments later, the was a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see her standing behind me. Her short blond hair was still damp from the shower and she wore a pair of khaki shorts with a crop top that left her belly exposed. My mouth went slightly dry at the sight of her taut stomach and an image of me running my tongue over that smooth surface flashed through my mind. I tore my gaze away and looked into her blue eyes, asking if she was ready to go. She said she was. Dinner passed quickly and soon we were in her car, heading back to the gym where mine was still parked. Pulling into the parking lot, Gina parked her car and shut off the engine.

“Come on,” she told me as she got out of the car, “I have something I want to show you.” When I looked over at the gym, which was closed by now, she laughed at my confused expression. “Remember, kurtköy escort I work here, so I have a set of keys,” jingling the keys in questions before me. She led the way, opening the front door, then locking it behind us. The inside of the gym was dark, only lit by a few lights in the corners and the street lights outside. We made our way back to the mat where we were sparring earlier. Gina dropped her purse and kicked off her shoes before going to the center of the mat, beckoning me to join her. I pulled off my shoes and joined her.

“I like to come her at night sometimes,” she whispered in the stillness, “it’s so peaceful and quiet, not like during the day when there are too many people it’s too noisy.” She spread her arms and turned slowly in a circle, “it’s times like this that I feel truly calm and at peace.” The expression on her face was serene and lovely in the dim light. Knowing that it was going to cost me in the end, but unable to help myself, I waited until she was facing away from me and swept her legs. As she fell onto her back, I leaped on top of her and pinned her arms to the ground. It was only then that I realized I had ended up between her thighs. Her legs came up to lock around my waist as she grinned up at me, “sneaky, aren’t we? Well, I have a few tricks of my own that I didn’t show you before.” The first thought that went through my mind was a flashback to how she damn near crushed me with her legs earlier, and I tensed waiting for it to happen.

Gina had a different technique in mind, however, and began to grind her hips up against mine, which got a rise of me literally. I felt myself stiffening and groaned. The distraction worked and she slipped her hand free of mine. Using what little leverage she had, she managed to drop her legs from my waist, plant her feet, and flip me onto my back. She moved up to pin my shoulders with her knees, and I wasn’t in a position that I really wanted to argue. Her thighs were on either side of my head and her crotch was inches from my face. I trailed my gaze upwards over her taut stomach and was greeted by the sight of her crop top swinging away from her hard body. I stared under the half shirt at her bare breasts with hardened nipples hanging free. My mouth somehow went dry and starting watering at the same time, while down below my waist, my erection strained against my zipper.

Following my gaze, Gina realized where my eyes were focused. I figured that was the end of the show, but again, her tactics surprised me. She glanced over her shoulder and gave a good, long look to where my pants were bulging out. Without saying a word, she simply grinned at me with a devilish twinkle in her eye and leaned back slightly to run her fingers along the length of my rod. I shivered a little bit at the contact, but wanted more. With her leaning back, the pressure was off my shoulders and I was able to worm my arms free. I craved to touch her skin, and placed my hands on her waist, just under the edge of her crop top. My thumbs were mere centimeters below those wonderful breasts and her skin was warm and silky under my hands. As she stroked her fingers along my hard on, I slid my hands up under her top and encircled the bottom of her breasts. She closed her eyes and I was reminded of the way a cat does the same thing while being petted.

Taking her hand away from my erection, Gina gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. Her pert breasts stood out in the dim light and my hands moved up to cover them, her rigid nipples pressing into my palms. She wriggled her body until she was able to lean aydıntepe escort down and lay a kiss on me. My hands never left her chest as her tongue slipped past my lips and intertwined with mine. Her hips lined up on my hips and she began to grind into me again. As we kissed, I was able to flip her one more time so I was on top.

Letting go of her breasts, I captured her hands and held them down above her head, giving me the chance to work my mouth down the side of neck to her chest, and further down to where her nipples waited for me. The moment I took one in between my lips with a light suction, her back arched off the ground and I heard her moan in appreciation. I feasted on one breast, then the other, winding my tongue all over them time after time, but always returning to those beautiful pink nipples. Soon, Gina pulled her hands free and reached down to grab my shirt, dragging it up. I sat up a little bit and allowed her to pull it off and discard it. Her hands came down to my back and she ran her nails down my spine, sending goosebumps all through my system.

My hands dropped and started to work the button on her shorts. She let go of my back and helped me, and between us, we quickly managed to shed her of the rest of her clothes. As she lay there before me, nude on the mat, I felt on overwhelming desire to taste her. I leaned back down and let my mouth work it’s way over her breasts again, then down over her stomach. I took my time, indulging in my fantasy from earlier and running my tongue over her tight and smooth belly, before moving further south. I settled down between her thighs. I started on the inside of one leg, tasting the warm and smooth flesh as I kissed my way up one, then down the other. After going up and down her legs, I focused on the region between her thighs. I hadn’t known it before, but she kept herself completely bare, and her lips glistened in the night from her excitement.

