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Saturday morning with the 4some. Thanks again Larry for the editing. Sorry for slow writing. All feedback is welcomed.

I was spent. Troy looked like he was ready to pass out. Autumn was licking the last of my cum and Becky’s ass juice off my cock. Becky was glowing but unable to move. We had just spent the last few hours fucking each other senseless. My living room was a mess and smelled of sweat and sex.

Autumn grabbed Troy’s hand and took him to the guest room with a tired, satisfied look on his face. I picked up Becky and carried her to the master bedroom. She was asleep the moment I laid her on the bed. I went to the bathroom and got a towel to clean her up a little. She moaned and squirmed with the touch of the warm wet washcloth but did not wake up. I was dead tired but decided to hop in the shower before lying down. I heard the water in the other bath going and figured the two youngsters where either doing the same or giving it one more go.

The shower helped to wake me up a little but my dick was done for the night. I came out to the bed and my goddess was curled up in a little ball fast asleep. I covered her with a light blanket and slipped into the other side of the bed. I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow.

The sound of the shower running woke me. The curtains on the French doors were open letting sunlight flood the room. I rolled over and grabbed for a pillow to cover my head. I wanted just a few more minutes of sleep but it was not to be. I rolled out of bed and slipped on a pair of shorts, not worrying about a shirt. The shower was going on the master bathroom but I had a morning piss hard on that was not going to wait.

The view of Becky behind the glass doors of the shower was not going to make the hard on go down. It was amazing. She had eyes closed soaping up her long blond hair. Her head was tilted back as the shower sprayed on her full breasts. My eyes went down to her stomach with its feminine pooch. The side view of her backside reminds me why I love to watch woman’s volleyball. She does not have a bubble butt it is like a taunt apple that wants to be eaten. Her legs are tone and smooth if not maybe a little too long.

I had to get back to the job at hand not leering at the hot girl in my shower.

I lifted the seat to the toilet and tried to clear my mind so the morning wood would go down enough for the piss to flow.

“Do not waste that come in here, Hun,” Becky said, sliding the shower door open.

“I need to pee baby and then I’ll wash your back baby,” I replied as I stretched my back.

“Get your cute butt in this shower right now and then you can take care of both,” she said with a wicked grin.

I never will pass up a shower with a beautiful woman and my hard on was not going down so to the shower I went. I kicked my shorts over to the clothes hamper and stepped into the big double shower. Becky reached out for my rock hard appendage as I bent down to kiss her glowing face. I slid my hands up her arms, across her shoulders, and cupped her face to keep it close to mine. My mouth opened to let her tongue into my mouth as her soapy hand was stroking my hard cock.

She started kissing down my neck and then to my chest. Then she licked around both of my nipples with a fast bite on the left one. She kept stroking my cock with one hand while the other was rubbing my thigh. Her tongue traced a line down to my bellybutton. It was an odd feeling as her mouth worked on my little hole as I have done numerous times before to her.

She had both hands working now. One was stroking my morning wood and the other was cupping my balls. Her middle finger was running up the vein on the bottom of the sack to my taint. She pushed it further back and ran it around my ass hole before bringing it back. The water and soap was making it very slick and on the third or fourth stroke, her finger slipped in my butt. My little minx loved to play with my ass more than I liked playing with hers. The feeling reminded me that I had fucked hers last night while Autumn and Troy watched. Heck, we even videotaped it.

I looked down at her. She was on her knees and staring at my hard on. I was not sure if she was going to jack me off or help me along with her mouth. She looked up at me at this point and opened her lips just enough to slip her tongue out and lick the head. She ran it from the bottom to the tip and flat against my piss hole sending a shiver up my length. Her mouth opened wider and her hands went back to my thighs.

I knew that she wanted me to take over now. Her fun of teasing me was over and now it was time for me to fuck her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it forward to meet my meat. Becky’s mouth stretched around the head. My need to piss had switched to the need to cum. I could still feel the pressure in my bladder but my cock was now blood engorged and ready to explode. I was going faster and deeper with Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort each stroke, both of my hands controlling the blond head at my waist. Becky loved being submissive and she loved to have a dick in her mouth even though she would not say the word, submissive.

