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Early in May 1982, Christian met Christine for the first time and Clare was there also, hovering around their conversation about waist sizes and other anatomical details. Deliberately, she was intending to take no part in Christine’s figure training, but to act as encouragement and advisor when necessary.

The arrival of a new corset trainee marked a development in Christian’s own understanding of his corset fetish. He was disturbed by his own responses to the prospect of Christine’s corseting. Although he felt no particular erotic attraction to her, the very process of reducing her waist excited him and produced a distinct but secret erection at each of their subsequent meetings. He knew that it was not the woman who excited him but the fact that she was to be tightly confined and shaped by almost brutal corsetry. That was his erotic drive; his focus for sensuality; and the source of his pleasure. He would never explain that to anyone, especially not a woman undergoing corset training, because it sounded too mechanical and bondage-related. As if he enjoyed just the equipment, the forces, the fabrics, the gradual reshaping of the female form. And, of course, that was precisely where his pleasure lay and he was part ashamed of it, but also part proud to be an artist in “woman-sculpture.” He wondered if he were unique in this level of abstract interest in the attenuated waist — but not the woman herself. His erections were caused by straining fabric, rigid bones, tied laces and the staring, gasping, trembling body that was held within them.

For her part, Christine was open and uncomplicated in her approach.

“I just want to reduce my waist to the minimum for my body,” she told them, “I know that I can pull a belt to about 20 inches but I really would like to be tiny. I’ve read all the books and articles so I know it’s dangerous. But I’m ready for anything it takes. You tell me about diet, exercise, painkillers, breathing, toilet — everything and I’ll do it.”

Christian felt a need to be cautious.

“You must know it’s up to you. Tell me why you want to do this. I’m not going to be a policeman on your waist. I’m not going to punish you or anything like that if you give up. You decide when we start and I’ll tell you the method and the pace. But it’s for you to decide to go on to each stage. Yes? Agreed?”

“Yes. I agree. I just want to do it for my pleasure — my satisfaction. Don’t ask me too much, please. I have a yearning and I don’t care if my life is affected. I want to be really tiny at my waist. No one’s talked me into it. I just want it for myself and I’ll do anything you tell me so long as it’s about my waist.”

Clare asked if Christine wanted to start soon or after more thought and talking.

“I want to start now; today; and to be very small within a few weeks or months. If it takes me years and years, I don’t care. I just want it to happen. Do you want to help me or just talk about it?” She was getting impatient.

Christian responded, “Let’s measure you now and I’ll order your first corset immediately.” He stood up and went to get the tape measure and the callipers her used for measuring Clare’s body all those years earlier and Jeanette before her.

While he was out of the room, Clare thought she’s better check again the resolve of this young woman who was more of a girl.

“You do know, don’t you, that you’ll not be in control of your eating or drinking, or of the toilet or anything private at all? He’ll want to know all about your periods. Are you ready for all that?”

Christine was becoming suspicious and tense.

“Why are you trying to talk me out of this? You’ve made your waist small so why stop me? I’m determined – and you said he’d help me; so just let him and me sort it out. OK?”

Christian came back and carefully measured Christine in over twenty different parts of her body. She undressed to her panties and bra and he felt all over her skin. He squeezed on her ribs, especially the bottom floating ribs, until she thought she’d be bruised. He wrapped a rope around her waist and pulled harder than ever she could for herself, until she seemed to be cutting in two. He pressed on her hipbones and actually did bruise her skin. The flesh and fat over her torso, and especially her waist, were both measured to the nearest millimetre. After nearly an hour, Christian had the full measure of her body and he filled out the order form for a wasp-waist corset with waist 20 inches, bottom ribs 29 inches and top hips 35 inches. It was to be 12 inches long, covered in white brocade and with a hard front busk. This would give Christine a reduction of 6 inches if and when it could be closed onto her.

