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“Sarah! Get your ass down here.” Ed yelled. He couldn’t believe what he was reading.

“Dad! I was on the phone with Lexi, what’s wrong?” The young girl trotted down the stairs, looking nervously at her dad.

Ed glared at the girl, looking her up and down as if trying to decide what to do with her. As usual, she was wearing clothes way too tight, too short and leaving very little to the imagination. He glanced up and saw Bobby creeping along the railing, looking down. “What is this? Why did a courier have to deliver this to me?” He waved the paper at his daughter.

Sarah turned beet red and reached for the letter. She looked at it and began tearing up, “I’m sorry. I was going to tell you. Both my teachers hated me this year. No matter what…”

“Shut up!” He pulled her arm and got right into her face, “No one hates you. No one is out to get you. Except maybe you. You might hate yourself and you definitely are the cause of pretty much all the bad luck you have. When…oh God! I’ve asked you this a hundred times, When the FUCK are you going to grow up and accept responsibility.” He snatched the letter back, “You have to repeat senior year? When were you going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you, but you’re always so busy. You’re never home. I mean, I know you have to work, but I’ve had to cook and clean ever since mom died.” Sarah cried.

Ed’s face melted seeing his little girl cry and pulled her close, “Look. No, look at me, you need to graduate, and I mean really graduate. You will get straight A’s next year and you’ll get into college. I’ve been working and putting every penny away so you and Bobby get college degrees.” Then he realized this was a replay of so many encounters and pushed her away, “Sorry, I’m not buying it. You’ve gotten your way with tears for the last few years, and frankly, until you change your act, I’m not going to buy it.” He looked up the stairs, “Bobby get down here, you’re going to help Sarah get straight A’s next year or neither of you are getting a red cent to go to college.”

“Dad, I’ve never gotten anything but A’s. Why are you punishing me?” Bobby whined as he came down the stairs.

Ed looked at his two children, both as different as two kids can be. ‘Sarah, drop-dead beautiful. Slender frame, nice hand-sized tits, perfect body. I swear, the biggest curse anyone could ever have. She’ll never amount to anything until she has to think her way out of situations rather than flirt her way out, check that, fuck her way out. Bobby, cursed with pimples, no charisma. Tall, skinny, no athletic abilities. Total nerd. But fucking brilliant, must have been from his mother.’ He thought, looking at them, ‘I wish Jenny were here. She was as beautiful, if not more than Sarah is now, but what a mind. She’d have done a much better job.’ His eyes teared up, “Look, things are going to change. Sarah, you’re 18 and are now an adult. You need to make a choice. I’ll still be your dad either way, but if you go back to South, get your diploma, you will have a home until you get your college degree. If you decide that’s not for you, I’ll stake you some money, you can get a job waitressing, or over at the plant and you’re on your own.”

Sarah looked shaken, “Daddy, I can’t get straight A’s. I’m not like Bobby.”

“Actually, you are. I talked to your guidance counselor last year. I didn’t want to tell you, but your IQ scores are 15 points higher than Bobby’s…and his are really high.”

“Wait, what? Blonde Bimbo here is smarter that I am?” Bobby looked stunned, “I’m sure she blew the guy administering the test.”

Ed grabbed Sarah as she went after her brother, “Look, stop it both of you.” He glared at both, “Bobby, I want you to apologize, and mean it. Sarah, I’m afraid you’ve made your bed…you do seem to have manipulated the men and boys around you to get your way.”

Bobby’s face was bright red as he softly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“Sarah? Do you realize there was a bit of truth in what he said?”

Sarah looked down and nodded, “Yes, I guess I deserved that, I accept your apology.”

Ed sighed, “Ok, here are the new rules. Both of you will be seniors next year. Bobby, I want you to sign up for Physics and Calculus in her classes, in fact, I want you in all her classes.”

“Wait, I can’t be in her classes! I need to take the advanced courses.” Bobby sputtered….

“On top of that, Sarah wasn’t wrong. You’ve pretty much done none of the chores while she has been cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, laundry…what have you done?”

“Jerked off in my underwear in his room.” Sarah fumed, “I never told you, but my panties are always missing, then in the laundry, crusty.”

Ed looked at Bobby, “What? Seriously?” Not seeing a denial, he angrily stalked away, “Christ, I have no idea how to deal with this. What the fuck would Jenny have done?” He turned, “Both of you, go back to your rooms. Oh, and Bobby, don’t jerk off in your sister’s panties.” He stopped, rubbed his face and sighed, “I never kartal escort bayan thought I’d ever say those words.” He looked sternly at his son, “In fact from now on, you leave your door open until I can trust you again.”