Becky tried to look up into my eyes but with my dick in her mouth and the water coming down, she could not keep her eyes open. I pushed forward hard and the head slipped into her throat. I held her head still for what seemed like forever but it could have been only a few seconds. Her pressure on my hips told me to back off. I pulled back and let go of her head. She pulled back and let my cock plop out.

I reached down for a handful of her hair and pulled her in close. “Suck on my balls like a good little cocksucker.”

Becky’s hesitation at the nasty talk gave me the opportunity so I swung my hips and smacked her square in the face with my cock. The shock froze her. I pulled her by the hair and smacked her face with my cock again. She slid forward and took my balls in her mouth. She sucked on them hard just like I had taught her. The sliver of pain just does something for me. It’s almost as good as when she wraps one of my ties around them to lead me around by them.

I put one foot on the tub seat to give her better access. She took the opportunity to slip her head between my legs and run her mouth to my ass. Becky claims to be a good girl but she does love to get very naughty. She started to give me a rim job as her hands went back to my cock.

I was balancing in the middle of the shower standing on one foot with the other on the small shower seat. Becky was sitting in the tub between my legs. Her pretty face was buried in the crack on my ass licking away while her hand was building up a good rhythm on my cock. She moved back to my balls with her mouth and pressed a finger tip back into my dark hole. I let out a moan as she pushed in to the first knuckle. I was ready to explode at this point and when her finger brushed against my prostrate, I yelled out in pleasure and started to cum.

The first blast flew into the shower stream but Becky moved back in front of me, rising to her knees. The second one hit her forehead and chin. The third and forth smacked in her mouth and beautiful face. Follow-up shots hit her chest and I slipped down to sit on the tub seat. My princess was a good little cocksucker all covered in my cum.

Becky leaned up between my legs, her face still covered in cum and kissed me.

“I hate it when you call me a cocksucker,” she said with a smile “but I love sucking your cock.”

The dirty words coming out of her mouth gave me one last ejaculation on her hand. Becky pulled the hand up to her mouth and licked it clean. She then scooped cum off her face and did the same. I reached for her breast to do the same but she smacked my hand away.

“Do you think you can pee now baby?” looking in my eyes. “If you can, then hose these down for me.”

We had played around a little with golden games but nothing this far before. She had held me before in the shower while I peed down the drain. I had wiped her dry and once outside by the pool she had peed on my leg before we jumped in.

Now she was sitting in my double shower, her breast covered in jizz and asking me to clean her off. It took me a second to stand back up and a few more to feel my bladder start to move. The burn of the first piss after you cum is a weird feeling but I enjoyed this one. I started the aim too low and hit her legs but worked my way up. It was a long piss that really needed to be released. I cleaned off her tits and watched as she played with her pussy. I lowered the aim back down to hit her pussy and hand as she rubbed herself. The stream started to slow down and was about done.

“Hold it big boy. You missed a spot,” She said. She pointed at the last glob of cum hanging off her chin.

I had just enough left with a strong bladder push to spray right on her beautiful face. I am not sure if it was from everything else including her playing with herself or the nastiness of her first golden shower but she came then.

We both stood up and kissed deeply, letting the water wash it all away. We washed each other’s front and back. The water was starting to get cold as she shut it down. I wrapped her in an over-sized towel and dried her off. She took the same towel and dried my body, too. I planted one more soft kiss on my princess.

“What is the plan for today?” I asked.

“Autumn and I are going to lay out by the pool with ice packs on our butts,” Becky laughed. “Troy was done last night but this morning he made good on the promise of taking Autumn’s butt.”

“Is that what made you go after my ass?”

“You’re lucky I did not get big Debbie out and use it on yours this morning while you snored,” she giggled.

“Troy is gone to work. It’s his weekend to man the desk at the warehouse and I know you’ll be on the computer a while this morning,” Becky finished.

“No, I have to go to the batting cages for a couple of lessons and team drills. I should be back around lunch.”

“Sounds good. We’ll have the burgers done and then spend the afternoon in the pool,” Becky agreed.

