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As I come through the door I can tell you’ve had a hard day. Just something about the way you’re slumped down in the sofa watching TV. And the fact that my Mustang’s still in the garage with the hood up helped some, too. I kick my heels off and bend down to give you a kiss.

“Bad day, hun?” I can’t help but smile as you grumble about the parts not coming in yet again today; there are grease smears on your cheek and forehead. I stop you mid sentence with a deep soulful kiss.

“Betcha I can make you feel better,” I say with a sly smile. As I turn quickly to turn the TV off my skirt flairs up letting you see a glimpse of my bare ass. You suppress a smile wondering if I’m wearing a thong or nothing at all. I put my hand out to help you up off the sofa. You kiss my palm gently before taking it and standing up in front of me. A smile passes between us before your lips find mine. After a long kiss, our tongues probing each other’s mouth we finally part. I start softly kissing all over your face and neck I unhook your bib overalls and shove them to the floor. I move to your neck and ear as I unbutton my black silk blouse.

You fake being shocked as your hands slide up under my skirt, “no panties today?” I smile and bite your chest as you lightly smack my ass. I shrug out of my shirt as you unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Tracing invisible swirls up my back you finally unhook my bra and let my breasts free. I arch slightly as you lean down to take a nipple in your mouth tracing circles around it and the ring that pierces it. Your thumb follows the same pattern on my other breast. Quickly you switch nipples and give me a teasing kartal escort bite before you pull away from me. Sighing with pleasure I lead you off to the bathroom.

You stand watching me thinking of how beautiful I am as I kneel down to work the faucet. I shudder slightly as I turned on the cold water. As hot as I was I wanted us to create our own steam. I keep a smile on my face just thinking of your body sopping wet against mine. I turn around slightly and notice the loving stare on your face. Your erection grows watching my ass moving while I get the water temperature just right. Finally the water was hot enough for us. I step in the tub and motion for you to follow me. With a sly smile on your face you step in behind me. Pulling the curtain shut you gently kiss my shoulder.

The water beats down on my breasts as you wash my hair. Your soapy hands slowly work down my back. I moan softly as you firmly grab my ass. As your fingers move to my inner thighs they brush against my lips. I shift slightly as you slide one into my increasingly wet pussy. I gasp with delight as you work it in and out. Just as I’m about to cum you stop.

“Fuckin’ tease,” I laugh as your hands slide their way up my stomach and linger on my breasts.

I turn around and smile, “Your turn”. Facing you I wash the last of the grease off of your body. My hands, slick with soapsuds, follow my tongue down your chest. I wash your legs down to your feet barely paying any attention to your cock. On the way back up I gently hold your balls and just barely lick around the head of your dick. I lick teasingly down your shaft. As you begin to moan I reach behind kartal otele gelen escort you and turn off the water.

“Payback, huh?”

I stand and smile, “I’m not done with you yet.”

Dripping wet, we make our way to the bedroom. As I grab my favorite oil, you sit there on the bed like a king.

“Roll over and lay down.”

“Yes, ma’am! But not without a kiss first.” I sit down straddling you and start to lean down but you’ve already worked your way down my neck to my breasts. Your tongue flicks over my nipple and gently tugs at the ring. Your hand wraps around my other breast with your thumb rubbing slowly over my left nipple. I sigh with pleasure as you try to fit my whole breast in your mouth. You switch your mouth to my left breast as your hand takes up where your tongue left off. After what seems like a blissful eternity your hands slowly move to my lower back as your mouth moves up to mine. With my arms around your neck we sit there locked in a passionate embrace exploring each other’s mouths as if we’d never kissed before.

You pull away from me and smile, “now are you gonna use that oil or just threaten me with it?”

“Roll over and lay down.” I warm the oil in my hands and start to work it into your back. As I feel your muscles have loosening I tell you to roll over and start to massage your chest.

“Feeling better?”

“Almost,” and without warning you roll over and pin me under you. You kiss me roughly as your hand finds its way between my legs. I try to squeal as you slide a finger in my still wet pussy but your lips are sealed over mine, your kartal eve gelen escort tongue wildly exploring my mouth. Expertly you bring me to an orgasm. The shudders have almost stopped as you slowly start to finger my pussy again; I moan, “Fuck me”. You slide another finger in my hot wet pussy and your thumb starts doing slow circles on my swollen clit. My eyes roll back in my head as a slight scream escapes my lips. My body shakes as another orgasm hits. You pull me close to you as lick my juice off your fingers.

“Mmmm” As we lay there, with my head on your chest and your arms wrapped around me, my hand wanders down to your cock. I hold your thick throbbing cock in my hand for a moment before I start slowly working it up and down. Moments later I swivel around so that I’m leaning across your chest with my head in your lap. I lick around your head then swirl my tongue around your shaft as you go deeper in my mouth. Just as slowly I pull back up, but with my hand following right behind my lips. I keep licking up and down your shaft stopping only to suck on your head. As I move down your shaft again, I continue onto your balls. I lick one, then the other then hold them both in my mouth. Your moans and groans continue to get louder and deeper. Finally, I climb on top of you, so I’m straddling you with my feet beside you instead of on my knees. I almost cum again as you slide your dick into my dripping pussy.

“Ride me, beautiful.” And I do. Our rhythm only slows so I can lean forward to kiss you and to let you lick my nipples. As sit back your hands stay on my breasts, fondling them until ecstasy comes to us. A moment after you cum, the most powerful orgasm washes over me. You moan one last time as my pussy spasms on your still hard cock.

Exhaustion sets in as we stretch out. My leg slides over to touch yours. Your hand rests lightly on my back. Just as am drifting off to sleep you whisper, “I do feel better, thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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