For two weeks, Christine had to wait but she visited Clare and Christian every few days, and they all talked about her training. She dieted a little and reduced her weight by about 4 lbs. and wore a 22-inch tight broad leather belt about her waist all the time during every day and a softer fabric bornova escort version during nights. She wanted to know about her intestines and the effect the pressure would have on her digestion and her toilet routine. Would she be able to drive or cycle or swim or go for long walks? Clare passed on her experiences and was totally frank and open. She spoke about small meals and the importance of preventing feelings of fullness, and so avoiding indigestion and heartburn. She was very forthright indeed about intestinal health and the advisability of regular purging, enemas and colonic irrigation. They exchanged ideas on fashion and agreed that high heels and a stiff collar added to the sense of control and propriety, which the corseting itself was designed to produce.

Christine acquired two pairs of 4-inch heeled court shoes and two others with 4½-inch block heels and platform soles. She got some shirts with proper stiffened collars and some silk scarves to wrap around her throat under the fastened collars. For skirts, she had some already which would suffice until her waist had attenuated a little. They were pencil skirts, fitting below her knee or else mid calf, with cuff waists and gores to shape her hips. Christine thought that she’d be able to alter her skirts for the first couple of reductions. For wearing under her corsets, she got a selection of silk, nylon and lawn camisoles. In her mind, she had started already on the pathway to a tiny waist and total control of her life and anatomy.

On one occasion during the two weeks, Clare undressed and displayed her figure for Christine, to show how her body had changed. Two features were particularly interesting to Christine. First, that Clare’s abdomen curved upward and inward from her pubic area, making her groin seem to stand out. In fact, the tightness of her corseting meant that all the soft, forward parts of her abdomen were pulled towards her spine. Inside, her intestine and bladder, ovaries and vagina, were pulled slightly out of place after years of training. They were now pointing and located towards her spine.

Secondly, her lower ribs had become compressed so that the bottom floating pair actually disappeared into her thorax. The pair above was deformed inwards and downwards so that they almost touched within her corset, at least 2 inches lower at the front than they would be naturally. Her breastbone was no longer flat along the contour of her chest, but pointed inward at its bottom edge under the top of the corset. Christine was fascinated by everything she learned. She took “lessons” in toilet management and experimented for herself with purging, until she could predict her own evacuation within a few minutes. This would be important for the extra tight lacing later in her waist training programme.

She participated in Clare’s lacing and learned how to judge the rate of tightening, as well as how to tie off the final knot. By the end of the wait, she was ready and full of ideas for her own training. She was excited and aroused by the entire experience. Christian noticed that she showed all the signs of real sexual arousal: flushed face and shoulders, shortness of breath, bright eyes, tension in her muscles and her voice. He and Clare discussed it, when they were alone at night.

“Did you see her throat and cheeks?” asked Clare, “She’s excited as if she were with a man. I bet she’s hot and wet. She’ll be a really good tight lacer if that’s what she’s feeling.”

“Her waist is really flexible you know. She’ll lace in by six inches quite easily, I reckon,” added Christian, “I haven’t told her, but her spine and ribs are already lined up for compression and the gap from her ribs to pelvis is bigger than yours. She should be able to corset to her absolute minimum without much adjustment and no discomfort at all.”

Then he expressed a worry. “You don’t think it’ll come between us, do you. Tight lacing is exciting for me, you know, and she’s obviously turned on by the whole thing. I bet she’ll orgasm just from the pressure. I don’t want it to be problem for you and me. I really care about you, you know. I’m your fella. I don’t want Christine to be a problem.”

Clare was almost dismissive. “Don’t be silly. What we have is our special thing. It’ll only finish when we want it to. This little girl won’t come between us.” He knew that he should be reassured but still felt uneasy about the plan they’d made together. Even Clare’s words didn’t really give him confidence for some reason.