I gently placed a kiss on her mound, and the resulting sigh told me that she was enjoying it. Sticking out my tongue, I softly ran it the entire length of her slit, just barely avoiding her clit. She reached down and ran her fingers over my scalp before fisting her hands in my hair. With great care and gentleness, I spread her lips and slid my tongue inside of her. Gina’s sighs became moans as I worked my tongue in and out. I slipped it out and wormed it up to flick at her clit. Her breath hitched in her throat and I fished around her nub, making her squirm on the mat. I wrapped one hand around the top of her hip and used the other to insert a finger into her canal. I used the hand on her hip to steady her even as I hooked my finger and rubbed along her front wall.

Her moans became louder and more insistent, and I worked at pushing her harder and higher. Around my finger, I could feel her inner muscles begin a rhythmic contraction, and I knew that she was only moments away. With this in mind, I sucked her button in between my lips and licked at it with my tongue. Her moans quickly became cries, which gave way to her screams of pleasure as she called out that she was coming. As I flicked away and kept my finger rubbing her g-spot, her body thrashed under my oral onslaught. I looked up her fantastic body and could see her massaging her own breasts, along with her belly tightening. Inside of her, her muscles gripped at my finger and she called my name out repeatedly. I kept her at the plateau for several long moments before letting the pressure off with my tongue and withdrawing my finger. Aftershocks rolled through Gina’s body, making her twitch on the mat.

I rocked back on my tuzla içmeler escort heels and stood before her, shucking off my pants and underwear. I joined her on the ground, laying down beside and stroking my hand down her body while my rather insistent hard on pressed against her hip. After a few moments, her glazed eyes focused again and she turned to face me. Her hand slid up my thigh and came to rest on my shaft. Rubbing it up and down, she reached across her body with her other hand and cupped my neck, drawing me in for a deep kiss. While she kissed me, she pushed me over onto my back and threw her leg over me, straddling my hips.

Her hand never left my pole and her lips never parted with mine. With one last lick along my lips, she sat up and stroked my length. Gina ran her thumb over the tip, spreading the pre-come over my head, before moving her hips forward and settled over me. She kept a hold and guided me into her entrance, sinking down until I was fully engulfed by her. Her hands spread across my chest and her hips circled on me. I let my hands settle on her thighs as she began to ride me. Her muscles grabbed and pulled at me and I gripped the smooth skin of her legs. Her eyes locked onto mine and she smiled with a half crooked grin before she started to lose focus once again. Her eyes took on a glazed expression and her breathing began to shorten. As aroused as I had gotten her beforehand, I was able to read the signals and could tel that she would be climaxing within moments. Sure enough, her moans climbed in intensity and her motions on me became harder and harder until she was pounding down on me with an urgency showing her need to find release.

Suddenly, her head threw back and she screamed my name out loud. The only sound in the gym was her hips slapping mine and her screams of ecstasy while she rode her orgasm out. In the middle of all this, I timed it to coincide with her movements and grabbed her, flipping her onto her back with me between her legs. I managed to stay buried in her during this maneuver. I grabbed her wrists and held her hands over her head again, just like before, while she squirmed under my body, the orgasm still in control. I held her down and starting driving myself force fully in and out of her. I leaned down and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss. She lifted her head and thrust her tongue past my lips to joust with mine.

Her legs came up around my waist and her heels locked in the small of my back, raising her hips into mine. I continued to pound away into her and she ripped her mouth away from mine only to plunge her teeth into my shoulder. I gritted my teeth against the pain and concentrated on the pleasure. My hips slammed back and forth and her muffled against my shoulder grew louder. Her gyrations and squirming underneath me were driving me wild, pushing me to the edge. With little warning, my body stiffened as my own orgasm hit me like a truck. I couldn’t move except to twitch my hips as I shot my load deep inside of her. Gina, on the other had, was writhing and screaming beneath me as her climax swept her away. I was only barely aware of this, however. My limp hands let go of her wrists as the last of my orgasm poured from me. Spent and out of breath, I collapsed beside her. Her body was still twitching from the force of her climax. After laying there long enough to regain some strength, she turned to me and sat up. Slapping my ass, she said, “all right, time to hit the showers.” With a wink and waggle of her eyebrows, she continued, “wanna scrub my back?”

That was 6 months ago, and we still spar at least 4 times a week. I recently became a level 2 instructor myself and I can give Gina a run for her money. But my favorite sparring sessions always come after the gym closes, when she and I wrestle naked. These sessions, every time, turn into practicing our own version of “Ground and Pound”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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