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Shannon O’Reilly sighed as she shifted her legs, tucking them underneath herself as she sat on the couch, mindlessly watching a soap opera that was playing on her television. She lifted her phone that was laying beside her and checked the time. It was only a little past 12:30 in the afternoon, and Ryan wouldn’t be home for another six and a half hours. The 5’6 housewife was dressed up and ready to head to the gym, a way of not only trying to stay in shape, but to also kill time. The 39 year old didn’t have much to do since her husband was the only one with a job. She didn’t want to be bored at home doing nothing, but Ryan convinced her that she didn’t have to work. He said that she was just fine being free from it and that he made more than enough money to support the entire family. He did, but that wasn’t the point. But she wanted to make him happy, and her not working seemed to be something Ryan was proud of. That he could take care of all three of them. The third being their daughter, Julie, who was going to graduate high school soon and head to college, leaving her more lonely and bored than ever before. It didn’t help that Shannon’s friends all had jobs and couldn’t really relate to her.

Shannon sighed again.

She got up from her spot on the couch and grabbed her keys from the coffee table in front of her. She headed over to the door, but before leaving she looked herself up and down on the body length mirror that was right next to it. She scrutinized her appearance, twisting and turning to look at every angle. She just shrugged, holding a little bit of belly fat that was something she wanted to get rid of, something that never quite went away after Julie’s birth. Shannon was a curvy woman, not fat, but not thin at all, weighing in at about 140 pounds. Ryan would make a comment here and there about her weight and it would make her a little embarrassed about herself. It’s another reason she worked out. Her natural, long red hair was tied in a pony tail and her black sports bra covered her 34-D sized breasts. She played a little bit with the waistband on her new tight, white work out leggings she bought, which also helped accentuate her ample bottom like all her other leggings, yoga pants, jeans and shorts did. Shannon looked pretty damn good for someone months away from 40. If anything she looked like she was a year away from 30!

She was always a looker. With her wide brown eyes, immaculate pale skin, adorable freckles and her curvaceous figure, Shannon got more than her share of looks from men, young and old. As imperfect as she felt, there were a lot of things she liked about her figure. She just wanted Ryan to feel 100% content with her.

She finally tore herself away from the mirror and exited her home. Stepping out, she noticed a couple of moving trucks at the house next door. ‘Oh yeah’, thought Shannon. She remembered that the house had been sold recently. She wondered who bought the place. She witnessed a couple of movers come out of the back of a truck, struggling it seemed to hold up a fairly large dining room table. Shannon slowly walked towards her car while still keeping an eye on the men trying to move the table, arms looking like they are about to fall off.

“Hold up, I got y’all!”, came a loud booming voice.

Shannon watched as an incredibly tall, and from what she could tell from this distance, extremely well built, black skinned man jogging out from the front of the house. Wearing only basketball shorts, sneakers and a muscle shirt, the dreadlocks having black man rushed over to help the other movers. With little to no effort it seemed, the man easily lifted the middle of the large mahogany table and was able to much more quickly move it into the house. It looked so simple after he arrived. After a little bit of time passed by, Shannon found herself foolishly still standing beside her car like she was waiting for something. She shook her head, thinking how silly it was for her to still be standing here. She had to get her workout started. She lifted her keys up to unlock her car, when she heard the man’s voice again.

“No problem y’all, just glad we got my damn table in. That thing is a pain!” The man spoke, his bass infused voice massaging the insides of Shannon’s ears. She looked and saw the workers, looking exhausted, walking back towards the trucks. It seems like they still had a few things left to grab. She moved her attention back to the striking black man, hands on his hips, smiling as he watched the men work. Her eyes stayed on him for a little too long and eventually he looked over to her and his smile got bigger, exposing his bright white teeth. The man waved at her.

“What up there, neighbor?” He added, surprising the red head.

“Uh, hey!” She responded awkwardly, before giving a quick wave and entering her car as fast as she could. Shannon started the vehicle and drove off as quick as she could, trying not to look back. Why was she so spooked, she wondered. Her heart was rapidly beating and her face even felt hot. ‘Strange…’ she thought. Ataşehir Grup Escort She shook it off and decided not to think to much of it. She was probably just feeling embarrassed for being nosy and getting caught. Yeah, she will get over that. But…

A black guy? In our neighborhood? That was not something that she expected. She shivered a little at the thought. Shannon didn’t think of herself as racist, certainly not as skeptical about black people as Ryan was, but she didn’t have all that much experience with people like them. She was a white girl from the suburbs through and through. But these days, diversity is a big thing, and she guessed it wasn’t right for a guy like him to not be able to live in a nice neighborhood like her. Shannon figured she would have to get used to it.

