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Here is a story you might enjoy. My previous stories (many of them featuring an older woman and younger man/ teenager) have elicited some lovely and heartfelt responses, so here is another. Enjoy!


I have always had the hots for my nephew. In this story, both my nephews are staying with my husband and me for the spring semester while their parents try to work out their troubled marriage. I have seduced Roger (the older one) a few weeks before and have been fucking him regularly. Then my 18 year old nephew Eddie begins to suspect something…

I know it’s naughty and incestuous, but it’s really just a story! I hope you enjoy.

“Auntie, why has Roger been sleeping with you for the past couple of weeks?”

Pauline almost dropped the bowl of pancake batter she was preparing for breakfast. Her younger nephew’s totally unexpected question made a shiver of dread suddenly rush through her. She and Teddy had been talking about high school when he had suddenly changed the subject. Pauline almost fainted when she realized that she had been found out somehow.

Pauline leaned against the counter for a moment or two, her hand on her chest. Her heart fluttered and she found it difficult to catch her breath for a moment. She had to think of some way to explain why she and Roger had been sleeping in the same bed, without making it seem that something taboo was going on between them. But how could she explain it away? At the very least she had to keep Teddy from telling anyone else about his discovery.

“Are you okay, Auntie?” she heard Teddy ask.

“Oh . . . yes . . . yes, of course . . . I’m all right, darling. Have . . . have you known about Roger and me very long? I . . . I mean . . . have you known about our sleeping together very long?” she asked nervously.

“Just for a couple of weeks, Auntie. How come? Is everything okay? Did I say something wrong?” Teddy asked, looking up at her with inquisitive eyes.

“How did you find out . . . that we were sleeping together?” she asked, trying to appear calm.

“I thought I heard something out in the hall one night real late, and when I peeked out, it was you and Roger going from his room to yours. I started hearing the same sounds every night, and every time I peeked out I saw Roger sneaking out of his room, you know, on tiptoes, and going to your room. Then early in the morning he would sneak back to his room and close the door real quiet so nobody would hear. I know I shouldn’t have been spying that way, but I just wondered what was going on. You’re not mad at me, are you, Auntie?”

“Mad at you? No, Teddy, not at all. Have you told anyone about this?” she asked, trying to hide the tension in her voice.

“No, Auntie. Why? Should I have?”

“Oh no! No, darling! You mustn’t tell anyone at all! Do you understand?” she asked, rushing to him and putting her hands on his shoulders, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Sure, Auntie Pauline I won’t tell anybody. But how come? Is it a big secret or somethin’?” Teddy asked, his innocent eyes glittering with youthful curiosity.

“You might say that, darling. I must talk to you about this very soon, Teddy. In the meantime you mustn’t say a word. Promise?”

“Cross my heart!” the boy said.

Pauline managed somehow to get through breakfast, although not without considerable discomfort. She suddenly became acutely aware of the little sidelong glances Roger kept giving her. There was something more in those little looks and smiles than a nephew ‘s affection for his Aunt. After all, she had been fucking the boy every night. She began to wonder if, besides Teddy, her husband saw anything unusual in those loving looks.

It occurred to Pauline that Ted might not keep quiet about his discovery. It wouldn’t do at all to have the boy spread the story of her unusual sleeping arrangements with her 20 year old nephew all around high school. She didn’t think that he had any intention of breaking his vow of silence, but boys would be boys. She couldn’t take any chances. She had to settle things quickly.

“Teddy, are you feeling well this morning?” she asked just as the boys were getting ready to leave for school.

“I feel great, Auntie!” Teddy said.

“Your face seems a bit flushed, darling. Do you have a fever?” she asked, putting her hand on his forehead.

“I don’t think so,” he said with a puzzled look.

“Is he all right, Pauline?” her husband asked.

“I think he has a slight fever. He might be coming down with a touch of flu or something. I think I’ll keep him home from school today. I’m sure he’ll be fine, Earl. Just go to work and don’t worry at all. It may be nothing at all, but I just want to be sure.”

“Okay. Well, call me at work if anything comes up,” Steve said.

“Of course, darling,” she said, giving Earl a half-hearted kiss on the cheek as he walked out the door.

“Now off with you!” She said to Roger, who was giving her a strange look. You’ll be late for your new job!” she said, shooing him out the door.

“But kartal escort I really feel fine, Auntie!” Teddy said as she led him by the hand into the living room, then sat him down on the sofa beside her.

“I know, darling. I was just trying to find an excuse to keep you home from class today, darling. I need to talk to you alone.” Pauline said, squeezing her nephew ‘s hand.

