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Lesson Two-The Shave

She wants to be shaven. I place a couple of large, plush towels on the edge of the bed. You instruct her to sit at the edge, her feet flat on the floor, her ass and pussy just off the edge. She spreads her legs wide, but I need her relaxed, so we place ladder back chairs next to her feet.

Thank you for your help, but now you get to sit back and stroke yourself while I shave her.

I place a small hand towel over the rungs of the chairs she has chosen for comfort. Her sparse dark hair covers her triangular mound down to her ass. God she smells heavenly, her natural aroma hidden lightly under the soap’s perfume. I take a fine toothed comb and stroke through her pubic beard. She flinches slightly as the comb catches an occasional tangle. She doesn’t tell me to stop so I continue. The tines of the comb lightly scraping her skin at the roots. She quivers and her nipples harden immediately. I make a long path from the top, following the curve of her outer lips to the small pucker where the hair is almost unnoticeable

She raises her head and locks her eyes on you. Hungrily, she licks her lips, but you tell her not yet. She will be begging for your hard cock before I’ll let you give it to her. I hear her give a small moan of distress, but I see her ass hole pucker and the small quiver of anticipation.

I pick up the small battery operated bikini shaver. Using the bare blade, I once again take the path from top to bottom, lightly skimming her sensitive skin. I stop short of her anus, and will attend to it shortly. The vibrations of the shaver sending obvious Ataşehir Anal Escort tingles straight to her hardening nipples. I continue shaving her making sure to be very careful along the edges of her sweet tender pussy. I leave a strip about an inch wide at the top of her wet slit.

Now I apply a very warm wet towel. The warmth is felt differently by her newly bared skin, and she raises her knees more to allow me better access to all of it. I make sure everything is covered and allow her to relax her legs for a bit. I turn to you and invite you to keep her nipples hard, while I use the disposable razor. But remember not to give her your cock until she truly begs to feel the head on her tongue. I inform her that I need her to lay very still so I don’t cut her. I suggest you straddle her to help keep her still.

I position her legs, feet flat on the floor and I remove the part of the towel that covers just her protruding mound. Starting at the top, near her thigh, I scrape the triple bladed razor across the little nubs of hair, following the direction of their growth. I repeat the process to the other side of the narrow strip tidying as I go. I hear her sighs and gasps brought on by your fingers playing on her breasts and nipples.

Now I raise her legs, placing her feet higher than before and moving the chairs slightly to open her just a little wider. From between the lips, her juices glint in the light. I pull one of those lips toward the opposite one so the skin is tight, and I continue to shave down toward her ass. This time I go further before I stop. Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort There is a little spasm but she manages to remain still. Now I separate the lips and open her up to make sure there are no strays there I ask you to turn around and watch while I finish. As you turn, I finish the other side .

You position yourself so your stiffened cock lays on the hair strip. I ask you to help me with her legs. I would like you to hold them behind her knees, and pulled toward you, keeping them close together. This stretches her soft skin around her ass hole. Carefully, I apply the razor to the tender skin, she tenses but relaxes quickly as she feels your cock swell against the hair patch. Her pussy juices start to slowly trickle down toward her asshole as I finish the job. You release her legs as I clean her off with a fresh warm towel, and quickly replace it with a slightly chilled towel. She almost bucks you off as she raises her hips off the bed.

You dismount and grab the hand mirror, offering it to her. She slides up on the bed a bit and takes the mirror. She’s never seen her pussy naked and reaches down to feel her pink skin. Laying her hand on the patch she places a finger on either side of the slit and raises the hood that covers her clit. She is taken aback slightly as she studies the swollen cock-like appendage. She releases the hood and traces the bare lips down to her ass, feeling the slickness spreading before her finger. She looks at you, then me and asks me if I would like to taste her, while she sucks your cock. I hesitate and she begs you to stuff Ataşehir Zenci Escort her mouth with your dick. I lean forward and lick up her juices from her ass to her clit. Her muffled moan quelling my hesitation. I place a hand on either thigh. Opening her up wide I cover her pussy with my mouth, my tongue dipping inside her. She clenches at my tongue and more of her nectar oozes out. You turn your head to see what’s caused her to suck you harder and moan deeply. I lower my mouth and tongue around her anus, brushing across it lightly, she pushes her hips forward to increase the pressure. My hands move down to cup her ass cheeks as I lock my lips around her puckered hole and try to penetrate her with my stiffened tongue. I place my right hand on her clit as I do this and move in a small circular motion, countering my tongues movement. She raises her hips in rhythm with the bobbing of her head on your cock. I slip my left thumb into her pussy, another flood of juice escapes to be caught by my tongue in her ass.

You remove your cock from her mouth and concentrate on her nipples, sucking them, pinching them until she moans. I replace my right hand on her clit with my mouth and gently press against her asshole with my middle finger. She pushes back against it, seemingly pulling it in and deeper. Now I start to fuck her pussy with my left thumb. Sucking, licking and massaging her clit. She watches you as you assault her nipples and stroke your engorged cock. Suddenly, she stiffens, arches her back and emits a long, deep moan. My thumb is pushed out of her cunt, her ass sucks my finger deeper, her clit fills my mouth and her cum splashes against my throat.

The sound of her orgasm sets yours in motion and you squirt cum over her tits and chest.

Spent, you and she lay still, breathing heavily. I mention my rather liquid predicament, and she responds, she’d like to return the favor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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