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I had been stationed in Pensacola for two years and was having a great time. I was flying helicopters for a living and living life at full tilt. My buddies and I frequented a bar on the beach called the Dock. It was a decent sized bar and had a lot of cool memorabilia in it from the beach and patrons that happened through over the years. Best part is when spring break came along the place was always slammed with college women that wanted to party.

We had become friends with a few of the bouncers and they always made room for us to come in even if the place was packed. One of the bouncers named Steve had played football for the Florida Gators and since I had played Football for the Iowa Hawkeyes before joining the military we had a lot in common.

It was spring break 1993 and I had just returned from my third tour in Kuwait in support of Desert Storm/Desert Shield clean up and decided to head to the Dock for a beer. Steve greeted me at the door and said he was glad I made it back yet again and that drinks were on him that night. We started talking and he was telling me that the following weekend the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini girls were going to be in town for an exhibition the bar was putting on. He told me that the bar needed extra security for the two days they were going to be here and asked me if wanted to help out. He said that we got to meet the girls and interact with them quite a bit. He said our duties would include escorting them to different bars at the beach and back to their hotel at the end of the evening.

I said “Hell Yeah, I’m game for that.”

The weekend fast approached and I was pretty excited to see those sexy women in those hot bikinis.

Friday arrived and I got to the bar at 1600 to help start setting up the stage. Steve gave me a security shirt to wear that was really tight on my arms and chest. It was to show off my size and hopefully deter guys from wanting to grab the girls.

The girls arrived in a bus and we escorted them to the back door of the bar and into the makeshift dressing room. There were 12 girls. They were wearing midriff Hawaiian Tropic shirts and tiny little shorts. I instantly got hard looking at them. I was hoping to get lucky but knew is was not going to happen. I adjusted the bulge in my pants and followed the girls in.

As I shut the door and turned around the girls were getting out of their clothes. They already had their bikinis on and fuck did they look good.

One of the girls was standing by me and asked me to hold her shirt. “Hi, I am Beth.” she said.

“I’m John.” I replied.

Beth was about 5’6″‘s tall, with big tits, a beautiful round ass, and golden tan skin. Her hair was long and auburn flowing over her shoulders. She had deep brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. She was 24 years old and just graduated college. This was her summer job before going to work for her parents in their family business in Maine.

We started talking a little but nothing to intense. Things like where she was from and what I did for work. We talked for maybe ten minutes when the exhibition director called them all together to give them their instructions for the evening.

“There will be a lot of horny guys out there wanting to touch you. These gentlemen are here to protect you the best they can so if you feel threatened make sure you go to them or yell for them and they will do what they can.” she said as she pointed at the six of us.

“John, will you do me a favor and put my bag somewhere where I can find it when I come off stage?” Beth asked.

“Sure, I will put it by my bag. When you want it let me know and I will get it for you.” I replied.

She smiled the sexiest smile I had ever seen.

All of the the security walked to the front of the stage as the girls came out. There was a five foot buffer between the stage and the patrons and we stood in between there. As they walked out there were loud whistles and cat calls from escort kartal everyone there including the women in the audience. One drunk guy tried to get through the barricade but was stopped pretty easily. All in all it was fairly smooth. The show lasted about an hour and the girls were ready to head to the next venue. There were two vans outside waiting for us.

Beth approached me asking about her bag which I fetched immediately for her. She put her shirt and shorts back on and we headed for the vans. We rode in the front of the van and the girls rode in back to the next bar. One security guy per van. The others drove in a separate vehicle to the next bar.

We arrived at the next bar about 10 minutes later and I got out to help the girls out of the van. Beth was sitting in the back row with another girl and as she got to the van door she kind of jumped out into my arms. I was surprised so as I caught her my hands grabbed her ass. I could feel how tight it was so I held onto her for a second longer than I should have but she didn’t seem to mind.

Beth smiled and big smile and gave me a wink. “Thanks for catching me!” she said.

I smiled back. “No problem, anything to help out.”

The next three bars were all the same. No major problems just more cat calls and whistles. I had started trying to flirt with Beth whenever I could. She returned the flirts with a wink or a smile. Sometimes she would grab my arm and squeeze. Women were attracted to my arms and chest. As I have said I am a pretty big guy. I chalked it all up to harmless flirting that wouldn’t go anywhere.