And so they got ready for the start of Christine’s training. One morning, the corset arrived in its familiar long brown paper parcel. There were eight metres of lace through the back eyelets and Christian removed it all, to re-lace it in his special way. Then Christine would get better support at her waist than was usual in commercial methods of lacing. It was one of his secrets. The corset was very firm indeed. It had the firm front busk with six studs, buca escort six bones to each side, two fluted panels over each hip and a reinforcement tape around the inside of the waist. Christian measured it and, as he ordered, it measured exactly 20 inches inside the waist and about 21 inches around the outside. Clearly, it had been made to a very precise model and, once again, Christian whispered a little blessing upon the artist who was also the corset-maker.

The very next evening, Christine arrived for her first fitting. She was flushed with excitement and almost in a hurry to be fitted into her new corset. Christian and Clare helped her undress and put on one of her new camisoles. They got her to stand with her arms raised whilst the new stiff corset was fastened round her figure. For nearly an hour she sat with the corset loosely fitting her body, underneath a dressing gown. She sat in a warm place and the corset settled into her figure a little more as its temperature rose. Then she removed the dressing gowns and stood whilst Christian pulled the laces to give a definite pressure on her waist. Then she sat for a little longer in the warmth until the corset settled even further. Christian was careful to ensure that the corset’s laced back opening was always parallel so that the bones did not bend more that they were designed to do; so that the forces lining up in the fabric did not put too great a strain on the stitching or the fibres of the layers of cloth.

This process was repeated for most of the evening and by 10:00 the corset was laced to within one inch of closure, all the way along the boned back. Christian was careful to keep the opening straight and even. Then at 10:15, Christine was undressed again to her corset and panties, and helped to lie on her front on their soft rug. She was told to stretch out her arms above her head along the rug and her legs straight out in the opposite direction, and her head on a small cushion. Christian knelt to one side.

“This’ll be smooth but not really gentle,” he explained, “stop me if it hurts but not otherwise.”

Christine nodded her agreement and took a breath. Christian gradually forced the laced back towards closure. Fraction by fraction of an inch, the parallel boned opening became narrower until only about ½ inch remained. He stopped at that stage and almost spoke, to see if Christine was still comfortable, but he could see that she was wriggling inside the corset, flexing her buttocks and breathing in hot little bursts. He stood back quietly and Clare also kept her distance. They watched as Christine came to a quiet but distinct orgasm before their eyes. She writhed as much as the corset would allow and gave a huge sigh, entirely within her shoulders and chest, since she could not breath in her thorax at all.

Without saying anything, he returned to his lacing and smoothly but firmly laced Christine to the full extent of the corset. He helped her to stand and Clare led her to the long mirror. She looked at herself and ran her hands over her new shape. Her breathing was still short and a little ragged and her shoulders were still flushed, as were her breasts and her throat. She pressed with her palms against her flattened stomach and the firmness of her hips and bottom. She held her own breasts in the cups of her hands and the other two could see her nipples standing out hard and long.

“Please can I be alone for a minute?” she asked and they went to their kitchen, closing the door behind them. When she was sure no one would see or hear her, Christine reached down and held her lips between her legs and pressed hard up against the urgency in her vagina. She pressed and relaxed, pressed and relaxed, all the while staring at herself in the mirror. Her breathing became sharp again and her eyes stared. The flush returned and slowly but deliberately she collected the sensations towards another great orgasm. When it came, she let out all the breath she had in her constricted lungs and forced her hand against her warm quivering lips and vagina. She almost staggered with the sudden release of sexual tension before resuming breathing as normally as she could. She knew then, at that moment, that she wanted to be that shape, that controlled and that excited for the rest of her life. She returned her hands to her waist and pressed and pressed again against the hard bones and the taut fabric. She was not completely comfortable but that did not matter: she had the sensations and the posture that she had been seeking. She knew that she wanted more pressure, control, shape and, if she was honest with herself, more discomfort and more submission to the life of the corset.

