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“Hey you” she said, smiling in an unconvincingly sweet way – as she stepped from the little black MX-5 parked outside my terrace house. The night was warm, and she wore a short form-fitting, but not too tight, black dress. Her midnight blue eyes were undeniably inviting, the long shining black hair hanging in sleek waves down to her waist.

“You look… gorgeous” I managed.

“Same to you,” she strode up to me and wound her arm around my waist, “as always.” I couldn’t help blushing. She walked me round to the passenger side of the car; my body followed hers like I was under a spell. Maybe I was… she did have a distinctly witchy air about her. She opened the door for me and ushered me in.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going!”

“One of my favourite little… haunts” she smiled. She was beside me in the driver’s seat almost too quickly.

“Haunt?” I didn’t like the way she’s said it.

“You’ll see Little One.” Little One. I was a good five inches taller than her, but in a way… yes I was the little one. She hadn’t told me her age, “woman’s prerogative” she’d said when I asked, and I couldn’t figure it out. Her skin was like fresh cream, but her eyes… they seemed ancient. I was a little scared of her, but too intrigued to back out now. The car slid through the night streets, she drove far too fast, but she was so in control you didn’t realise until you saw the speedometer. She chatted to me casually, and I found myself telling her anything she wanted, things I should have been guarded about. “You make me so nervous” I admitted finally – we were out of sight of any lights or houses now, and she drove even faster. She laughed in a friendly way – “Me? You know I wouldn’t hurt a fly!” I did. But I wasn’t a fly. Suddenly a deer appeared in the headlights. “Shit!” I gasped before I could stop myself. She turned the wheel sharply, then again the other way, and let the car spin out of the deer’s way, doing a full revolution, facing down the road perfectly, the deer startled but uninjured behind us.

“What! How the hell’d you do that?”

“Advanced drivers license babe.” Behind us the deer shook her head twice, and then porno indir walked across like nothing had happened.

“Fantastic little car this.” She patted the wheel affectionately.

“My god I thought we were gonna die.” I could feel the lack of blood in my face.

“Sshh…” she whispered, stroking the side of my face, then setting a quick kiss on my cheek. We drove in silence for another few minutes, while my heart rate went down slowly. Then she pulled over slowly and parked the car in seemingly the middle of nowhere.

“Don’t look like much of a party.” I mumbled.

My door opened, and there she stood. I was getting used to the surprises by now though, and I just chuckled to myself as she took my hand and lifted me from the seat. Suddenly she pulled me closer and kissed me, gently, entincingly. I let go of my body, passing my arms around her slender waist. She let my back rest against the side of the car whilst I lost myself in the kiss. Her tiny tongue was cool, the little teeth sharp when my own tongue brushed them. She broke the kiss and let her mouth settle against my neck. I shivered. She nibbled gently, playfully. Over her shoulder I took in where we were – a graveyard. A little shiver of fear ran up my spine. “What are we doing here?” I whispered. She seemed reluctant to leave her place at my neck but she stood a little back and looked me in the eyes. “Let me show you”

“I don’t think I like this…” I mumbled, but she took my hand and led me up to a small gate, almost invisible in the darkness. She pushed it open with a vague squeek. She led me down a stone path, past cold granite crosses and angels and tombstones… She turned down another path and stopped in front of a large, ornately carved tombstone. “Veronique Marshall – 7 March 1980 to 23 December 2002 – Beloved daughter and friend” was engraved into the stone. Her usually cheerful expression turned to one of sad remembrance. “She was my last girlfriend. I haven’t looked at anyone else for five years now, until you. You remind me of her in some ways… shy with hidden strength I suppose.” She looked at me with a sad smile and I could see rokettube her eyes shining with restrained tears.

“I’m so sorry…” What could I say? “What happened to her? She was only…”

“Twenty-two. So terribly, terribly young I know. She was driving to my house that night. We were going to leave for the mountains the next morning… a truck lost control, she tried to avoid it… went off the road, the car rolled… she died instantly at least. I wanted to go and fetch her that evening but she wouldn’t hear of it. Said she was sick of me ‘taking care of her’. I shouldn’t have let her.”

“You had no way of knowing.”

“I know. Still. We should always listen to our instincts you see.”

I reached for her hand, cold and so small in mine.

“Anyway! Enough moping for one day. Now it should be somewhere around here…” She searched behind another tombstone in a clump of grass and brought out of all things a bottle of red wine.

“I used to sit here for hours drinking and talking to her! So silly. Anyway, it was kinda therapeutic I guess. So I always kept a supply on hand.” She gave me a dazzling smile and took my hand. I was struck for the millionth time by her beauty, this wonderfully strange creature of mine, and suddenly I felt completely safe. She led me down another path towards a huge tree on a small hill. I ducked under the first branch behind her, and suddenly I was engulfed by the strange music of the leaves above in the wind.

“Look.” She said, pointing upwards. The moon was shining down between the branches, almost directly above us, creating a soft silver shower of light all around us, patches of shadow appearing and disappearing.

“It’s beautiful…” I whispered.

She rested her hands on my hips and kissed me again, pushing me gently backwards until my back rested against the tree. Her lips moved down to my collar bone, and I felt the goosebumps rise on my arms. She put the bottle of wine in my right hand – it was open. Smiling, I took a drink and wrestled her from my shoulder, passing it to her. She looked at me mischievously, and then poured some of the crimson liquid into porno her hand. She dipped her fingers into the small pool on her hand and passed them over my neck. Then she reached over and licked the wine languidly from my skin. She repeated this over and over until I was in a completely different zone, and all there was was the feel of her tongue and the scent of her all around me. Her hands ran down my sides and over my hips, her fingers toying with the hem of my skirt, bringing it slowly higher and higher up my thighs. Her touch seemed intended to torment me. Finally I couldn’t take it and forced her head from my neck and kissed her deeply, desperately.

Suddenly her fingers were inside me and I moaned loudly into the kiss. She pushed me back harder against the tree and started pulling her fingers out, pushing them in, pulling them out in a steady rhythm. Her thumb began to pass softly over my clit and I broke the kiss, gasping for air. Her mouth returned to my neck and instantly I felt the bite I had almost been expecting. The intensity of the pain was gone in an instant as it began almost immediately to turn into the weirdest kind of pleasure I had ever felt. It went back and forth between stinging pain and tingling delight equally, the second I wanted her to stop a rush of pleasure took the pain’s place. I was so focused on this strange sensation I hardly noticed I was going to orgasm until it was practically on me. I barely had time to breathe “Oh my god” into her hair before she bit me again, harder, and pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t stop the scream that escaped from me as I felt her teeth tear my skin whilst I came on her hand. Each experience seemed to heighten the other, and it felt like hours before I collapsed exhausted onto her shoulder, my knees too weak to hold me up any longer. She passed her free arm around me and brought me gently down onto the soft grass, never letting her fingers move from their little cavern. She laid me on my back and knelt over me, continuing her attention at my neck. I lay helpless for a few minutes, feeling the weird sensation of the blood leaving my veins.

“Drink.” She said huskily, pulling me into a sitting position and passing me the bottle again. Her eyes were shining wickedly in the eerie moonlight. I gulped at the bitter liquid thirstily. She kissed me again, the taste of the wine and my own blood on her tongue mingling erotically…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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