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I’m a 52 year old Math Teacher at Ogden High school, and this year has been particularly rough on me… because of head cheerleader, Holly Armstrong. She is the reason I am sitting in the first row of the bleachers, fighting the bitter October weather as I try to concentrate on the football game, but can’t keep my eyes off the 18 raven haired goddess.

I am fine until the muscular legs of the bronzed beauty spread wide into a high jumping split. That is when my cock starts to rise as I see the thick patch of beautiful pubic hair peeking out from both sides of her panties. I try to look past her to cheer on our team, but it is hopeless as I try to hide my hard on under my winter jacket.

As if seeing her beautiful thatch and the slit of her young pussy isn’t enough, they have one cheer in which they bend over with their backs to the crowd and asses up in the air and wiggling provocatively. I nearly cum as I view the hair on the back of her thighs, and also notice a light brown stain at the crack of her ass.

“Oh my God,” I whisper without realizing I am surrounded by a crowd full of people.

I try to hide my obsession with Holly, but by the end of the game, I seek one lasting glance so I can engrave it in my mind and go hope and masturbate with her in my thoughts. I look up into her eyes and just as she kicks her right leg high providing me with her nearly exposed hairy vagina, she stares at me directly with a knowing smile on her face.

Embarrassed at having been caught, I cover my erection and head toward my car, with five minutes remaining in the game. I simply HAVE to get over this obsession with hairy muscular women.

I pull into my condo and lay in bed that night trying to force the sinful thoughts from my mind, but I instantly view Holly with her bouncy pony tail, doing her cheers, totally naked. Her muscular body is toned like an Olympic gymnast’s or aerobics champion, and the hair on her body has no equal. My hand on my dick is moving up and down faster and faster as I imagine balçova escort her yelling out her cheers just for me. I explode in a geyser as every muscle in my body flexes and I view the thick patch of moist fur in her crotch.

I wipe the sticky cum from my navel with my underwear and turn out the lamp and fall off to sleep, kicking myself for giving into my lustful obsession.

The following day, during third period, Holly changed her seat from the middle of the room to the first row, right in from my desk, only 15 feet from where I sat to teach. Normally I move around my desk and sit on the edge, but her closeness was bringing back visions of last night and creating an uncontrollable erection, so I had to remain seated.

I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Ever so slowly, Holly took her right leg and crossed it over her left and provided me with a clear view of her naked hairy crotch. I thought I was imagining it, but when she reversed her legs and crossed her left over her right, it couldn’t have been clearer, the young teen was not wearing panties under her cheerleading uniform.

I could feel the blood rush to my head, and I knew the class was wondering why I was stammering and sweating for the rest of the class. Holly knew that she was torturing me, and smiled as she held me hypnotized by her beautiful crotch, glistening with moisture as I tried to explain geometry and right angles.

I let out a deep breath as the bell rang to dismiss the class, and removed the handkerchief from my back pocket to remove the perspiration from my brow. I didn’t look up as the class exited, then took a deep breath to clear my head, thankful that I had a free period to recover before my next class.

I was startled to hear the door close, and looked up to see Holly lock it and turn to me with a big smile on my face.

“I hope you don’t mind Mr. Hardman, but I was hoping you could help me with something.”

My mind panicked at the thought of being bayındır escort alone with this young hairy Goddess and I stammered, “Wh… what is it Ms. Armstrong?”

“Well Mr. Hardman; it doesn’t have anything to do with Math. It is rather personal, and I would like a man’s opinion if you don’t mind.”

“Um…Ok Ms Armstrong. How can I help you?”

“You know Ms. Jenkins, the Home Ec teacher who manages the cheerleading squad?”

“Yes…Yes I do.”

“Well sir, she has told me that unless I shave my pubic area, I will be kicked off the cheerleading squad. I know I am very hairy Sir, but it itches when I shave, so I was wondering…as a teacher, and a man, do you find it ugly?

My heart just about jumped out of my body and my throat went dry as I wrung my hands and tried to calm my thoughts of lust.

“Ms. Armstrong, it is pretty much a given in America that women shave their bodies because most people find body hair unsightly.”

“But what do you think Sir? May I do a little experiment?”

“By all means Ms Armstrong?”

I panicked as in an instant her sweater was whisked over her head and I witnessed her muscular arms and thick patch of hair under each armpit.

I nearly screamed out “Please Ms Armstrong. Put your clothes back on.”

“But Sir. I REALLY need to know if hairy women such as myself are disgusting.”

Quickly she stepped out of the skirt, threw it on a vacant desk and advanced toward me. I looked straight ahead, not daring to look at her fit naked body.

“Sir, please look at me, and be honest. Am I ugly? Does my hairy navel and vagina make me a freak?”

My whole body was shaking at that point, and I nervously turned to view her body and noticeably gasped as I was only a foot from the thickest pubic patch I had ever witnessed.

“Lord no Ms. Armstrong. Your body is exquisite as it is.”

“Thank you Mr. Hardman, but I think you are just saying that. If I bet you would think it was disgusting if bayraklı escort I asked you to kiss me down there, and would never ever lick me.”

“Please Ms. Armstrong. Don’t do this to me. I am old enough to be your father and this should not be happening. I am your teacher, responsible for your learning.”

Holly pouted and pretended to start crying. “I knew you were lying. You’re just like Ms. Jenkins and you think my hairy body is ugly.”

Her tears got to me and I rose to hug her young beautiful body, lost in its heat and softness.

“Please Ms. Armstrong. You are very beautiful, so stop crying and I will promise to kiss your hairy body.”

Holly smiled and then lay on my desk with her hands supporting her head, providing me a clear view of her beautiful hairy armpits. Unable to resist, I bent to lick them and became lost in the scent of perspiration, the salty nectar causing my dick to harden. I licked and unable to control myself sucked on her thick hair while my fingers danced around the hair of her pussy.

My mouth rained kisses down her chest and lovely full breasts then came to her hairy navel, which I probed with my tongue savoring its hairiness. Finally I could resist no longer and went to the hairiest crotch I had ever seen and hungrily began to devour her, producing moans of pleasure from her full red lips.

I explored every crease of her warm furry flesh, with special attention to her rock hard clit. I lapped up every drop of her sweat nectar until she exploded in an orgasm, clamping her rock hard thighs around my head and nearly crushing my skull.

After she recovered she lay back with a smile on her face.

“I guess you do think a hairy body is rather sexy. Thank you very much Sir.”

I watched her dress, then as she reached for the door to leave I spoke.

“Ms. Armstrong, please don’t worry about shave. I have some influence with Ms. Jenkins, so I will have a talk with her and you may remain on the team.”

Holly rushed to me an grabbed me in a hug with one arm, and my crotch with her other hand. “Oh thank you Sir. I promise to make it up to you when I have more time. Right now I have to get to my History class.”

I watched the beautiful young woman leave the room and knew that the rest of the semester would never be the same.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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