At the last bar the girls were getting in the van for the ride back to there bus when Beth pulled me to the side, “We are staying at the Beach Comer hotel on the beach tonight. Want to stop by and hangout with me for a while?”

“That would be great!” I replied.

“Come by at 1 am and I will be in the lobby.” she said.

I helped her into the van by placing my hand on her hip and one of her ass cheeks. Beth wiggled her ass a little, turned around and smiled at me.

I got to the Beach Comer at 0100 and she wasn’t in the lobby. I thought to myself that she had stood me up and I was a game for her. I started to get a little pissed and headed back out to the lot to my truck. I got to my truck and was about to get in when I heard Beth yell for me from the lobby. I looked up and saw her and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She came running out to me wearing a midriff sweater, cutoff jean shorts, and flip flops. Her hair was flowing behind her like a horses main. Beth was a goddess! As she got to me she jumped into my arms, wrapped her legs around my waist and planted a huge kiss on my lips. I kissed her back and slid my tongue into her mouth. We kissed like that for about 5 minutes just tasting each other. My hands were cupping her ass and her tits were pressed hard into my chest.

“I have wanted to do that ever since I first saw you!” Beth said

“Me too, but I figured I would have to settle for just looking at you.” I said.

I put her back down on the ground and smiled at her. Beth grabbed my hand and started walking towards the dunes on the other side of the road from the Beach Comer. We found a little path that led in between two dunes and walked down it to the inlet of water on the other side. I followed her and could see her ass in the moonlight. My god she was hot!

We got to the beach part and Beth turned to me. I leaned down and kissed her as she kissed me back. I grabbed her ass with one hand and reached up and grabbed her breast with the other. I squeezed her breast as we kissed and pinched her nipple through her sweater and bra. Her nipples felt fat and long. My cock was straining in my pants. It hurt it was straining so hard.

“Take your cock out.” she said.

I undid my zipper and unbuttoned my pants. Once my pants were open I fished out my cock. Beth dropped to her knees and grabbed my uğur mumcu escort cock and started rubbing it on her face. My pre-cum was smearing on her face and covering her lips and she continued to slide my head all around her cheeks and chin and lips. I felt the head go into her mouth and then about three more inches. She was swirling her tongue around my shaft as it was in her mouth and jacking the other part of my cock. She reached up with one of her hands and cupped my big balls and let out a moan as she took more of my cock into her mouth. After she had about four inches in she gagged a little and pulled back off my cock. She was jacking it close to her face and stuck her tongue out to lick the piss slit and lick my pre-cum from it. I reached down and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock back into her mouth as she moaned. She placed both of her hands on my thighs as I slowly started fucking her mouth. She kept using her tongue and licking the shaft as her head bobbed on my cock.

“I am going to cum! I want you to swallow it all Beth!” I said.

Beth started bobbing her head up and down faster as I approached my climax.

“FFFUUUCCKKKK suck my cock Bitch!! Eat my cum! FUCK!!” I said as the first jet of cum rocketed into her mouth. Beth swallowed as three more blasts hit the back of her throat. Two more small shots came out of my cock as she continued to suck. Beth pulled my cock from her mouth and started rubbing it all over her face again, cooing and saying how much she loved having a cock all over her face and feeling cum trailing all over her.

“That was amazing Beth!” I said looking down at her with my slime coating her face.

Beth got up off her knees and kissed me. She smiled and said “Lets head back to your truck so we can get more comfortable.”

We walked back hand in hand as my cum started drying on her face. I thought she looked beautiful. As we approached my truck Beth turned to me and kissed me again. We got in my truck and started kissing more passionately until I was hard as a rock again. I reached under her sweater and started massaging her tits. I pulled her bra cups up and over her tits so I could feel how round they were. I pinched her nipples as we continued to kiss and Beth started moaning into my mouth. I reached down with one hand and unbuttoned her shorts.

As we broke our kiss I said “Get your clothes off so I can see your magnificent body!” Beth complied and was soon naked in the front seat of my truck. I noticed that right at the top of her pussy above her clit she had a little landing strip of hair. God she was sexy!

