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Her Husband had started a new job within the past year. A good one. One that afforded the time for him to be home at night, never late, never over tired, and ready to fuck his wife senseless upon arriving home. Occasionally, he worked weekends, one Sunday here and there…a quick in and out of the office, which she happily obliged and tagged along when he went…her secretly wishing, plotting, planning, for her dirty secrets to become reality.

She had waited a long time for this…his new job. Too many nights she sat and waited. Playing with her pussy that was aching for his cock to pump in and out of her. She was horny. Constantly horny for his cock. Her daily thoughts were of his long hard shaft, with its smooth skin, thick with desire, to slide in and out of her mouth, her pussy, her hands. It had become an obsession to her. Obsessed with how often she could have it, where, when, and what she could do with it…but more importantly, what her husband wanted to do to her with his cock.

It was a warm Sunday in August. A lazy one, not much going on. Since Friday night she had hidden her excitement of going with him to the office. Why was she so excited? Why did she really care about going to the office with him? Sure she loved being with him, hanging out together, doing whatever, they were married, best friends, and lovers. But the thought of being with him in the office, after hours, alone together, sent her mind and pussy into overdrive.

She had and still has many desires that maybe he doesn’t fully know about, that she hasn’t completely admitted to, that possibly he’s not comfortable with…or doesn’t share. But why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t he want to fuck his wife who wants his cock in her as many times a day as she can? Why wouldn’t he want to pump his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy wherever they were? I mean, she’d get on her knees, back, all fours for him anywhere….so what was the catch? She was and is a good wife, takes care of him, fucks and sucks him daily, never once turning him down or away, but soliciting him every chance she got. So why wouldn’t he play with her, fuck her, and let her suck him out in public? It’s not like she wanted a full on audience….just getting fucked in places she “shouldn’t” really turned her on, made her pussy drip with desire, and made her tits and nipples rock hard when thinking of her husband grabbing her and needing her in that moment. She needed him to “have to have her” wherever and whenever.

So off they went to his work. Windows down in the truck, her brown and blonde hair blowing in the wind. the heat from outside warming her already hot wet pussy and warming her tits that were already burning for his touch.

Normally she would have worn a tiny little dress, sheer and short, no panties, no bra, easy access, but today was different. Without even thinking, maybe due to the fact she was occupied thinking of how and where she could fuck him on their little adventure, she had slipped on see through white shorts with the tiniest white and sheer g-string, a small tank top that showed her ample cleavage, and a tiny sheer bra that let her nipples poke and protrude an inch out of her top. She never gave it a second thought, but he did, only mentioning that he liked her shorts and that he could see right through them.

They arrived, unlocking the entrance and turning on a bank of lights. She loved coming here with him. Another dirty secret, that she enjoyed the environment with the dirty perv men he worked with, not that she was attracted to them, but their own dirty thoughts and mouths, their trucker thoughts of sluts and wives, girls, pussy and tits. She loved coming here with him because she had thought about fucking him here many times, thinking of the excitement, potentially getting caught, having her husband sancaktepe escort be the “big man” who fucked his horny wife’s pussy at work…they are all testosterone driven, dirty and hard workers, and thinking of fucking in that place made her want to put her hands between her legs, and stroke her wet pussy, every time she was there with him.

Weekend work was easy, an hour or slightly more and they’d be done. She sat at a bank of desks, beside him, in a large black office chair. While he worked away she fumbled through her phone…looking, gawking, being greedy and envious of all the naked pussies and dicks, tits and cum from all the couples, singles, and adventures fucking from those who care to show themselves on the porn website they both frequented often, and often shared themselves on.

Desire took over, he being occupied, she slid her hand between her legs and stroked herself lightly, not wanting to press too hard, as she was already soaked from her dirty thoughts, desires, and secrets of wanting to mount him right there.

She had thought about sliding under his desk and wrapping her lips around his huge cock, sucking and milking his salty cum into her mouth..what a lovely treat that would be for her. She thought about stripping down and straddling him in his chair, holding him hostage with her hot wet cunt, riding him until she emptied herself on his lap, then sliding off and down between his legs to finish him in her mouth, licking every solid inch of his cock clean, tasting herself and then him as he came….me she’d get lucky and he’d cum all over her tits for her to lick off. But no, he was glued to the screen and she shook her head to come back to reality.

