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Chapter 29

Picking up where I left off…

I enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, and walked on to the football team, made it, and became the fourth string quarterback. I was second string before graduating, but nothing ever came of what might have been a noteworthy career. I left baseball behind for good.

While not a really well-known school, the U of C had roughly 40,000 students enrolled, 60% of who were female. I loved the odds. Some of the more well-known alumni from the school are: Kathleen Battle, opera singer; Thomas Berger, author of Little Big Man, George Clooney, Movie Actor; Cris Collingsworth, Sports commentator, former NFL player; Greg Cook, former NFL Quarterback; Sandy Koufax, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher; and Oscar Robertson, one the best basketball players ever.

I found life on the campus itself interesting and the sex life there probably higher than many other colleges; at least as far as I can ascertain some years after graduating. The same cannot be said for the rest of Cincinnati.

Although I would distance myself from the following comments, as I had my early education in having sex with women here thanks to my Aunt Nicole.

Forbes Magazine recently rated 40 of the nation’s singles scenes by city, and Cincinnati came in 40th — out of 40. Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville and Pittsburgh all ranked higher. The author called Cincinnati “bland” and “inoffensive” and described us as eating at Applebee’s in our “good sweatpants.”

It’s a sad scene, a tense scenario, but it’s mostly true. Many voices speaking on the Cincinnati singles scene have expressed frustration with the area’s “meetability” factor, and the swarm of engaged and married couples.

Many young people are dismayed, as well, with the Cincinnati cliques, defined by two categories: place of employment and high school attended.

It’s a fact newcomers learn quickly: The scene bubbles with an annual crop of Proctor & Gamble new hires and groups of old high school friends. The former group meets initially through company events and work. Then, once they’re done with P&G events, they travel en masse to Main Street, art parties and, most visibly, the sports leagues. Much is the same with other major companies in Cincinnati, but the P&G new hires definitely engulf the scene.

The latter group is the tougher case to crack, since many of these Cincinnatians have known each other since age 14. They tend to flock to local bars and aren’t as welcoming to new faces, unless you’re introduced by a friend.

Not only are these two young groups frustrating for new Cincinnatians, but they get old for the people inside them, too. The end result is a lot of people who want to meet new people, but are too comfortable with their current situation. And the cycle continues…

Yet Forbes, in another article, cited Cincinnati as “Best City for Nightlife,” with restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs open late in neighborhoods like Mount Adams, Clifton and Hyde Park.

But I’ve certainly had successful relationships. I think it’s all about perspective. Then again, I was in college, and college is … well, different hormone wise. And, the way I see it, if you’re going out, why wouldn’t other people like you be going out, too? And they are, especially the ladies.

Fact: My third day on campus, I returned to my dorm room after football practice tired and sore from the long workout, climbed into my bed and fell asleep. Sometime later, I awoke with a start, half sitting up in the darkness. My eyes were utterly unaccustomed to the gloom, but I could feel rather than see the warm presence in my bed.

There was a quiet whisper in the dark. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…”

Well maybe not, but she sure as hell had a hand on my dick; warm and soft, gently stroking me closer and closer to orgasm. I was almost ready to pop.

“That’s okay, that’s okay,” I grunted, and settled back onto my bed as if this was an everyday, or night experience.

This wasn’t the first unannounced visitor I’d ever had to join me in the middle of the night, although I hadn’t expected anyone, and had little idea of just who my feminine visitor was. I ran a hand over her smooth back and down her left flank, and heard her purr. She was wearing a light sweater and Capri’s or something similar.

“This is really wonderful,” she breathed moments later.

“Is it?” I said.

“Yeah, it’s so cozy.”

“Yeah,” I said, “It is cozy. Y’know, if you keep playing with me like you are, I’m gonna come all over you,” I whispered.

“Really?” Her giggle was low, and almost liquid in the semi-darkness. I still had no idea who she was.

“Is that so bad? I just wanna make you feel good…”

But from the rough manner in which she was handling me I realized she was inexperienced at the job.

Still, she crawled up until her lips were level with mine, and kissed me while giving my dick a hard squeeze and then pumping it in her fist.

“You like?”

“Hell yeah, I like. Who are you?”

“Guess,” kartal escort bayan she giggled.

“Well, there are other things I like too, and if you’re not going to let me sleep we may as well give them a try.”

“Oh! Wow! Um, what did you have in mind?”

