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I have always been very attracted to guys with musical talent. Drummers and guitar players will always capture my attention. Drummers and guitar players who can sing melt my heart and make me wet.

I used to work with Mara, whose boyfriend, Tom, and his brother, Tony, played in a band. I went to see them perform one night while I was visiting from Illinois. I joked with Tony that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and that he would be the perfect teacher. Tony promised me a guitar lesson if I came to the house after the show. I agreed at first, but had to leave the show early. I had a wedding to attend early the next morning, and I could barely hold my eyes open due to massive alcohol consumption. I drove home, disappointing Tony, as well as myself.

Mara called a few days later, asking if I would like to come over to hear the band rehearse. I agreed immediately. We had a wonderful time chatting, listening to the music, and sitting in their studio, which was actually a finished basement with a lot of soundproof padding. I could not help but watch Tony’s hands and fingers as they expertly maneuvered the strings of his guitar. Glancing up from time to time, I noticed Tony watching me. He would smile at me, wink, and go back to his work. He was fantastic- the music that he made was smooth and sounded perfect. I was very turned on listening to him, watching his fingers move faster and faster up and down the neck of the guitar. I could not help wondering what those fingers would feel like if they were sliding in and out of my already wet pussy.

The band took a short break, and Tony sat next to me on the couch. We chatted a little bit, mostly about life and my move to Illinois. I reminded him of the guitar lesson that he owed me, and he was quick to make promises to teach me later that night. I joked with Tony, telling him that I was always turned on around musicians, particularly ones that could sing. I told him it was too bad that he did not sing, because I would be in his bed in no time. Tony raised an eyebrow at me and responded that he needed to get back to practice. I sat on the couch, red-faced at what I had said. Surely I had not only embarrassed the guy, but also made myself look like a total groupie slut.

I sat through the next two hours in agony. I felt like a fool, angry that I had opened my mouth. Tony glanced at me from time to time, but he had a strange expression on his face. Finally, the lead singer thanked Mara and I for being the perfect audience, and said that the band had one more song for us before they stopped for the evening. He stepped aside, escort bayan and Tony stepped up to the lead microphone. He sang “Lover Boy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was dumbfounded. The boy could sing, and damn if I wasn’t ready to have him in me.

The other members of the band left, and Mara, Tom, Tony, and I found ourselves in the kitchen with a bottle of brandy. It was about 2:00 am, and the three of them each had to work in the morning. I had an early flight back to Illinois. Mara told me to spend the night, and leave after getting a few hours of sleep.

Mara and Tom went to bed for the evening, leaving Tony and I alone in the kitchen. I told him that even though he was tired, I wanted my lesson. We went down to the band’s studio, where he attempted to teach me how to play guitar. I am not the most graceful or coordinated person in the world, but Tony was patient. Eventually, I gave up trying, and Tony sat next to me on the couch, playing the guitar and singing to me. It was torture. I was so turned on, I could barely focus on Tony explaining the different strings on the guitar. I felt growing wetness in between my legs, dampening the flimsy g-string I was wearing. I decided that I needed him too much to wait for him to make a move.

I turned on the charm, and went forward with a plan of seduction. I crossed my legs, and rested my bare foot against the back of his calf, rubbing him gently. I leaned way over to ask him something about the song he was singing, knowing that the low cut tank top I was wearing gave him a great view of my breasts. I noticed that he stole a glance, but looked away quickly. I flicked my tongue slowly over my lips, moistening them. I stared at his crotch pointedly, noting the way the fabric stretched tight across his manhood. I stroked his knee with the tip of my finger and told him that I thought he was amazing, that was making me so hot with the sultry sound of his voice.

Finally, he told me that he needed to get to bed. I was very disappointed. I was so confident that he had understood my intentions, but apparently, I was wrong. The only thing I would be getting was a night on the couch, sexually frustrated, while this guy slept in his bed, oblivious to the fact that I wanted to tear his clothes off. Mentally, I started to cuss at him. If I had wanted to pleasure myself, I would have just stayed home.

I watched him as he put his guitar away. He leaned over, and I got a great view of his ass. Nice, tight, definitely something to hold on to if he was on top of me, fucking me for all he was worth. Tony was shorter than me, tuzla genç escort about 5’7″, compared to my 5’11” height. He wore a pair of faded jeans and a white tank top, showing off the thick curly hair that scattered his chest. Black hair covered his head, and a mustache/goatee combination drew to a point down his chin, giving him a slightly devilish look. He was a little thick, just the way I like my men. I need something to wrap my arms around. Tony straightened, and turned to find me examining him. He blushed slightly, and said he wanted to go to get me a blanket and pillow.