The first lesson went well. Two of my regulars were working on catching for half an hour then hitting for the second half. The kids put in good work and listened to instruction. The second hour was terrible but had an upside. The kids were all 7 to 9 and were working on hitting. None of them are ever going to set the world on fire but still are fun to work with when they pay attention. They were not paying attention. I had to give out sit-ups and pushups just to keep them wandering off when it was not their turn.

The best part of hour two was the mom. The 9 and 7 year old were brothers. Their mom is still trying to look 22 and dresses like it. Today it was a UNC blue tank top and a black mini skirt. Her legs are tan and firm if on the short side. She is less than 5 foot 3 inches tall but with amazing curves. Eye candy makes even the worse lessons fun.

My third hour was with my youngest son’s team. The ex-wife was at least civil today. I never understood why she was pissed about me moving on. She was the one who cheated and the one who moved on before we were done. The new husband is OK but my ex is just crazy. Married for almost two decades with two kids and she decides she needs something else. The something else turned out to be a sugar daddy.

My oldest kid is a junior in high school and he just does not care about anything but his girlfriend and baseball. The youngest is in middle school and girls have become almost as important as getting into an engineering school. I think he just plays ball to keep me off his butt about staying inside all day. I hope they both get college scholarships ’cause paying for eight straight years of tuition, room and books does not sound like fun.

The practice for the team and quality time with the midget went great. We may have a chance at the city middle school title next spring. I checked to make sure no one else needed more help and I headed out.

A made a quick stop at the office to check on the weekend crew and the warehouse. Troy waived from the door of the warehouse and yelled that he’ll be back over later. I told him the girls are sunning themselves at the pool and to come by whenever he gets done. I wondered what the girls were up to.

Autumn and Becky had kissed and fucked their men good morning, cleaned up the residue of the sex in the living room and then got ready for lunch by the pool. The fixings for burgers and salads were moved to the wet bar fridge by the grill. They set the table and made sure the beer was on ice.

With lunch as ready as could be until the boys got home, it was pool time. The girls knew the privacy fence would keep prying eyes away. They decided to drop the bikinis and really work on their tans. The tall brunette and my sexy blond laid their towels out on the double lounge chair between the pool and the hot tub.

Autumn is close to 6 inches taller than Becky. Her breasts are C cups capped with little erasers of nipples. Long muscular legs lead up to a pear shaped ass built to be spanked. She had played volleyball with Becky in high school and also starred on the basketball team. They are both in great shape nearly a decade out of high school.

“Did you send Jim off happy this morning?” Autumn asked.

“He had a smile on his face almost as big as Troy’s,” Becky answered. “He always likes it when I eat his bottom and suck him off.”

“Dang, I want to see you rim him,” the brunette exclaimed. “This is turning into an anal weekend!”

“Yes it is. How is your butt? Mine is sore but I think I could be OK with a little more regular action,” the blond said.

“Troy just got the head in it this morning before cumming,” Autumn responded. “I had him on the edge ’cause I made him watch me play with the big butt plug after he had fucked my mouth. I am not sure how much of his would fit being so wide.”

“He will make you gape,” Becky said. “Heck, Jim makes mine gape and he is no way that wide. I bet Troy’s will leave it stretched for days.”

“Is yours still open from last night?” Autumn asked.

“It is a little.” Becky blushed as she admitted it.

“Show me!” she demanded. Autumn reached over to turn Becky onto her stomach.

Becky laid her papers down and rolled over so her friend to have a look.

“Dang that is cool,” Autumn exclaimed. “So sexy looking.”

Autumn bent down and kissed the perfect ass below her.

Becky gave out a yelp and tried to wiggle free. Autumn sat down on her legs and went back in for another kiss. She also gave a little lick down toward the pink pussy before her.

“Girlfriend, stop that! What are you doing?” Becky yelled.

“I have you where I want you and I am going to have my way with you,” Autumn taunted as she dove back in tongue first into her best friend’s pussy.