I grinned in the darkness. “Ever been eaten out before?”

“Uh, I don’t think so,” she said uncertainly. “What is it, exactly?”

“What, being eaten out?” She had me at a loss. Didn’t she know what I meant?

“It’s when I, well, uh … Tell you what. Let go of me and I’ll demonstrate, okay?”

“Okay.” Her fist released my penis, and I immediately rolled her over onto her back and began kissing my way down her body, pausing for a few luxuriant sucks at her huge nipples underneath the sweater before making my way down lower.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned when I squeezed her right breast. “That feels so GOOD!”

“If you like that,” I whispered in her ear before licking it and sucking on the lobe. “You’ll love what comes next!”

“They didn’t tell me about this part!” she moaned, and seemed to have trouble catching her breath.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Oh … I can’t tell you!”

“Bet I can make you tell me,” I said before sucking her ear into my mouth and humming a little song.

“Like that?”

“God, yes!”

“Let’s get those pants off you,” I said and found the zipper at the base of her spine and pulled it down.

“Wait! You can’t…”

“Sure I can … now’s where’s that last button?”

“I … I … I don’t know…”

But I had those Capri’s down to her knees and left them there and shoved my face into her panty-covered crotch and gently bit her outer labia.


“Like that?”

“No! No! No!”

I spit into her crotch, thoroughly saturating the gusset, then licked her dampened cunt. Then pulled my face to the side and asked, “You don’t like this?”

“I … yes … but I…”

“They didn’t tell you how good it was?” I was more than curious as who they were, but that could wait. I’d find out eventually.

“No … but they never…”

“It gets better when those panties come off.”

“No … I … I…”

“C’mon, admit it. You’ve never been this hot before, have you?”

“No, but…”

I gave another suck to her panty-covered crotch and she groaned, “Oh … you can’t mean it!”

“Mean what?”

“You can’t really want to lick me down THERE!

It’s terribly nasty. It smells terribly and…” Her breath caught in her throat. She took a deep breath and tried again. “It’s not too…” Her voice died again.

I kept licking and sucking away at her center.

When she finally spoke, it was in a different tone altogether. “Oh … Jesus! What am I going to do?”

“Get rid of the panties, why don’t you?”

“Oh … yeah … Okay!”

With one of those feminine motions that have beguiled men from the first day after Creation, she deftly peeled her wet panties off and flipped them into the dark.

A passing car’s headlights lit the room momentarily and I saw her pussy lips, neat, symmetric, and oozing moisture.

“You’re beautiful down here,” I told her. “You smell divine too, nothing nasty about you at all.” I drove my tongue between her outer lips to caress the entrance to her cunt. Back and forth, back and forth between them, listening all the while to her nonstop commentary.

“Oh! Oh! Heavenly! Don’t stop, PLEASE don’t stop! It feels like I’m burning up, I’m hot and cold; I’m shaking all over, Oh, gentle Jesus! OH! OH! What is that you’re licking? More! More, oh, yes, oh, please don’t stop!”

I didn’t, I couldn’t. But still, I added my fingers to the equation, slipping one into her wet hole and caused her to bite her tongue.


“What happened?”

“I bit my tongue.”

“Don’t do that again.”

“Sorry, I won’t,” she replied, and we both laughed at her silly apology.

In a soft whisper, she said, “They can hear us.”

Just as quietly I said, “Can they?”

“Yeah, I was supposed to jerk you off without waking you.”

“But you didn’t.”

“No, you woke up.”

“Maybe I was already awake and waiting for you.”

“What! No way!”

“Really? What if it were?”

“Those fuckers…”

“Hey, you’re here. I’m here. Let’s do it!”

“Yeah! Let’s do it!” Her voice rose up from a whisper to a shout, “Fuck you bastards, setting me up!”

I had no idea if someone was actually listening or even watching us. Nor did I care one way or the other. She was in my bed, had given me a boner, and I was about to eat her out, and it was going to be a first for her. It also occurred to me that this one, whoever the hell she was, was a virgin; a double plus for the evening by my way of counting.

“Lift up your sweater,” I said, and she did, and I went after her tits with a vengeance.

“God, that’s good!” She exclaimed, “But maybe you should stop. My breasts are getting sore and…”

Reluctantly, I accepted her logic. Nodding my acceptance, I moved down yakacık escort her stomach, planting kisses everywhere while she shrieked delightedly.