She shoved those thoughts away from her mind and continued to drive towards the gym.

At around 3:30, Shannon’s car pulled back into her driveway. She stepped out, wiping a small drop of sweat from her forehead and began heading towards her door.

“Hey there!” She heard a voice call out to her. She swung her head and saw that the black man from before was jogging towards her. She froze and felt her heart beat like she was working the elliptical again. What was he doing coming right towards her?! She kept herself from panicking and stood her ground, watching as the huge black man ran right towards her. He finally arrived and stood right before her, wearing the same thing as he was earlier. And my god… was this man huge up close! She gave a quick up and down and guessed that he must have been close to 6’8 or something like that. His skin was much darker than she noticed before and from what her eyes saw, she wasn’t the only one on the block that went to the gym. Oh no, this man looked like a guy that played football or something. The muscles that made up his arms were unreal, and his calf muscles were no joke, either. His wide shoulders and pecs looked pretty much at home with his bulging biceps/triceps. And wow, those dreadlocks of his really were long and thick! Shannon was not used to seeing hair like that… anywhere!

“Sorry to run up on you like that… just wanted to say hi, you know, get to know the neighbors. I’m new here, so I gotta make sure I’m all well acquainted and everything. Names Lennox Walters, by the way, nice to meet you.” He asked as he extended for a handshake.

“Oh… um…” Shannon started, blanking at first for a response. “I’m Shannon O’Reilly, nice to meet you too.” She took his hand and watched as it engulfed her much smaller pale skinned one in his grip. It was a tight hold, but it didn’t hurt. He applied just enough pressure to her dainty hand. And boy did the contrast of their skin tones really jump out at Shannon. Her hand was like light slicing through the darkness. It was eye catching. She kept her head tilted upwards to talk to this massive man. “So, um, just moved in?” She asked, unsure of what to do next.

He nodded while letting her hand go, smile intact. “Yeah, just finished up getting most of my things in. I have a few boxes in the Cadillac but I can get those later.” He answered, looking down at her much shorter frame.

“Oh, okay.” Shannon nodded. “Well, I do hope you enjoy it around here. It’s pretty quiet most of the time, as I’m sure you can tell.” She shifted her gym bag on her shoulders and gave Lennox a small smile.

“Fine by me.” The man chuckled. “Tired of the city, too much noise and I done made enough cash to get out and buy up a nice new home.” He said nodding his head over to his new place. He gave Shannon a quick look, taking in the wonderful sight of her well built, curvy body. He grinned. “I think i’m going to like this place, Shannon. I really do.”

“Well I certainly hope you do. My family and I have been living here for quite a while now. We love it here.” She responded, starting to feel a little more comfortable around him.

“Oh you got a family?” Lennox said in disbelief. “Damn, I figured you might have had a boyfriend or just married or something. I assume the kid or kids are all pretty young?”

The red head chuckled. “No, I have a daughter and she’s 18 years old and I have been married for about 20 years now.” She got a little kick out of seeing Lennox’s eyes widen when he heard that.

“Stop playing with me, girl… ain’t no way in hell you have an 18 year old kid. I mean, i’m 27 and you don’t look more than 3 years older than me” He replied shaking his head, not believing that this work out clothes wearing beauty had a child and was married for two decades. “Like, don’t get mad at me or anything, because this is shocking as hell, but how old are you?”

Shannon was ready to shock the tall black man again. “So i’ll be 40 in about 6 months.” She saw him shake his head.

“Seriously, no joking right now. I’m trying to get to know my neighbor over here. How old are you?”

Shannon laughed at his ridiculous but kind of cute response. “I’m not joking, Lennox! Seriously, i’m Ataşehir Manken Escort 39!”