“About what, Auntie?”

“Don’t you know, Teddy?” she asked, looking deep into the boy’s eyes.

“You . . . you mean . . . uh . . . about what I saw?” the boy asked in a shaky voice.

“Yes, Teddy. Can we please talk about what you saw? Are you sure you told me about everything you saw? About everything?” she asked.

“I . . . I can still make it to my first class if I run, Auntie!”

“Teddy, darling, you must tell me what you saw.”

“But . . . uh . . . I don’t want to, Auntie. I . . . I mean . . I . . . I don’t think I should . . .”

“And why not, Teddy?” she asked as gently as she could, under the circumstances.

“You . . . you might get mad at me or something . . . I . . . I mean . . . well . . . I saw what you and Roger were doing!” he said, his face reddening a bit.

A shiver ran through Pauline when she realized that the boy had seen a lot more than he had let on at first.

“What exactly did you see, darling?” she asked, her voice quavering slightly in her growing excitement.

“Are . . . are you sure you want me to tell you, Auntie Pauline?” the boy choked.

“Yes, darling. I want to know it all. Did you see more than Roger’s coming and going from my bedroom?”

The boy nodded nervously.

“But how, darling?”

“I . . . I peeked through the keyhole!” the boy said in a barely audible voice.

“Now I understand.” said Pauline quietly. She was thinking quickly now, deciding how to proceed.

“I . . . I couldn’t help it, Auntie. I kept seein’ Roger go into your room every night. Most of the time he was . . . he was naked! I had to find out what was going on– I knew I shouldn’t spy on you like that, but I couldn’t help it! I’m sorry, Auntie!” the boy whined, looking down at the floor.

Pauline knew that her youngest nephew’s discovery about his aunt and his older brother must have come as quite a shock to him. But she also knew that he must have enjoyed watching her fuck- otherwise he wouldn’t have looked through the keyhole more than once. And the fact that he brought it all up to her clearly meant that he wanted her to share with him about it…

Pauline looked at Teddy and began see the possibilities. How many times had she sucked Roger’s swollen cock while Teddy watched? Had Teddy been watching as she spread her pussy lips and sweetly asked Roger to fuck her? She wondered if he had been watching the night that she had had Roger cum all over her face, had perhaps enjoyed seeing that thick white cum dripping from her cheeks? When she thought of Teddy was secretly taking it all in, she felt a tingling in her cunt.

“I suppose you found it—interesting—to watch. Didn’t you, darling?” she asked, planning to find out exactly what sex acts Teddy had observed her doing.

“Well . . . I . . . uh . . . I guess . . .” the nervous boy said in a barely audible voice.

“Did you see Roger and Auntie–having sex with each other?” Pauline smiled, trying to make her question seem normal.

“I– I didn’t know you did stuff like that with Roger!” Teddy rasped.

“But you were watching and you found out, didn’t you, Teddy? Roger certainly enjoys pushing his big hard penis up inside Auntie. Auntie likes that feeling too. And we both like the way his- his cock–gets all hard and hot just before it shoots off.” Pauline looked questioningly at her nephew. “Is my using sexual words with you OK, Teddy?”

Teddy nodded assent.

“Do you think that what we were doing was wrong, Teddy?”

“Wrong? Uh . . . gosh, Auntie . . . I . . . I don’t know . . .”

“Well, how did it make you feel, darling?”

“Feel? Uh . . . well . . . it . . . it made me feel kinda . . kinda funny . . . I . . . I mean . . . uh . . .” the boy sighed, becoming increasing aware of the closeness of his Auntie’s warm perfumed body.

“Did you feel good while you were watching us through the keyhole, darling?”

“Yeah . . . I . . . I felt good.”

“And a little bit afraid?” she asked.

“Uh-huh. How did you know that, Auntie?” the boy asked, daring to look into his Aunt’s eyes.

“I know many things, darling. I know all about boys and how they feel when they discover something new and exciting.” Pauline was getting very aroused now. She knew where her line of questioning was headed, even if Teddy did not. She steadied her voice. “You found what you saw through the keyhole new and exciting, didn’t you, Teddy?”

“Yes, Auntie Pauline.” The boy nodded.

Pauline looked at Teddy, seeing him through fresh eyes. While he was actually 18, he had seemed strangely less mature than other boys that age. Pauline was pretty sure that cumhuriyet mahallesi escort he was still a virgin, for instance. He was shy and seemed inexperienced with girls, but she also knew he was interested in sex. Teddy looked at her as she moved around the house or fixed a meal in a way that made it clear he was checking her out. And yet he never acted to obvious about it. Yes, almost surely still a virgin.