I raised her legs and beheld her coral treasure, coated with her succulent juices. Parting her folds with two fingers, I sent my tongue slithering between them and heard her gasp, as her body arched off the bed from heels to head and I was forced to ride her like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco.

Moreover, I managed to keep my tongue in her hole for much longer than the mandatory 8 seconds the cowboy does at the rodeo. She moaned, shrieked, and gasped, her clutching hands buried in my mop of long dark hair, holding me in place as she spent and spent again.

Finally, I let go of her, and she collapsed sobbing onto the bed, her body soaked in a thick film of sweat.

“Oh, God, oh, God, I love you, oh, Jesus … that was so, so BEAUTIFUL!”

I crawled back up to join her, and hugged her hard, and she buried her face in my hair and cried.

“Hey now, hey now. Don’t cry. You’ve had the last laugh on those fuckers that sent you in here. Don’t you think?” I was trying to sooth her, and began stroking her hair, whispering, “Hush, now, don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying…”

“I beg to differ, you are crying.”

But they’re happy tears, not sad tears…”

“Oh, that makes it okay then … I guess.”

That made her laugh, and I joined her.

“When and if you’re ready, I’d appreciate if you’d tell me how they set us up, and why.”

She sniffed several times, and then said, “Yeah, I will.”

“And while you’re at it, what’s your name?”

“Francine … my name’s Francine, but everyone calls me Frannie.”

“Hello, Frannie, I’m very pleased to meet you.”

“Me too,” she sniffed.

“And so is Herm.”


“Yeah, that’s my dick’s name, Hermie.”

She sniffed again and began to laugh. “Hello, Herm, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Ah, but you really haven’t met him properly.”

“Huh … I don’t … OH!”

“Fran, are you a virgin?”

“Um, yeah…”

“You’re choice, and I mean it. You can lose it or not. No pressure, but you are here and so am I.

“I don’t know, you know … it’s…”

“I understand. You didn’t plan on it happening this way. All I’ll say about it this, I know you enjoyed what I just did, and if you let me take your cherry I can promise you’ll enjoy the hell out of it. On the other hand, if you let some guy get you drunk and screw you in a bathroom or a backseat, you may lose that cherry, but probably won’t enjoy it, and worse, you’ll think back about tonight and what might have been.”

“I want you to fuck me. But don’t hurt me, promise me that.”

“I promise. I won’t hurt you, Fran.”

“Frannie. I hate Fran.”

“Okay, Frannie.”

I kissed her then, tenderly and slowly worked my tongue into her mouth, then licked her tongue when it decided to join in the fun. I also recalled that she had bitten it earlier, and was especially tender when coming into contact with it.

“Take my cock in your hand again, Frannie.”

She did, jerking it up and down as she had earlier. I took a moment to provide her with some basic instructions on the handling of the male instrument, and she caught on immediately, giving me a first class hand job in short order.

Next I gave her a short lesson in giving a blow job, and again she proved a worthy student of fellating.

I engaged her in a short, but rousing version of 69, and when she was wet and roaring to go, mounted her and eased into her without a hitch.

Her cherry popped (not that I heard it) and after a little groan, I worked my dick deeper into her and we established a common rhythm that had her shuddering in anticipation of her forthcoming climax.

Frannie came, and I waited for her to calm down and started again.

“Was it all that bad?” I asked.

“It was lovely!” she answered. I can’t believe how wonderful it was … is!”

I gave her the old rat-a-tat-tat machinegun stroke and elicited a comforting, “OH! OH! OH!” from her. I paused, then went at her again, just as hard and got her to come again.

I kept pumping and came myself, and I believe she came with me. Moments later, Fannie moaned and called my name. “Aubrey?”

“Yes, Frannie?”

“I can’t feel my legs.”

“Could be you’ve had too many orgasms … here, let me…”

“I … I don’t know. I feel mostly wonderful, but not feeling my…”

I dove between her legs and took her clit between my teeth and nipped it.

“JESUS H. CHRIST!” Frannie screamed, heaving herself up and away from me.

“Swing those legs for me, Frannie.”

She did, and both of us laughed with relief that no paralysis had occurred.

“So how did you enjoy losing your cherry?”

“You were right. It was wonderful, and I have to thank you.”

“Now that that’s past, who put you up to this in the first place?”

“Um, I’m trying to join this fraternity and…”

“Guy or girl?”