“Psst… damn…” She noticed how much it surprised him and he seemed like he was at a loss for words. She felt a strange kind of pride hearing this type of reaction from someone. It made her feel good about herself, more than she had in a while. “Like… damn I can’t even speak!” He said, shaking his head some more. “Well… I guess all I can say is that there isn’t a more blessed woman on the planet. Your man lucky as hell.”

Shannon crossed her arms across her chest, threw her head back, and gave a nice warm laugh, enjoying the compliments and the befuddled looks. “Well thank you, Lennox! I appreciate the kind words.” She only wished she could hear all of these nice things from her husband. He didn’t do much complimenting these days.

“Is the man of the house around, so I can give him a high five or something like that?” Lennox asked.

Shannon sighed, shaking her head. “No… Ryan doesn’t get home till aro-” All of a sudden her phone went off, signaling a text. She dug into her bag, pulled out her phone and read the message. “Great… just great.” She looked very upset and with a blank expression she just put her phone back in her bag.

“Uh, what’s good? You straight?” Lennox asked curiously.

“I’m fine… it’s just that my husband just sent me a text saying he’ll be at work a little later and that I shouldn’t wait up for him and a bunch of BS like that.” This isn’t the first time Ryan had pulled something like this. He didn’t show much attention to her already, let alone on days when he came home late and she was getting ready to head to bed. Also didn’t help that Julie would be staying over a friends house for the night.

“Oh, okay. Sounds like you ain’t really feeling that.” The black man said cautiously.

“If you’re implying that it sounds like it bothers me, well, that’s because it does. But nothing I haven’t been though before.” All Shannon could do was shrug, disappointed again. “Well if you excuse me, Lennox, I have to get inside and take a shower, i’m still a little sweaty from the gym and I have some alone time to be getting to. It was nice talking to you and i’ll be seeing you around more I guess. Bye.” She began taking her leave and headed for her front door when he spoke again.

“Would you like some company?” Lennox asked just after taking a nice look at her plump booty in those tight leggings when she turned away.

“Um, excuse me?” She turned her head to look back at the man, eyebrow raised at his question.

“I’m just saying, because I can tell you don’t really want to be home alone. It’s boring and believe me, everybody I know lives outside of town which is like over an hour drive. I’m out here for the head, by myself. It also wouldn’t hurt to make a new friend so that I don’t feel so different around here.” Lennox explained himself. “I won’t stay long! I’ll be out whenever you need me to! Is your daughter home or coming home?”

Shannon shook her head. “No… Julie is staying over a friends house tonight. But still, I’m not sure that this is appropriate…”

Lennox raised his arms up like a gun was being pointed at him. “Nah, it’s nothing like that! Just ain’t trying to be bored either. I go back home, and all i’m gonna do is pack the rest of my crap in and that’s it really. Internet and cable won’t get plugged in till later this week, so I really got nothing to do at home. Please…?” He gave her a sheepish looking grin and Shannon had to admit, he looked pretty cute when he smiled or had this dopey grin on his face.

“You know what, sure, you can stay for a little. Misery loves company after all.” She smiled. Maybe it was a good idea to have him around, she thought. He’s just as lonely as she is right now, and they could help each other kill a little time. Maybe by the time he leaves, she could call a friend who was hopefully out of work by then, she figured.

“Cool!” Lennox smiled. “I’ll be good, I promise!” The black man joked. Shannon smirked and shook her head before turning to open the front door of her home, giving Lennox a good view of her rear end again which caused a devilish smirk to fall upon the man’s face.

They entered her home and Lennox looked around and whistled. “Nice place you got here, the husband must do pretty good.”

“Thanks.” Replied the red head. “Yeah, he does more than enough to take care of us. He works at an office for a huge insurance company. He’s pretty important there.” Shannon explained as she led them to kitchen. “I’m thirsty, and yourself?” She asked heading to the fridge.

“Got any beer? Haven’t had a good cold one in a minute.” He leaned over the island table in the middle of the kitchen.

“A beer? It’s not even 4 yet.”

Lennox shrugged and smiled. “Like they say, it’s 5 somewhere.”

Shannon sighed but smiled. Might as well have something to drink myself, she thought. Not like she usually had many excuses to have a drink considering Ataşehir Masöz Escort Ryan rarely took her out these days. As soon as she passed him one of her husband’s cold bottles of beer, she went for a cabinet where she pulled out a glass and a bottle of white wine. She poured herself a glass and signaled to him that they were moving from the kitchen and heading towards the living room. “So, what do you do?” Shannon asked curiously, walking ahead of him.