Becky was squirming around but she knew she could not fight off her friend. She was shorter, lighter and at the mercy of the girl she had turned out last night. Autumn took a long lick up from Becky’s clit all the way to her ass hole right at that second. Becky could not help but moan. Both of her holes were still very sensitive from the previous night’s pounding and the soft tongue was just what they needed.

Autumn knows Becky is not into girls but she knows what her own pussy wants and that is what she was going to do for her friend. Soft and slow kisses around the outer lips were followed by long licks all the way up and back down. She did not try to penetrate either hole. It was just licking and kissing, kissing and licking. Autumn was slowly working Becky into an orgasmic explosion.

Becky was not fighting any more. She was enjoying the attention and feel of a mouth on her sex. Autumn’s hands kept massaging and spreading the tanned cheeks. Becky’s need pushed her to raise her hips so she could slip her hand down her stomach to her clit. She gave herself a little smack before rubbing it. Soft was good and had got her going but Becky always needs a little rough treatment to light her fire.

Autumn reached down to her bag and pulled out a pocket rocket and slipped it into her friend’s hand. Becky turned it on and placed the knobby end on her own love button. Autumn went back to licking her nude friend’s ass. Her tongue folded into a V shape and pushed into the small hole. Harder and harder, the tongue pushed into the rosebud. She ran her fingers between Becky’s outer lips and then squeezed them together. She pulled the lips apart as her mouth rimmed the not so tight rectum. The contrast of bright pink, heavy rose, and deep tan was an amazing sight. The brunette slowed her fingers and sat back to enjoy the view and the sounds coming from the blond lying under her. The first two fingers slid in nice and easy. A third one joined the first two but it was a snug fit. Autumn tucked her pinkie and thumb into the palm of her hand as her three fingers penetrated the pussy before her.

Becky screamed as the whole hand pushed into her. The second loud moan went into the cushion of the lounge chair. The vibrator and the fingers sent her over the edge. She came hard.

Autumn kept the pressure of her hand inside Becky until the orgasms subsided. She gave a wicked smile. She had one more trick in her bag. She took her hand out and licked her own fingers clean. Then she reached over to her bag and pulled out the big butt plug from last night and the bottle of lube.

“You don’t want that to close back up if Troy is going to fuck it tonight,” she informed the blond lying below her.

“Who said I was going to let him fuck me in the ass?” Becky exclaimed.

“I promised him your ass if he would let me use a dildo on him. He came right then so I took it as a yes.”

Autumn wasted no more time talking to the helpless woman below her. She poured lube on the knob of the plug and then at the top of Becky’s ass crack. She used two fingers to spread the lube into her ass hole. The small gap spread easily. The narrow head of the plug slipped in between Autumn’s fingers right up Becky’s ass.

Becky moaned but kept the vibrator on her clit. Autumn pushed the bulb of the plug past her rectum and then gave it a good tug to make sure it was trapped. Two hard slaps to the upturned cheeks and it was time for a change of positions.

Autumn stood up and rolled Becky onto her back. She then straddled the blonde’s head and lowered her wet pussy to her face. Becky moved the small vibrator from her own pussy up to the one inches from her face. Autumn took the pocket rocket from her hand and placed it at the top of her own slit. Becky’s hands pulled on Autumn’s thighs, bringing her friend’s pussy to her mouth. First a kiss and then a lick with a flat tongue. Becky started to devour her friend.

Autumn ground her pussy on Becky’s willing mouth. “I knew you could lick pussy. Make me cum before the boys get home.”

The tables had turned from the night before. Autumn was in charge and Becky was following orders. Becky had done this before but not often. She needed cock but knew what was commanded of her – hands tight on the tanned thighs above her. With her face buried and mouth moving, she made quick work of the horny girl. Autumn tensed at the first sign of the pending release and Becky stuck her tongue in the girl’s ass. The orgasm was not as loud as Becky’s but it was just as intense. Autumn rolled over on her side with her hands covering her pussy and the vibrator on low.

Becky took this opportunity to take the plug out of her own ass and put it to Autumn’s mouth.

“Clean it up like you did Jim’s cock last night then there’s time for a quick shower before the boys get home.”

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