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Marjorie stood nude in front of her full length mirror and observed her body. She turned to one side, then the other, checking herself out from every angle. She even turned away from the mirror and looked over her shoulder. She ran the palms of her hands up and down her thighs and the sides of her abdomen, eventually drumming her hands on her stomach. She was quite attractive in her forty two year old body. Rather impressive for a woman who didn’t frequent the gym or dedicate much time to working out.

Marjorie felt a new sense of liveliness, energy and excitement. She almost felt a sense of reinvention. It was just yesterday afternoon, she was thoroughly pleasured for the first time in much too long. In fact, it was so long ago she didn’t even remember the last time a partner had taken her to the heights she reached. And it was with the most unlikely of partners, the best friend of her son Gary, young Bret. A boy, or young man rather, that she had known since he and Gary were in elementary school.

She couldn’t help it though. She struggled with shaking the feelings of guilt. Gary would undoubtedly never forgive her, or Bret, if he were to find out. What caused even more conflict though, was the fact that she rarely hid anything from Gary. So a part of her felt bad about what happened. However, it wasn’t a situation where she seduced a naïve, youngster who didn’t know any better. On the contrary, he really took it to her. He came to her room. He took control of the situation. He dominated her in a sense. There was very little dialogue, and his actions spoke volumes. He wanted her and took her. There was no way to mistake what happened as anything other than that. It wasn’t a mistake. He went to her room with lustful intentions, and saw them through.

Marjorie slipped on a pair of sexy black thong panties and gave herself a once over in the mirror before putting on a short, black silk robe, tying the sash loosely. She brushed her wet hair a few more times and left it down before leaving her bedroom. She knocked on Gary’s bedroom door in passing to wake him up before going downstairs to her kitchen. It would be three o’clock soon.

She fixed herself an Arnold Palmer and took a seat at the kitchen table. A million thoughts ran through her head. What will Bret’s reaction be when he arrives home? Will he feel awkward? Will she? Maybe he’ll just come home, retire to his basement dwelling, and they’ll avoid any interaction. Or maybe he’ll sit down and they can confront what happened and decide what’s next. Either way, when 3:08pm comes around, things will get quite interesting.

Time must have flown because as Marjorie was lost in thought over the events from the previous afternoon, Gary came into the kitchen, grabbed his lunch, and kissed her forehead before leaving for work. Marjorie snapped out of it just as Gary closed the door behind him.

“What am I doing?” she said aloud to herself.

She finished her drink and washed the dish. She was ready to run upstairs and change into something a million times more conservative but it was too late. Bret had entered the kitchen while she was at the sink.

“Hey Marjorie.” He said with a tone that was more of a taunt rather than a genuine greeting.

“Hi Bret” she replied in a low voice.

Bret stepped up behind her and reached his hand around her to wash his thermos out in the sink where she stood. Marjorie froze as she glanced down at his arm. She jumped suddenly as she felt his relaxed member touch against her buttocks through his work pants and through her thin robe. Slowly she turned her head to look at him. He offered a slight smile.

“I’m heading downstairs. It’s time for my shower.” He said obviously dropping the hint.

“Wait a minute.” She was able to say before he walked away and out of the kitchen.

“What’s up?”

“Can you sit down a minute? We need to talk about…” before she could finish he took two quick strides to her and took her into a deep kiss. Marjorie returned the kiss, completely Gaziantep Genç Escort forgetting that she even wanted to talk about anything. He was answering half of her questions with this one action.

She kissed back eagerly, their tongues dancing within their connected lips. He broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes.

“You look incredible.” His voice was soft and perfectly sexy.

Marjorie could only bite her bottom lip in a part smile as her eyes looked back and forth from his eyes to his lips. Bret brought a hand up slid his fingers through her hair. Her eyes closed at his touch. His other hand reached and took of hold of the loosely tied sash and tugged it free in a single motion. Her robe fell open exposing her thong, her nipples barely covered by the opened garment as it slid along her breasts with each breath.

Bret looked her body over.

“Those panties are very sexy. YOU, are very sexy.”

Marjorie smiled and her tensing body relaxed at the outpouring of compliments.

“I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see after? Or, should I expect to see you during? He teased.

She let out a light chuckle and looked down and away with a little embarrassment at the statement.

Bret traced his finger down between her breasts and over her stomach, stopping at the waistband of the thong panties. He kissed her softly again before turning and leaving the kitchen and heading downstairs.

Marjorie sighed a few breaths. She reached down and slide her hand inside her panties and touched herself.

“Shit. That didn’t take long.”

