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Victoria was in the shower washing off the remnants of her just concluded adventure when her husband opened the door to the bathroom and announced his arrival.

“I’ll be out in a second.” She answered him.

Then she grabbed the soap and started washing her body. When she got to her breasts she slowly lathered them and remembered the sight of Jakes cum all over them. She teased her nipples a bit and enjoyed the feeling. Then she reached her soapy hand down to her still hot pussy and massaged her clit a bit. The feeling again ran through her body. She recalled the wonderful rush she had when Jakes hard cock was moving in and out of her mouth, and her pussy began to tingle again. She let out a pleasurable moan. Suddenly she remembered her husband was just in the other room. She quickly fished her shower and dried herself off. As she put on her robe to enter the bedroom, she could feel the wetness between her legs.

When she opened the door to her room, she saw her husband. He was undressing and he turned to her. He stopped in mid stride as he approached her to kiss her. He just stared. He had seen her like this before, but he had been gone for over a week and he was horny. He hurried to her and immediately hugged her and kissed her long and hard. Then he laid her on the bed and again kissed her passionately. In her current state, Victoria met his advances with delight. She kissed him back and they explored each others bodies briefly before he spread her legs and mounted her. She

felt his member penetrate her and she let out a soft moan. He started pumping her pussy hard and fast.

Victoria’s mind returned to Saturday, and she recalled the way Jake had fucked her silly in her kitchen. Her pleasures were rising and she was really starting to enjoy her husband’s cock. Her pending orgasm was just starting to build when she heard her husband let out a loud grunt and she felt his cum fill her pussy. Then he kissed her and told her he was going to take a shower. He rolled off her and left her lying there on the bed full of his cum and unsatisfied as he had hundreds of times before.

Victoria laid there frustrated. Her husbands cum was running out of her pussy. She wanted release, and she wanted it now. She reached between her legs and started stroking her sensitive clit. Oh the rush, it was wonderful. With her other hand she reached up squeezed her tit. She pinched her nipple and fiddled her clit faster. Her thoughts returned to earlier. She remembered Jakes cock moving in and out of her mouth. She recalled the way he talked to her, the taste of his cum as she licked it off her own tits. Her orgasm was building. She pinched harder on her nipple and stroked her clit faster. This was going to be a good orgasm. She moved her hips against her own hand. Pleasure rushed through her body as the climax built up. Suddenly the water in the shower stopped.

“Oh no!” she thought to herself. “I can’t make myself cum now, he will hear me.” Disappointedly she stopped pleasing herself. What a let down. Now she was even more frustrated than before. She would try to get her husband to fuck her later she told herself.

Later after the two of them had gotten something to eat and caught up, Victoria and her husband headed off to bed. Victoria’s libido was simmering inside her. All she needed was a little spark to ignite it. She slipped into something sexy and crawled into bed. She cuddled up next to her husband and reached between his legs, grabbing his limp shaft. She wanted to dive under the covers and take it in her mouth. Suck it in and out until it was hard, then mount him and fuck his brains out. However, she knew that would be too forward, and her husband might find her aggression disgusting. So she just rubbed it softly through his underwear, hoping to arouse him.

“Sweetheart, not now, I already showered.” He said as he moved her hand away.

Even more frustrated now, she rolled over on her back and let out a long sigh. She needed to cum. She laid there in the dark and tried to fall asleep. About an hour later she got up and decided to go watch some TV until she was tired.

She had been watching TV for a while when she heard her cell phone ring. She looked at the clock. It was 12:30am. Who would be calling this late. She reached in her purse and pulled out the phone. She looked at the display and recognized Jakes number. Just like this afternoon, feelings of joy and panic rushed through her at the same time. She pushed the “send” button and whispered into the phone.


“What are you wearing my little cock sucker?” The voice came back.

That was the spark she was looking for earlier. Instantly her nipples got hard and her pussy started to tingle. She remembered her husband was just down the hall. She didn’t want to get caught. He was a sound sleeper, but this was pushing it.

“Why are you calling me this late? My husband is just down the hall.” She said, trying to sound firm.

“Well then you better be quiet.” He said in return, “Now tell me what is my nasty little cock sucker wearing?”

It Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort was too much. She couldn’t resist him when he was naughty like this. The rush of it all took over her actions and she just answered him in a sexy low voice. “A red lacy teddy.”

“Oh yea?” He asked. Did you fuck your husband in that?”

“No, he fucked me right when I got out of the shower after you left earlier.” She said back to him, not knowing how he would react.

“You little slut!” He said playfully. “You let me fuck your mouth and cum on your tits, and then fucked your husband only a few minutes later?”

“Yes.” She shyly replied. Her juices were rapidly flowing inside her. He had just called her a slut, but she was turned on by it instead of being upset like she should be. Everything this boy did turned her on.

“Did he fuck you good?” He asked

“Yes.” She lied

“Did you cum?” He asked

“No.” she whispered back.

“Well then he didn’t fuck you good did he?”

She didn’t want to admit to him that it wasn’t good. She just chuckled a bit and did not answer.

“If you didn’t cum, he must not have been good. Right?”

Again she tried not to admit it to him. She tried to change the subject. However, he would have none of that.

“I asked you a question. I made you cum. He did not make you cum. Therefore, he must not have done it good. Am I right? Did I fuck you better than he does?” He confidently asked.

Of course he was better than her husband. She knew it. Jake knew it. But, she didn’t want to tell him that. It would be like betraying her husband. She sat silently on the phone, hoping the subject would go away and they would get back to being naughty to each other.

“Well, since you won’t answer me, we have nothing more to talk about. Call me when you want to answer my questions.” He sternly replied.

“No! Wait! Don’t hang up!” She almost yelled into the phone. Then realizing she might wake up her husband, she again whispered into the phone, “Yes you fucked me better than he does.”

“That’s my good little cock sucker. I can’t believe what a little slut you have been today. First me, then your husband, now me again on the phone, you like being a bad girl don’t you?” He said with confidence.

She wasn’t sure she should admit it, but oh my yes, she liked being bad. It turned her on so much. She had missed too much in her life. She loved all these new feelings Jake was turning on in her, and she wanted nothing more than to explore them to the fullest.

“Yes I like being bad with you.” She replied. As she said it, a rush of passion and heat filled her body.

“Is your pussy all wet?” He said

“Oh yes.” She replied.

“Are your nipples hard?”

“Yes.” She gasped.

“Take your tits out and pinch your nipples.”

She complied, and it sent chills through her body. “Mmmmm.” She moaned.

“Put your finger in your pussy.”

Victoria moved the crotch of her teddy to one side and inserted her middle finger all the way in her dripping pussy. “Oh!” she let out a breathy response.

“Fuck your pussy with your finger.”

She slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in. Then again, and again, each time quietly moaning into the phone. Jakes cock was rock hard from listening to her. He pulled it out of his underwear and started stroking it.

“My cock is hard and I and stroking it. I’ll bet you would like it in your mouth right now wouldn’t you?”

“Oh my yes.” She responded. The thought of her mouth around his hard pole excited her further and caused her to move her hand faster. She moaned out loud with pleasure as she could feel the orgasm she had been denied twice building inside her.

“That’s it, I want you to fuck yourself with your finger until you cum.”

The vulgar talk was turning her on more. She didn’t think she could cum by just having one finger in her pussy, but that along with the denial of her orgasms earlier and way he was talking to her, were all too much. She turned her face into a pillow that was on the couch and let out a muffled scream as the orgasm crashed through her body. Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her and she fell limp on the couch as it subsided.

Out of breath she laid there, breathing heavy into the phone. “Wow, that was incredible.” She said.

Jake was still stroking his cock as he listened to her cum. He wanted to cum too. He was not quite ready, but knew it would not take much. He continued to massage his shaft and spoke to Victoria.

“Talk to me, make me cum.” He told her

Victoria got a smug little grin on her face as she felt the twinge of naughty rise in her. She recalled how it felt when he made her talk nasty to him and she started talking into the phone with a sexy voice.

“I wish I were sucking your hard cock” She said. She was a novice at this, but it thrilled her and she continued, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

“Yes.” He replied. Jake liked listening to her talk like that, and he stroked harder.