As for Teddy, he had never felt the way he was feeling now. There was something about his Auntie’s eyes and the way she was looking at him that made him feel warm inside. The warmth seemed to be concentrated right between his legs. It was the same kind of warmth that he had felt while watching her and his older brother naked together in his Auntie’s bedroom, but now the warmth was even more intense. His heart started to beat a little faster.

He was suddenly aware of the softness of his Auntie’s hand on his leg. She had touched him a lot, but somehow her touch had never felt quite like this before.

“There’s nothing at all like the sensations of fucking, Teddy- your penis all fat and tingling—and then the way your cock feels when it shoots your cum into a woman’s mouth or her pussy is like no other feeling.” Pauline smiled, continued to touch Teddy’s leg, stroking with her long fingers. “You haven’t had that experience yet, my dear. But I have a feeling that you will—soon.” Pauline smiled. “Would you like that to happen to you soon, Teddy?” He nodded, looked down at his aunt’s graceful hand touching him.

“You were feeling some of those sensations even as you watched us through the keyhole, darling. For instance, I’ll bet you felt a warm tingling in your balls and your little cock, didn’t you?” Pauline smiled, her hand moving up, closer and closer to his crotch.

Teddy swallowed hard. She seemed to know everything. Pauline’s pussy was getting very damp. She resisted the desire to simply spread her legs for Teddy and ask him to fuck her. No, this once it would take a little more time…

“And did your darling little prickie get all stiff in your pants, Teddy?” she asked, her hand moving smoothly.

“Gosh, Auntie, do . . . do you really wanna talk about . . . about that?” the boy gasped.

“I think it might be a good thing to talk about that, yes.” Pauline was almost whispering. “After all, aren’t we friends, Teddy?”

Her nephew nodded in assent. “And don’t you have some questions for Auntie?” Her hand moved higher. Teddy nodded.

Pauline’s hand had reached Teddy’s nylon gym shorts. Making it seem like the most normal thing in the world to do, she gently cupped her palm over her nephew’s cock-bulge.

Teddy almost shouted with the shock of being touched there, but Pauline calmed him with soft words of reassurance. His cock was jerking hard under her hand as she coaxed him into relaxing again. Even though he was shaking and afraid, Teddy’s body somehow relaxed. Except for his cock.

“Now- we’re going to trust each other here, aren’t we, little Teddy?” Ted nodded. Pauline increased the warm pressure of her hand against his hardening, growing prick. She pressed, released, pressed and released in the slow rhythm that she had used to harden a hundred penises over the years. It always worked.

“Teddy, are you ready to talk about last night now?” Pauline’s hand had not left his body. Teddy was looking down at his aunt’s hand holding his crotch. Then, he slowly raised his eyes to hers.

With great care, Pauline lifted her hand from her nephew’s crotch and returned it to her own lap. Teddy looked both relieved and disappointed.

Pauline smiled. “All right, Teddy, your Auntie asked you a question before.” She tried to keep her voice neutral, but she was getting so hot for cock that it took great effort.. “Your penis– it did get all stiff while you were watching Roger and me, didn’t it?”

“Uh . . . yeah . . . yeah, Auntie!” Teddy said in a squeaky voice.

“And Teddy” Pauline lowered her voice “Did you reach down and rub it a little?” Her fingers were touching his leg again. Teddy was hoping that she might feel his cock some more, so he tried to answer his aunt honestly.

“Yes- yes Auntie Pauline, I did rub it– just a little.” He looked hopefully at Pauline.

“Teddy, you are a very good boy for being so honest with me. Auntie would like to reward you for being so brave.” He looked at her. “Just stand up for me here in front of the couch. Can you do that for Auntie?” Awkwardly, Teddy stood. As Pauline had expected, his hard-on stuck out from his crotch at an obscene angle. Touching his hips lightly, Pauline turned him to face her as she sat. Now she resumed touching Teddy- this time on the sensitive inside of his thighs.

“And what did you do after that, Teddy?” Pauline’s hands were moving upwards again. “What did you do while you were watching Auntie fuck Roger? After you had rubbed your hard cock through your pants for a while?”

Teddy’s change to standing, combined with yunus escort her turning him, made his cock and balls move under the material. As she waited for his answer, Pauline stroked upwards and gently adjusted him so his penis had more room to thicken and lengthen.

“I . . . I took it out,” he whispered. Teddy was shaking.