Tony came back downstairs to find me looking at the equipment. I was trying to compose myself, looking for a distraction so I would not make a fool of myself again. He stepped up to me, looked me in the eyes, and kissed me hard on the mouth. I was so surprised that I stumbled slightly. His hands grabbed my waist as he pulled his body close to mine. He kissed me hard, and I matched his passion with my own. I ran the tip of my tongue against his top lip, and I heard him moan.

Tony pushed me back to the direction of the couch, slamming me hard into one of the steel support beams. Surprised, I gasped and tried to pull away from him, but he took advantage of that action to grab my hair and yank my head back. His mouth was on my neck, breath hot, tongue running over my skin and sending shivers down my spine. He nipped my collar bone and pressed his lower body against mine. I felt him hard against me, and I started to grind my hips against him. He pulled me forward, away from the beam and moved me to the couch. He shoved me back onto the couch, straddled my body, and started to unbuckle his jeans. He pushed his pelvis into my face as I reached up to help him. I tugged his pants down to reveal a pair of sexy boxer briefs with a nice bulge in the center.

I kissed him through his underwear, running my tongue over the cotton fabric. I took the tip of his dick in my mouth and sucked hard. Tony tried frantically to push his boxers over his hips. Finally, I pulled back, and yanked his boxers down. I quickly moved my mouth back to his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum that had formed on the tip. I took him fully in my mouth and began to suck him. I slowly ran my tongue up and down his shaft, moving my head slightly so I could drag it in a lazy circle around his head. I quickened my pace, bobbing my head to take him in and out, each time letting him graze the back of my throat. Tony grew very impatient, and started to move his hips forward in rhythm with my mouth and head. I could feel his cock start tuzla kendi evi olan escort to pulse inside my mouth. I squeezed his shaft with my hand, and he went wild. Tony cried out, grabbed the back of my head, and held my mouth to his body as he shot cum down the back of my throat. I swallowed him greedily, and gently licked him as he came down from his orgasm. I pulled back and smiled at him. I laid back on the couch, grinning at him as he tried to catch his breath.

He knelt in between my legs, pushed my skirt up to my hips, and yanked my panties down. Sticking one finger into my dripping wet pussy, he leaned forward to kiss me on the mouth again. His finger explored me and I moaned against his tongue. He leaned back to insert two fingers into me, and started to pump them in and out. I was so wet, I could feel my juices running out of my body and sliding down my thighs. His fingers brushed against my clit again and again, until he pressed his thumb hard against it. He continued to fuck me with his fingers while applying pressure to my throbbing clit until I felt my breath catch in my throat. I arched my hips up to him, and felt the bittersweet release of orgasm against his fingers. My chest heaved up and down as I tried to catch my breath.

Not yet satisfied and completely hard again, Tony settled between my legs. He pushed his cock into my sensitive pussy without delay. He moved his hips slowly at first, letting himself glide in and out of my body. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him completely on top of me. I ran my tongue over his earlobe, and he pushed hard into me. I whispered in his ear, telling him how good it felt when he was fucking me, how badly I wanted him to shoot a load into my pussy. He laughed and yanked my tank top down to reveal my breasts. Cold air from the air conditioning assaulted my breasts and my nipples were immediately hard.

Tony took one in his mouth, biting it as he pounded his hips against mine. He let his hard cock sit in me as he paid attention to first one breast, and then the other. He pinched my nipples and squeezed my breasts. The combination of pain and pleasure drove me to the point of a second orgasm, and I began to move my hips against his still body. He resumed thrusting in and out of me, slamming into me harder than before. He grabbed my hips and told me he was going to cum. I told him I was ready, that I was there myself. I felt warmth in my belly as Tony fucked me as hard as he could, bringing both of us to release. I moaned as I came against his cock, and he shot deep into me with a loud groan, telling me what a great fuck I was.

Tony lay on top of me, panting. He looked deep in my eyes and asked if he was a good teacher, if I had learned anything from the lesson. I laughed, and agreed that he was definitely worth whatever he wanted to charge per session for his guitar lessons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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