Victoria could feel the balance of power switch momentarily as she was now in charge of his orgasm. “I want to suck your cock until you cum. Then I want you to shoot your load all over my tits.”

It was working like a charm. Jake’s orgasm was rushing to his cock. His balls were tightening up and he was going to blow soon.

Then Victoria recalled the moment earlier in the evening when she had licked Jake’s cum from her tits. She remembered thinking Jake would like to watch her. So she shared her experience.

“You know, earlier when you came all over my tits, I licked your juices off my tits after you left. I liked the taste.” She told him.

That was it. The thought of her licking his cum off her tits sent Jake over the top. His cock shot the first rope out and it landed on his stomach, then another and another. He let out a load groan as he continued to shoot his load all over his stomach.

Victoria was proud of herself. She had caused him to cum by talking to him, as he had done more than once to her. She delighted in the sound as he grunted and groaned into the phone.

When he was finished, Jake took a breath, and spoke into the phone, “Call me the next time hubby goes out of town.” Then he hung up.

Just like that, he was gone. Victoria hung up her cell, put her tits back in her teddy, grabbed a blanket and covered herself as she lay on the couch. She was so exhausted from her day she slipped into a deep sleep, and she stayed on the couch the whole night.

It was more than two weeks before Victoria’s husband had to leave again on a business trip. She was going crazy with lust. She had not called Jake because she did not want to be temped to see him when her husband was home. She had become a bit more aggressive with her husband, initiating sex, but not going too far as to raise suspicion. However, he was not at all in tune with her needs, and always left her unfulfilled. She also had begun masterbating regularly, trying to get some satisfaction. Even though it was pleasing and did bring on orgasms now, neither her husband nor her hands was a sufficient substitute for Jake’s cock and the nasty way he talked her. She needed him soon.

Finally one day her husband called from work and informed her that he needed her to pack his suitcase because he was leaving tonight. Victoria spent the rest of the day readying his things and dreaming about how Jake would soon be taking care of her lusty needs. Her husband came home that evening and almost immediately left for the airport. He informed Victoria that this could be a long trip if things didn’t go as planned. Victoria tried to act disappointed as the thoughts of Jake pleasing her many times raced through her mind. She kissed him goodbye and before he was out of the driveway, she was on her cell leaving Jake a message that her husband was leaving on a trip and to come over tonight.

After she hung up, she hurriedly got herself ready for a night of nasty raw sex with her young stud. She finished and then waited for his call. She waited for a few hours then decided to call again. His message came on and she left another message. She left a message each hour for two more hours. Finally she decided he wasn’t coming over. She disappointedly went to her room and got into her nightgown and lay on the couch to relax and watch some TV. She dozed off around 11:30, but was woken up about 12:30 by a knock on the door. She jumped up and raced to the door to see if it was Jake.

Jake had gotten her calls all night, but like always made her wait, asserting his power over this horny housewife. He knew the longer he made her wait, the more desperate she would be when he finally saw her. He decided about 12 AM that he would make his booty call. He drove to Victoria’s house and knocked on the door. He could see the TV on through the window. When he saw Victoria’s face light up as she looked through the window in the front door, he knew she was his.

Victoria opened the door and rushed him in, so none of the neighbors would see she had a visitor this late. She closed the door and gave him a big hug.

“I am so glad to see you. I have missed you.” She said.

Then without any instruction and while still in the entry way of the house she dropped to her knees and started unbuckling his pants. When she had them open she pulled them down and then his underwear. There it was, the object of her desires. His cock was starting to grow. She just looked at it for a second and watched as it jerked with each pulse of his heart. When it was almost hard, she grabbed it and rubbed it all over her face. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed its entire length. Instantly she started bobbing back and forth with her head. Holding the base with her right hand and grabbing his ass with her left she repeatedly impaled her face with his big hard cock. Like a starving animal indulging itself on a meal, she drove it in and out of her mouth, making loud moaning sounds with each bob of her head.

“I guess my little cock sucker has missed me.” Jake teased.

She removed his cock just long enough to answer, “Oh yes!” Then she plunged it back into her wanton mouth.