Sarah grinned at her brother as she spun and headed upstairs, stopping hearing her dad’s voice.

“And you. This fall, I’m taking your phone away at 7 every evening until you bring home an A. And dating? Off the table. If you live here, no boys…none.”

“Daaaaad!” the small blonde whined, “I need to talk to my friends.” She heard Bobby snicker that she needs to fuck her friends.

“You ‘want’ to talk to your friends. You need to get straight A’s and you need to graduate and you need to go to college. You can have to phone back 30 minutes later every day every quarter you get straight A’s.”


“You cooked dinner.” Sarah said, looking at her dad, “I could have done that.”

“No, I can cook. I’m sorry for dumping everything your mom did on you. I guess we both have to make changes.” He looked up as Bobby crept in, his eyes on the floor, “Actually, I guess all three of us have to make changes.”

As they sat down, Ed passed the baked ham around, “Ok, from now on, I’ll do a lot more. I can help out with the cooking, Bobby, you’ll be doing the dishes, morning and night from now on.”

“Dad! I need to do my homework. I can’t do dishes.”

“Yes, you can. “What is it? Half an hour to do dishes?.” He scooped up some green beans, “Sarah, I called one of your teachers and got reading lists for this next year. We’re going to the book store and picking up some of these.”

Sarah looked up, tears welling, “Dad! It’s summer. I can do all that when school starts.”

“Yes, you can.” He looked intently at her, “But, tell me honestly. Will you? Or will you look at all the reading, all the homework and feel swamped? I’ll let you think about it. Would you like to take your classes ahead of everyone else? Get a head start? Or feel helpless like you always do and fall behind? Think about it. Let’s eat.”


Sarah ran up and threw her arms around her dad, “You were right. I could answer all the teachers’ questions since I had read everything.” She stepped back, “And now the homework assignments are going to be a breeze.”

Ed watched in wonder as his 19 year-old daughter ran upstairs to do her homework.

After dinner, Ed looked over at Bobby as the boy headed to the kitchen, “So, how was school? Actually, how was it with your older sister in your classes?” He put down the paper as the boy plopped down on the couch.

“Honestly? The same as always. Same girl, different crowd. She never even showed up for 5th period history. I guess she was out with Jed in his Vette.” Bobby angrily replied, “and, she doesn’t even look at me when she’s with her posse of admirers.”

“Wait, what? She told me that she was able to answer all the questions the teachers asked.” He felt like punching the wall. “I wasn’t asking you to spy, but you have to tell me. Is she going to apply herself? Is she going to get A’s?”

Bobby slowly shook his head, “I don’t know. I kind of got the feeling that having prepared she’d be able to hang with her new friends and ride out the first few weeks.”

Ed got up and slowly walked to the base of the stairs. He looked up and slowly went up, looking like a man destined to be severely disappointed. He opened Sarah’s door without knocking, and almost choked.

“Daaad, Oh my God, dad! What are you doing here?” Sarah screamed, rolling off the bed and trying to cover herself up, but all she could find was her childhood teddy bear which she tried to cover her pussy, then her breasts, but the back over her crotch.

Ed looked at the boy dashing for his pants, his cock glistening as it bounced around. “STOP! Don’t fucking move!” He yelled. He looked as the boy stood frozen, holding his jeans in front of his naked torso, his little girl, no longer little, beet red, her chest heaving, her teddy pressed against her…. ‘Oh crap,’ he thought, ‘look at that tight little body, perky, tennis ball size breasts, perfectly toned….’ He shook his head trying to decide why he yelled stop. What inspiration would come to him now that he had their attention, “Sarah, please tell me this is homework for Advanced Biology or Sex Ed.” He heard snickering behind him and turned.

Bobby was staring at his fantasy girl, drinking in the flawless skin, tits he and his friends had talked about getting to see, her perfectly tight ass.

“Bobby, go to your room, NOW!” Ed turned back, “You! What is your name?”

“Jed, sir. Look, this is not her fault. She wasn’t responding to my texts, so I came over and climbed up the trellis and knocked on her window, she told me she was studying and she couldn’t let me in.”

“But he started knocking louder on the window and I didn’t want you to hear, so I opened it.” yakacık escort She started to cry, and pointed to books on her bed, “I was studying….”