That night, Christian gave her tips on loosening and refitting the corset and then drove her back to her apartment. She agreed not to take off the corset for a full two days. Then she would visit Christian and Clare for further fitting and to take a bath under supervision. During the two çeşme escort days, Christine received a phone call every few hours, both at home and at work, to encourage her and to check on her well-being. At each call, she told them how she felt and how her body was reacting. She recounted her eating and drinking during the two days, and her visits to the bathroom. Although she did not mention it, it was obvious from her heightened excited tone that she was also receiving very considerable erotic pleasure from her training and constriction. At the end of the two days, Christian collected her and brought her to his apartment. He watched her throughout the drive and noticed a number of things about her behaviour and her manner. She was quiet but flushed, still but vibrating and fidgeting, calm and self assured but her voice was raised a little and she talked all the time. Clearly, she was excited about her situation and at the prospect of the next few hours.

During the evening, Christine’s corset was removed slowly, over 15 minutes or so. Her camisole was lifted over her head and she stood there in bra and pants. She felt down at her waist and the skin on the rest of her torso. She felt and played with the slight ripples and creases left by the corset and the camisole. But more than anything else, she placed her hands on her waist and pushed inward to see the effect of 48 hours of firm lacing. She was delighted and gave a little squeak of pleasure.

“How does it feel to be free of your corset?” asked Clare, “Do you feel better or not?”

“I feel loose and weak but not in my body — more in my head and feelings. Do you know what I mean?”

“I certainly do,” replied Clare. “In a few weeks you’ll never want to be without your corset and after some months you’ll not able to be without it.”

“I already don’t want to be without it,” said Christine as she continued to hold and touch her body where the corset had shaped her. “I can feel myself expanding — is that possible?”

Christian had been sitting to one side, to let the women talk but now he spoke, “Within an hour, your body will have relaxed and all the work of the week will be lost. That’s why you must shower and be corseted again as quickly as possible.”

And that is what they did. She spent just a few minutes in the shower and came out with her hair in towels. Clare helped her dry, and oiled her skin, particularly around her waist, and then applied talc. She spent a few moments inspecting Christine’s skin for chafe marks and was pleased to see none worthy of comment. They dressed Christine in fresh bra and pants, and a clean camisole, and then placed the second corset around her — but loosely for the time being. As they came into the sitting room, Christian rose and came across to commence the re-tightening.

He told Christine what to expect. “We must fasten you in as quickly as possible to regain the shape. Is that alright?”

“Yes. Do it quickly,” said Christine. “I really want to be tight again.”

Within ten minutes, Christian had almost closed the corset onto her body and she stood in front of the long mirror pressing her hands over her shape, feeling at the bones and the tautness of the fabric. Whilst she was almost tightened, but not quite, Clare helped her to dry and brush her hair. When she was ready, Christian laced the final inch or so and she was reshaped as before. That was the first of many such evening over the next three months, until Christine was able to unlace and re-lace herself with speed and comfort.

Christine’s progress was rapid to start with and then slowed until she became despondent about ever reaching her goal of a truly tiny waist. Christian and Clare explained the process, and how her body would need to adjust in stages. After six months, her waist was 18 inches for 24 hours every day, except when showering. For the next 10 weeks or so, she could not lace any tighter, even with a new corset of 17-inch waist. The laces broke on two occasions and on a third she found herself very uncomfortable at even a fraction of an inch below the 18 inches she had attained. Christian and Clare encouraged her to relax into the 18-inch shape for a short time and, sure enough, in the eleventh week she found that the laces pulled a little closer without extra effort. She was off again on her quest. Within a month, she was able to lace to 17 inches for most of the time although she could not sleep with that degree of pressure. She wore an 18-inch or even a 19-inch corset at night.

During the twelfth month of Christine’s training, Christian measured Christine again and ordered three fresh corsets, two at waists of 16 inches and one at 15 inches. He explained to her that she would not be able to wear these corsets for some time, but they were there, in existence, as further encouragement to train seriously.

“I don’t need encouragement,” remarked Christine to Clare one day, “All I ever want is to be smaller and smaller. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

She was as good as her word and over the next 18 months gradually trained her body to take the 16-inch waisted corsets during the day and 17 inches at night. On one unforgettable evening, Clare commented that Christine’s waist had the same measurement as Christian’s shirt necks.

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