Marjorie reached the halfway point of the stairs to the basement. She sat down and watched as Bret showered. The bathroom door was wide open and the shower curtain was opened much more. She had as clear of a view of him as she would have if he showered in a glass stall.

She left the stairs and made her way into the basement and slinked toward the bathroom, stopping at the entrance. Bret turned and they locked eyes. He lathered his hands and proceeded to soap his quickly hardening member. Marjorie backed up a few steps and shimmied her shoulders, letting the robe fall to the floor. Her breasts were full and her thick, brown nipples began to stiffen.

Bret never broke eye contact with her as he started to slowly stroke his fully erect penis under the warm, rinsing water. The soap ran smoothly off his now clean instrument Marjorie broke eye contact with him and stared desirably at his impressive manhood. Slowly, she brought her hands to the waist of her thong and slid the panties slowly down over her hips, bending all the way down to push them to her ankles before stepping out of them. She stood up straight, baring her full nudity to him.

Bret’s eyes looked up and down her body, taking in every sight along the way. He turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. He toweled himself dry and wrapped it around his waist, covering his erection before approaching her. Slowly, he stepped toward her until their bodies were nearly touching.

Bret leaned in touching her forehead with his, they stared into each other’s eyes. He tilted his head and their lips grazed, neither committing to a kiss but breathing into each other. Marjorie’s hands reached out and she ran her fingertips up and down Bret’s towel-covered legs. Bret’s hands reached out barely brushing his fingers along the front of her thighs.

“Mmmm.” Marjorie cooed as her hands started working the towel upward.

She leaned up to kiss him but he pulled away just enough for her lips to miss his. Bret placed his palms full onto her thighs and ran his hands up along and over her hips. Marjorie worked the towel up further. Quickly, she pulled the towel apart and it gave way and dropped to the floor, his erection springing out.

She sought another kiss but again, he teased her by backing away just enough for their lips to graze for the slightest of moments. His hands ran up the sides of her body, over the sides of her breasts, and up to her neck and shoulders.

Marjorie reached a hand out and wrapped it around the base of his now very hard erection. She offered a smile but he still stared into her eyes, his expression unchanged.

“Oh Bret. What are we doing?” she asked in a low whisper.

Bret nudged his hips slightly forward and Marjorie took the hint and began to slowly stroke his length. His hands moved up to her face, one sliding through her hair and palming the back of her head. Marjorie’s eyes closed at his touch. Finally, Bret leaned in and their lips met softly. Their mouths parted slightly before engaging in a deep kiss.

“Mmmmm.” Marjorie moaned into the kiss.

She continued slowly stroking his erection with her hand. Her other hand rested on his muscular chest. Bret pulled her deeper into the slow, soft kiss, lightly taking a hold of her hair in the process. He traced the thumb of his other hand along her chin and jawline.

Bret broke away momentarily. He ran the tip of his tongue along her lips before taking her back into the kiss. His hand left her face and navigated its way down the front of her body, cupping one of her heaving breast and tracing his thumb over the tip of her nipple and along the surrounding areola.

Marjorie cooed into the steady kiss. Her hand started to stroke him a little more quickly. She traced her fingernails along his chest with her other hand.

Bret released her hair with his other hand. He pressed it into the small of her back before sliding it down to her ass. He slid his middle finger between her buttocks and pressed it over her anus before taking a strong grip of one of her cheeks. With a strong pull, he brought Marjorie’s body fully against his.

Marjorie released her grip of his erection and moved her hand quickly to his shoulder.

Bret broke the kiss and released her breast. He reached down and took a strong grip of her other buttock. He lifted her up. Marjorie instinctively braced her legs around his waist. She held on tight to his shoulders. Bret shifted her body around a little before pulling her aroused sex against his erection, which was against his mid-section and completely vertical.

Slowly, he raised her and lowered her, rubbing her vagina against the tall standing shaft of his hard manhood.

“Uhhhhhh.” Marjorie let out as she lay her head back.

Bret raised her and lowered her over and over, grinding her up and down his base. Her labia separated and conformed around his shaft, her clitoris being compressed and rubbed against the hard member.

“Ohhh…Ohhhh” Marjorie whined her moans as she grew more and more aroused from the teasing.

Bret squeezed and kneaded her ass as he moved her up and down, the flat of his middle finger still pressed against her anus. To Marjorie’s surprise, the friction caused by the rubbing of her clitoris against his member was bringing her to orgasm quite quickly.

“Oh Bret. Oh Yes. Ohhh.” She moaned.