“Both. hürriyet mahallesi escort This girl, Jenny Smith and her boyfriend, Gary Lockman…”

I knew Gary, he was the first string fullback, and a practical joker. I hadn’t thought he was that much of a joker, and wondered what he and his girlfriend thought about my turning the tables on them. I was about to find out.

Apparently, Gary and Jenny had been listening at the door, then opened it to get a peek at us at things progressed beyond their expectations, and then one of them lost their balance causing the two of them to fall into the room.

“Hi Gary, and you must be the lovely, Jenny. Did you enjoy the entertainment we provided?”

Frannie had one hand to her mouth in surprise and then covered her breasts with the other, forgetting that her cunt was exposed.

“It was a gag, Morgenthall, that’s all.”

“Was it?”

“Just a gag,” he said repeating himself.

I saw that Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off my cock which was coming to life again.

“You sent this girl here to jerk me off as a gag?”

Frannie realized her vagina was viewable, and pulled a sheet, or part of it, over her legs and waist.

“Like I said,” Gary said, “she’s just a freshman and…”

“I’m a freshman, Gary.”

“That’s not the same. You’re on the football team. That’s different.”

I decided to ignore him for the time being and addressed Jenny. “Like what you see, Jenny?”


“You’ve been staring at my cock since you … fell into the room.”

She had the good grace to be embarrassed. “I … I didn’t…”

“Get over here and suck it!’ I said as forcefully as I could. To my amazement, she came to the bed and climbed up, knelt between my legs and took my springy dick in her right hand, gave it a kind of trial jerk, then brought it to her mouth.

But, deciding to tease her, I took it away and rubbed the head over her face while Jenny went to great extremes in attempting to capture it in her mouth.

Finally I allowed her the honor and she gave me a reasonably good blowjob before I turned her around, pulled off her shorts, yanked her panties to one side and stuck it up her hairy cunt.

She came in near record time. I kept at her. She came again, and I pulled out of her, held my slimy cunt juice covered cock out for Frannie to see and asked her if she wanted to do it again.

Frannie spread her legs apart so fast that Jenny fell halfway off the bed.

Gary moved toward her with his hardon exposed, but I held up a hand and said. “Watch, but don’t touch. Jerk off if you have too, but I’ll kick the shit out of you if you even think about fucking anyone in this room.”

He took me at my word and jerked off as I fucked Frannie again. I had one of those perpetual hardons and she came long before I was ready to and I pulled Jenny back onto the bed, and with Frannie lay out alongside us, fucked her silly until I filled her with my release.

I was off and running … again.


The first semester was progressing nicely enough for me. The most significant differences between High School and college were: a) in college the teachers told you what the assignments were to study and it was up to you whether you did so or not. And b) you were on your own. Parents, or in my case, my mother, was at home. I lived in an apartment, or dorm on campus. My sophomore year I would be permitted to live off-campus. I expected that to be an improvement, but it really didn’t matter. I had all the freedom I needed.

As I mentioned earlier, football took up a good deal of my time. Practice seemed to dominate my life until the season started, then as the third string quarterback, I scrimmaged almost daily and traveled with the team for the away games, but that was about it. I had always been a good, conscientious student and my grades remained in the realm of A to A+.


A week after deflowering Frannie and making another good friend in Jenny, Jenny called to invite me to a dance her fraternity was having off-campus that Saturday night.

“I’ve been talking to the girls here and they’re dying to meet you, Aubrey. Please say you’ll come.”

“Can I count on you for a blowjob?”

“Eewwe! You’re sooo fresh!”


“I guess so. But what if one of the other girls wants to service you that way?”

“Maybe I’ll make her fight you for the privilege.”

We laughed together, and she said, “You are sooo nasty!”

“Maybe, but you have to admit I can make a girl feel special, can’t I?”

There was a pause on the line then Jenny admitted that I was certainly very capable in that department. I agreed to come to their dance and she provided the address and directions. I wasn’t asked to bring any other guys, and that was fine with me.

“I should warn you that if I get into the game I might be banged up and unable to, um, how can I put it delicately? I guess perform is the word I want.”

“You’ll be able to perform. We’ll see to that,” Jenny giggled. I heard other girls giggling and laughing in the background, but didn’t say anything.

“So Saturday night then. I’ll see you then, Jenny.”

“Oh, you make me sooo horny, Aubrey!”

“Grab your vibrator and play with yourself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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