He was almost done, and she was just getting started. Removing herself to finish, to hide her desire from him, is what she needed right then and there. She didn’t want to feel bad about her secret guilty pleasures, of wanting her fantasies of fucking him in public places, to become reality.

Too many thoughts raced through her. Why did she feel bad? She shouldn’t, there’s nothing wrong with wanting and needing to fuck him 24/7, anywhere and ready when he wanted. Why didn’t he want to? I mean, he was far more sexually advanced or adventurous than her. He had many experiences in his past before they had met. Maybe he hadn’t realized she was comfortable and herself around him, he had opened her up to share herself and desires, so why didn’t he relish in the fact his wife wants to fuck him everywhere? Why did it seem like she couldn’t turn him on, get him as excited as she was, get him burning with the desire to “have to have her” like she had to have him.

She got up, stuck between frustration and complete obsession of needing to fuck him, and headed to the washroom. She went in and closed the large, single unit, washroom door and exhaled. Breathe, she thought, give it a minute and you’ll be fine. Too many emotions were running through her, frustration, desire, obsession, anger, love and utter infatuation. She couldn’t help it. She touched herself. Rubbed at her pink swollen clit with such force and quickness that it almost hurt. With the other hand she tugged at her tits, her nipples piercing through her top, begging to be man-handled and sucked. Her body was begging to be raptured by this man, her husband, that sat at the desk outside the door. The she heard him, “done, now let’s get the fuck out of here”. Out of here? I don’t want to get out of here, I want to fuck you here, she thought. How about “let’s fuck and get out of here”, she thought, the words just lightly slipping out of her mouth, too quiet for him to hear. She didn’t want to leave. This bathroom with the tile floor, coated in muddy and dusty work boot prints from all sarıyer escort the men who had pissed in here. Nothing to look at in here but the tile floor, counter top and mirror mounted at perfect height to watch yourself get fucked in.

He tapped on the door and she drew it open quickly. Face to face they stared at each other. Her trying to convey her desire to fuck him here, in the john at his work, potentially getting caught by the truckers who may end up popping through on a Sunday. She reached out and gabbed his hand, yanking him into the washroom with her. He closed the door with his other hand and she leaned over and locked it. “Here?”, he asked….and “yes” is all she said before he leaned in and rammed his cock like tongue in her mouth. Desire took over and he pushed her hard up against the bathroom wall, sliding his hand down her shorts and finding her hot wet and tight cunt, the one he says he loves. His fingers slid in and out of her pussy lips effortlessly, her desire to fuck him was evident. He smiled at her and simply stated, “good girl’, which pleased her to equally. Her hands both slid and undid his belt ands shorts with ease, letting free his quickly growing erection. His cock was and is beautiful, enormous at times, and always tastes like heaven to her. Without having him to ask, she dropped to her knees and began to suck and draw him deep into her mouth. The salty wetness of his head on her tongue made her pussy throb.

She dropped her shorts and stepped out of them, dragging him by his cock, in her right hand, over to the sink and counter. She was going to get him to fuck her here if it killed her. He leaned forward and kissed her hard, while planting both hands on her tits, tugging each of her already hard and pointed nipples. His cock rock hard and ready, slid through her palms and into her mound….his cock suggesting “let me in”. Without thinking, she slid her ass up onto the counter, leaning back and resting against the mirror, spreading her legs wide, inviting his hard thick cock to enter her, to fill her and fuck her. He moved in closer and slid her g-string to the side with his thumb. His other hand guided his erect dick into her slick wet and warm pussy. She was tight and he liked it. Both his hands were pressed against her knees, holding them back, apart, and open, as he slid as far into her as he could. He was leaning into her. She was grabbing the sides of the counter top for stability as he began to pump in and out of her. She watched with delight as his cock filled her and slid out of her numerous times.