Her legs tightened on his waist and her fingers dug into his muscular shoulders as she released a strong orgasm. He increased the speed in which he grind her on him over and over and over. Her body jolted and quivered as he continued until the fiery orgasm finally subdued, leaving Marjorie breathless and heaving.

Bret carried her to the bed and laid her down. He guided her to lay on her side away from him. He lay behind her and moved her legs forward putting her in the fetal position. He reached down and brushed the head of his erection up and down against her moist sex. He pressed just the tip of his head inside. He moved it in little circles before taking it out and brushing it up and down, back and forth, against her.

“Unnnn.” Marjorie whined.

Bret continued to tease and torture her, refusing to fully enter her. He would press the head of his member between her folds and against her clitoris before brushing it back and forth. Marjorie pushed her hips back trying to get him inside her. Still he refused.

“Pleeease, Bret. Oh God Please. I want you inside me so bad.” She begged a breathy moan.

“How bad do you want it?” he asked with a touch of arrogance.

“So bad, Bret.” She whined. “Please. Please.”

“Please what?” he asked not retracting any of the cockiness in his tone.

“Unnn. Uhhh…Please…Pleeease.” She was whining even more, almost crying.

“Say it.” He said a little sternly.

“Please. Please Fuck Me.” She moaned out.

Bret pulled her body even tighter against his. He slid his hand down and guided the head of his instrument into her, stopping at the ridge. Marjorie pushed her hips out more trying to take him into her, but he still resisted.

“Say it again, Marjorie.” He spoke in a deep, soft tone.

“Please Fuck Me, Bret.” she moaned. “Please. I want you to Fuck me so badly.”

Bret hummed with approval and without hesitation, pressed himself fully inside her and filling her, his pelvis smacking into her ass.

“Uhhhhh.” She moaned out loudly.

Her eyes opened wide for a moment before closing. Her mouth remained slightly opened. She pulled her knees closer to her body and pushed her hips outward. Bret glided in and out of her at a very quick pace. The remains of her post orgasm, mixed with her excessive arousal, created a slick lubrication for his large erection to penetrate and fill her with relative ease. The sound of wet flesh clapped audibly as he drove his hips forward, his pubic bone crashing into her buttocks with each swift thrust.

Marjorie moaned in perfect unison with his intrusion, each growing consistently louder than the previous. She could hear and feel his heavy breath on her body.

Bret brought his other hand up and wrapped it around her, holding her in a strong-armed embrace.

“Ohhh…Oh yes. Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.” Her moans became shallow and breathy.

Marjorie’s body tensed in his embrace. She turned her head more and burrowed her face into his shoulder as she grunted and screamed. Bret let go of her wrists and she reached her hands forward, gripping the bed sheets tightly. Her second orgasm flooded to her sex so quickly she couldn’t even prepare. The release was strong and she let out a long groan, her cum coating the large member that crushed in and out of her with perfect intent. The orgasm created an even slicker opening and the wet, slapping flesh of their sex organs grew louder.

Bret didn’t break pace in the slightest. He penetrated her with piston-like consistency. He continued to hold her tight in his embrace. Her body remained tense. Her top leg raised slightly and her knees parted almost involuntarily as a result of the sensitivity that accompanied her post-orgasm.

Bret reached down and grasped her raised inner thigh, pulling it upward so her fetal-positioned legs were now spread in a perfect ninety degree angle.

“Ohhhhhh…Ohhhhhhh.” Marjorie moaned in sympathy as Bret’s member continued to maul her sex.

The slick sound of wet flesh, the slapping of his pelvis into her buttocks, the sound of Bret’s quick breathing, and the strong embrace of his arms was just so erotic. Her opened mouth broke into a broad smile of satisfaction.

Bret withdrew his throbbing erection and rested it against her sex. The first heavy stream hit the bottom of her breasts.

“Uhhh…Uhhhh…Ohhhh Marjorie.” Bret moaned deeply.

Several streams of semen released from him splattering against various spots of her midsection. The final few streams coated her thick bush.

Marjorie reached one arm back and grasped the back of his head. She leaned her neck forward and he leaned down and they kissed deeply. She lowered her leg, trapping his member between her sweaty thighs.

Bret loosened the grip of his forearm across her chest and he cupped one of her breasts. Marjorie’s body went slack with exhaustion. Bret brought his other hand up and cupped her other breast. They broke the kiss and Marjorie slid her head off his should and onto one of the pillows. Bret nuzzled against the back of her neck. He placed light kisses as the exhausted Marjorie contemplated falling asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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