Jake just looked down as this 45 year old mother of his friend devoured his cock like a common whore. He wanted to grab her head and help, but she seemed to be doing a fine job on her own, so he just leaned back against the wall and enjoyed.

“Your husband hasn’t been taking good care of you Mrs. Mueller?” Jake asked.

She didn’t even answer. She knew he knew the answer to that.

“You are quite the good little cock sucker. You are a natural.” He again teased her.

His talk was turning her on even more than she already was. She reached down and lifted her nightgown and found her clit. With her fingers, she started stroking it. She was dripping wet already. She wanted him to remember this, so he might not make her wait next time. Faster and faster she swallowed his cock. Then she remembered he had said he would not cum in her mouth last time. She removed the swollen member from her mouth and looked up at Jake, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“What a nasty little slut you are.” Jake chided, “You want me to blow my wad in your mouth?”

Victoria was slowly stroking his cock with her hand. “Yes! I want to taste it.”

Jake cock jumped with excitement. He grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his cock back in her mouth. “OK my dirty little cock sucker, you can swallow my seed.”

The more he talked, the more she wanted it. She was stroking her clit hard and fast, and her orgasm was coming fast. The thrill of him fucking her mouth while he grabbed her hair and talked to her caused her to go over the top. She let out a loud high pitched moan and her body started shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm raced through her. She just continued to assault her clit and moan out in pleasure.

As she came down, Jake could feel his pleasure rising. He started moving her head faster and faster. Victoria knew it was coming and she couldn’t wait.

Jake let out a huge grunt as he pulled her forward onto his cock and stopped with her nose buried in his pubic hair. Then she felt the first spurt hit the back of her throat. She tried to swallow, but his cock was too far in her mouth and she almost gagged. Then he pulled her head back and then forward again hard. The next rope hit her throat, then again and again. He mouth was filling with his seed and she could not swallow it all. It started oozing out from her mouth as he quickened his pace again. Victoria desperately swallowed as much as she could. She did like the taste, but was going to have to learn a little more about keeping it in her mouth.

Once Jake had recovered, he reached down and helped Victoria to her feet. He looked at her and she smiled. Cum was dripping down her chin, and some had landed on her nightgown. He took a finger and scooped up the few drops still on her face and fed them too her. She sucked his finger in like she had just done to his now flaccid cock. He took her nightgown off, led her to the couch and sat her down. He knelt before her and opened her legs. Then he pulled her forward so her ass was on the front edge. Then he lowered his head and started eating her steaming drenched pussy.

Victoria didn’t know what to do. This had never happened to her. She was motionless as she watched him position himself between her legs. Then she felt his tongue touch her. It was wonderful. The soft feel of his tongue between her lips, the sensation as it ran over her clit, then the feel of it as he inserted it inside her hole, all new and sensational feelings. She began to breathe heavy and moan with delight as he continued to massage her slit with his soft talented tongue. She could feel her nipples getting hard. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together. Then she found her hard nubs with her thumbs and forefingers and gently twisted them. This sent even more pleasure through her aroused body. Then Jake placed his lips around her swollen clit and sucked it deep into his mouth. Victoria screamed out with pleasure. Then he slipped two fingers into her pussy, and proceeded to finger fuck her as he continued his mastery on her clit. She was moaning and breathing heavy, like she was about to cum again.

After a few more minutes of this, Jake’s young hard cock was again hard. He rose up from his position and placed his cock at the entrance to her sloppy cunt.

“You want me to fuck you?” He asked.

“Yes!” she replied.

“You are quite the little slut aren’t you?” He asked again.

Victoria didn’t know how to answer. She did enjoy hearing him talk to her that way, but she didn’t know if she was ready to admit that to him. She just looked at him hoping he would just put his hard cock in her and fuck her.

“Answer me!” he snapped at her.

She was in a spot. She wanted him to fuck her, and knew he would not if she didn’t say she was a slut, but still her refined upbringing and pride in herself wouldn’t let her say it. Then she thought about it. Here she was, a married woman, lying on her couch naked, the taste of cum still in her mouth from this young boy’s cock, which he now had between her legs ready to fuck her with. If that wasn’t a slut, she didn’t know what was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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