“You, get the fuck out of my house. I’m putting a lock on that window, so if you want to come over and see my daughter, you’ll ring the doorbell and you’ll ask to be invited in.” He watched as the boy yanked on his clothes, then rolled his eyes seeing him head for the window, “Christ, no. You know we have a front door? You do know what a door is for, don’t you?” He stepped back as Jed fled down the stairs. He looked back and shook his head, “I took away your phone and since you couldn’t sext him, you invited him in for actual sex?” He held up her red panties, noticing how damp they felt.

“No, daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t invite him over. I didn’t even have my phone.” She looked down and wrapped an arm across her chest, “Can I get dressed?”

“Yes, get dressed and come down when you’re ready. We’re going to have to redefine our agreement. I thought I could trust you. I know you read all the books this last summer. I tested you and you answered every question,” He felt hot tears of frustration in his eyes, “I was hoping to trust you.”

Sarah watched him go feeling like she wanted to explode. ‘Fucking Jed! Why couldn’t he listen to her? All day, all he wanted was to get her alone. Telling her that he’d get her back from lunch in time for History was nothing but a lie,’ she thought bitterly. She looked around for her panties and grabbed a fresh pair, not finding them. ‘Fucking Jed, he still found a way to grab a souvenir.’

Ed looked up seeing his daughter come down the stairs slowly, unwelcome images of her flawless body flashing through his head. He patted the seat next to him, “Sit.”

Sarah sat down, unable to look at her father. She felt totally ashamed. Ashamed she’d violated his trust, ashamed he’d seen her on top of Jed, his cock buried inside her. She wondered how he’d ever look at her again without thinking of that.

“What am I going to do with you? You’re 19 years old. You should be starting college and instead you’re fucking some high school kid? Are you acting like a slut, or can’t you help it because it’s in your nature to be a slut? When are you going to start thinking about your actions? Everything you do has consequences, you choose to do the right thing, and good things ensue. You choose poorly, and you end up working at Walmart holding a baby.” He said softly.

“I don’t think they’d let me bring my baby to work…sorry, no I understand,” she said, as she looked at her dad’s red face, “I’ll study, I will. I’ll get good grades.”

“A’s. You’ll get A’s.” He looked at his son who’d come down and was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, “Why can’t you be like him? Christ! He uses his head, he get’s good grades, he prepares…”

“He jerks off on my panties…” She glared at her brother. “He tries to rinse them out, but his stuff is still on them.”

“I do not, I never touch your dainties.” Bobby sneered.

Sarah stood up and went into the laundry room and came back, a handful of her panties in her hand and tossed them on the couch, holding up one then another showing crusty dried cum on each one.

Bobby laughed, “And we’re supposed to believe that’s mine? You’re the slut, I’ll bet all that is from some boy, or boys.”

“Shut up, you pimply loser. You know this is from you.”

“Whore!” Bobby yelled.

“Terminal virgin!”

“Stop it, both of you.” Ed stood up, looking more angry that they’d ever seen him. “You both have to work together. You,” he looked at Sarah, “need your brother to help you get you A’s.” He looked at his son, “And you need to fucking grow up! You’re 18 now. You’re too old to be jerking off every day.” He looked at each one finally coming to a decision.

“Come over here,” he said to Bobby, “we’re going to settle this once and for all.” He walked over facing the couch as Bobby sat as far away as he could from his sister. “Bobby, I forbid you from jerking off in this house ever again. Tomorrow I’m getting a security system and I’m putting cameras in every room.”

Sarah grinned smugly looking at her nerdy brother, “You’ll have to beat off in the restrooms at school.”

“No, he’s not. Here’s the deal. Bobby, you will do your homework every night with Sarah right over there,” he pointed at the dining room table. “Every night. Both of you.”

“Dad! All my stuff is in my room, I can’t study down here. Plus, I need all the time I have as it is for my own homework.” Bobby whined.

“You’ll have a lot more time since you won’t be jerking off every four hours. Your time would be better spent helping your sister.” He looked over at the dining room table, “Think of it as study hall. Sarah, you’ll have Bobby check every piece of homework you’re assigned.”

“Wait, that’s not fair? I have to do my homework and verify hers? I might as well be doing both.” He cried.

“Sarah, Bobby is making tremendous sacrifices hürriyet mahallesi escort to make sure you get into college, so whenever he feels like jerking off, you’re going to take care of that for him.” He looked over at his son, “So, you feel the urge, you’re going to tell your sister to take care of it. This will work as she seems to have developed considerable skills in that area, and you’ve got the study habits to help her out.”