‘Damn…’ Lennox thought, looking again at her behind before answering her question. “Gym teacher for one of the local high schools around here. Been working there for a few months now, but moved over here when I found this house. I was driving over an hour everyday to get to work. I also do a little personal training for some extra cash, too.” That definitely explained why he was so fit and muscular, Shannon thought as she sat back on her couch with Lennox sitting a little over a foot away from her. She gave a quick study of the man’s body again. His arms were so thick and hard looking! It was clear to her that he was more than a good fit as a gym teacher. He was so wide that it looked almost like two of Ryan could fit perfectly into his muscle shirt. Not only that, but he dwarfed both Shannon and her husband who was only a few inches taller than her. This was some man, she thought, but felt a little guilty about comparing him to her husband. She blushed a little and tried to mask it by taking a swig of her wine.

“Nice. You seem very, um, qualified for either occupation.” She responded by finally putting the glass back on the table.

“I try anyway. Though this beer might have a little too many carbs for me to be drinking right now. Oh well!” Lennox chuckled. “You seem to keep in shape as well.” He added, trying his best not to have eye sex with her body.

“Thanks, I do what I can. I go almost everyday since I have more than enough time to workout. Just trying to get myself in better shape, I feel a little too heavy…” She replied, rubbing a hand on her exposed belly, frowning a little.

“Uh, if you scoping for an expert opinion, then you gonna get it from this dude right here.” Lennox spoke, not liking what just came out of Shannon’s mouth. “You see, right now, you got a great figure. As a matter of fact, things done changed a long time ago, girl. You ain’t heavy, fat, obese whatever the hell you wanna say. You perfect. And all girls today are trying to look like you. I see it at the gym and when I train people all the time. Girls trying to tone up, squat and dead-lift because no girl these days is trying to look like a twig. It’s women like you who set the bar for all these other chicks out here trying to get there body right, you get me?”

Shannon looked like she was taken off guard. She almost hesitated to respond. “Um… thanks.” She chuckled, trying to recover from what he just laid on her. She never heard this before. Something about the passion in which he said it, and that intense look in his eyes made Shannon feel like he was speaking from the heart and was genuinely trying to tell her that she had little to no faults with her body. That blush was starting to creep up on her again. She reached for her glass to consume a little more wine. “I guess you are the expert.” She giggled. She was starting to forget the weirdness of letting another man inside her home. Especially a black man. Although this one wasn’t making her as uncomfortable as she thought. If anything, he was making her feel good about herself. Her heart even skipped a beat. ‘Odd…’ her mind said.

“Damn straight.” He added, chugging down the rest of his beer. “Hell if you want, whenever i’m free, I can help you with your workouts and lend you some more of my expertise. How about it?” He grinned.

Finishing her drink, she replied with a smile. “Well, that’s something I’ll have to run through Ryan, but if he’s okay with it, I wouldn’t mind a little extra help.” She saw Lennox waving his empty beer bottle, signaling her.

“Another please?” He simply stated.

“Oh, sure!” Without even thinking twice, she jumped up and grabbed his bottle and her glass, heading to the kitchen to get both of them refilled. A small part of her felt a little odd jumping up to get him another beer for someone not named Ryan O’Reilly. It also meant that he didn’t really plan on leaving right away. But oh well, she was talking and felt good, the wine having a tiny part to do with that, so what’s the harm in another drink? For the first time in a while, she wasn’t bored in her home.

While she was away getting their refills, Lennox was kneading on the couch, getting a feel for the comfort. He nodded approvingly. “Yeah, feels good.” He snickered to himself.

After about an hour and a half later and a few more drinks in, the pair were still on the couch, laughing and talking, the atmosphere getting a lot more looser with alcohol in their systems. Shannon was actually resting her back on the armrest of the couch and had her legs spread across Lennox’s lap; her sneakers were off and she had gotten very comfortable. Lennox used a hand to massage one of her feet. He was surprised when she first took her sneakers off. Her feet didn’t smell one bit even though she clearly worked her ass off at the gym. Pretty damn good foot powder she uses, he figured.

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