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–There are elements of race-play in the story. The author does not condone or support racism.–

It all started one evening at my dorm room – bored, tugging at my turgid cock, flipping through facebook photos of Demetra, especially the close-ups of her fleshy, pouty perfect lips.

I was getting obsessed with this chick, barely out of her teens, with her dark rich hair, wide hips and jutting ass but she was so quiet and ‘proper’ there was no real way of approaching her, especially as she only dated greek guys. Then, stalking her wall notifications and groups I realized she has a strongly nationalistic streak. Can you say eureka – perhaps this was my way in.

I would pretend to be Turkish and profess my infatuation to her – she’d either be surprisingly flattered or rage at me at full pelt, either way my perverted self would get off on it. In my slightly tipsy state I pulled out my camera and snapped a photo of my throbbing erection, slick with precum with a tailor’s measuring tape wrapped around the base provoking her to take notice of my impressive girth. I took another swig of Jack, saved the file on a usb, picked up my keys and headed for the nearest net café where I emailed the picture to her through a newly created email account, as a precaution against harassment tracking. The text simply read “I know you’d never date me as I’m a turk. But this is what your body and perfect lips and snobby attitude do to me. It’s yours if you like it, I can’t help but fantasize about the things you could do with those full perfect lips. I think I’m obsessed.” I attached the picture which I titled “I wish you could OWN it” and hit “send” with my heart pounding in my chest, contemplating how much of a perv I was becoming.

In sobering up that night I hardly got any sleep. Partly due to excitement, partly due to fear – what if she called the cops on me? Would they find me? The following morning was a blur as well. As soon as uni classes came to a close I practically run to the net café and checked for a reply. Sure enough, it was there: “You’re a disgusting pervert and I’d probably never date you even if you weren’t a turk. It’s repulsive to even contemplate that your ugly swollen thing would go anywhere near me but it’s satisfying to know how aliağa escort much distress I’m causing you and I hope you go fucking crazy. By the way my housemates are gonna have a good laugh over this too”

How’s that for a sexy reply? No police, no legal trouble, just a mean racist streak that I failed to harness into sexual interest or domination. I replied with “Well if you hope that I go crazy why don’t you step up and do it yourself, canim?” (still hoping to tick her off). Alas, no reply came back and after a couple of hours I resigned to my dorm room. There was no reason I shouldn’t check this account from my laptop anyway, seeing as she hadn’t involved the police and I wasn’t being IP tracked.

The next couple of days rolled on with no incidents, until the night after her college formal dinner where it was known everyone consumed copious amounts of wine. The ghost account popped up with a clearly intoxicated reply saying “Hey perv, it’s me. Haha, Miss me? Housemate Lisa just had a terrible night. We want you to send us a pic of your huge prick having written “Lisa” with lipstick on the side, so we can send it to her ex boyfriend, lol.” My heart was pounding and I was immediately hard. I rushed to reply

“Every inch of this belongs to you, not Lisa. It only cums for you and I’d much rather tag your name on it.”

Almost immediately the slurring reply popped up “You’ll do what I say cause you’re my Turkish bitch lol. n I don’t like you cumming for me, sick fuck, keep it all in your bloated balls lol. Now send the pics.”

Aroused beyond belief I couldn’t nor wanted to say no. I snapped a picture from a perspective that made me look particularly huge and forwarded it saying “I hope you like it”. This was followed by a reply from a different e-mail address saying “This is Lisa. Omg it’s perfect! Demetra forwarded me the pics. You really are her bitch haha. If I were her I’d have you do me all night with that pleasurestick. Any chance you’re up for grabs?” I wasn’t quite intrigued by her needy housemate so I replied with “No, sorry” only to be confronted with “Ha, you little fuck I’ll ask her to fuck you up extra hard for that ;)”.