He continued to fuck her slowly, teasing her, as her thoughts increasingly wanted to yell out, “fuck me”, “harder, faster”, “make this pussy cum”. She wasn’t sure if he knew what she was thinking or if he just now held the same need and desire to fuck her there. He pumped his hard cock in and out of her so quickly her head began to bang against the bathroom mirror, and she liked it, she loved it, she wanted him to take her and fuck her and her dirty inner cock slut. After all, she liked to think of herself as his little own and personal slut and cock whore who needed his cock and nothing else. He fucked her hard, then without warning he grabbed her off the counter and stood her up, sliding those tiny panties off and spinning her around. He said nothing as he bent her over in front of the mirror and bent her down onto the counter. He kicked apart her legs from behind, much like that of being frisked by a police officer, which also made her cunt throb. He grabbed her hips and with one thrust, slid back up into her as she squealed with delight. He fucked her tight pussy from behind while she watched his face from the mirror. Another dirty secret? quite possibly, as she often watched how fucking sefaköy escort her turned him on, she loved the look on his face, loved how he looked in action, fucking and pleasuring. Maybe it was her little secret that she enjoyed watching, secretly wanted to watch others together, then fuck each other. Then she felt it, she let go and her cum and pussy juices ran down her inner thighs and coated his cock with wet warmth. He moaned and said he was close. She stretched her arm out behind her and pushed him back. He only stumbled slightly and there was only a momentary look of “what’s happening” before she turned and dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. Her other secret? Tasting herself from sucking his cock and finishing him with her mouth. She looked up, not breaking eye contact, as she sucked and licked voraciously, spinning and rolling her tongue across his thick head. His pre-cum was salty and warm and she knew he was enjoying himself. He grabbed her behind her ears, holding the back of her head, and he pumped his hot cum into her mouth, filling her as she swallowed not once but twice, he had been holding that load for a while.

They both stayed in that position for a few seconds afterwards, as a smile slowly crept across his face, hers quite obvious. Both satisfied. She stood up and merely said “thank you”, and reached for her panties. To her surprise, he grabbed them and held them to his face, breathing in her sweet scent, before sliding them into his pocket. Both of them got dressed and smiled at one another. He gently grabbing her hand and asking her if she was ready to go home. And she was….ready to plot and fantasize about where she could have him again and when. He opened the door and popped his head out, looking left and right, surveying for others. To his relief, no one was there. She on the other hand, proudly stepped out of the washroom behind him, looking straight up to the corner security camera that she had known was there and on all along.

Her dirty secret? She knew it was there, she liked that it was there. She was proud to have it have taped them going into the washroom together and coming out, looking satiated. Her other dirty secret, while he had been watching the screen on his computer, she had been playing in the chair, facing the camera, toying with her pussy and tits for it. Likely no one would ever see it, no one was manning it, it just recorded, like being caught on tape. He also hadn’t noticed that when she had first came into work behind him, she had flashed the camera her tits, something that excited her. She’d much rather flash her husband and have him take pics, but she took what she could get at that moment.

So upon leaving as he guided her by the hand out of the building, still slightly behind him, she pulled her tits out and rolled her nipples between her fingers with her free hand, facing the camera, with a quirky little smile……to let those, who will likely never see it, know that her husband could fuck her whenever, wherever, and that she was more than willing,she encouraged it. That he was the “big man” at work, the envy of all those dirty perv trucker men, the one who fucked his wife in the bathroom they all use, that her pussy was all over everything in there. That if someone had come in, they would have smelt her pussy, her desire, their sex.

They drove home and he stoked her knee with his free hand. She peered out the window, gazing at every spot they passed, wondering when and which spot she could have him next in. Her dirty secret which he fully didn’t understand yet, was that she loved him to fuck her, loved him to “have to have her”, whenever and wherever. She liked to fuck him and desired to fuck him in places that they “shouldn’t”….public places, outdoors, the treat of being caught with his dick stuffed inside her, kept her wet 24/7. Her only problem, how to get him to want her the same way, need her like that, want to take her as much as she wanted and wants to be taken. Then again maybe he does? Maybe it’s his game? Regardless, it burns inside of her, she’s determined to have him whenever and wherever she can….her other dirty secret…she’s a slut for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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