“Excuse me?! I’m not touching him. I’ll bet he has pimples on his dick. He’s my brother. That’s incest. That’s illegal,” Sarah spit out, her face red. “Wait, what if I’m asleep?”

“Yes, you will. Like I said, you’re 19 now and you can be on your own, or abide by my rules. If you’re asleep, get it over with quickly so you can get back to sleep. No more boys sneaking into your room, so that won’t be an issue. Apparently, you have no problem working on limited sleep as long as you have a hard penis available. If fact, Bobby is sleeping with you from now on to make it more convenient.” He glared at both, “Problem solved. You won’t have any boys sneaking in and Bobby won’t be stealing your panties to jerk off in. You’ll either accept this or pack up your things.”

“I’m not letting him fuck me.” Sarah sputtered, “And you want that perv in my bed?”

“See? This is why you need to start thinking. Your solution to everything is to spread your legs. There are other ways. Give your brother a hand job.” He looked thoughtful, “Blow him, I don’t care. Just get him happy so you get straight A’s.” He turned and headed down the hall the his bedroom.

“This is all your fault you know,” Bobby whined, “How am I going to have my friends over if I have to spend every minute with you?”

“Me? You’re the one having to rub one out all the time. I really couldn’t care less what you do in the privacy of your room, but I keep running out of panties.” Sarah looked like she was going to cry, “Jed will never have anything to do with me again.” She mumbled.

Bobby stood up, “Look. Dad’s pissed but he’ll get over it. Let’s show him that we’ll be better. Let’s get you good grades. Then at the end of the quarter, we show him we can be trusted and ask to sleep in our own rooms.”

Sarah looked at her brother. Outside of the pimples, he wasn’t a bad looking boy. He was half foot taller than she was and seemed in decent shape. Nice arms…’What the fuck?’ She looked away and rubbed her face finding herself gauging if he had a cock worthy of her attention. ‘This is my fucking brother, not some tool who will make me cum, give me release. Oh shit! Now I can’t rub one out!’

Bobby actually felt sorry for his sister, even though she was ruining his life. His cock throbbed As he replayed seeing her nicely trimmed twat, first he’d seen in real life, her jutting breasts, those pink nipples…what ass. Tight, creamy bubbles. He shook his head, all those times he’d thought about hiding in her closet, walking in on her in the bathroom, it had to be with dad totally losing it to finally see her naked. He looked at that cute form, ‘Poor Jed. I can’t imagine how it must feel getting ready to blow and…shit! I don’t even know what having my cock in a tight pussy would feel like.’ He looked away thinking, ‘Come to think of it, size must not matter. Sarah could have any guy in the school she wanted…’ He chuckled, ‘She probably has…except me and my nerd friends.’ His cock throbbed more thinking that he’d be in the same bed as her, what does she wear when she sleeps? He had a realization.

“Sarah, um, do you? I mean do you sometimes need to jerk off?” Bobby asked softly.

Sarah’s head jerked over, “What, of course not…crap! Ok, yes. Yes I do.” She looked at her brother, “That is definitely going to make me go off the deep end. Dad at least ordered me to take care of you, he didn’t even consider my needs.” She saw the sudden eager look on his face, “No, not happening. I’ll figure something out. At least he didn’t say we had to shower together.”

“I like jerking off in the shower too,” Bobby grinned, “Hey, maybe we do have something in common.” He stood up and put out his hand, “Come on. Dad said whenever I feel the need, to come get you.”

“Oh shit,” she looked pleadingly at her brother, “Now? Seriously?” She took his hand, feeling how unexpectedly strong it felt and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

“Sarah, I saw you naked. I’ve never seen you naked before and you’re beautiful. Had there not been that huge scene, I’m afraid you’d have three or four more pairs of your panties missing.”

Sarah blushed thinking back how her family burst in on her, a boy’s cock inside her…now being led upstairs where she’d have to jerk off her brother. ‘What would he require, to see me naked? I guess that’s ok since he already has.’ She shuddered thinking he’d want to touch her, ‘That’s what boys like. Feeling my breasts, my pussy.’ She thought about her recent lovers and all had their hands all over her.

Bobby’s cock was now achingly hard as he led the obviously compliant girl upstairs before stopping at the top of the stairs. “Um, your, I mean our bedroom, or my bedroom?” He asked.

“This is so weird. Is this really happening?” She asked, “I guess your room. That way I don’t have to change the sheets if you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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