I got out of my clothes and slid to the middle of my truck bench seat. Beth swung her leg over me with her tits in my face and started gliding her wet pussy over my hard cock. I could feel how wet her pussy was as she was leaving trails of her juices all over my cock. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and lightly bit down on it. Beth moaned loudly and said “FUCK BABY THAT FEELS SO AMAZING! I love having my nipples bit. Suck on them baby, make them ache. Squeeze my fat titties. Own them!”

As I continued to maul her tits she raised up slightly and reached between us grabbing my rock hard cock. She positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and slowly slid down on it. Beth’s pussy wasn’t overly tight but it was pretty snug. I could tell that she had been fucked by a big cock at some point.

Beth started grinding on my cock as I continued biting, licking, and squeezing her tits and nipples. We were both moaning loud and uncontrollably. It was a really hot scene!

We fucked like this for about 20 minutes when she started grinding harder and faster. I knew she was getting ready to cum so I grabbed both of her nipples and pinched them rolling them through my thumb and finger. Beth let out a shriek and came hard on my cock. She was quivering and I could feel her juices running down over my balls.

I hadn’t çavuşoğlu escort cum yet because I just had a little over 45 minutes ago. As she got off my cock I said “Lay down and spread your legs, I need to cum in you.”

As she laid on her back I re-entered her and slowly started pumping my cock into her.

“Fuck me baby, fill me up with your cum!” she said as I continued to fuck her slow for another 10 minutes and could feel I was ready to cum.

I tensed up and said “Here it comes baby, gonna fill you up with my cum. FUCK!!” as I shot was seemed like a gallon of cum into her.

My cock started to get soft as I pulled out of her. Once my cock was out cum started running out of her pussy. Beth reached down and scooped up my cum and started rubbing it on her tits and nipples. “FUCK, so hot. So much cum. I love cum. Love how it feels on my tits and face.” she said.

Beth looked into my eyes and in a sweet little girls voice asked me “Did daddy like filling his baby girls pussy with his cum?” I almost came again when she said that. That was fucking hot!

Beth continued to scoop up my cum and rub her tits with it and lick it off her hand as I watched in amazement.

Beth started to sit up as I was getting ready to pull my pants back on. “Do you want your little girl to clean up your cock daddy before you put it back in your pants?” she said as she leaned over and took my soft cock into her mouth. I just moaned and watched her lick my shaft and the crown of my head.

Once she was done she started putting her clothes back on sans bra and panties. I couldn’t get over how hot she was! Once we were done dressing we got out of the truck and hugged tightly.

“Tomorrow we are going to Panama City for a show and then to Daytona, can you meet me at either one of those places?” she asked. “Do you have a pen so I can give you my home phone number, I really want to see you again. I will be on the road for the next two weeks but maybe when I get home we can meet up. Call me if you want.”

“I’m not sure but I can try. I have to see what the flight schedule looks like but I will try, no promises.” I replied. “I will definitely call you and see about coming to Maine for a visit.”

We kissed again and I walked her to the elevators in her hotel. I pulled her in tight for a hug and kissed her again as she was getting on the elevator.


Three weeks later I was in Maine on leave for a week to see her. I met her parents and we really hit it off. I could see where she got her beauty because her mom was stunning just like Beth only a slightly older version.

We made love over and over that week and made plans to see each other again the following month.

Beth and I ended up seeing each other for about a year. Every chance we got she was either with me in Pensacola or I was with her in Maine. Her family and I became really close since I didn’t really have a family of my own.

At the end of the year I received orders to San Diego and asked her if she wanted to come with me.

Beth said she loved me but couldn’t move that far away from her family. She needed to stay and help with the family business.

I told her that I understood and left for San Diego kind of heart broken knowing that I would probably never see her again.

Five years later when I came back to the East Coast Beth and I got married. We never had children but had fun trying to make them.

Not having children is what ended our marriage. Things were heating up in the middle east at the time and I was being deployed quite frequently. Beth still wanted kids but I told her I wanted to wait until I was out of the military because I didn’t want to leave a widow with a child if something were to happen to me. Beth couldn’t understand that and divorced me six years later.

Beth and I still remain friends to this day. We talk frequently about her three children and her husband. I have met all of them and they frequently come visit me in Iowa. Her kids love my farm and her husband and I get along really well surprisingly. Sometimes I still think there is a spark there between us but I wouldn’t do anything with her unless she initiated it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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