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I recognized the blonde who walked through the door immediately, even though I had never seen her face. She smiled as she turned to look at me, and the smile grew as she passed by the row of gleaming metal barstools. We had spoken through e-mails and chat sessions for a couple of weeks, and that radiance had shone through like a beacon in her correspondence with me. Now it was here, in front of me, and I felt like a schoolgirl. Class was about to be in session.

“Jackie?” she asked, but she knew the answer. I was struck by the blue of her eyes and the flawless complexion.

“Yeah. You’re Leslie, right?” I half-stood, but she was already sitting down.

She apologized for being late. Before I could forgive her, our waitress was at the tableside asking for her drink order. I wondered if the waitress knew why we were here and then decided I didn’t care. She could go home and finger herself later. Things weren’t going to be so easy for me.

“You’re not this quiet when we chat,” Leslie said, pulling me out of my thought cloud.

I let out a nervous laugh.

“I know. But I’m normally not this nervous,” I replied.

She giggled.

“Come to the bathroom with me,” she said, grabbing her purse. “I have something that will make you relax.”

My eyebrow shot up and my heart slammed against my chest. From our previous conversations, I hadn’t suspected drug use. She had two children with whom she was very responsible. Still, I got up anyway, and followed her through the restaurant to the bathroom. We walked through the doors, and before I knew what happened, she pushed me against Gaziantep Escort Numaraları the wall, sweet breath in my face, hand up my shirt.

She kissed me with immense passion as she pulled on my right nipple. I kissed back, wrapping my fingers in her blonde locks. I thought I was going to soak through my jeans by the time we finally broke the kiss.

“Calmed down yet?” she asked, the devil dancing her eyes.

Lesson one: Passion can happen, anytime, anywhere.

I nodded, but my legs were trembling and my heart was thudding against the wall of my chest. I wondered where we’d be before the night was over. She let me know when we got back to the table.

“I told my husband I was spending the night at a friend’s,” she said when I asked what time she needed to be home. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t,” I said, my mind reeling back to the kiss in the bathroom. My own boyfriend was out of town at a hair design convention. Poor me, all alone. I hadn’t expected anything out of tonight, other than making a friend – but I’m not complaining.

I barely remember the waitress bringing the food, then our check. I didn’t eat, I just sipped at the coffee before me and tried not to groan when she moved her foot up my leg. Two high school-age boys had taken the table beside us and were checking us out – me with my ample breasts and dark eyes and Leslie with her blonde hair and beautiful smile.

One caught sight of Leslie stroking my leg with her foot and spilled his glass. We grinned at them, then each other. It was time to go home.

We arrived at my apartment 15 minutes later, nervous, horny and anxious. I’d almost had an accident on the way home thinking about what was going to happen. A beautiful girl was going to make love to me and I was going to make love to a beautiful girl. That thought alone was enough to make me extremely uncomfortable in my jeans and underwear.

Leslie made matters worse as we got to the top of the stairs that led into my apartment. As I fumbled with the lock, her hands crept up my shirt again as she stood behind me. No nipple-pulling this time, just her hand stroking my velvet bra.

We almost fell inside when I finally got the door open. She and I giggled as we regained our balance.

“Sorry about that,” she said, a devilish grin playing on her lips.

“Sure you are,” I replied, giggling.

“Mind if I get comfortable?” she asked, pulling off her shirt. I looked at her incredulously.

“Well, I’d be out of luck if I did,” I said.

She was already undoing her bra, and from her cups spilled two pale orbs, graced with pink, taut nipples. On instinct, I walked over and took her left one in my hand, looking her straight in the eye. Our gazes stayed locked, but our breathing got increasingly heavy as I rubbed her nipple with my thumb. We kissed with more passion than we did at the restaurant, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as if to map out every nook and cranny. We broke the kiss only to dispense with our clothes, our lips meeting between each act of disrobing.

I took her hand and led her to our bedroom, trembling, panting, throbbing. I could feel the moisture forming in my pussy and I wanted so much to relieve the pressure that was building there. I collapsed on top of her as we fell to the bed, aching as our bodies pressed together in the embrace. As much as I wanted to come, I yearned to explore her body with my mouth. I kissed down her neck, grazing her soft skin with my lips between each kiss. Down to her breasts, stopping to roll the right one inbetween my thumb and forefinger as I teased the left with my tongue. Her hand flew to her mouth as I switched to the other breast, pressing my leg gently against her crotch. Her hips moved up and down against my leg as I suckled, my own body aching. I pressed onward, kissing her belly, her inner thigh, her knees and back around to her inner thigh. By this time, she was arching of the bed, panting and cursing me for not eating her out. She smelled intoxicating.

I gently spread her legs and encircled her thighs with my arms as I pushed my tongue into her lovely pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips up as my tongue flicked over her throbbing clit. I thought I would drown in her juices as she thrashed about. She composed herself long enough to tell me to lie on my side. I rolled over, as did she, so we were face to face with each other’s wet pussies. She pushed my leg up and sunk her finger into me, tickling my clit with her thumb. I was in another world, my body reeling. I put my head in between her legs again, increasing the intensity of my licks and thrusts as I tumbled toward my own orgasm. I felt her body begin to shake as she started to call out my name, but she didn’t let up from her task, causing me to come in a wild fit of thrashes, moans and kisses.

As our bodies began to relax, we curled up in each other’s arms. I’d found the perfect friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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