“You did what, darling?” Pauline asked, pretending not to have heard him. But she had heard him- Pauline just wanted to hear Teddy say it again. Hearing Teddy’s admission had sent a warm tingle right to her clit. She wanted his words to give her that twitch again. Her palms were starting to sweat. “Tell…. tell Auntie again about what you did.”

“I . . . I took it out, Auntie,” the boy repeated. “my…my—”

“Your cock?”

“Yeah—my cock.” Pauline was palpating Teddy’s shaft through his pants, squeezing and releasing, adjusting it so that it had maximum room to grow.

“You unzipped your pants and pulled your hard cock out? My goodness!” she said in a playful voice. Playing for just another few minutes of time, Pauline looked up at her nephew questioningly. “Teddy, have you masturbated yet today?”

“N—no, Auntie Pauline.”

“How many times a day do you usually play with your penis, Nephew?” Now she was stroking her nephew’s rigid prick through his pants with the tips of her fingers.

“Four or five times, I guess…” Teddy winced at the thought.

“Do you always play with your cock—”Pauline looked up at him “–until it shoots?”

“Yea—yeah.” Teddy was watching his Aunt’s fingers moving back and forth, teasing his hard lump, adjusting his penis through his pants. He couldn’t quite believe what was happening to him, but it was making him feel awfully good.

“Does the—the cum always shoot out hard, Nephew?” Pauline’s voice was shaking. She hoped Teddy didn’t notice. Through his pants, she scratched the glans of Teddy’s cock with her nails.

“Yes, Auntie.”

“Nice and thick and white, Nephew?”

“Yes, Auntie.” Teddy was whispering.

“So, Nephew, it’s been a while….. do you think there’s a big load of cum in your balls right now?” Pauline was turning herself on with her own words and by feeling Teddy’s prick. She was imagining him jerking off, the cock releasing sperm… “Do—do you think cum might need to shoot out of your cock this morning, Nephew?”

“I- I dunno- maybe…Auntie.”

“Well- isn’t your cock starting to ache just a bit- Nephew?” She was firmly squeezing, releasing Teddy’s prick through his pants. A little stain was forming where his glans was jutting against the pantleg.

“Gosh yeah, Auntie!” the boy gasped, his balls tightening between his young legs.

“Then let’s do something about these shorts, Teddy. Your balls and cock need to be more comfortable.” All this time, Pauline was tugging on Teddy’s cock through the material with one hand. Pauline smiled warmly, her cunt tingling in anticipation of things to come. She reached up his leg hole– and wrapped her silky fingers around the shaft of his jerking young prick.

“Oh, shit, Auntie! Jesus! You’re . . . You’re touching my cock!”

“Yes, darling.” Pauline was easing it out of his pants. “I am touching your cock.” Finally free, the cock was thickening and straightening. “I hope you don’t mind?”

From the way her boy sucked in his breath and closed his eyes, she could tell that she was indeed making him happy. She stroked it from underneath, base to tip, with her sharp nails. The cock danced as she finished the stroke, sticking out at Pauline’s eye level. Teddy looked embarrassed.

Whispering reassurances, Pauline eased Teddy’s shorts off. Then she coaxed him into allowing her to remove his shoes and socks.

Teddy had never felt so exposed in his life. He wasn’t afraid exactly, but all of this was new and a bit confusing to him. He was actually standing in the living room, letting his Aunt stare at his naked cock and balls. He wanted Pauline to touch his penis some more, but for the moment, her hands were in her lap.

“That should be much more comfortable for you, Teddy. Now your cock and balls aren’t all squeezed together in those tight pants.” Pauline smiled as she watched Teddy’s testicles adjust to the air in the room.

“So, you took out your prick. Just what else did you do while you watched Auntie fuck your brother, darling?” Pauline asked. “Did you start jerking off?” She smiled confidentially. “You can tell me- it will be our secret. Auntie will understand.”

“Yes, Auntie! I . . . I had to! I had to jack off!” the boy rasped.

At this confession, Pauline’s cunt surged with lubrication. Her genitals were sopping. She was almost losing control of the situation, but she took a deep breath and looked up at Teddy. He was looking down at her– differently than he ever had before. Pauline liked that look. She was knowingly making herself into a piece of meat to him. She knew that she would be his cunt. The idea that he would soon be her fucker was making her clit have little cums already.

To further inflame him, she slowly uncrossed and recrossed her long legs. Her pussy made a wet bubbling sound as it smacked open and closed under her short skirt.. They both smelled her hot scent wafting up. Pauline’s nipples tightened and swelled under her tight red t-shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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