Sure enough, in their inebriated mood they send me another email çiğli escort with a large attachment. I opened it with shaky hands to reveal two images. The first one a side snap of Demetra in her winter pj’s, her large chocolate eyes in mischievous smile, one buttock jutting out further than the other as she leaned more on one side with her hip thrust to the right – towards the camera. The other was a super close up of her biting her lower lip almost dripping with lipgloss, obscenely erotic. The tag read “I own you loser, no cumming.” It was a long tortuous night.

The next day I send her pleading emails to revoke the cum-ban. And the day after that. She ignored them. There was nothing stopping me from physically taking matters into my own hands but the psychological thrill of playing along was far too great. This went on for a week. I was frequently having random rampant erections and finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything. Then on Tuesday it was Lisa’s birthday. Around midnight I got an email from Demetra. It read: “How is MY penis doing?”.

“Going absolutely insane” I said.

“lol I love it. I command you to go to the nearest bar, walk into the toilet and buy all the performance enhancers available on the dispenser. Go!”

An hour later I was back home with a pack of Viagra, as well as an assortment of peculiar endurance pills I emailed her again with “Done. Now what?”

“I want you to take them all at once.”

“That’s dangerous.” I had a bad case of the shakes by now.

“I know. Do it! You’ll be tonight’s entertainment”

I swallowed them over a large jug of water and replied with “all done”. This time there was no reply for about 20 minutes. In the meantime my cocked bulged bigger and fuller than any other time. The drugs were having a devastating effect, the skin was stretched paper thin and my veins were showing all along the shaft. I was pulsing precum with every heartbeat. They emailed me a skype address saying “let the show begin”.

I turned on my webcam, pointed it at my torso just to be safe and video-called the address. Sure enough they replied and there seemed to be some sort of chilled girls gathering going on. There was a commotion as the image alsancak escort settled and they huddled around their screen. Demetra squeezed through and leaned close

“can you hear me?” She asked

“Loud and clear”. I was getting sweaty palms.

“You’re Lisa’s birthday entertainment” The other girls giggled. “You wanted me to lift the ban, right?”

“Yes, god yes, but not publically.”

“Shut up. Are you hard? Show it to me.”

Hesitantly I pointed the camera at my throbbing prick. This was followed by some gasping and more giggling as well as intense chatter to the effect of “I can’t believe he’s actually doing it” and “Is he for real?” The girls then called Lisa in the room – apparently this was sort of a surprise.

I heard Lisa laugh and say “This is brilliant. I can’t believe it”

Demetra’s order was calm and cool: “Stroke it bitch. Stroke it like you do when you fantasize about me. About my greek goddess body. About what you can’t have.”

I was masturbating furiously, seeping precum onto my desk.

“Use both hands. Now sing happy birthday to her”

I did amidst my manic panting. It was met with roaring laughter. Lisa was glued to the screen. Demetra took a sip of wine and asked

“Did you like my pictures the other day? Did you like my curvy ass? Have you ever fantasized about me doing anal? Huh?”

I was beating it like an animal now, all the pent up come threatening to squirt with enormous force.

“I’m so close” I said. The chatter was reaching a peak.

“What do you fantasize about most often? I bet it’s a blowjob? These amazing lips sealed tight around your cock? Huh? Could you take that?”

I began to spasm and buckle – “I I I’m cumming” I shouted amidst howling shouts of approval as I squeezed at the base.

“Bang your dick against the desk as you cum. Who owns you?”

I shouted her name as the first sperm volley shot in long ribbons across the desk. At the same time thick pent up globules of semen trickled down my shaft and with a scream I unleashed a second squirt, two long ropes like twin snakes shot out of my tortured purple tip. Leaking and shooting at the same time I was unloading my bloated balls onto the table, my ears ringing with the pleasure.

Spent, I looked at the screen, Lisa looked flushed. Demetra slapped her playfully on the shoulder and terminated the call, but the drugs kept me hard and wanking all night.

The next morning I discovered a facebook group dedicated to the event. Well –now somebody is bound to call the cops on me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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